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Marvel Adventures: Super heroes vol.2 #004

Everyone should take dating and living advise from Tony Stark!


MARKJAE (got7 otp challenge 2/21)–

‘take my hand and my heart and soul, i will only have these eyes for you…’cause you are the only one’– ed sheeran“ONE”

10 more Larry moments

#1 The buttplug interview. Even if it wasn’t a buttplug, there was something going on.

#2 Larry and their flower. I’m not even sure where this came from.

#3 The X-Factor Diaries. So. Much. Flirting. 

#4 The jump. Just minutes after getting put together. 

#5 Always in my heart. Only the best tweet that just passed 2 million retweets. And on Valentine’s day!

#6 Valentine. Harry and Louis being each other’s valentine.

#7 Dark Harry with Louis’ knee. Harry was very protective of Louis’ knee for some weird reason.

#8 Titanic. Why did they feel the need to recreate it? And put it in the tour opener?

#9 Nose licking. The time Louis randomly decided to lick Harry’s nose. Liam’s eating chips and Niall’s like cool.

#10 Harry at Louis’ football game. As supportive boyfriends are. :)

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..They gave up the world for each other.


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ase 49005: 10 p.m., June 15, 2013; Bellingham, Washington.

A 60-year-old postal worker and his wife, who served in the USAF in intelligence, witnessed a rectangular-shaped object maneuver through the sky and come within 100 feet of them. With extreme precision it maneuvered itself down and executed perfect turns avoiding electrical poles, wires and street lights. Both witnesses described the object’s color as changing from a glowing red to a dull gray as it performed a banking turn and came to a standstill. The color change was not uniform as the color change began at the top of the object and moved downwards to its base. The object was described as about the size of a large SUV and at its closest approach about palm-width in size at arm’s length. The wife described it as tumbling along its center axis.

the bag mystery

Did you notice that Danny never has a bag when he goes somewhere with Steve? @erienne1983 and I have a theory :P 

Proof n.1 (2.10) They went hiking in the middle of nowhere and Danny doesn’t even pack some water? weird. 

Proof n. 2 Notice: Kono has a bag, Chin has a backpack, Steve has a bag but Danny has nothing but the towel.. (6.13)

Why he doesn’t pack? Because his partner husband is a control freak and takes care of the packing for the both of them. And he is a gentleman so he carries the bag too. Lucky Danny is very lucky ;) 

Speaking about packing: bet Danny’s comb caused a 20 minutes argument cause Steve didn’t think it was necessary, so Danny tucked it into his shirt pocket and Steve couldn’t argue with that :P Or Steve just packed it cause he knows how Danny is about his hair  *.*