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  • My Jewish friends: Trump is a Nazi
  • Especially my disabled Jewish friends: We are afraid for our lives.
  • Me, a disabled cishet white-passing guy and veteran who has studied Holocaust Literature: Trump's doctrine matches up with Hitler's point for point.
  • Muslims across America: We are afraid for our lives.
  • All of my non-white, non-straight, disabled, and non-cis friends: Trump's a Nazi, and his policies are terrifying.
  • ACTUAL HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS: Trump is another Hitler.
  • Trump: Announces the appointment of the author of the "papers please" law (which allowed AZ cops to stop anyone who wasn't white and demand to see proof of citizenship and jail them if they weren't carrying it) to his transition team, will get to appoint 3 or 4 SCOTUS Justices (with a rubber stamp Congress), who will determine for the next 30 to 50 years what is considered constitutional, has publicly stated women should be punished for having abortions, throws non-white people out of his speaking engagements, has stated that he wants to force Muslims to wear badges and carry special IDs, plans to round up millions of brown people "humanely" to "relocate" them (which is what the Nazis claimed they were doing with the Jews they rounded up), and on and on and on...
  • cishet white males: "Oh, that's just fear-mongering. You're just upset that your candidate didn't win. This isn't 1930s Germany, ha ha, grow up and stop with the name-calling."
Fuck Ann-Jo's (except i'll still probably shop there because its close and I like yarn)

I was excited to work at AnnJo’s because I love crafts, specifically yarn ones. But idk if this is a problem with all stores or just mine, but they raised so many orange flags that it turned into a big red one that said “leave here asap” and so I did and am now very much hoping to get a pet store or veterinary receptionist job.


- The entire fiasco I had with my proof of citizenship stuff. They first claimed I’d be fine with my birth certificate and state ID, y'know, like every other job I have ever worked, but when I came in suddenly they’d only accept a social security card I didn’t have. I’m halfway home, my dad promising to drive my ass downtown and get one when they call and say a receipt would work. I get the receipt. No, that won’t work. I point out as gently as possible that the federal government made a list of acceptable documents and the birth certificate is one of them and (this is the part i said less gently) that it’s illegal for an employer to pick and choose among those documents. Next day they suddenly accept my birth certificate. This entire thing took a month from the time they said they’d hire me.

-Their break room was a table in the corner of the stock room with all the stock workers just sort of moving around the people on break

-I was the only new hire in the training class, and there were maybe four other non-manager staff working there total.

-They searched everyone’s bags at the end of their shift. You know, in case your loyal employees stole from the stock room they ate their lunch in.

-Only a manager can check employees out. You know, because your brilliant and friendly cashiers are idiots who will let their co workers scam them.

-Couldn’t take our aprons home and had to hang them upside down on a rack. You know, in case someone tried to smuggle something through the door/forgot something in their pocket and somehow didn’t set off the door alarms.

-I quit on the day of my third shift upon being informed I was to operate the cutting counter by myself despite my only prior training being an hour on my first day watching a girl cut fabric and then having a manager stand over me and tell me how wrong I was measuring it. I also could and would get written up for measuring and cutting wrong despite having no idea how to do so. Brought this to supervisor’s attention and asked for perhaps a little more training. She practically glared down at me and only said “You’ll learn.”

-tomorrow I have to argue with them for my two shifts worth of paycheck because I earned that $40 by being semi-trained and also its the law they have to pay me.

tl;dr my local annjo’s was somehow a worse place to work then hellmart and so i quit and now i presumably have to argue with them for $40 of their important money that goes to not training people and making sure employees dont steal by being cuba.
Kobach Email Confirms Trump Administration’s Goal to Gut Vital Voting Rights Law
The Trump administration’s voter fraud commission is poised to attack a federal voting rights law that prevents states from capriciously disenfranchising citizens.

