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Random fact: In Mexico, it’s a common belief that if you cuss out at a ghost, it’ll leave you alone.

OK, so this afternoon I was in voice lesson, just blasting ‘Sebben Crudele’ like a pro to revise italian pronunciation and overall style and all of a sudden the room got super chilly. I got a shiver down my back. My teacher’s cats just suddenly woke from their nap and looked up, ears perked, to somewhere behind my back. Mind you, there was a mirror in front of me and I couldn’t see anyone behind me, then I FELT A FREAKING FINGER RUN OVER MY BACK.

So I kind of panicked, messed up my singing, my teacher stopped me, began to correct me, and I heard something shuffling in the corner, so I turned around. Still nothing. Teacher saw me turning around to look at the corner so he went “What are you looking at?” and I just shook my head and looked ahead again. He then calmly looked at the corner and went “Sácate a la chingada, pinche cabrón!” (Losely translated= Go fuck yourself, son of a bitch)

I kid you not, the room got cozy again immediately after he did that and he continued the lesson like he hadn’t just cussed a ghost outta the room.

[ Jungkook bios]

⎯  #1 jungkook stan 

⎯ I will protect jeon jungkook at all costs

⎯  happiness = jeon jungkook

⎯   전정국; i live for you, i long for you.

⎯   ☁ jeon jungkook aka angel ☁

⎯   Destroying lives since 1997

⎯   The reason for my best smiles is first and last name, jeon jungkook

⎯  전정국; I love you. With all the letters, words, and pronunciations. In all languages ​​and accents. In every way and way

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ask open, request !

[ENG Translation] Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story
Bubbling of the Starry Sky (based on the Makoharu Mook Drama)

Audio link from Tsunamayo at soundcloud (thank you for sharing!!)

Makoto: I’m home~ Phew, we had so many emergency call outs today.. I’m so tired… there are so many fire accidents lately. Ooh! I’ve got black soot all over me! *strips* Well then, time for a bath…

Makoto: Phew…

Haruka: What’s up.

Makoto: HUUUUH!? Who are you!? Why are you using the bathtub in my house!? More importantly, how did you get in!?

Haruka: Shut up…

Makoto: EEEEH!! You have a tail! A mer… merman!?

Narration: Free! Eternal Summer - Another Story

Narration: Bubbling of the Starry Sky!

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Proverb : جِبْنا سِيرِة القُطّ إِجا ينُطّ (jibna seeret el qoutt ija ynott)

Dialect : This is Palestinian/Jordanian variation of the proverb, but it’s also said in other countries with small changes to the pronunciation or wording.

Literal translation : we spoke of the cat, and it came jumping.

Meaning : it’s said when you speak of someone and then they appear infront of you by coincidence. 

  • me: idols don't have to speak or learn english for international fans, we need to respect that!
  • also me: *searches for youtube compilations of biases saying something in english*
Hebrew Basics #1: All about the Hebrew Alphabet

In order to learn a language, the very first thing you need to know is reading it. This is a basic step in all language studies. Hopefully you’ll start conquering that by the end of this lesson :)

The Hebrew alphabet… isn’t an alphabet. Technically speaking, it’s an “‘abjad” (an acronym of the first four letters of the Arabic ‘abjad), although it is commonly called an alphabet (as I’ll continue calling it for simplicity’s sake). Characteristic of Semitic languages (to which Hebrew belongs, among Arabic and many others, extinct and alive), the ‘abjad’s main characteristic is (almost) complete lack of vowels. Every letter stands for a consonant, and vowels are simply omitted. It’s equivalent to writing English “lk ths.”

While using an ‘abjad-like system with English is quite hellish, the case for Hebrew is quite different. Due to its relatively simple vowel system and unique Semitic grammar and morphology (how words are formed and act in a sentence), using an ‘abjad is actually quite a reasonable choice for Hebrew. Oversimplifying, Hebrew words are comprised of a root and a template, each contribute meaning to the final word. The root is comprised of (usually three) consonants, and the template describes the vowels, prefixes and suffixes you insert between and around the consonants.

