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Asexuality is OFFICIALLY not a disorder, according to the APA.

The images above are from the DSM-5, which is the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The DSM-5 is a really important book.  It is used by doctors and mental health care providers around the world to diagnose mental disorders.

The DSM-5 explicitly and clearly recognizes asexuality, and says that if a person is asexual, that they should not be diagnosed with Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder or Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

This book says that you are valid, your feelings are real, and that you do not have a disorder because you feel this way.

Anyone who claims otherwise is wrong.

They do not know what they are talking about.  You can point them at this book as proof that they are wrong.

Full Reference:

On page 434, in the section on Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (302.72), at the end of the “Diagnostic Features”, it reads:

If a lifelong lack of sexual desire is better explained by one’s self-identification as “asexual”, then a diagnosis of female sexual interest/arousal disorder would not be made.

On page 443, in the section on Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (302.71), at the end of the “Differential Diagnosis”, it reads:

If the man’s low desire is explained by self-identification as an asexual, then a diagnosis of male hypoactive sexual desire disorder is not made.

PLL predictions & Questions

(This post is basically for me to look back at - started 24/03/2017)

I know I don’t have one solid prediction but hey ho there’s too many to choose from

I also want to look back so I can see which questions got answered (I’m aware most won’t get covered so no need to tell me)

A.D predictions

Spencer’s twin
Aria or Aria twin
Bethany Young is a twin of either Melissa, Spencer or Aria

A team predictions-

Wren is related to either A.D, Bethany, Aria or Rollins & is helping them

PLL questions - This is in no specific order 

Why did Eddie recognise Aria? 

Why did Eddie choose to give Ezra the drawing out of everybody? 

 What did the Bethany drawings mean?  

Why was Wren drawing a lady in red? 

Why did Ali/Jason have photos of Aria What do the NAT videos mean?  

 Are there any significant ones we haven’t seen? Did Ian really kill himself?  

Is Maya really dead? 

Who is in the barrel?

 Is Eddie Lamb dead? 

 Is Wren a real doctor? 

Who did Wren call when he said he’s sorted his end?  

 Does Mona know more than she’s told?  

Who killed Marion? 

Was Charlotte’s story genuine? (serious plot holes) 

 Who was in the Dilaurentis house with a knife when Hanna and Spencer were looking for proof about Alison killing Bethany? 

 Who did Spencer text in season 7 episode 1 asking how they knew Hanna was alive?

Was Hanna hallucinating Spencer when she was captured? 

 Did Alison actually invite Bethany to labour day or was that Charlotte?  

How did Cece get messages to Alison in jail? 

Who are the voices on the satnav when Alison is directed to the dollhouse?

If we hear Bethany talk in future will they use the voice from the tapes in Radley?

Feel free to add more things you’d like answered- I’ll probably add some more before 7B starts

“Why is a transgender person not considered to have a mental illness?”

The website Reddit has a popular section called “Explain Like I’m Five,” or ELI5. The idea is that people ask questions about things they want to understand better, and experts or other people who do understand the topic offer answers—not literally aimed at five-year-olds, but in simple, easy-to-understand language to help anyone grasp the concept.

It’s a cool idea, don’t you think?

Last week, someone asked the following question:

“ELI5: Why is a transgender person not considered to have a mental illness?”

Here’s how they explained their question. (I haven’t corrected typos that were in the original post.)

A person who is transgender seems to have no biological proof that they are one sex trapped in another sexes body. It seems to be that a transgender person can simply say “This is how I feel, how I have always felt.” Yet there is scientific evidence that they are in fact their original gender…eg genitalia, sex hormones etc etc.

If someone suffers from hallucinations for example, doctors say that the hallucinations are not real. The person suffering hallucinations is considered to have a mental illness because they are experiencing something (hallucinations) despite evidence to the contrary (reality). Is a transgender person experiencing a condition where they perceive themselves as the opposite gender DESPITE all evidence to the contrary and no scientific evidence?

A lot of people might take offense at this question, but one transgender redditor’s thoughtful, heartfelt reply quickly became the top-voted answer. I thought many of you might like to see what she said, so I asked for her permission to share it with you. Here’s her answer in its entirety:

Transgender person here, and your question is a good one (or at least, a common one that really isn’t answered clearly very often)

The short answer is: yes, Trans people are considered to have a disorder. Gender Identity Disorder and Gender Dysphoria are disorders recognized in the DSM.

