Calling all Book Bloggers/BookTubers

Bloggers! YouTubers!

Today (April 1st, I promise this is not a joke) we will be adding new names to our blogger and YouTuber database. It’s this list we contact when we have review copies available – and only this list! So if you review Young Adult or Middle Grade books, this is your chance.

We have a limited number of spaces, so to be in with a chance, email the below details to (lines are open now until midnight UK time April 1st) and make sure to put BLOGGER CALL in the subject line.

Blog/ YouTube title:
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Preferred genres:
Any other social media links or info:
Review copy postal address:

The boring bits:
We only send books to the UK, Ireland and Europe, so if you live outside these territories, send us a separate email and we will pass your details on to our distributors nearest to you. Any emails sent outside the specified date and time above won’t be counted. New additions to our list are made at our discretion. We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but if you’ve been chosen this time around you’ll automatically receive our next blogger update email.

So I noticed something about Phan today

Chinese astronomy uses the year of birth to determine your horoscope and your character traits. You get compared with an animal and also get its qualities and perfect match. After some research I noticed the following thing about our beloved Phan:

"Dan Howell, born in 1991, gets compared with the Sheep. He is elegant and creative, best in arts and passionate but timid. Most compatible with Rabbits."

And you know what I realized when I read that last bit?

Rabbits are born in the years 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011.
Guess who else is born in 1987?
That’s right.

"Phil Lester, born in 1987, gets compared with a Rabbit. He is lucky, talented, peaceful and affectionate but yet a bit shy. His perfect match is the Sheep."

Even the stars are saying Phan is real.


favourite fetus larry moments 3/5

them having fun

1. harry pulling louis in his lap and then he’s kinda spooning him. and louis makes no move away from him NO he cuddles up a little to harry and watches from there. i love how niall’s just sitting next to them and just moves his leg a little to give them space like it’s every day business.

2. the fight with the inflatable things makes me laugh everytime. the more you watch it the funnier it gets i promise. look at louis just slamming this fucking hammer on harry’s head and harry trying to knok it away.

3. the morning hair ruffle. okay first louis is holding harry around his torso and look at harry’s hands holding on to louis’ hands. then comes the part that kills me, louis ruffling through harry’s hair everything about this gif is screaming fondness!

4. okay the last one’s hilarious, like look at louis’ face but the best thing is, he’s just concentrating on harry when he does this suspender dance i’m cackling.

5. they are just so cute when they clap their hands and smile at eachtother and louis who is mostly watching harry with this intense stare and this smug smile’s probably the reason for my troubled breathing.