The Letters

The Hebrew alphabet, called הָאַלֶף־בֵּית/אָלֶפְבֵּית הָעִבְרִי ha’álef-bét ha’ivrí, is comprised of 22 letters.

The first, most important fact is that Hebrew is read from right to left.

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halfbloodprincess23  asked:

Drabble request/prompt: Harry gets contacts and Draco never knew until that moment how much he adored Harry's stupid glasses.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Draco had had it all planned out, you see. 

He would arrive at Harry Potter’s flat at 8:30pm sharp, and not a minute later. From there, they would take Potter’s floo to the restaurant, the most expensive, high-class wizarding restaurant Draco knew. They would sit at the table Draco had reserved, one in the back half hidden behind a rice paper room divider and right next to a huge window looking out over the streets of London. Draco’s would drink exactly two glasses of wine. He memorized his order, practiced saying it with perfect French pronunciation, and then practiced all of the possible things Harry could order, too - to correct him, of course. He’d pay when the meal was over, and assure Harry that it wasn’t because he thought Harry couldn’t afford it, but because Draco just wanted it to be his treat. He practiced his smirk in the mirror, practiced sitting up straight while still looking nonchalant. He’d had his outfit laid out for weeks. And then, when dinner was over, they would floo back to Harry’s flat and Harry would walk him out, and at the door, Draco would kiss him. It would be soft and hesitant and Draco nose would bump Harry’s glasses at first and Harry would sigh softly into Draco’s mouth, and then Draco would go. He would go home and touch his lips over and over and the next morning he would send Harry an owl, thank him for his time, and ask to see him again.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Firstly, Harry wasn’t supposed to own contacts. Harry was supposed to be messy in a sweet kind of way and Draco was supposed to love him for that. He wasn’t supposed to be well put together, messy hair somewhat tamed and a crisp button down, wasn’t supposed to be wearing these awful tight black jeans that Draco wasn’t supposed to like on him. Harry wasn’t supposed to lead him outside instead of into the floo, insisting he knew a place Draco would love. They weren’t supposed to go into the bar across the street and Draco certainly wasn’t supposed to be kind of enraptured by the stained glass windows and the calla lilies at every table. Draco did drink just two glasses of wine, though. He also drank three shots of fire whiskey and something green and fizzy that Harry insisted wasn’t alcoholic, but left him feeling light and left him laughing too hard and smiling too wide. He slouched and he leaned into Harry’s touch and looked at him, wide-eyed and open, as if he had nothing to hide.

Harry wasn’t supposed to kiss him right there at the bar in front of all of those people, and Draco definitely wasn’t supposed to like it. They weren’t supposed to run red-cheeked back across the cobblestones to Harry’s flat, and Draco wasn’t supposed to leave open-mouthed kisses on his neck as he fumbled with his key. They weren’t supposed to kiss up against Harry’s front door and Draco wasn’t supposed to suck him off right there, and Harry definitely wasn’t supposed to drag Draco up the stairs and return the favor.

He wasn’t supposed to wake up the next morning in Harry Potter’s bed to the smell of bacon, and he wasn’t supposed to enjoy the sight of Potter cooking it naked as much as he did. They weren’t supposed to have sex again over the dining room table, and Draco wasn’t supposed to come harder than he could ever remember having come in his life.

Most of all, Draco surely wasn’t supposed to fall in love with Harry right then and there over a plate of half burned eggs.

