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Top 15 Sasunaru Moments

In no particular order

1. “Heaven is wherever you are, teme”

2. “Allow me to picture you naked and then blush really hard”

3. “I look like I am ready to destroy anyone who hurts you but I melt the second you look at me”

4. “I think I love you, idiot”

5. “I can’t kill you”

6. “Wait, I wanna die for you and then remember our kiss before I die”

7. “Imma feed you”

8. “You are in love with Naruto you idiot, accept it”

9. “Naruto for the love of God stop pretending we are just friends”

“Fine, I’ll confess”

10. “You better not be dead”

11. “Sasuke is hella hot”

12. “I can’t believe I let you leave again”

13. “I miss you”

14. “I will have a panic attack now that they want to kill you”

15. “We will die together and we’ll be finally happy”

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this was at Louis’ Doncaster Rovers game in April, we came to the conclusion that Harry wasn’t present for the game but you can literally hear him in the back?

Man: Hey Harry, how you doing?

Harry: Im brilliant, yeah I’m looking forward to it 

Uchiha Sasuke isn’t very chatty, isn’t good at expressing his emotions, doesn’t really know how to react to feelings or how to let others know how he feels (Unless those feelings are anger, disgust, annoyance).
Uchiha Sasuke needs someone who understands how he feels without him saying a word, someone who can read him well, someone who understands him, someone who makes an effort.

Uchiha Sasuke probably has really big abandonment issues.
Uchiha Sasuke needs someone who’s reassuring, someone who doesn’t ever pull back for him, even if he does out of fear of getting attached and losing a loved one (again). He needs someone who doesn’t give up.

Uchiha Sasuke isn’t a very cheerful person.
Uchiha Sasuke needs someone who can balance that out, someone who can remind him that smiling is good, that being loud is good, that enjoying life and being happy is good.

Uchiha Sasuke can be very dominant and sometimes acts without giving the situation proper thought and is very anger-ridden.
Uchiha Sasuke needs someone who doesn’t let him do whatever the fuck he wants, that stands up to him, that doesn’t care that he’s a “Hot, cool, mysterious, powerful, smart” Uchiha boy, someone that matches him, someone that challenges him. Someone doesn’t crumble infront of his glare.

Uchiha Sasuke has been admired for his looks and distant personality his whole life.
Uchiha Sasuke needs someone who can see the person he is behind his “attractiveness” and “coolness”, someone who can love him for who he is, not someone who loves the idea of him.

That person is Naruto Uzumaki.
Not Sakura Haruno.


A Larry shipper (on twitter: 1D_saved_me_exx ) called the bar/club 17 Black. And the stuff confirms that they are not allowed to speak about Louis & Harry because of management.