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Commission Scams and How to Protect Yourself

As some of you know, I was recently scammed out of not only my commission money but also charged an extra fee on top of that. Basically a person commissioned me to make a piece of art for them. Pretty normal stuff. Once I had finished their art and they had paid me, I mailed the piece to them, which I thought would be the end of it. But months later, I got a notification from Paypal saying that the person said that they didn’t authorize my commission payment. As a result, Paypal removed the money from my bank account, opened a “chargeback” case against me, and charged me an extra fee for that case. I lost the all the money from the commission, had to pay the extra $20 fee, and the person got to keep the original art that I’d made for them.

Luckily Paypal took mercy on me since this was the first time it’d happened and gave me some of my money back. But I learned that there are many steps you can take to protect yourself as an artist from these scammers. So here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

1. Make a contract template that you can fill out for every commission and have your commissioner sign it BEFORE you start working. Be sure that everything is detailed and laid out; your price, exactly what you are doing, your copyright, and any other terms of agreement you think are necessary. There are plenty of contract examples online if you’d like to get a better idea of what to include!

2. Always use invoices! It will help you keep track of all your facts, like finances, shipping addresses, dates, project numbers, etc. The more documentation you have, the better off you’ll be if something goes wrong.

3. Keep your shipping receipts (aka Proof of Shipment or Proof of Delivery)! Once you mail off that final artwork to the commissioner, make sure you hang onto that receipt. Even after they’ve received the art, HANG ONTO THAT RECEIPT! That’s what really killed my case. I threw away my receipt once I saw that the person had received the art. So when it came time to prove my case months later, I had no evidence outside of emails saying that I had sent the art, which somehow matters when a person says that they didn’t authorize a payment, but that’s a whole other story. Paypal told me the only evidence that would prove my case was that proof of shipment or delivery receipt, and I had nothing. I suggest stapling it to your invoice/contract and keeping it all together nicely, so if you need proof, it’s all there.  

4. If you’re using Paypal, be sure to use “Seller Protection”! You only qualify if you’re sending a physical item to someone, but it will give you an extra level of protection if something does happen. They will assist you with any sort of complaints or anything that happens between you and your buyer.

5. Make sure you get a tracking number. It’ll help you and your commissioner know where the art is and if it gets lost along the way. Or if someone claims that it was never delivered, you will have proof of where it was last. And insuring your art is always another extra step you can take towards protecting yourself (if you can afford it).

TLDR: Give yourself as much legal documentation as possible!

I hope that these tips will help you fellow artists out there to avoid dealing with all this junk that I’ve had to deal with. I know it sounds like a lot, and can be a pain, but it’ll save you from months of frustration and money loss! People are always ready and willing to scam artists and we need to do our best to protect ourselves.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns/etc about your own commissions or what I went through. I’m happy to help you guys out!

Hope you have a lovely day! Best of luck with your own commissions!

Some Kind Of Proof

@the-delivery-god​ wanted some self-indulgent fluff based off lyrics from Paramore’s The Only Exception, and I hope this hits the spot! Many thanks to @sojustifiable for the eyes and fluff-couragement. 

On AO3 and FFN.

Raindrops lazily slide down the glass pane of Hiyori’s bedroom window, their soft staccato rhythm hypnotic in the late afternoon gloom. Yato stares at her ceiling while he waits for her to come home, eyes half lidded as he lets the rain count out the seconds until she’s back. But should he even see her? Sure, she’d said he’d always been her god of fortune, but what if she was wrong? What if she was just she was just being her kind, resilient, compassionate self, and he was actually hurting her in his selfish unwillingness to cut their ties? Closing his eyes completely, he rolls onto his side in the fetal position and tries not to think about the times he’s almost gotten her killed. Or worse.

Of course, that’s all he can think about now. He sees her face, twisted in worry and concern, when she and Kazuma ran to his side during his battle with Bishamon. Sees her leaping after an ayakashi, intending to land a side kick but leaving her cord wide open to attack; doesn’t she understand how vulnerable it makes her? It would only take one clean hit, one sluggish reaction for his world to shatter all over again. Memories of the hospital haunt him next, the way Hiyori shoved him away, half-ayakashi claws blighting him for the first time since they met. He’ll never forget her tear-stained face as she hovered over him, fighting desperately to regain sense of herself while he resigned himself to either dying by her hand or reaching her with words. Thank goodness the words were enough.