It just wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

But oh, Merlin, was he glad that it did.

lol, what is this “drabble” you speak of? i don’t know her.

sry i kno this wasn’t really the original prompt, i was thinking abt kissing with glasses and then Draco fantasizing abt kissing Harry with glasses and then this turned into Draco’s Dream Date and How Harry Fucking Ruins It.

i get carried away but i won’t apologize for art

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How do you headcanon kuro's voice? Would he sound just like shiro? Love ur blog btw ❤️❤️

I should do a headcanon post about Kuro and Ryou and all some day :D
Hmm… I hc their voices to sound pretty much the same, but it’s the pronunciation and intonation that make all the difference.
Kuro grew up on a Galra ship and had a lot of interaction with the guards there, so he picked up the rather guttural sound of the Galra language. But since he’s not fully Galra he’s got a pretty smooth sounding voice and tends to purr more often than not.
… Which makes his voice sound like honey (and he makes the people around him melt with it even if he doesn’t do this on purpose).
This comes in handy sometimes, because he can easily talk his way out of almost any bullshit situation he maneuvered himself into. XD

blackpink bios


리사; there are some good things in my life, but nothing compares to you

ลลิษา มโนบาล; i got everything if i got you


제니; i love you. with all letters, words and pronunciations. in all languages and accents. in every way and way

제니; my life is so much better with you


지수; when all the lights go out, your smile illuminates me

지수; i love you with all my heart


로제; even in a dark world, you’re my light

로제; roses are red, violets are blue, rosé it’s my pride

10 Things I Hate About You [b.b au] [2/10]

Master Post

Series Title: 10 Things I Hate About You (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Stratford!reader, Clint Barton x Stratford!Natasha, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, mentions of Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild swearing
Word Count: 1,637
Requested: Yes! By all of you guys xx 
Description: Y/N and Natasha Straford’s house rules say that Nat can’t date until Y/N has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Y/N crosses paths with handsome Bucky Barnes. Will Y/N let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Bucky?

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Natasha sat down during lunch the next day, ready to get her French study session over with. She was looking for a little additional help and Clint, the new kid had volunteered his time to help her out. She glanced around the library and quickly spotted his sandy blond hair. “Hi.” She greeted, putting her Prada backpack on the chair next to her as she took a seat opposite Clint. “Do you mind making this quick? Peter Quill and Gamora whats-her-name are having a very dramatic public break-up on the quad… again.” Nat gushed, grinning at the thought of it before taking in Clint’s appearance. She was surprised to see that Clint was actually attractive, unlike some of the tutors at Stark High School. 

Clint snapped out of his dreamy gaze on Nat and nodded. “Oh, yeah, um, okay.” He flipped through the French textbook he had gotten just to spend time with Natasha. “I thought that we’d, um, start with pronunciation, if that’s all right with you,” Clint suggested, looking up at Nat to see what she thought. 

Nat scrunched up her nose, smoothing her red hair behind her ears. “Not the hacking and gagging and spitting part, please.” She joked, giving Clint a smile that she didn’t realise had him stunned.

“Well, uh, there is an alternative,” Clint said, thinking quick on his feet

This caught Nat’s attention as she sat up straighter in her seat. “There is?”

“Yeah, French food.” Clint smiled. “We could eat some together, uh, Saturday night?” he suggested, and Natasha raised an eyebrow.

“Wait a minute,” Nat requested, letting out a light laugh. “Are you asking me out?” she asked rhetorically before cooing. “That’s adorable. What did you say your name again?” she asked and Clint’s smile fell. 

“Clint.” He told her. “Listen, I know that your dad doesn’t let you date, but I thought that if it was for French class-“

Natasha’s ears perked and she exclaimed. “Oh, wait a minute. Clive…” she began.

“Clint.” He corrected in a mumble.

Nat ignored it. “-My dad just invented a brand new rule. I can date, so long as my sister does, too.” She informed him, smiling at the clueless boy. “The problem is: my sister’s a particularly hideous breed of loser.” Nat spat out, rolling her eyes at the very thought of Y/N.

“I noticed she’s a little… antisocial sometimes,” Clint said, not wanting to agree with Nat, as he didn’t even know Y/N. “Any reason for that?”