That law, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993, also known as “motor voter,” has long been a bête noire of conservatives. The NVRA creates national voter registration requirements and procedures that states may not abrogate or abridge, barring them from arbitrarily purging voters from the rolls. Federal courts have also interpreted the statute to prevent states from imposing a proof of citizenship on new voters. When Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach attempted to implement such a requirement in 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued to block him, citing the NVRA. At Kobach’s meeting with Donald Trump in November, he was photographed holding a memo indicating his desire to amend the law.

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what does it take to get your gender marker changed??

get your passport taken care of first. a passport is a federal ID that can be used as identification in any state (and other countries), as well as serve as proof of citizenship in place of a birth certificate. you can also get a passport card, which is wallet sized and can serve as ID anywhere.

this could change under new administration, but obama made it easy to get your gender marker changed on a passport, and as of right now, there is no surgery requirement to change your gender marker. you don’t even have to have your name changed yet in order to change your gender marker on your passport. you can change the name later (and if it’s within a year of getting your passport updating your name is FREE). 

all you need to change the gender marker on your passport is this:

  • DS-11 passport application form
  • a letter from a doctor confirming that you have had, or are in process of having, appropriate clinical treatment for transition to the updated gender. and LISTEN - there are no set regulations for what defines “appropriate clinical treatment”, that means no proof of surgery or hormone therapy, nothing needed and no questions asked, all you have to do is have your doctor write a letter. i have a template for that letter that your doc can use verbatim, message me & i’ll send it to you. 
  • your original birth certificate (if you already have a current passport you don’t need your birth certificate, your current passport will work as proof of citizenship)
  • a photo ID (i.e. driver’s license), AND a photocopy of that ID, 1 page front, 1 page back
  • $135 application fee plus $15 for passport photos. if you don’t have that money i can give it to you. @charl_carles and @KendraSerra on twitter are matching trans people with donors to cover the cost of these passport fees. @transrelief is doing the same. this is how i was able to afford paying for my passport. 

that’s ALL YOU NEED. don’t be intimidated. it can be stressful getting all those documents together, but once you have them all you need to do is go to a passport acceptance facility (usually a post office) near you and have your application and documents mailed in. whoever is working there will validate the application for you. call ahead, most places require an appointment but many accept walk-ins. some places accept debit and credit cards but many only accept money orders and checks. call to make sure, and know that when you go in, the law is on your side and employees are not allowed to harass anyone or ask questions about your medical history. if you feel uncomfortable or the staff is less than professional towards you, you can call the National Passport Information Center at 1-855-865-7755 or submit a complaint online through their Customer Survey

i hope that helps, i know it can seem stressful or overwhelming but it’s so important to have at least one form of identification that reflects your accurate gender. please don’t hesitate to message me again if you have any more questions or want to double check you have everything you need!

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Is it legal for an employer to refuse to accept anything but a photo id and a social security card as proof of citizenship/eligibility to work in the us? I've always just used my birth certificate and state card, but the lady told me she wouldn't even be able to accept a passport card (The ID to end IDs) unless I had my ss card as well. I haven't been able to work for almost a month from the time I was actually hired due to this.

There is a list of allowed forms of I.D. I usually use my SS card so I honestly do not know. I know at my current job I had to have Birth certificate, SS card and my state issues I.D. -Mandie

To Vote in Kansas

In-person voter ID requirements

You must provide the following forms of unexpired photo ID (unless you are 65 or older, in which case the ID can be expired) when you vote:

  • Drivers license or non-drivers ID card issued by Kansas or another state
  • U.S. passport
  • Concealed carry of handgun license issued by Kansas or another state
  • Employee badge or ID document issued by a government office
  • U.S. military ID
  • Student ID card issued by an accredited Kansas postsecondary educational institution
  • Public assistance ID card issued by a government office
  • An ID card issued by an Indian tribe
  • State Voter ID
  • NOTE: Kansas cannot require you to provide proof of US citizenship to register to vote for federal elections
Japanese/ Indian

In a word, the experience is “lonely.“  The perceived spectrum for my appearance runs from “Mexican” (???when was this a race/ ethnicity?) to Filipino to “some kind of Middle Eastern”.  I’ve been called a terrorist and had rocks thrown at me after 9/11, pulled over by cops in San Diego to show proof of citizenship and asked to show my ID to plain clothes officers in NYC.  I have a sibling who is Japanese-passing and our experiences are dramatically different as the way we look is often perceived (esp. by East Asians) as different, particularly as we went to predominantly E. Asian schools.   