Sighing, he flops onto his back again and rubs his face. She’s done so much for him and he’s done so comparatively little for her; there’s gotta be some way he can make it up to her. She’s saved him so many times: brought Kazuma to Yukine’s ablution, stopped him from killing Bishamon, summoned his soul from the Underworld before he was lost to it for good, built him the shrine that granted him access to Takamagahara and got him one step closer to his dream. The shrine she built with those strong hands, hands that are always so warm when they grab his shoulder or brush his cheek.

An idea blooms in his mind, a small way for him to show his gratitude for the girl who has stridden with such purpose into his heart. His face aches with the force of his smile as he jumps off her bed to gather the necessary materials. She’s definitely gonna like this!

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If Bleach characters and their regai went on a wilderness bonding trip...

As requested by alice-kurkland-uk. :)

Sometimes companies take their employees on wilderness weekend getaways to help them bond or whatever. Let’s say that Bleach characters tried that with their regai! How might that go over?

1. Kenpachi and ®Kenpachi

Spend the entire weekend fighting.

Kenpachi: So this weekend was a great success!

®Kenpachi: I feel super bonded.

2. Urahara and ®Urahara

Between the two of them, they brought so much stuff that they had to get a separate campsite, just for themselves.

Urahara: People act as though we don’t *need* five inflatable tents, a barbeque, a gumball machine, a homemade bear-proof food delivery apparatus OR a squirrel cannon!

®Urahara: Those people are nuts.

3. Yumichika and ®Yumichika

Can’t agree on anything.

Yumichika: The tent should face northeast. Obviously that is the most beautiful direction.

®Yumichika: Um, the most beautiful direction is southwest, you consummate savage.

4. Soi Fon and ®Soi Fon

They decide at the beginning of the weekend that two will go into the woods, but only one will come out.

Omaeda: Bonding trip, Captain! B-o-n-d-i-n-g!

Soi Fon: We can kill him as warmup.

®Soi Fon: This must be what bonding feels like.

5. Ikkaku and ®Ikkaku

They intended to battle. But they end up spending the entire weekend drinking sake and talking.

®Ikkaku: Wait…did we accidentally bond?

Ikkaku: Don’t tell my captain.

6. Omaeda and ®Omaeda

®Omaeda spends the entire weekend obnoxiously one-upping Omaeda.

Omaeda: Check out my cool tent! Cost 500 dollars! It has a bedroom and a living room!

®Omaeda: Huh.

®Omaeda: Mine has three rooms and a functioning kitchen.

®Omaeda: When did you buy that crappy thing? Last month?

7. Ukitake and ®Ukitake

They spend the weekend trying to stay away from each other, lest their combined adorableness kill anyone.

Ukitake: I mean, we are wearing camping hats.

Ukitake: Nobody can survive that.

8. Kyoraku and ®Kyoraku

They agree that bonding is hard, so they just nap in hammocks instead.

Nanao: …that’s bonding.

Kyoraku: Shhhh, Nanao-chan! We’re napping!

9. Unohana and ®Unohana

They act very friendly toward each other. While secretly trying to kill each other.

Unohana: You brought me some soup? How sweet of you.

Unohana: Unfortunately I do not like soup that is full of razor blades.

®Unohana: They add - flavor.

10. Byakuya and ®Byakuya

Have INTENSE marshmallow roasting competitions.

Byakuya: Look at how perfectly brown my marshmallow is. This is marshmallow perfection.

®Byakuya: Look at how perfect mine is. It is also marshmallow perfection.



Byakuya: Best of 35?

®Byakuya: Sure why not.

dadxhat  asked:

I'll pay you 47 dollars to post a video of you hardcore dancing to Hatebreed

Make it 100 dollars and then donate it a food bank with proof of its delivery and you’ve got yourself a deal.