the phandom is so fucking disgusting honestly like y'all ,, your idol is literally having an awful time rn and has hinted at some serious signs of mental illness and you’re trying to make jokes abt it and relate it to phan of all things? not everything is abt ur creepy ass ship (which btw is really not,,,plausible a lot of the time but u kno,,,) so maybe grow up and focus on making sure dans ok?? Jesus fuck

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aye, i saw your tmnt adhd post and i wanted to chuck in my two cents. I dont have adhd but i do have an undieing love for tmnt, the ninja turtles are infact turtles and usually have been involved with the Utrom goop known as TCRI that made them transform. ADHD is a human trait that happened in a human mind. The turtle may have all of the traits of a human (walk talk eat sleep) but their mind dosnt have the same hardwire or genetics, so mikey having ADHD is unlikly, he is just a loveable goof!

*third time writing this shit because of my mouse*

Okay anon, listen up, 

class is in session.

Your undying love is BS, if you love these turtles like you claim, you would know they’re humanoid turtles ((Idk about the 2003 vers.))

((Mainly talking about the 2012 vers.))


“They may have traits of a human, ((walk, talk, eat, sleep)) but their mind doesnt have the same hardwire or genetics, so Mikey having ADHD is very unlikely.”

Actually if you did your homework, you’d know that walking, talking, eating, and sleeping is a part of growing up. The turtles didnt automatically walk ((on their two legs like humans do)) talk, that is a learning process, just like every toddler, the turtles crawled before they began to walk that is not traits. The turtles couldnt automatically talk, and eat like humans do, Splinter had to raise them and teach them how to do things just the way human toddlers are raised and taught. Thinking process, Learning process has NOTHING to do with traits.

Traits are what you get from your mother and father.

In this case we’d have to see the boys actual mother and father, buuuut thats like one in a million chance haha, anyways Mikey’s freckles? thats a trait.

Donnies gap is a form of Diastema which probably formed when the mutation happened, at least thats what I read about him, I think it was on nicks BIO, i could be wrong, but for me I like to think its that.

This above is what I believe Donnie has.


Traits has nothing to do with your thinking process or ADHD. Traits are a combination of your mother and father’s appearances. 

Moving onto Genetics

Im not into the sciencey, from what I remember its genes that you get from your mother and father. In the turtles case, Splinter, his DNA, ((and genes?)) passed onto the boys, because he was the last contact the turtles had, just like the Rat and Master Splinter

The rats DNA passed onto Splinter, making him have rat insticnts, genes, and traits, ((I think.))

You can learn more on the genetics in this video

Its been a while since I was in biology haha.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that most often occurs in children. Symptoms of ADHD include trouble concentrating, paying attention, staying organized, and remembering details.

It can be a difficult condition to diagnose. Children with untreated ADHD are sometimes mislabeled as troublemakers or problem children. Make sure you know the basic facts and symptoms of ADHD.

5 Fast Facts

Link to this information

Symptoms of ADHD

  • “Me”-Focus
  • A common sign of ADHD is an inability to recognize other people’s needs and desires. A child with ADHD may interrupt other people when they’re talking. They may have trouble waiting their turn for classroom activities or when playing games with other children. 
  • Emotional
  • A child with ADHD may have difficulty keeping emotions — both good and bad — in check. They may have outbursts of anger at inappropriate times or temper tantrums (in younger children). 
  • Fidgety
  • Children with ADHD often can’t sit still. They may try to get up and run around or fidget or squirm in their chair when forced to sit. 
  • Unfinished Tasks
  • A child with ADHD may show interest in lots of different things, but may have problems seeing them through to the end. For example, they may start projects, chores, or homework but leave, but move on to the next thing that catches their interest before finishing. 
  • Unfocused
  • A child with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, even when being spoken to directly. They’ll say they heard you, but won’t be able to repeat back to you what you just said. 
  • Carelessness
  • It’s important to remember that children with ADHD aren’t lazy or less intelligent than other children. They just have difficulty following instructions that require planning or executing a plan. This can then lead to careless mistakes. 
  • Dreamer
  • Children with ADHD are typically portrayed as rambunctious and loud, but that’s not always the case. Another possible sign of ADHD is being quieter and less involved than the other kids. A child with ADHD may stare into space, daydreaming, and ignore what’s going on around them. 

