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So I couldn’t decide if I wanted to post this… cause on one hand it’s been ages since I’ve posted a picture so here’s proof I’m alive lmao, but on the other hand no one’s gonna even look at this so…. but eh… for the two or three of you who actually look at my stuff here ya go a rare, decent picture of me

Why do ES have to continue to circulate faux pictures to keep their ship afloat?

I saw this on a major ES blog:

Yeah, the ES is referring to the picture on the right above as being proof that Sam was in Paris with Cait. Well, when you see the FULL picture (shown below, without a lot of the photoshop doctoring) you know it isn’t Sam.

When you manipulate photos to make them appear to be something they aren’t–you know you are on a false ship.


bruce wayne maintains a presence on all conspiracy theory boards with the screen name BruceWayneIsTheBatman and all his posts have titles like “BRUCE WAINE IS BAT-MAN INDISPUTABLE PROOF” and it’s just a picture of Bruce Wayne from the back next to a picture of Batman from behind and they both have the contours of their butt drawn on in a shitty MSPaint red line (note: Bruce is in a suit and Batman has a cape, neither of their butts are clearly discernible) and the quote “THE BUTTS MATCH!!! THE FACTS DON’T LIE!!!!!” and he makes at least three of these posts a day, and “Bruce Wayne is the Batman” becomes a meme a la “Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer” and he gets asked about it on a talk show and he laughs uproariously at the idea and Stephen Colbert just HAPPENS to have a batman mask under the desk and they do a bit together where Bruce Wayne puts on the mask and walks around saying things like “excuse me, bank robbers, can I perhaps offer you some money to stop you robbing this bank?” and “I say, cease and desist your criminal behavior or I’ll have my butler ask you to leave” and the audience is LOSING THEIR MINDS laughing at the idea of this pampered rich guy taking on the Joker on a bi-weekly basis and then anyone who suggests “Bruce Wayne is Batman” in earnest gets met with mocking “oh man do the butts match” comments

NCT 127 Songs and their Original Titles

Once Again | Again & Again
Wake Up | Wake Up This Love
Another World | Another Round
Paradise | Where She Go
Mad City | Get Some Love
Switch | Obstacles
Limitless | Thirsty/Mercy
Good Thing | Good Shit

Source: Official Lyric and Albumn Photobooks

my tablet was broken for like a week but! im back! and i drew nina as a princess because thats basically what she is already

also! i tried to record this as a speedpaint and i kinda messed up but you can watch it here if you’d like !

anonymous asked:

Among all Camren moments, can you list your Top 10 moment that's in your opinion confirmed they were real? My fav is their iconic Ustream moment, but to me it was more like a crush than love.

It was fucking love sweets.

n°1 - This pure look of love moment

n°2 - This pure look of lust moment

n°3 - That fucking hand touch moment

n°4 - This “I’m gonna get laid tonight” look

n°5 - This “fuck I’m already so in love with you” look

n°6 - Possessive Lern

n°7 - Jelly Lern

n°8 - This “we look totally married” convo

n°9 - The “you’re so dope, I’m so in love with you that I’m gonna pretend it’s wednesday and have the balls to sing to you and try to hold your hand in public” moment

n°10 - The butt pinch

There’s so many more moments…

The biggest proof for me isn’t a moment though, it’s a picture :

I salute your integrity and patience; your sense of commitment on making sure that your significant other feels secure and will stay significant in your life and relationship as long as it lasts. How you’re adjusting (if you’re in a new relationship) and how well you’ve adjusted (if you’re in a long term one) your daily schedules just to communicate with them. And how you’re incorporating them in everything you do—whether you send them a selfie of you doing your job or drinking coffee—just to make them feel that they are a part of your everyday routine even if they’re miles and miles away.

Being in a relationship is never easy, but when there’s physical distance in between, maintaining one is an altogether different experience. You feel like the world is against you. You have to constantly hear and battle criticisms because long distance relationship is not a real relationship is what they say. So sometimes you’re urged to prove that yes, it is! Because what else could you call yours? You go to your Facebook profile and post screenshots of your Skype dates and tagging your significant other just so you could get people’s whispers of negativity off your back, because your relationship will last and you’re working on it.

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re-translation and he tian's real feeling

the five panels below aren’t translated correctly.

p/t:previous translation

he tian literally wants to kiss mo for the second time and says it’s not going to kill him. apparently once is not enough for him. thus, he’s hoping for another kiss from him. mo had his face covered, giving false sign to he tian, thinking that he was embarassed. that’s why he’s smiling when he sees momo covering his face. he even wants to touch him right after that but his hand was slapped away by guanshan.
一下- once
又- again
p/t:you can’t actually be mad. don’t be so serious~ a kiss won’t kill you~

if you dont belive me, here’s proof (if you can’t see the pictures read the meanings instead)

又 (you)
○both.. and
○and.. yet..
○ (emphasis) anyway

“I’ll think it ‘real good’ before telling you” having the word ‘good’ and not putting it in is so different because this word shows how he really feels. that the kiss does concern him and maybe somewhere in the back of his mind, he could still give tian a chance and not just stop thinking about it because it was just some kind of joke from tian. that’s what 'thinking real good’ means. this is important because, it did mess up with his head.
p/t: I’ll tell you when I’ve thought it through
friendly reminder that momo isn’t the type to think about something too much.

he tian said the space that exist between people and then he said this 有时候控制不住想柆近距离 which literally means 'sometimes you can’t 'control’ yourself from getting too close/closing the distance.’ let me get more specific, tian can’t control himself from getting too close to mo guan shan, because momo’s level of attraction is that high.🙌
制不-can’t control/unable to control
p/t-sometimes you cant help but want to pull closer.

the kiss meant a lot to him more than you think. he straight up said that he was expecting too much. He expected momo would return his feelings but it ends up with nothing but false hope.
奢望 - extraordinary hopes/wild dreams/excessive expactations.
it’s all deep shit. it has to be taken seriously. not just cut it out of the translation.
p/t- inside your heart, you’re hoping for an answer from the other side.

and last but not least is how he tian describe the kiss they had 感受非常深刻 which translate right off the bait as 'the feeling is very deep’ it’s not just 'memorable’ tian describe the kiss that they had was very intimate and very deep. we don’t need no prove, it was obvious.