1. Troye goes to announce winner
2. Troye announces winner and Conner embarrassed
3. Troye notices and they make eye contact
4. Troyes arm moves down towards Connors back as if to hug him while Connor still looks sad/embarrassed (the video immediately cuts to the next scene right after Troyes arm moves down as if to cut something out that couldn’t be leaked)
5. The very next split second in this picture where Troye is nervously smiling while Connor is blushing like a tomato and Marcus seems out of it
6. Connor talks about how bad he was at the challenge while looking off camera (implied that it is toward Troye/ the game show host)

To play chess, you must first learn how the individual pieces move. Only after these rules have entered your subconscious can your mind turn its full attention to the more creative issues of strategy, tactics, and the like. So it appears to be with mathematics. Hard work is required in the beginning to learn the fundamental rules… Then you will find that your mind can focus on the creative aspects of mathematics.
—  Daniel Solow, How to Read and Do Proofs