Nat sighed, dropping her shoulders into a shrug. “Unsolved mystery.” She mused. “In fact, Y/N was way popular a while ago. Then, one day, out of nowhere, she got sick of it or something and totally changed.” Nat frowned.  “But I’m pretty sure she’s just unable to interact with other humans.” She poked fun at her older sister.

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Just Friends (part one) - Stiles Stilinski

Stiles walked in the hallways, alone, but not lonely.  He had earbuds in as he made is way to his locker before fourth period, which was lunch.  When he got to his destination, he easily spun in the combination, and put away his previous class books.  AP History and Advanced Algebra.  Then took off his backpack to put it in there as well.

“Bilinski!” He heard a familiar voice call, and closed his eyes with a sigh.  “Biles, I do believe I called your name!” Stiles shoved his backpack in the locker quickly, and shut it.  The turned around.  And there he was.

Jackson Whittemore.

“Stiles” The freckled boy said.  “It’s Stiles Stilinski, are you having pronunciation trouble? All that head bumping in lacrosse throwing the common sense out of you?” Jackson chuckled, ducking his head down for a moment.

“Look, Bilinski made a joke” He said.

And in seconds, Stiles was pinned up against the row of lockers by his collar.

“You think you’re hot shit Stilinski, especially saying things like that… seeing that all you do is warm up the bench every Friday night” Jackson said with fake pity in his voice.

“Yeah, and since Scott became captain, you haven’t done much for the team either, have you?” Jackson growled, and before Stiles could blink, he threw a punch against his jaw.  Stiles groaned in pain, buckling over, just as Jackson hit him again.

“You’re just a piece of shit Stiles” Jackson said, and dropped the boy to the ground.  “Face it, without Scott around, you’re a nobody.  You mean nothing”

Hey, Jackass” Jackson turned upon hearing the girls voice and a gentle tap on his shoulder.  He spun to see you there.

“Who the fuck are-” You punched him across the jaw, and when he bent over, you grabbed both shoulders, and kneed him in the crotch.

Stiles watched with wide eyes at the mystery girl who was beating up the most popular guy in school.

Jackson growled, swinging to hit you, but you grabbed his fist, and steered him around, ramming him face first into a row of lockers.  You stood behind him, holding his arm behind his back.

“I don’t like fighting” You sneered, and he nodded quickly.

“Okay okay okay okay just let go” You pinned him harder.

“If I ever see you fighting again, I’ll rip off your tiny testicles, and personally shove them up your ass, hopefully they fit seeing your head’s already there” 

“Fine fine” Jackson sputtered, and you released.  He quickly walked away, turning to look at you.  You smirked, and jumped forward to scare him.  It worked, seeing that he jumped and scampered away.  You chuckled, and turned to the boy he’d previously been picking on.

“Hey, sorry about that” You said, holding your hand out to help him up.

“Ye- wow- th-thank you” He sputtered out, and you chuckled while he stood.

“I don’t like fighting” You told him.

“Yeah yeah I heard that…” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.  “You’re a pretty good fighter for someone who hates fighting though” You just nodded slightly.

“Alright well I have to go eat lunch” You said, and walked off.

“Wait wait!” Stiles ran up next to you, walking with you.  “I don’t even know your name”

“I don’t know yours either” You shrugged, not really caring.

“Well I’m Stiles” He stopped in front of you, holding out his hand.  You looked confusedly between his hand and him.

“y/n” You replied, shaking his hand.  Stiles smiled at you.  “You’ve got quite the shiner” You said, gesturing to the growing bruise on his jaw.  “I have some makeup that could cover it up… if you want” You offered, and Stiles nodded.

“Yeah that’d be great actually” He said, and you both walked to a secluded hallway.  He sat up on the window sill, and you put your bag down by your feet.  You pulled out foundation, and tilted his head to the side with your fingers gently.  His eyes were on yours as you focused to apply the makeup to his skin.

“So when you take it off later at home, just wash your face with cold water it shouldn’t give you any trouble” You said with a few more brush strokes.