There have been a few studies establishing certain evidence to support the idea that this is inherent (a few having to do with brain mapping/MRIs pop up now and again) but the funding and interest for serious, driven research into the field just hasn’t been there until recently. A lot of existing studies are either too old to be taken seriously or flawed due to lack of funding or existing bias. The best guess right now is that the brain is just wired to expect a different set of physical characteristics than it has, and thus causes dysphoria as a way of expressing that it thinks there is something wrong with ones body.

Your question seems to be more “Why don’t we get these transgender people mental help instead of physical modifications to their body” and the answer is:

  1. Trans people already have to have years of therapy from multiple doctors and therapists to get the required letters of recommendation (verification that therapists and doctors have confidence that the person does experience Gender Dysphoria and that they believe that sexual transition would be beneficial to the patient’s mental health) needed to get hormones and SRS (sexual reassignment surgery) and no form of conversion therapy has worked anywhere near consistently.

  2. It is just easier (at this point in time, at least) to modify the body to reduce dysphoria than it is to modify the brain to stop dysphoria altogether.
As far as what I can describe to you from personal experience, I am not in denial about the fact that I have a penis and that I grow facial hair and that my body produces testosterone. I can tell you that the physical presence of these things causes constant distress, feelings of depression and self hate, the whole nine yards. When I wear female clothes, ask you to call me by a different name or use different pronouns, wear makeup, etc., it is more to fool my unconscious self and distract it from the fact that certain parts of my body just feel wrong.

Plenty of other similar conditions, like Body Dysmorphic Disorder, have long been recognized and accepted by the medical community. Sometimes the brain expects your body to be different than it is.

It’s like if you were to take the hard drive out of one computer and into a different computer. You’ll probably be able to boot and do most things, but you’ll occasionally get some errors because that hard drive and the Operating System inside has been set up to expect a certain hardware configuration in the computer, and has problems when what hardware it thinks you have differs from the hardware you actually hook up to it. We (the medical community) don’t know how to reprogram the computer yet, so switching out hardware is the next easiest thing.

Trust me, if there was a pill that got rid of my dysphoria so that I felt content with my male sex characteristics, I would imagine that would be far easier and pain free to take than years of hormone therapy and multiple, very expensive surgeries. Such a thing doesn’t exist yet, so I only have one other choice.

EDIT: I should mention that my experiences doesn’t cover every one you hear. There has been a push in certain groups to remove gender dysphoria from being the identifying factor of being transgender, and make it solely an “identity”. I personally take issue with this (as it removes all scientific aspects from the issue), but many trans people support the idea or just don’t care. It’s the internet, and Reddit is a great trolling ground when the Tumblr bloggers want to stir up trouble. You are likely to hear lots of different opinions.

I love when people have such a clear and simple way of helping me understand what the world looks like through their eyes. Don’t you?

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Donald Trump Is Going To Kill Me

I thought I was recovered from my drug-induced lupus erythematosus. I hadn’t had ANY symptoms (that couldn’t be easily attributed to my other illnesses) for like a month.

And then motherfucking Trump was elected and now I’ve got a rash on my face, swelling in my knees and ankles, a fever with flushing and hot flashes, and nothing else to pin any of it on. (For those who don’t know, that’s textbook Lupus symptoms.) Not to mention nearly all of my other symptoms of everything else I have are worse. I’m so stressed that my body started attacking itself. I can’t take this.

Meanwhile there are assholes who think I’m exaggerating and overreacting when I say I fear for my wellbeing and I’m desperate to get out of the country. He’s going to drop taxes so much that Social Security Disability Insurance is going to have to be cut from the federal budget along with the health insurance that comes with it. I’ll have no income and no health insurance to cover my 8 doctors and 16 medications that I need to live. And he won’t even try to fix it because he doesn’t give a fuck about disabled people. Need proof?