I’m first generation immigrant, so our family works very hard to maintain ties with both sides.  Thus, as a child I enthusiastically absorbed as much of my parents’ respective cultures as I could.  I changed my cultural identity as easily as I changed my clothes, and sometimes, that was literally all it took.  Over time, it’s become more difficult because the world is more forgiving to a child whose behavior may fall outside of a culture’s norm than it is to an adult. 

My Indian side is wonderful.  I often think I take them for granted.  For them, the fact that I take pride in India’s diversity and rich history is enough to call me Indian.  What matters to them is that I enjoy making and eating the food they serve, that my feet unconsciously move in response to the sound of a particular thaalam and that their folktales are deeply engrained in my memory.  The problem is that I don’t think I can be the person they seem to think I am.  I eat beef, I don’t want to marry a Brahmin (though I doubt there are many Brahmins who want a spouse who eats beef), I vehemently argue against Hindu nationalism and anti-Muslim sentiment and I call out a lot of traditions that I perceive as chauvinistic in a particularly obnoxious Western fashion.

My relationship with my Japanese side is much more complex.  I have undoubtedly worked much, much harder at being Japanese than I have at being Indian.  My Indian relatives all speak English, so I never bothered to learn their mother tongue.  My Japanese relatives all speak English to a degree but I explicitly go out of my way to perfect my Japanese to make them feel comfortable.  Though I value and perform aspects of my Japanese heritage to the best of my ability even to the extent of forcing myself to adhere to cultural norms that go against who I am, I always feel as though I’m being slammed into a wall.  

I am convinced that for many Japanese people, including members of my family, “Japanese-ness” in its very nature entails focusing on the exclusion of anyone who, however slightly, shows any sign of being “non-Japanese”.  As a half-Japanese person brought up in the US, getting Japanese people to accept me as one of their own is a stretch, at best.  That said, I feel the most comfortable in my skin when I am in Japan.  People over there don’t know what to make of me.  I don’t look Japanese to them (interestingly, non-East Asians always say my sibling and I are obviously related, East Asians always exclaim  how different we look), but the mannerisms and the language are there, so I don’t stick out the way I do in the US.  I’m Buddhist, so being in a majority-Buddhist country, as opposed to a majority-Christian country, is a huge relief.  I can get lost in a sea of people in Japan and feel completely at ease, but the second I have to interact with someone, I can feel myself slamming into the wall again.

There is no community that I fit into. I think of my cultural identity is a tiny island with a population of 2, occupied by me and my sibling and the cultural traditions we share.  However, even then, my sibling’s Japanese-passing appearance has spared them a large portion of the great deal of intra-Asian discrimination directed towards me.  I have had many non-Japanese East Asian Americans bluntly tell me that I am the “wrong kind of Asian”, that my “good” Japanese blood is “tainted” by my inferior Indian heritage.  These same people are more than happy to pin the responsibility of every single Japanese war crime on me.  While I consider it my duty as a Japanese person to promote awareness of Japanese war time atrocities and own to them, I’d rather they picked which of the two reasons they want to hate me for: My “dirty” blood?  Or for being a part of a country with war criminals?  It’s most irritating to be told,”We hate you for the half that has “good” blood but is not evil, but we also hate you for the half that is not evil but still dirty.” 