“Okay” Was all Stiles managed to say.  He was still staring at you intently.  How had he not seen you around before? Surely he would’ve remembered you, seeing how beautiful- and badass- you were.  “So uhm, what grade are you in?”

“I’m a senior”

“Me too!” Stiles blurted.  You looked at him funny with a slight chuckle.  “I mean.. well I don’t know how I don’t know you?” You shrugged a shoulder.

“I keep to myself” You responded, and packed up your things.  “I gotta go to lunch now-”

“Eat lunch with me” He said abruptly, and again, you looked confused.  “Why not?”

“I’ve seen your table… you’re friends with Lydia Martin… Scott McCall… Allison Argent… I just, that’s not my crowd” You shook your head and shrugged a shoulder.  “They’re popular and stuff and- probably don’t even know my name” You slung your bag over your shoulder.

“Well then we can eat somewhere else” Stiles offered.

“Stiles, you’re very kind but I don’t do the whole…” You trailed, gesturing between tou two.  He didn’t seem to understand.  “I don’t do the boyfriend thing” You told him.  “I’m sorry I just prefer to focus on academics-”

“No no no no” He said, waving his hands wildly.  “I don’t mean to sound like that, I just wanted to… I don’t know, get to know you? Is that okay?” You thought for a moment, and slowly smiled.

“Yeah… yeah okay” You nodded.


“Seriously? No, Leia’s my favorite, she slays” You argued.

“No! Han Solo! Come on, I really thought we could be friends, you totally ruined it” Stiles shook his head and you laughed.  You looked down to your salad, picking at it before eating another bite.  “Okay, so favorite movie franchise is going to be marked unknown for now, what else is important about you?” Stiles asked, and you shrugged.

“I don’t know… I read a lot?”

“Funny! Cause I don’t read at all” You giggled again at his enthusiastic tone.  “What else?”

“Um… I don’t know, really, there’s not a lot of interesting things about me I really keep to myself” You said, looking down.  Stiles frowned slightly.

“Well sure there is” He said.  “I find everything about you interesting” You blushed, and tried not to let him see.

“You’re sorta cheesy aren’t you?”

“I’ve heard charming” Stiles said, both of you laughing.

“Yeah, tell me that when you’re not wearing makeup and ranting about Star Wars” You said, and he looked at you sheepishly.

“Okay well, you’re pretty cool” Stiles told you.

“Stiles you met me half an hour ago, and I have no friends.  What could possibly make you think that I would be even remotely cool?”

“I’m your friend” He said.

“What?” Your voice failed you a little.

“You said you had no friends but… I’m your friend” Stiles repeated.  You stared at him with widened eyes and parted lips, unsure of what to say.  You’d never really had friends before… not real ones anyways.  As soon as things got bad with you, they’d seemed to migrate away.  “y/n?” Stiles asked, reaching a hand over the table, and placing it on yours.  “Do you want to be friends?” He asked.  You questioned yourself, did you? All that had ever come from having friends was pain.  Did you really want to put yourself through that all over again? You looked up at him, studying him, his features, his eyes, looking for an answer.  Then finally came your reply.

“Yeah, I’d love to”

wow i’m so excited to make this multi chapter story OML!! i hope that it’s good, it might start slow and idk how long it’s going to be but yea…. ok!
xoxo ~ jordie


#stiles texting scott about derek probably (tag via raisesomehale; original post)

I saw this and I couldn’t help myself. The pick up line Derek uses is from this installment of the Stiles Pick Up Lines series by teamsciles. Bc it’s been stuck in my head as a go-to bad pick up line for at least a month now lol. Don’t ask why I have a go-to bad pick up line.

(Read on AO3) 

“Dude, no.”

“You haven’t seen him Scott,” Stiles tells his friend over the phone. He’s attempting to use his menu as a partition and peering around the edges conspicuously to make sure Unfairly Attractive Waiter isn’t lurking nearby. He looks as though he could be a lurker. But like…in a good way.

