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Hello! I just saw your reblog post that the interviewer in Klaine Explained bts vid was Leanne, not Mia. Wow, I didn't know that. How come most of the fandom think it's M? I remember that some fans even thanked and applauded M for being so generous and big-hearted for giving us this bts, and also 5x15 & 5x20 bts featuring C & D, despite the hate she got from CC shippers.

Hi! I honestly don’t know why they pretend it’s her, or think so. For me, here are a few reasons that might be why: 

1) M pretended she was the only woman who worked on BTS or had the most pivotal role. Leanne to my knowledge didn’t make a big deal. So everyone just assumed it was M and the gif set, without the correction, was seen to be ‘evidence’ to prove this.

2) The creator of the gif set or M fans were the only ones who assumed it was her because their queen does everything and didn’t bother doing research. Because they say it was her, most people assume it is because they either don’t care enough to do the research on bTS and only watched that one, or they believed them bc they’re more ‘trustworthy’ than us because their ship is ‘canon’

3) Because M bragged about how she’s the one responsible for all the beautiful CC bts (even though there were only about… three or four interviews? And C wasn’t in many of them…) so people didn’t see why she’d be lying. Especially her fans. But let’s ignore the time she screeched at us all when she shamed us all for her Cory comment. Which she only acknowledged when someone who praised her on Twitter was made aware of her trashiness and the comment she made and, as a result,  she lost her publicity for her trash band. Bitch still hasn’t apologised for the hurt she’s caused btw.

4) The M fans / M&D shippers know it’s not M. They know C & M hate each other. But they lie and pretend that it’s M in that interview because she took credit for the one that was postponed. Most people won’t care enough to correct them and because the one’s that will are CC shippers? Well, we’ll be dismissed as ‘crazy’ and pushing an agenda if we say it’s not her! Remember, these people also tried to dismiss the look of utter contempt on C’s face when she was talking to D as ‘it’s his resting face’. Now, C does have a resting bitch face, he can look angrier than he really is. But that wasn’t RBF. That was his own contempt for her. They also deny the fact that M was incredibly condescending towards C when he didn’t want to be interviewed by him and waved it off as ‘her giving him cute nicknames’ and ‘proof’ they’re super close. Especially because she went to SBL (funny how she wasn’t in any of the photos with him, especially when multiple accounts say her ‘BF’ spent the whole night with C). They use all these tiny bits of evidence to ‘prove’ we’re wrong. Because if they admit we’re right about C & M hating each other… what else are we right about? Now, I’m not saying we’re right about everything. I think we know less than we actually think we do (don’t kill me for this lol). But they always feel insecure about things like this and always try to prove us wrong rather than going ‘yeah they hate each other but that isn’t proof M & D aren’t dating’. 

Personally, I feel it’s mostly three but the other potential reasons are mixed in with it. I think it’s mostly M’s fault because she knows what her fans are like/ She uses them to push an image she wants them to see about her and the people around her. Another reason might also be that M let her laugh be heard in the background often and bc Leanne spoke, the assumed it was her right off the bat considering the rest of the BTS people didn’t normally allow themselves to be heard.

Now, I’m not saying this is true - in fact, I’ll probably be off point on alot of this, but this is just my personal opinion on why this is!

Shepard wasn’t used to waking up with someone else in her bed. And even if they’d been there before, they usually didn’t stay. They especially didn’t hold her close and make her feel like she was something that was worth protecting.

She turns over to look at Kaidan, and he stirs just slightly, repositioning himself to keep holding her. His warm, olive skin presses to hers, and for once, his hair isn’t perfectly gelled back. He’s far from the model marine she first fell in love with, but this feels better. His uniform lays scattered around her cabin, and the fact that he’s even here is proof enough. She finds it funny and strangely symbolic that she saw a deeper side to him once clothes started coming off.

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