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The Theory of Everything (2013) - Lyric Starters
  • "It's been too long... I think he's gone."
  • "Can't you see that I need you out here?"
  • "I'm sorry you feel neglected - but it's clear that you don't understand!"
  • "Are you trying to drive us away, just when we need you most?"
  • "Is this your work? Be honest now, how did you do it? I'm not angry, boy, but I really need to know..."
  • "Don't believe him, no! He's envious! I've felt it from the start!"
  • "Are you being driven by your pride?"
  • "You must be mistaken - he's useless and he's weak!"
  • "How can you be so heartless - there must be so much more that we can do."
  • "Who are you to judge me, you don't even know what we've been through!"
  • "Were you only thinking of yourself again?"
  • "One day I'll show them, I am the genius - one day the whole world will know!"
  • "But if I support him, help him reach his potential..."
  • "His shyness is charming - I wish I could reach him."
  • "The choice is clear, I don't need to be convinced - Denying him this chance just isn't right."
  • "I don't want to scare you, but it can't be right!"
  • "Ha! You're outshined in every way."
  • "What should I do...what's happening to me?"
  • "I'm leaving you - no tears left to cry. You'll never change, I've made up my mind...this is goodbye."
  • "We both want to change the world!"
  • "I'm broken, I'm falling apart - slowly fading away..."
  • "What unseen forces did conspire, uniting a father...and...his son..."

Sorry for the silence.  One of our cats became very ill late last week and I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything else as a result.  (He is improving, but he “improved” once already and I’m not letting my guard down again.)  Here is a photo of partially finished ears as proof that I am alive.  

Atsushi Character Song Translations

Atsushi for wife!! Yeah I’m biased. I wanted to TL Dazai’s song because he sounds so much like Idol Bedivere (even though the lyrics themselves are a far cry from what Bedivere would sing in my mind), but I’m sure there are enough capable Dazai fans that I can sit back and prepare for college instead of doing that. (spoiler: this year is hell). 

I’m actually not sure if anyone has translated this yet. But considering no one has even TLed Dazai’s song, I think I’m good. Oh well, it only took me an hour. Better time spent than wasting away for mobages.

And so, Atsushi’s character song, “Young Boy, Sprint Under the Moonlight” (title pending) (this is another Namae o Yobu yo again dammit).

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The book of love is long and boring.

No one can lift the damn thing.

It’s full of charts and facts and figures

and instructions for dancing.

- The Magnetic Fields

The Book of Love

Part One


Dad’s voice drags her out of a dream. She tries to turn over and sink deeper into sleep, but he shakes her gently.

“Honey, wake up.”

She jerks up to sitting, and Percy makes a whuffling noise and uncurls next to her ankles. “What’s wrong?”

“Take it easy,” Dad says, laying a hand on her shoulder, which is exactly what he would do if the house were on fire. But she knows by his smile and by the absent stroke of his hand over Percy’s coat that everything is all right. “Bundle up, put some shoes on, and let’s go.”

“Go where? What time is it?”

“It’s nearly one.” The smile broadens. “And you’ll see.”

Bleary-eyed, she does as he says, and she follows him downstairs with Percy on her heels. They step out into frigid fog so faint and still it seems almost a shame to disturb it. Mom is already waiting in the passenger seat of Dad’s car with a sleepy smile, juggling travel mugs and adjusting the heater. She passes a mug to Abby as she climbs in the backseat. “Earl Grey latte with rose syrup. Don’t let the dog try it this time. That was gross.”

“What’s going on?” Abby says, scooting over so Percy can clamber up next to her.

Dad smiles the way he does when he is deeply enjoying knowing something you don’t, and he puts the car in gear.

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You’re not alone part 3

Thank you to everyone who likes, reblogs, or comments. You guys have no idea how much it means to me or how determined I am to deliver the best writing that I can because of it. so this is for you guys. thanks again love you.

Description: Spencer is having a hard time dealing with the death of one his best friends Gideon. The reader tries to help him deal with the devastating loss by making sure Spencer knows he’s not alone. But when hidden feelings are unmasked and the truth is revealed another tragedy hits the B.A.U this one bigger than before.

Previous parts: Part 1  Part 2

Warnings: cursing

Song: I want you here by plumb

Spencer x Reader

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“Is there even the slightest possibility that she could have just gotten a few things and left on her own?” Asked Hotch.

Spencer and Penelope both shook their heads. “No she wouldn’t leave her cell phone, or her dogs for that matter.” Spencer answered sadly.  He was beginning to feel the pain of your absence already even though you had only been gone a few days.

Penelope lifted her hand up and squeezed Spencer’s shoulder then turned back to Hotch adding “She also didn’t come to lunch, which she would never miss without calling me first, also when I went to her house her front door was unlocked and some of her things in the bedroom were thrashed. Mostly picture frames and clothes thrown about”.

“Do we know why anyone who would even want to kidnap y/n, as far as I know she doesn’t have any enemies? JJ asked looking down at a picture of you.

“Well considering our job I think she made a few” Rossi said thinking about all the people they had put behind bars.

Spencer thought back on conversations he’s had with you running each memory through his mind to see if he could think of anyone who would want to do this to you, but then he stopped at one in particular. 

(Flashback). It was just a day like any other you were sitting on his desk while he was typing something on his computer. “What you doing?” You asked swinging your legs back and forth.

“Nothing just…” He trailed off when he looked away from the screen and saw you holding up a small package wrapped in bright blue wrapping paper.

“Surprise, I know that your birthday isn’t for a few more days but I couldn’t wait to give it to you” You said smiling and excitedly handed him the present.

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