“I don’t have to see him to know that you’re about to get overly attached, completely bomb, and spend the next week on my couch with one of those extra-large pizzas from Antonio’s.”

“That seems like a hasty assumption,” he mutters under his breath.

“Allison is coming home tomorrow, Stiles. I can’t babysit you.”

“You should probably tone on the judginess right now. Allison has literally only been gone for three days, and you’ve been talking like you’re in the Sahara and she’s the last glass of water on the planet.” Stiles pushes the menu down flat onto the table and splays his hand across the center fold. “Also. I resent the implication that I am in need of a nanny when in distress.”

“You’re in need of a nanny on a good day,” Scott tells him flatly. “In distress, you need an entire daycare center.”

“Shit!” Stiles whispers harshly. “He’s coming back, bro. I gotta jet.”

“Stiles! Make sure you don’t say ‘gotta jet’ at any point in the conversation! Stil—”

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They found her in the woods.

A Negan&daughter idea thats been brewing in my head for some time now. Let me know if you want more. Enjoy. @negans-network

 Travis was having a spectacularly shitty day. He and his boys had been providing slim pickings lately- through no fault of their own as far as he was concerned. Especially seeing as the areas they’d been given had already been turned over a few times.

But these things have consequences and just that morning Simon himself had warned him that if they didn’t find something worthwhile soon, they would find themselves working for points again and that would simply not do.

So they looked again. Through the desolate buildings, every drawer, under every bed, every glove compartment. They spread out covering a long line a few acres across and trudged through the forest for something. Anything.

Which was when they found her.

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graatrunk  asked:

are there any languages that don't have irregular verb forms, pronunciations, etc.? where all rules are followed always? or does the nature of language just exclude that rigidity


There are some languages that are unusually regular, but I don’t know if they’re completely regular. The usual example is Quechua.

anonymous asked:

Do you guys have any funny stories that happened during recording sessions?

This probably won’t be as funny to read as it was to read aloud.  The dialog read “Po-tay-to, po-tah-to” and the colloquialism didn’t register in my brain so it ended up coming out as a very slowly over-pronounced, “POTATO, POTATO”.  After a good laugh, Lauren explained the dialog to me and we re-recorded it. - Alex G.

One day I was recording an episode w/ Briggon (Caleb) and there was a line in which I had to say the word, “Similarly.” Well, apparently, I did several takes pronouncing it “Similar-i-ly” (adding an extra syllable) and I had never noticed that I was pronouncing that word incorrectly my whole life. So Lauren asked me to just pick-up that line so she could edit it in w/ the correct pronunciation. Well, first of all, I was super embarrassed, but also, the absurdity basically gave me a serious attack of the giggles. I could NOT stop laughing and I couldn’t get the line out. And then pretty soon Briggon and Lauren couldn’t stop laughing. I think there must have been 10-15 minutes of audio in which we’re just giggling and panting and not getting any work done. I was crying in the end. We did get one take of me saying the word correctly though. -Julia

Photography AU anon submission

I’m not the photography anon I just have ideas!
(Also I’m on mobile so, sorry).

Sidney stopped playing hockey at 11 years old. The boys hated him so much and the bullying increased day by day. Until one day, a boy got a little too violent on the ice and hit Sidney too hard. He had lost all of his hearing, and it threw off his balance. So he had to quit. He stared wearing hearing aids but had to communicate in mostly ASL, and writing. Of course he could talk but his voice was always distant and choppy.

Sidney found photography, he didn’t have to hear to take pictures and it seemed his other senses increased. He developed ‘the eyes of an eagle’ as his teacher had told him. He could see every shot and snap it in a second. His love for hockey and knack for getting great action shots got him a great summer job helping his local junior team.

