proofs are hard

Is not possessiveness but fear.

These feelings do not originate from something as selfish or controlling as possessiveness, they can’t.

The simple action of getting close, and holding his hand with a new found force that even surprises Victor works as proof, to show how hard Yuri is trying to hold onto the russian man, but why?

Well you see, “Don’t ever take your eyes off me…” those are words that come from Yuri’s own urge to reaffirm himself that Victor is actually there, and that he’s not going anywhere. And how could he not? After listening to this:

And specially this:

There’s a part at the beginning where you have to kind of shut out what Christophe is saying, and listen how one of the girls states: “Just split up with him already.” And even if we have to consider the possibility they might be talking in russian, or the possibility that maybe Yuri’s just getting parts of the conversation, he still understands what Christophe’s point is, he knows others are not congratulating Victor because of his decision, no one is, they all want him back on the rink, and he knows it.

AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT FLIPPED HIS SWITCH, because he’s scared, scared of Victor turning his attention to something or someone else, and being forgotten in the process, and all this does not come from a controlling feel rather a sense of fear of letting go if that time ever comes. Because HE IS Victor Nikiforov, he’s got a thousand and more opportunities from where to choose, he’s been consider one of the most talented skaters worldwide, he is the “living legend” of their time. How can he not feel frightened?

Many are expecting his return, and they see Victor’s attempts of coaching as something he’s decided on doing on pure impulse, when for Yuri it has come to mean his world. Listening to all of this being said to his face has to be painful.

Yuri has no idea what Victor’s plans are for the future, he may trust him and he may want to stay with him, he may find reassurance in the man, but still there’s the fright of not knowing. What will Victor do after the Grand Prix is over? Would he return to the world as his official coach? or as the “living legend” everyone’s expecting him to be? Even if it’s not for skating, would he stay by his side? There’s still so much Yuri doesn’t know, so much… he’s in all his right to fear what’s to come. Their relationship is in no way perfect, is still filled with holes and gaps of self-doubt, and that’s something that needs to be praised, because there’s still so much more for them to understand and learn from one another, and that’s what makes it feel real.

Having everyone around him doubt what Victor’s done for him, having them not get the change Victor brought to his daily life… has to be frustrating, that’s why he knows he’s the only one who’s acknowledge the shift Victor’s cause. He’s the only one that gets the love Victor puts when skating and his dedication when wanting to motivate others, because he has been a first hand witness. These feelings are not motivated by a possessive behaviour, but by trusting in what he’s seen and experienced alongside Victor. He knows, whatever he decides to do to please everyone around him, will never be enough, and that’s why he has decided to skate for one person only.

Of course he is scared of what might come, but that in no way will make him give up, and he’s proving that with his skating, not to everyone, but to Victor himself.

Being afraid is no weakness, but a double edged sword, Yuri took advantage of. He has set his goal and is striving for it. 

These feelings come not from a sense of possessiveness but from fear of losing something he holds dear, of losing someone he’s come to love so deeply. 

artwork by @kurozawa46


We cannot thank you all enough–all 1905 of you!–for pledging to our Kickstarter and making the Stucky anthology a reality. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL. THANK YOU!

We’re headed to the printers within the next few weeks, and we’ll share some screenshots from the book layout at that time. We’ll get hard proofs of the book a few weeks after that, and once corrections are made, we’ll have an official delivery date for the finished product. While we wait on the books to be printed, we’ll be ordering all the awesome backer and stretch goal rewards that you guys made happen, and we’ll get ready to assemble all of the packages to ship your books and goodies out to you!

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts–thank you. For supporting us, and for showing the world the awesome power of Stucky. To the end of the line, friends. <3

I had this running joke with one of my TA’s (who is in the math PhD program here at UT and is a brilliant mathematician) about how hilariously bad we both are at arithmetic. One time in office hours, I said something about a 100^2 survey region, and we both sat there for way too long before saying, “10,000?” at the same time. We were so proud of ourselves for being able to multiply 100 by 100 that we high-fived before going back to trying to prove that complex sum-of-divisors functions could not return values as larges as twice the input in Z[i]. 

So, if you still think mathematicians are people who can add and multiply or whatever, please adjust your expectations, because we’re shy about that.