The hardest part of being the mix that I am is the expectations I think I am expected to meet to prove my membership to the group; who to hate, who to love, what to wear, what to eat, and how to live.  It’s hard to bear 3 countries’ worth of animosity and it’s becoming harder to discern who really I am under these many masks I have unconsciously come to accept are expected of me.  In India, I play the apostate Brahmin Hindu.  In Japan, I am the earnest non-native Japanese half.  In America, I am the ambiguous potentially dangerous immigrant trying to keep my head down.  The question I now find myself struggling with is:

Who do I play when I’m alone?

ok so like, I know this is not the real canon but it’s headcanon stuff I can’t help but suspect for Raf from TF:P

Raf is an actual genius. This is not in dispute. He intuitively understands computer programs and can hack government computers with his shitty laptop. He’s a film-calibre genius. He’s twelve.years old. He’s also a latino kid who lives in Nevada, which means he has to carry his ID around as proof of citizenship with him because if he gets arrested even by accident (wrong place, wrong time, racist cops) there are laws that say even legal aliens can get deported.

We also have never seen his parents. He is the youngest oft-overlooked child of several in a large family. But even then, you’d think someone would notice that he’s not there a lot. There’s a kind of word of mouth, a presence, a network in a lot of big households. Everyone knows something about what someone else is doing. To leave a message, find their sister or their brother. Text one, get all of them.

Raf’s family isn’t like that.

He’s a superstar, a genius, with amazing grades and achievements in academics. He already has a college or three picked out and a scholarship- he needs one, else he’s not going at all, he knows- to get there that he’s shooting for. You would think he would stand out; he’s done all he could to stand out. He’s literally amazing.

But Ratchet knows better than to ask why the kid stays so late, sometimes rummages around in the old barracks (the base, of course, used to be a US Army base, the only rooms the Autobots use are the hangars, the underground lots, and the storage because of their large size) and pulls out a sleeping bag and spends the night. The kid does his homework there. He posts his good grades on the off wall of the console with little pieces of sticky tape. Miko also put one of her rare As and a myriad B+ there once- Bulkhead was proud of her for a week afterward.

If Bumblebee knows what Raf’s parents fight about, or why they’re still together, he doesn’t tell, either. The kid knows what it’s like to not be able to talk, one of the least fun but most meaningful things Bumblebee shared with him.

And he does kid stuff, too. Normal kid stuff. Plays with remote cars and video games. Buys an ice cream on hot days, that kind of thing.

But there are just some things that for a twelve year old boy you can’t fix.

You can’t fix them by being a genius.

You can’t fix them with giant robots.

They just are, and you just have to live to see the end. 

So Raf understands the autobots in that way, because he wishes sometimes he could go home, too.

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Hey hey do you know any websites/scholarships/aid for undocumented students? Thank you!

so i asked one of my friends about scholarships and this is what she responded, i hope it helps :

“E4FC: MALDEF: UCLA DREAM RESOURCE CENTER: ACT ON A DREAM: CHIRLA: MERIT AID: FASTWEB: QUICK NOTE: For undocumented students applying, make sure to inform them to double check (call/email/go in person to the org) the requirements. Sometimes, Requirements will state that they need to be a U.S. Citizen or Resident in order for the org to get their Tax Break. If this is the case, tell students/applicants to ask the org if they can use their/or parent’s ITIN number (used for filing taxes) instead (of a social security number/proof of residence/citizenship.)” and if you google “nafa selected funding opportunities for non us citizens” the first link is a PDF for another list of scholarships. good luck :) if other folks know of more please share 

You have no idea how angry it makes me to see people say “they should just apply for citizenship” first of all if it was that easy everyone would do it. Second of all if you have the time to be ignorant why don’t you pick up the Immigration and Nationality Act book and read it so you can see for yourself why they can’t just apply for citizenship. Third get this dumb ass idea that “illegals” don’t pay taxes because they fucking do! And NO they don’t get welfare because you have to show proof of citizenship to qualify maybe their children do but guess what? THEY ARE UNITED STATES CITIZENS who are entitle to it just as much as you are. And if you deport their parents they’ll end up in the damn system still collecting that welfare you so much hate them for.

Read and educate yourself instead of speaking out of unfounded fear and hatred.

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Person with the ID troubles (work only accepts ss card) they ended up accepting the birth certificate after all. Because (as i found after reading up on it) companies aren't legally allowed to pick and choose what thy view as valid proof of citizenship. The government already did that. That's why there's a list. Anyway AnnJo's is stupid the end.


