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Is it a real marriage if one of you thinks it’s a sham?

Clarke rose to wakefulness as the sky was beginning to lighten through the curtains. Bellamy’s strong heart beat pressed against her ear and his warm arms wrapped around her, and she felt at peace. She didn’t want to move, or lose his embrace. She just wanted to exist like this forever.

When the knock came at the door Bellamy leapt up, immediately on guard, as if he had never gone to sleep at all. She felt cold, despite the way he pulled the furs all the way up past her shoulders. “Stay here,” he hissed, and warily went to the door. He unlocked it and cracked it open.

In the dimness of the pre dawn room, she saw his posture straighten. He listened and nodded and took their packs, resting them by the door, and accepted an armful of folded clothes, then closed and relocked the door. He didn’t even look at her, just went to all the curtains in the room, whipping them aside to check behind them. The third one revealed a small alcove with nothing but a bench, a basket of bread, fruit, cheese and a bottle of still hot tea.

“She’s gone, but she left us more food,” he said as he came out of the alcove with the basket. “We didn’t even eat the food they left last night. They have so much food they can just give it away.”

“That’s why we need the alliance, isn’t it?” Clarke said, still sleepy from the bed. She wore his shirt and it smelled like him. And the memory of his warmth against her body was a physical thing she couldn’t shake. She closed her eyes and stretched, raking her fingers through her tangled hair, to free herself from the sensation of his body next to her all night long. When she opened them, Bellamy was staring at her.

He swallowed and held out the pile in his other hand. “They cleaned our clothes last night. And brought them back. At the door. The convoy is preparing to head back to Arkadia with all the supplies we bargained for.”

He didn’t say it, but Clarke heard it in her head. ‘The supplies we fucked to get.’ Clarke sighed and threw the fur covers back, planting her feet on the floor and holding onto the bed. “Bellamy, now that we’re alone, we should talk about this.”

He pressed his lips together into a tight line, the muscle in his jaw leaping. “You’re right. We’ll be surrounded by grounders on the trip back, and they’ll be in our village from now on. Always there. Always watching us. We’ll have to keep up the married act, at least until they forget about us. How hard do you think they’ll need to be convinced? How long until we can stop pretending?”

“Bellamy…” she said as she stood up and stepped towards him.

He smiled wryly. “It shouldn’t be too hard, Jasper and Raven already call us married. Although I think that’s just because we bicker so much.”

Clarke stared at him. Glared, she glared at him. He was going to joke about this, about their marriage. Like it was nothing. He gave a half laugh and shoved some clothes at her. “Here, get dressed. And we should eat something before we have to go out and face the grounders.” He put the food basket on the table that was still laden with food from last night, and then he gestured towards the curtained alcove. “I’ll change in here,” he said and disappeared to get dressed.

Clarke was furious, actually. He wanted to pretend that nothing had happened. That they weren’t actually married. That they hadn’t had sex. No that they hadn’t made love. That was what had happened in that bed last night and it didn’t matter how he tried to rush past it or keep her from getting naked or make it into a business transaction. She had felt it. Bastard. She pulled off his soft, black linen shirt and threw it on the bed. Bastard. She stood there completely naked for a minute, hoping he was looking through the curtain like Odun had. Bastard. But he probably wasn’t. He’d spent the whole night trying to avoid looking at her body, or even touching her more than necessary. God, it made her heart hurt.

She gave up and pulled on her underwear and pants. Everything smelled clean and fresh and she hoped that whatever soap they’d used on them would be in the supplies, because it was amazing and she was getting ready to pull her fresh smelling shirt over her head when she felt a sudden desire to keep a part of last night with her, and grabbed Bellamy’s shirt off the bed and put that back on. The woven fabric was so soft and thin, she was sure it would never survive the wear and tear of daily life, but today, she was going to sit in a convoy and prove to their new grounder allies that Clarke was serious about their alliance and that she loved Bellamy Blake.

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You may notice in some of my upcoming succulent photos orange powder on the soil.. That is Bc I am at war with a squirrel. And it’s just gotten personal now.. I have done everything to accommodate this squirrel.. I have given him empty planters of dirt to dig in.. That’s not good enough.. I honestly think he just doesn’t like me.. He is forever digging up my succulents.. The whole plants by the roots and just leaves them there like haha I got her.. And does it everyday.. And I swear he does it to piss me off.. So I read that cayenne pepper in the soil keeps them away.. So I was up at the crack of dawn putting cayenne pepper in all the soil.. So I will have to do this after every time it rains.. What a pain in the ass.. This squirrel is really getting on my last nerve.. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best 🙏🏻🙏🏻


28 September 2016

“Great Brittan UFO Filmed By Police Helicopter (VIDEO)..”

“Police have been left baffled after a UFO appeared to show up on one of their cameras.Footage from the force’s heat-seeking helicopter camera shows a spherical object bobbing around in the centre of the screen.The unidentified craft was filmed by the South Wales police while officers were flying 1,000ft over the Bristol Channel.”

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i-just-wanna-have-my-own-dragon  asked:

What is your opinion about NT women in general? How do they fit into society? How can they be portrayed by other types?

this is a brilliant question and i’m so incredibly sorry it took me like 6 months to answer it
According to this site (i’m on mobile rip -, the percentage of N women ranges between 25-30%, while the T in women is between 24-35%, but I’d obviously take these stats with a grain if salt because of the self-report nature that can be lacking in accuracy and hold bias. NT women, would probably have it toughest when paired with NF women or SF women (to generalise massively) because these types would be most likely to percieve NT women as cold or judgy. Obviously rational (as in NT, to avoid confusion) women experience a harder time in expressing and experiencing emotions, which can make the whole woman thing a bit harder when the norm seems to be that women are good at these things. Also NT types are less likely to be social, which makes things difficult for NT women. 
I know one very common experience (and other NT women are welcome to share if they’ve experienced this or not) is that non NT types definitely feel that NT women are different. What frequently happens is that non-NT women will enjoy the perspective and outlook that an NT woman has, but will often do this thing where they compare the opinion of an ‘rational’ woman to the opinion of a ‘normal person’ because they don’t see NT women as ‘normal’. Personally, I think this might be because being objective, unbiased, and diplomatic isn’t typically the norm in females.
I will also mention that ENTJ women likely have it toughest, due to their strong and natural leadership abilities, alongside their disposition to logic making them less of what a typical woman should be. I’d imagine they would often be criticised for these abilities growing up. While XNTJs in general tend to be more cynical, and would be less likely to conform to the norms of feelings-based behaviour, which is not taken ….terribly well in women either. (info taken from here -

Once Larry come out I want any interviewer to show them all the supposed “Larry Kisses” so they can finally reveal which are legit and which aren’t

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