proof that they are soooooo real

Phan Theory

SOooooo everybody in the tags are all OMG PHAN WAS DATING BUT NOW THEY’RE JUST FRIENDS.


hold the fuck up.


If Phan was dating in around 2010-13 area, and we have tweets of them literally confessing love for each other, then how would it NOT BE AWKWARD to share beds, and even live in the same general area. I know you’re gonna be all “BUT LAY THEY’RE BESTIES” Yeah but they started out as a couple dingus. So here’s my theory:

Le Phan started dating

They fell in love,

and they never fell out.

anonymous asked:

unpopular oppinion: I ship phan, but I honestly don't believe it's real. I think maybe at one point it was, or it could be in the future, or maybe it is?? but I'm okay with it not being. Like if they came out with proof that Phan wasn't real i wouldnt cry (i am not above crying if they come out with proof that Phan is real though)

i wish this was a popular opinion, because more fans need to be more chill and understand that they are real people and we can enjoy these fantasies about what their relationship could entail, but that whatever they say at the end of the day is it. I’d totally be fine with if they came out with proof that phan wasn’t real because even if they’re not in a relationship, im just perfectly happy knowing that they’re the most important person in each other’s life soooooo

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