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Can we talk about the time Ladybug stole her moves from Luke Skywalker?  

Guitar Villain / Guitar Vilain


Then again…maybe she was paying attention to Chat’s flirts.  She was taking notes xD

The Mime / Le Mime

Edit:….guys….I just noticed that her yo-yo starts SWINGING BY ITSELF.  Anyone else see that?

Kent Parson: flower of the desert

A couple months ago I moved from the armpit of Michigan to the Arizona desert and lemme tell you, it has been a trip. So I would like to formally present to you, Kent Parson adapting to desert life.

  • Chapstick. Kent never gave a hot god damn about chapstick before moving to the desert. Now he has four different lip balms at any given time: one to keep in his pocket wherever he goes, one for his bedroom, one for his bathroom, one he leaves in his locker at the rink. His chapsticks are all different flavors and they’re all SPF 15 minimum.

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Just some CNY related leoji headcannons because it’s day one of Chinese New Year and I’m feeling festive:

-Leo has been receiving red packets from guang hong’s side of the family since he was like 15 and tbh Leo ends up using this money to buy gifts for guang hong anyway so really it’s just extra pocket money for GH

-Leo usually joins in on the family gatherings (and birthday parties and big holidays) via Skype and the whole family loves him, especially Great Granny Ji

-Every new year, Guang Hong sends Leo a new piece of traditional clothing and tbh Leo wears them out proudly because they’re soft and comfortable and pretty and GH loves getting the selfies

-After a while, guang hong’s family start sending red packets to all Leo’s siblings

-Leo’s baby siblings proudly scream New Years greetings in really off mandarin and guang hong thinks it’s the most endearing thing

-Guang Hong is surprisingly superstitious and makes sure Leo completely cleans his house before the New Years and constantly nags him through texts

-Leoji stream really old Chinese movies leading up to the New Year and Leo actually really enjoys them, regardless of the bad CG and the cheesy scenarios

-When the two get together, Guang Hong loves bringing Leo around the New Years market because the aunties love giving Leo discounts and GH loves a good discount

-Guang hong’s family always get peach blossoms and orchids to ensure a good year and they buy an additional plant in hopes the luck will pass onto Leo’s family in America

-Guang Hong always feeds Leo really weird things during the new year because it’s “tradition” and he always films Leo’s reactions and sends them to his relatives

-Guang Hong lights a firecracker in Leo’s name every year

-Leo loves getting the big family selfies after each family gathering

-Guang Hong photoshops Leo into the big family selfies and tbh each member of the family has a framed copy


you want proof for how this culture youve created harms children? alright ill give it to you. i remember bro having a tumblr. i think he also had something else that i dont remember back before tumblr existed. whatever it was (i was 8 i forgot) had a communty of so called nonoffending pedophiles. bro got patted on the back just like you fuckos are for his attraction to kids. but guess what. shortly after my 8th birthday he started sexually abusing me. i have no doubt he was being told it was “alright uwu youre not hurting anything”. yeah fucking right it continued until he died.

so tl;dr your little thing of “youre not actually hurting kids because you dont do anything” is fucking wrong. you cant tell me it doesnt happen. or its rare. its the “not all men” thing again. but this time its “not all pedophiles”. do you see how it hurts kids now? even if youre so called nonoffending or noncontact it leads into offending. so fuck you i hope all maps burn in hell with a rusty spike up their ass.

if you want to harass me youre not going to get very far. attack me all you want ive stopped giving a shit. if you want to call it fake because im a “fictional character” go ahead you can lie to yourself as much as you like. my past still exists even if im not living in that timeline or universe anymore. got it? alright.

Voltron- Atlantis the Lost Empire AU ~Part 1~

I know that there are a couple Voltron Atlantis Au, but I love the whole concept with a passion! As well as the movie. 

It began with the ground shaking. An unnatural shaking that demanded the attention of everyone, including the young prince and princess of Altea. Lance stood up from the spot he his sister sat. He watched as the sky above him turned dark and countless airships swarm over towards the palace. Almost like they were running from something.

“Everyone to the shelters! Everyone to the shelters!” A booming voice warned each word following the beats of the bell that echoed through the city. Lance trembled, holding tight to his stuffed lion as people began screaming, running in all directions.

The once clear sky turned dark, it looked like the night, the only light came from the blue orb above the city. Fear struck his core as the once blue orb above turned red, it turned slowly like blood tainting water. Something was terribly wrong. Beside him his sister gasped, “The Heart.” her tiny voice almost impossible to hear.

“Lance! Allura!”

The King and Queen were quickly at their children’s side, embracing them in a worried hug. The royal guards were not far behind, “Your Highness this way. Quickly”

King Alfor nodded and picked up his daughter, holding her at his waist. The Queen took ahold of Lance’s hand, his eyes still transfixed on red crystal above. With both of their children accounted for, the family followed the guards.

“Come Lance!” The queen said pulling at him to follow. The sudden jerk shook his stuffed lion out of his loose grasp and onto the ground, Lance reached for it pulling against his mother’s iron grip to reach it.

Lifting Lance off the ground the Queen swung him in front of her, “Lance! Leave it! There is no time!” She pleaded. The small prince stared, his heart torn between the lion and his mother, but she looked scared. Looking at the lion once more Lance nodded.

Before the Queen could stand up a red light shone on her, turning blue in her presence. Lance watched as her warm motherly face melted off. Her face became blank, any concern she held for her son was gone. The crystal around her neck floated upwards towards the Heart her entire body to follow her crystal’s pull towards the Heart as her eyes clouded over a similar shade of blue as the light around her.

Lance pulled closer to his mother as more blue lights swirled around them- around his mother. He pulled at her sleeve hoping that she would kneel down and wrap him in a hug telling him that everything is ok, he would curl up in her arms until he fell asleep then everything would be fine. But the Queen didn’t even acknowledge him. He tugged harder at the sleeve, “Mother?”

The lights began closing in.

King Alfor looked for the missing presence of his wife, he turned to see the lights come together on his wife’s crystal with a flash of light. She hung limp in the air, slowing being drawn up to the crystal. Her limp hand managed to keep a grip on Lance’s gold bracelet, decorated with beautiful blue Jasper beads. It was given to young Altean royalty, their first steps before they inherited the throne. The prized bracelet slipped off of Lance’s wrist and towards the crystal with his mother.

Lance looked to see his mother float further into the sky. “Mother!” he cried, reaching out for her even though she far beyond his reach. She seemed to be inches away from the Heart. “Mother!”

Holding Allura close Alfor ran to his son who was sitting on the ground where the Queen once was, tears spilling from his eyes. He knelt on the ground with his son pulling him into his arms.

The Heart released a flash, the Queen completely consumed by the orb, the stone carvings that protected the Heart began to spin faster and faster until they became a blur of light.

Alfor held Allura’s head down with one hand and Lance’s down with the other, pushing both of their faces into his chest. Shielding them from the blinding light coming from the Heart.  “Close your eyes Lance! Look away!”

Surrounding the central part of the city were the Protectors; giant stone statues that, as their name implies, stand watch and protect the royal family and a large portion of Alteans from destruction. Their arms opened up creating a barrier, they all began to converge at the Heart at the center of the city until the central city was protected. Outside the barrier water thundered through the outer city, destroying everything in it’s path, the Earth protected by the barrier began sinking as the mountain of water crashed upon the city.

As quickly as it came it was gone. Only a swirl in the water was any indication of the city existing, but that too disappeared.

Washington D.C 1914…

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No matter how fearsome a Dalek may seem…

they once confused a headless mannequin for a real person for a split second