Good Omens merch I’d like to see

Since gneil confirms it’s going to happen, here’s my wish list.

  • Aziraphale magic set with special dove reviver inside
  • Crowley self-renewing sunglasses (fire-proof)

  • Shadwell push-pins sold with heat-resistant gloves

  • Anathema bike helmet (torch included)

  • Tracy Brussels sprouts air freshener

  • Greasy Johnson tropical fish food

  • Pepper pepper spray (seasoning, not self-defence)

  • Wensleydale cheese ball

  • Pepper’s little sister foaming bath salts

  • Newt all-in-one repair kit including all-purpose OFF switch

  • Adam glowing hair highlights with curl enhancer

  • Warlock childhood psychological counseling services

It’s REAL. I work at the hospital and put this ID bracelet on baby Moonbump myself while Briana and Louis were making out.

Everyone cried and Louis held up his son and said “See? This is proof that Larry isn’t real!” and then got down on one knee and proposed. Briana cried and said yes then asked Louis to please go and pick her up some new sunglasses as proof of his love.

This is definitely all 100% true.