A new entry in my beautiful geometry theorem series: Poncelet’s closure theorem.

Given two circle (or conic) on the plane. If you can draw an n-gon such that the vertices are on one of the circles and the sides are touching the other circle, then there is infinitely many such n-gon. Furthermore each point of the outer circle is a vertex of one of these n-gons.

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I agree with You saying what Sebastian Stan is probably wearing is a fan gift bc he posted another photo of it on weibo too

If it is, I hope it’s him passive aggressively calling out all the fake hoes that saw that one insta post and immediately went “wow, asshole threw the gifts away”, like i hope it’s him low-key going “really??? you thought so little of me you thought id throw away ur gifts, what the fuck?”

Normal Service Is Fully Resumed

Well, that was an unplanned break, wasn’t it?

Still, I return - now with 35 circuits around Sol, loveliest of sun goddesses, a bellyful of cake, some very pretty pointy kit:

(I can’t be arsed to take a photo of mine, so here you go - @lepsydreaming is the best gift giver. Oh, and for the #deerkult folk: “The handle is made from a combination of curly birch, thin layers of leather and reindeer antler. It has a well designed shape which fits well in the hand and it it is finished off very smoothly without being slippery.The sheath is made from wet-formed cow hide and it has a reindeer leather belt hanger attached”.)

Many thanks to you all for the birthday well wishes. Terribly nice of you, that was!

Finally, a PROOF OF LIFE SEPTEMBER ‘16 containing (one of) the traditional Albion salute(s):

Still not dead. Let’s. Get. Shit. Done. Eh?

Alley Cat (preview)

He walks along the edge of the sidewalk, balancing over the edge with his short wobbly legs that keep trying to twist out underneath him, his arms spread wide for balance.

His brand new blue rain boots are just a bit too big and want to slip off his feet. He stumbles as he hops off the curb and jumps into a small puddle, nearly slipping as he lands in the water.

“Delirious!” His mother calls from behind him. “Don’t go getting dirty now! You’re going to get mud all over your clothes!” Her voice is exasperated and just a little desperate as she tugs her coat over her head and dodges under the torrents of rain streaming off the shop’s roof.

The shopkeeper behind her closes the cash register and trades one soft, knowing look, to her back as the door bounces shut.

Delirious pretends not to hear her and keeps jumping from puddle to puddle, giggling softly to himself and staining the edges of his pants with the grit from the street as the water soaks right on through.

“Oh for,” she mutters and runs through the rain after him.


Once Larry come out I want any interviewer to show them all the supposed “Larry Kisses” so they can finally reveal which are legit and which aren’t

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I mean


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Ok, this one seems pretty legit but I just want to hear them confirming it

Are those doubles? I don’t even know anymore

I dont even know what this one is



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What is that. WHAT IS THAT.

Plus what really happened in Wellington, that would be nice, thank you very much.

Proof without words - Pi

This was intended to be posted on Pi-day earlier this month, but somehow that didn’t happen.

Hope this beautiful pi gif on this sizzling Saturday puts a smile on your face and guides you through the day.

Have a good one!

Photo credit: Lucas V. Barbosa via Wikimedia Commons

** FYP’s Pi-day post ( if you are interested )


I don’t really need more proo–

Well that’s cute, but I don’t need more pro–

M-Martha that’s not a proof…

Y-yeah, I think that’s good. but I-




*non-usuk fangirls* *annoyed* imdoneimdoneimdone

*usuk fangirls* *sad and confused and otp feels and canoness omg* imdoneimdoneimdone

We’re the same after all :D