Fresh Things Friday With Sarah Conway

1) JoTotes Camera bags for ladies!

I have waited my whole life for something like this, now carrying around my camera is gonna be so easy & i can look cute doing it!

2) Spacecraft Snuffle beanie

This is by far my favorite beanie ever made it comes in many awesome colors (i own blue, pink, purple,& white) and it has a giant pom you can’t beat that.

3) The new “Gatos” by Proof Sunglasses

I’m pretty sure they read my mind when coming up with this sunglass, it’s a vintage full framed sunglass that i can’t wait to get my hands on.

4) The Hunger Games trilogy

I don’t mean to geek out but these are the best books i have ever read. now i spend my days counting down until the movie comes out this march Midnight premier here i come!

Blogger Nicole Giordano Discovers 'Proof' Sunglasses At WWDMAGIC

Sunglasses made out of wood.  Yep you heard me right and guess what?  They are so stylin’.  I had the pleasure of coming upon the brand Proof at POOL Tradeshow, the independent segment of WWD MAGIC.  The brother team behind the brand is all energy and excitement, chatting happily about their business model and brand story.

What’s their story?  ”We make the finest quality sustainable wooden sunglasses in the world.”  Their mission? “Look Good. Do Good.”  The Do Good stems from the fact that Proof donates a large portion of its sales to help with sight giving surgeries to people in India, as well as its current involvement with the Native American Reservation, Africa, and re-planting trees in Haiti.  Not bad, huh?  This is exactly the kind of brand I love to support.  Don’t you?

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Proof: Wood Sunglasses
Proof: Wood Sunglasses


It makes sense that the Proof guys are the first company I profile. These guys helped me start thinking how a business in the 21st should be ran. This Idaho based company is a family business that also contributes a portion of its profits to eye clinics in India. They make some sweet shades made out of sustainable wood.

I was able to get my hands of a couple pair of these shades and they look better in real life than they do on the site.

Check them out, serious style, sustainable, and charitable. These guys are making a solid business, hanging out with their family, and helping the less fortunate while giving people a great original product. They “Look Good and Do Good”. My favorites are the “Bud”s.

There will be an update coming from these guys on how they were able to build Proof from the ground up so quickly.

Proof is the kind of company that should exist, and similar to the companies I want to keep talking about. I’ll keep ‘em coming.

It’s REAL. I work at the hospital and put this ID bracelet on baby Moonbump myself while Briana and Louis were making out.

Everyone cried and Louis held up his son and said “See? This is proof that Larry isn’t real!” and then got down on one knee and proposed. Briana cried and said yes then asked Louis to please go and pick her up some new sunglasses as proof of his love.

This is definitely all 100% true.