  • Them: See I told you Arc V sucked, look at this Nico Nico rankings!
  • Me: I see you point and there are definitely good series in some of these top spots of these rankings-
  • Them: IKR?! I knew you'd see the light-
  • Me: But you know what else also got top ranking on Nico on their airing days?
  • Them: ...Which ones?
  • Me: Ore no Imouto, SAO, GATE, heck any titty anime you can think of got some decent ratings at some point too, that anime with chicks fighting with their butts and boobs got there too, I could go on, and on, and on, you know? And that's even without taking the trolls into account.
  • Them: ...
  • Me: Yeah, better luck next time.
Johnny has finally debuted

I don’t think you guys truly understand. Johnny has his own teaser. Some of you are like it’s just a teaser but for me, It’s like watching someone you known for years grow and finally achieve their dream. Johnny has been in SM for basically 8 ½ -9 years and he’s finally going to “Officially” debut. For those that have been around since EXO’s M1 M2 Days before “EXO” became the name.. Johnny was rumored or set to be the “original” line-up

But, apparently Johnny felt he wasn’t ready and other things with other members such as Chen and Baek happened as well and Johnny never debuted… and last year he was everywhere and I was so proud seeing him doing things and seeing him so happy and now he’s got his own teaser video and pictures as a member of a group.

It’s been a long time coming, but Johnny is proof working hard and believing in yourself you’ ll achieve your dreams. I actually physically cried over a teaser because I’m that proud. He’s talented and I am so glad he can showcase that to the world.

This is probably one of the proudest moments I’ve had as a KPOP fan.


I wish someone told me
that watercolor pallets don’t say clean.
I was stupid to think
The plastic box would stay pristine.

But the droplets feel like trophies,
Like proof of hard battles.
They feel like proof of my work
And proof of my talent.

There are three shades of red,
And all have leaked.
One is deep, one is classic,
And the last is pink.

I have only two yellows,
One honey and one bright.
The same is for blues—
One dark and one light.

And maybe it’s messy,
And my brown has a hole,
And is this green or blue?
Cause I sure don’t know.

But my brush still works
And I can still paint.
I love that it’s not perfect,
Cause I love the stains.

do I have to say it again? calling other systems fake for whatever reason, unless you have hard proof, hurts everyone

like, why do you think other systems are fake?

  • mixed origins?
  • they believe they have spiritual origins, rather than being created by the brain?
  • lots of fictives?
  • any more than *insert number* people as a whole?
  • having certain fictives, especially if they’re “popular”?
  • some form of system travel between them and one or two other systems they trust?
  • defending themselves from gatekeepers?? I mean I’m sure someone out there thinks this is a huge red flag :/

I can guarantee, not all endogenic systems fit all of those traits, AND there are traumagenic ones that do. I mean, our partner system is traumagenic, but nearly everyone has spiritual origins.

this “these things make you fake for sure” attitude is super toxic, for one thing. it makes systems YOU might deem as “acceptable” doubt themselves. it shows you’re hypocritical as fuck. it shows you don’t give a rat’s ass about the community you think you’re “protecting.”

and no, I’m not saying don’t call out abusers, people who you can say for sure are being shitty and pretending. of course still do that, but you can’t just apply these baseless claims to everyone who fits YOUR requirements. (which, by the way, seem to vary from fakeclaimer to fakeclaimer! by one system’s standards, someone could be perfectly valid, and to another’s they could be fake??)

TLDR: gatekeeping and fakeclaiming hurts everyone, and the people in YOUR OWN GODDAMN COMMUNITY shouldn’t be “collateral damage” even if it means you get to make one more endogenic plural have a breakdown :’)

((which by the way is a dick thing to do no matter what))



#friendly reminder that cat grant read horrible things about herself #words designed to hurt seemingly sent from someone that could actually hurt her #and her first instinct was to trust kara #to believe that there is no way kara would tell her off (in an email no less) after all they’ve been through #that even after the way she’s treated kara there is NO WAY kara would say such terrible things #no way that a kara of sound mind and body would want to cause her (or anyone) pain #and her second instinct #was to find hard proof that it wasn’t #the cruel email might have been sent to cat #but the target was always kara #kara’s job kara’s reputation kara’s relationship #and what does cat do? #she protects all of those things instantly #without kara even knowing

Proof that fashion is a genetic trait

To start, we can all agree without a doubt that Leia is most certainly the daughter of Padmé.

we have multiple white/off-white ensembles worn by Padmé

and here’s Leia following suit

Mother and daughter also shared a love for buns

bringing us back to leia’s buns

Even though Padmé has gorgeous dresses, Leia beats her in practicality 


Padmé did have a few outfits that were more sensible

although she was in disguise 

anddddd this one again

Anakin’s clothes on the other hand were probably more uncomfortable than they looked, again, proving that the Skywalkers put fashion first

stiff, black, probably hot leather?? Probably reducing his mobility but at least he looks like a god

So Luke could be considered the black sheep of the family, his main outfit relating to little Anakin for most of the saga

almost identical until Return Of The Jedi

suddenly he’s clothed in his infamous sleek, form-fitting black suit, reminding us of Anakin’s costumes in II and III but by far more practical 

There we have it, hard proof that fashion is passed down through DNA