Donald Trump accused a reporter whom he had mocked of “using his disability to grandstand,” because he honestly thinks those who dare to be disabled in public must just want attention.
As a real estate developer, Trump’s properties have been sued several times for violating the ADA, when you can literally find out how to follow the ADA from Google in 30 minutes or less.
His website’s “issues” section does not provides any information on disability, special education, or relevant health care policy. “Our most vulnerable American citizens who can’t control the fact that they can’t work shouldn’t have to starve to death, die of exposure, or die of treatable diseases,” is not a controversial statement. All Republican presidents before him have supported that statement.
And when he does mention our issues, he writes shit like this in his books: “Then there’s the disability racket. Did you know that one out of every 20 people in America now claims disability? That adds up to $170 billion a year in disability checks. Between 2005 and 2009, it is estimated that $25 billion were eaten up in fraudulent Social Security Disability Insurance filings. On and on, scam after scam it goes; as always, taxpayers are the ones getting stiffed.”

Yeah, he literally thinks me having income and health insurance is a scam to taxpayers. And that’s literally all he has to say when it comes to disability policies. Still think I’m being melodramatic and overreacting? If the stress of this doesn’t literally kill me, Donald Trump will literally kill me.

If you voted for Donald Trump, you did this to me. You triggered a potentially life threatening illness that I was nearly completely recovered from. And now I’m going to take MONTHS trying to recover all over again. You are the reason I will barely be able to get out of bed, let alone leave my home, for this entire holiday season. And in the next 4-8 years, you might become responsible for my death. I hope you fucking know that.






John - voice(s) in Sherlock’s head

In TEH and in TAB we experience something new - we can hear John’s voice in Sherlock’s head. True, these four episodes are told from Sherlock’s POV but there is more to it. 

In TEH when examining the skeleton Sherlock keeps hearing John’s voice berating him in a way he have never seen in the show:

“Show off”, “You jealous?”, “Smart arse”, “You forgot to put your collar up”

That is, these are things John has said before but not in a hurtful or contemptuous way. It was friendly mockery or irony, meant to take his friend down a peg, but in Sherlock’s mind it has turned into something else. And he cannot switch it off. 

Interesting enough, there is only one other episode in which this happens: TAB. But this time it is more complicated because the whole episode is a creation of Sherlock’s mind and here - as I would like to argue - we get two Inner Johns, not just one. 

In the carriage scene MP Modern John briefly shining through MP Victorian John is saying what? 

“Sherlock, tell me where my bloody wife is, you pompous prick, or I’ll punch your lights out!”

And there is more:

  • “Spoken like an addict.”
  • “Unprincipled drug addict.”
  • “… which of us is a soldier and which of us a drug addict”

This is getting more and more intense and shows an interesting polarity in Sherlock’s perception of John: On the one hand he feels unworthy of him, seems to feel that these accusations would be justified and well-deserved. They are proof of Sherlock’s low self-esteem regarding everything except his intellect. And they mirror some of John’s reactions in series 3: the physical violence in TEH, his anger at Sherlock being high, his threats in the 221B scene after Leinster Gardens. The fact that Sherlock imagines John, a doctor, accusing him of being an addict three times in one episode is quite telling in itself. 

But there is another John as well (no matter if the modern scenes are real or not): caring, worried, helpful, loyal, kind, the one who after 130 years finally comes to save Sherlock Holmes at Reichenbach. 

For Sherlock there is not one Inner John but two and they seem to be at odds with each other. They reflect his own inner turmoil, the fight between self-loathing (represented by angry John) and (self-)love (Reichenbach/fireplace John). This is a dichotomy that may reach far beyond TAB and that has to be solved once and for all (preferably and probably by Johnlock becoming Canon). 

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Jim finds a secret study room on campus his freshman year. It’s tucked away in the corner so no one else knows about— or so he thought. Slowly he starts noticing things that tell him someone else knows about it. Anatomy lecture handouts left on the study table. Biology notes that can still be seen even though they were erased from the board. Red bull cans and granola bar wrappers in the trash can. One day he comes in to find writing left on the board “If the human heart is so tough and strong, why is it easily broken into pieces? Dammit all.” Jim in a fit of excitement at real, tangible proof of the unknown person he shares a study room with (who he is getting oddly invested in) decides to write back: “Like a glass mosaic, if you put the broken pieces of a heart back together it will be all the more beautiful and function just fine”. Thus begins the messaging back and forth between strangers. At first it’s mostly “who the fuck asked you anyway,” then after a few weeks it’s more like, “I’m studying to be a doctor dammit. I don’t know shit about astrophysics.” Until finally Jim walks in to study one day, and finds his well known stranger smiling at Jim’s last reply.