Rose the Spicey Bird
He’s the ambassador in Mew York for Citrico Capital

Poison affinity

If the sign on the door hadn’t read “Mr. Rose, Actual Ambassador, Citrico Capital, Office of”, you’d be sure you just walked into a supply closet. A supply closet covered with sand.

The office barely has enough room to take a few steps in either direction, and the desk that sits before you allows no room for anyone to walk around it. You wonder if the ambassador has to climb over it whenever he desires to leave. Or maybe he jumps out the only window, also located right behind his desk. The only available chair is for guests like you to sit in. Odd.

Aside from the lack of space and the thin layer of sand covering the floor, the room is fairly normal. Posters are lined up on the walls, all of them depicting a famous moment in many of Citrico Capital’s famous sports.

A small bird rests atop a perch in the middle of the desk, paying you no attention. There is no one here.

You proceed to walk out of the room in order to inform the receptionist that there must have been some mistake, that the ambassador is, in fact, not there, or ready for you, when you hear it.

“Hey, buddy. Where are you going? Come on, we gotta get this ball rolling! Lots of people like you need some help, and there’s not enough time in the day for all of them!

"Close the door and take a seat! Take any seat you’d like!”

Turning around reveals no ambassador, just the same bird you saw moments ago. It performs a few hops on its perch and flaps its wings towards you.

“Come on, come on! The clock’s ticking! Only ten more seconds in the round!”

Although unsure of yourself, you comply with the bird’s orders. As you take a seat, you notice the nameplate underneath its perch reads “Mr. Rose”.

“Oh, man. Shut the dang door, buddy! People will start to think it’s their turn. Last time someone came in here and left the door open, I didn’t notice. I was sorting through some papers, and I looked up to see like, four or five guys in here. Big guys, way bigger than me, and pretty annoyed that they weren’t the only one in this room. Couldn’t tell them to get out, either. They didn’t speak a lick of Common! I know you do, thank god for that. You wouldn’t have closed the door otherwise.

"Wish I didn’t have to be here, no offense to you, buddy. I’m all for helping you and yours get your lives back in order, that’s why I took this position in the first place. It’s just I had a couple games I was supposed to be at back in Citrico right now. They were gonna let me either throw or kick the first ball, I think. Kind of a special event to honor their ambassador, and I went and stood them up. Your plight comes first, though. I’ll be able to go down to Citrico later. They’ll always be more games, but you only have one life. Usually.

"Say, if I can’t actually see or be in a game right now, how about you tell me about one? Doesn’t have to be one of those exotic Glissod snowsports or Jewell olympics, anything will do. I’ve just been doing paperwork for people in your shoes for so long I just want to… I just want to crumple all these papers up and slam them into my trash can. Bet I could turn that into a sport, somehow. Anyway, I’d have to start all the paperwork over from scratch if I did that. And then I’d want to slam it all over again. I don’t want that, and you don’t want that.

"I can see it in your eyes. You want to get out there on the court of life and give it your best swing. So show me your best, buddy. Swing away. Give me some sports related story. Could even be as simple as a really good round of tag. I’m desperate. Anything will do.

"All done! Right on the buzzer, too. You think I’d keep you waiting? Not on my stopwatch, buddy! You can come pick up your proof of citizenship in a couple of weeks, but I’d personally wait until this whole wave of refugees thing dies down. I’d probably fly down to Citrico and check out the sports down there for a while, get my hint? Nah. Do whatever you like. Welcome to Mew York. Tell the next in line I’m ready for them, will you?”

Recently, I had white person genuinely ask me if I think America is still a racist country.

When I said, “of course”, she said “but we have a black President. That doesn’t mean anything you all?”

This is obviously a testament to her white privilege, but I still need to get this off my chest.

