Buckle up, I’m going on a Feminist Rant

This rant is sponsored by some stupid Facebook comments I saw on a link HelloGiggles posted.

So HelloGiggles posted a proposal video that they collectively thought was sweet. The gist was that since the woman’s father was dead, her fiance asked all her siblings to give their blessing and then he read a letter aloud of things he wanted to say to the woman’s father had he been alive. Ok, I guess to some people that comes off as sweet, but I’m callous and dead inside.

(Fair warning, before I continue this rant, it’s possible that my opinion “doesn’t count” on this matter. For one, I have an awful relationship with my father, even if he wasn’t serving a life-sentence in prison, he chose to not be a part of my life for the preceding 20 years he was a free man. Secondly, I don’t think marriage/relationships are for me. They sound great on paper, but are difficult and stressful in practice. Others can do as they please, but I’m not planning on it.)

I’m just gonna jump right in and say it’s disrespectful to women to ask her father for her hand in marriage. A woman in not property. She is not handed off from her father to her husband. Tradition be damned, it’s really dumb that people still do this. As well as the father “giving the bride away” at a wedding, it needs to stop. I can understand if the bride wants someone to escort her down the aisle on a very emotional day for moral support, I get that. It doesn’t necessarily have to be her dad, but if she’s really close to her dad that’s cool.

So people commenting on the HG article were waxing poetic about their future husbands asking their father’s permission/blessing and I just… I have no words for women who can’t stand on their own two feet.

The main takeaway is that I really need to stop reading comments on Facebook because humanity as a collective is dumber than a box of rocks and tied to inane patriarchal traditions.