Link to this Information

Link to this Information

This is why I think Mikey having ADHD makes sense to me, He has all the signs of ADHD, and No I still dont expect people to agree with me.

You have your view, I have mine, but lets just say he’s a good ball and not a damn idiot or a retard! that shit needs to stop real quick.

Mikey is smart as hell and hes proved it to many damn times, maybe nick is actually trying to get yalls approval or something, Idk. Just seems like no matter what Mikey’s a freakin idiot to some of you.


and again this is my choice, personal view and preference, thank you!

The turtles are humans just like you and me, but with shells on their backs, and green skin thats the only difference between us and them.

Like seriously bro, do your homework. 

Class dismissed

Manuscript editing. 5 common grammar mistakes to look out for

You might have written the next Harry Potter, but rest assured that any of these suckers will make you invisible to agents and publishers who have their desks collapsing under the weight of mistake-free manuscripts.

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1-Its vs it’s: it’s is a contraction for it is while its denominates property (belongs to it)

2-Then vs than: then means at that time while than is used in comparisons (better than her)

3-Loose vs lose: loose means not firmly in place, to lose is the opposite of to win

4-Where vs were: where  means in which place, were is the past of be

5-Check out the list of the 100 most commonly mispelled misspelled words

You can now preorder An Italian Adventure, the first book of the Italian Saga e-book and paperback! ^_^

On the Table: A little artist proof sketching before some Commander games. Would love to be a PAX, but with Dragoncon next week, I just couldn’t fit it in. (We can’t all be RK Post.) Who can guess tonight’s theme? The two face up are too much of a giveaway. Maybe if nobody gets it, I’ll update with them, and/or hints.

Ugh, why?

My mom just now posted a pic of me on facebook that she took really early in the morning a couple of weeks ago when I had a cute outfit on but didn’t want a picture taken. The result? This awkward looking potato

Ugh, she knows I didn’t like that one :/ (and that settles it, when I get my hair colored next month I am chopping a couple more inches off too. I can’t stand the way it sits on my shoulders at this length)

Just to counteract that pic I felt the need to post these from earlier this week on facebook, so hopefully people will see these and not that…


At least I felt cute in those.

Why do people act like Orihime is a threat to Ichiruki when Grimmjow is the real enemy!

He’s got blue hair which is opposite on the color wheel of Ichigo’s (so much for the black and white power up contrast that Ichigo and Rukia had going for their ship)

He has the canon title of “king“ so the “King and the Queen” ship name works  for Grimmruki, as well as Ichiruki

Grimmichi is the most popular same-sex ship in the Bleach fandom!

Aren’t all those factors big enough for the IR fandom to be afraid of him jeopardizing their otp?

Once Larry come out I want any interviewer to show them all the supposed “Larry Kisses” so they can finally reveal which are legit and which aren’t

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I mean


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Ok, this one seems pretty legit but I just want to hear them confirming it

Are those doubles? I don’t even know anymore

I dont even know what this one is



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What is that. WHAT IS THAT.

Plus what really happened in Wellington, that would be nice, thank you very much.

I had this running joke with one of my TA’s (who is in the math PhD program here at UT and is a brilliant mathematician) about how hilariously bad we both are at arithmetic. One time in office hours, I said something about a 100^2 survey region, and we both sat there for way too long before saying, “10,000?” at the same time. We were so proud of ourselves for being able to multiply 100 by 100 that we high-fived before going back to trying to prove that complex sum-of-divisors functions could not return values as larges as twice the input in Z[i]. 

So, if you still think mathematicians are people who can add and multiply or whatever, please adjust your expectations, because we’re shy about that.