Reasons to believe Delphine is alive

1. Evie Cho is a fucking liar and anyone from neolution can’t be trusted
2. Krystal “saw everything” but still uses the present tense to talk about the “French doctor who saved her”
3. No body. No proof.
4. Kendall Malone (and Beth and others before) had her real emotional scene before she died and Delphine did not.

Rose kissing Ten on 'The Stone Rose'.

“A single drop, a liquid emerald, splashed on to the stone cheek of
the Doctor.
And the cheek became flesh. Pale flesh, dark hair, intense brown
eyes. His tunic rippled back into cloth, ten toes wiggled within his
sandals. Arms flexed, and grabbed Rose into a hug. Soft lips pressed hers with a kiss of gratitude and joy and unspeakable pleasure at being alive.
‘Wotcha,’ Rose said, smiling through her tears.
‘Hello,’ he replied softly, his eyes shining.
‘I think you must be real,’ she said after a moment. ‘My imagination’s not that good.’ ”


So guys, that’s the proof! Everytime someone jokes about Rose never kissing the Doctor been just Rose and The Doctor I think “You guys never read the official books of the show?”

The Stone Rose by Jaqueline Rayner is an amazing book and yes, it’s part of the canon. So, go and read!!


Oh, Darling Julius, what an introduction!

I would really love to know if Department to Count the Moon was in the original script or if it was an improv because the laugh it gets seems unprompted and there’s not reaction shot from the audience that I would expect if it was really planned. 

Also, and admittedly this is pretty esoteric, as well as being proof that I let the strangest things bother me for the longest time, but I finally have an satisfying answer to how Nick Hanway can be seen here in 105/202 as a random civil servant bod at Malcolm’s 8:30 – a position that is supposed to be completely apolitical –  and then later be seen in the 100% political role of Tom’s Glenn in Spinners and Losers .

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Luna University Archives  Captain Jack Harkness: So many species, so little time

Rose: So, um, who’re you supposed to be then?
Jack: Captain Jack Harkness. 133 Squadron, Royal Air Force. American volunteer.

Top Left: Captain Jack Harkness with his plane. The Royal Air Force (RAF) Eagle Squadron 133 was one of three squadrons made up of American pilot volunteers who served in the RAF during World War II.

Top Right: Two men, both named Jack Harkness, at an officer’s club in London, 1941.

Bottom Left: Captain Jack Harkness appears in this image from a 1941 MovieTone newsreel about the Eagle Squadrons.

Bottom Right: A fragment of the MovieTone newsreel, which you can watch here.

Curator’s Notes: Captain Jack Harkness (not his birth name, which is unknown) is a mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with a dollop of paradox sauce. A companion of The Doctor, he appears throughout time and space. Records suggest he was on Earth from c. 1869 to c. 2011, and led a renegade arm of the Torchwood Institute from 2000 to around 2009.

Harkness doesn’t appear to change his face or age at the normal human rate, which leads some archeologists to speculate that Captain Jack is a TimeLord.

Other scholars, most notably Professor River Song, burst out laughing at that idea.


[Captions and graphics by WriteDragon, Curator of the Luna University Archives.]

anonymous asked:

YO imagine Laura being all into conspiracy shit and ofc she's a The Doctor believer bc why not and she rambling about how he exists and the proofs and stuff and Carmilla just rolling her eyes and going with it bc it's laura

fun fact during one of their sleepovers laura talked to carmilla about doctor who until 3am…literally about her favourite episodes and her favourite ships and yes her possibly theories about how the doctor could be real and where she would go with him and “carm where would you go carm wake up this is important i dont care if you dont believe in time travel this is important if the doctor were to show up and you dont know where you want to go what if he just leaves…carm all of time and space you love the stars he could literally take you there!!!! carm please wake up”