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Asexuality is OFFICIALLY not a disorder, according to the APA.

The images above are from the DSM-5, which is the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The DSM-5 is a really important book.  It is used by doctors and mental health care providers around the world to diagnose mental disorders.

The DSM-5 explicitly and clearly recognizes asexuality, and says that if a person is asexual, that they should not be diagnosed with Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder or Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

This book says that you are valid, your feelings are real, and that you do not have a disorder because you feel this way.

Anyone who claims otherwise is wrong.

They do not know what they are talking about.  You can point them at this book as proof that they are wrong.

Full Reference:

On page 434, in the section on Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (302.72), at the end of the “Diagnostic Features”, it reads:

If a lifelong lack of sexual desire is better explained by one’s self-identification as “asexual”, then a diagnosis of female sexual interest/arousal disorder would not be made.

On page 443, in the section on Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (302.71), at the end of the “Differential Diagnosis”, it reads:

If the man’s low desire is explained by self-identification as an asexual, then a diagnosis of male hypoactive sexual desire disorder is not made.

Reasons to believe Delphine is alive

1. Evie Cho is a fucking liar and anyone from neolution can’t be trusted
2. Krystal “saw everything” but still uses the present tense to talk about the “French doctor who saved her”
3. No body. No proof.
4. Kendall Malone (and Beth and others before) had her real emotional scene before she died and Delphine did not.


Luna University Archives  Captain Jack Harkness: So many species, so little time

Rose: So, um, who’re you supposed to be then?
Jack: Captain Jack Harkness. 133 Squadron, Royal Air Force. American volunteer.

Top Left: Captain Jack Harkness with his plane. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Eagle Squadron 133 was one of three squadrons made up of American pilot volunteers who served in the RAF during World War II.

Top Right: Two men, both named Jack Harkness, at an officer’s club in London, 1941.

Bottom Left: Captain Jack Harkness appears in this image from a 1941 MovieTone newsreel about the Eagle Squadrons.

Bottom Right: A fragment of the MovieTone newsreel, which you can watch here.

Curator’s Notes: Captain Jack Harkness (not his birth name, which is unknown) is a mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a dollop of paradox sauce. A companion of The Doctor, he appears throughout time and space. Records suggest he was on Earth from c. 1869 to c. 2011, and led a renegade arm of the Torchwood Institute from 2000 to around 2009.

Harkness doesn’t appear to change his face or age at the normal human rate, which leads some archeologists to speculate that Captain Jack is a TimeLord.

Other scholars, most notably Professor River Song, burst out laughing at that idea.


[Captions and graphics by WriteDragon, Curator of the Luna University Archives.]