America is absolutely still a racist country. Electing a black president didn’t end racism, just like ending slavery didn’t end racism. I don’t know why white people always bring that up. Yea, we have a black president – who’s citizenship was and still is constantly questioned and who was asked to produce his birth certificate, all while constantly being accused of being a terrorist. Why didn’t they ask for John McCain’s birth certificate? He’s the one who wasn’t born in the United States. No one gave a second thought to his citizenship – or any of the other white presidents America has had.

I think it’s a combination of ignorance, stupidity and systemic racism and discrimination – and blacks aren’t the only ones who have had to endure it (in America, anyway). I don’t know if you need to be black to know what racism is, but I think there’s only so much Whites can understand about racism on the surface, as they have never experienced racist and systemic discrimination in this country. Unless someone can give me an example of when a white person was denied entrance into a building because of their skin color, told to go in through the back because of their skin color, not allowed in certain schools because of their skin color, not allowed to sit at the bar because of their skin color, churches blown up because of their skin color, and told they couldn’t sit in front of the bus because of their skin color. Being called a “Cracker” that one time doesn’t count.

Whites haven’t even been systematically stopped and asked to produce proof of their citizenship like Hispanics are (as they are constantly assumed to be illegals – especially in Texas, Arizona and some parts of Nevada. It’s really sad). One look at a white person, and it’s just generally assumed that they’re an “American”. This isn’t an accusation or assignment of blame to white people in general. This is simple a statement of facts.

So in short, yea it means something to have a black president but it’s like, having women in congress doesn’t mean that we don’t still have people who feel justified about bombing abortion clinics or who think that the wage gap is still a myth. We are barely past segregation. Fifty-odd years of “equality” cannot compensate for hundreds of years of injustice. The system is not good enough to claim to be equitable yet.

!! ! humanstuck

(mentions for #racism #police brutality #death #murder and #sexual assault - nothing descriptive)

undocumented mexican immigrant signless brought across the border when he was just a baby by a mom who just wanted a better life for the two of them. living in arizona in one of the wildest anti-immigrant cities, trying to keep their heads down (well, dolores trying. santos constantly protesting and pushing and fighting for better treatment, supporting the legislative acts geared towards helping them and up in arms when arizona passes laws requiring ‘his kind’ to carry papers like proof of citizenship)

its not that dolores doesnt CARE because she does and she cares a lot too but she needs to put her son’s wellbeing first and shes afraid for his safety. no matter what he wants to do though she stands beside him because even if shes worried, shes going to look out for him til her last breath

santos meeting a girl named diana from the dominican republic who, sure, came to america legally, but it didnt do a damn thing to ease the prejudice of racist white americans so she stands alongside santos - his equal, not his disciple - to fight for better treatment.

them accompanied by simón, an undocumented immigrant who hopped the fence alone at 23 and wound up stuck in the same city as the others. he says every day hed rather go back to mexico but is always right there when the others need him

at a protest - a peaceful one, no matter what police and the media say - santos is shot by a cop. he dies instantly and there is chaos

simón kills a cop, and it was an accident and self defense but hes deported and jailed for life. he remains in jail until he dies, and he never sees any of his friends again

dolores and diana get away but theyre the only ones.

dolores loses everything. she ends up an in-home maid for a wealthy family and has nowhere else to go when the head of house sexually abuses her. when her abuser’s husband finds out, she’s shot in the chest and left to bleed out.

diana writes article after article, books and journal entries, blog posts about what happened, about immigration laws and police brutality and forced labor even when sometimes she feels they fall on deaf ears. she was slow to learning english but she masters it now as much as shes ever going to be able to, and she continues writing until her eventual death, as alone as the others.

and theres the truest humanstuck arc for these ancestors i will ever come up with

I’m Home!

And my visa was approved! I left my passport behind at the embassy in [Visa Country], and it should be sent back with a US visa inside my the end of the week.

Then I was stuck in [Visa Country] for eleven hours before flying back home on my expired passport just now. (Like all English-speaking Caribbean countries, [Visa Country] and [Redacted] have open borders with each other and only require that you show some proof of identity and Caribbean citizenship.)

The major hurdle has been cleared, so I’ll be free and safe in no time! Just you wait.