Sidney fidgeted with the camera strap on his arm as he pulled open the door to the rink. The smell of fresh ice hit him and he relaxed almost immediately. The bright lights were on, for illuminating the white ice below giving a holy look to the open space. Sidney’s sneakers squeaked on the floor below him, unknowing to himself it echoed through the arena.

When he reached the back area he was able to find the coach, a middle aged man with a bald spot and a large mustache named Steven. He smiled and waved at Sidney, before starting to speak rapidly. Sidney’s eyes widened at the man suddenly overwhelmed. The man paused at the shocked expression on the sixteen year old in front of him. Suddenly he seemed to remember as he shook his head and mouthed very dramatically ‘I’m sorry.’

Sidney sighed and nodded his head smiling softly. He focused on his voice and said back softly, 'it’s okay, really.“

Even to himself he could tell his voice shook and his pronunciation was weird, emphasis on all the wrong letters. He could feel himself growing warm and he knew his checks were bright red.

The man Steven had found a pen and paper to write down what Sidney needed to know. He would introduce Sidney to the team and he would take pictures of the team for practice today and the games for the rest to the season.

When the door had opened to the locker room, Sidney couldn’t help but hold his breath. The boys were all taller than himself and attractive. His face was still red as Steven called attention to his team and gestured to Sidney, speaking animatedly. Presumably telling the team about what Sidney was here to do. Sidney felt small under the large group of eyes on him from all angles. Finally he locked eyes to a deep brown pair of eyes. The boy was huge, and he recognized the 71 immediately. That was Evgeni Malkin, 17 year old super star destined for the draft next year. His dark eyes roamed Sidney’s intensely and Sidney couldn’t breath for a moment.

All of the boys started moving at once and Sidney had realized that they had gone back to getting ready. Steven had must’ve finished talking. Steven walked Sidney back out to the ice and they waiting for the players as he fixed the settings on his camera.

When the players came out Sidney found his lens trained to number 71. His large body surprisingly graceful as he maneuvered the puck, weaving the puck with intense focus. He looked larger and much less skinny as he once had in the locker room. Every time Evgeni made eye contact with Sidney his entire face turned bright red and he ducked his head.

After practice was over Sidney was walking out of the arena cradling his camera in his hands looking over the pictures. He knew that this practice was a sort of warm up for the games later but Sidney couldn’t help but criticize everyone of his pictures. Just as he made it to the door he felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

Sidney turned quickly and was met with the dark eyes of one Evgeni Malkin. The larger boy was breathing heavily and talking quickly. His head was dipped in a way that the lights couldn’t reach his lips so Sidney had no chance of trying to understand what he was saying.

Sidney held up his hand to stop him and tapped his ear moving his head left and right. Genos eyes grew wide and said something fast once more. Sidney reached into his bag pulling and pen and paper out handing them to Evgeni, saying messily, 'write, please’

Evgeni’s eyes grew wide at Sidney’s voice, and he started to write. He wrote is messy English, 'you cannot hear? I am sorry ((((((’

Sid smiled and nodded, Geno wrote again. 'Coach did not tell us. My name is Evgeni call me geno’

Sidney smiled and nodded, writing, 'my name is Sidney’

Genos head cocked to the side and he wrote, 'you can speak?’

'Not well, I can’t hear my own voice’ Sidney wrote back suddenly very self conscience.

Geno nodded looked down suddenly before pulling his phone out of his pocket roughly and barking something into it for a couple of minutes. He finally flipped it shut and turned back to Sidney. He wrote sloppy on the paper one last note. 'Nice to meet you Sidney, here is my number text me. (Xxx) xxx-xxxx ))))))’

Sidney nodded and swallowed his self doubt before answering quietly in almost a whisper, 'goodbye Geno, text you later’

He knew he stumbled over Geno’s name but Geno looked super happy, his smile splitting his face in half as he walked away waving.

Sidney smiled all the way home.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Name Pronunciation Guide

Alright, so. I’ve been considering making this post for a while now, but having recently experienced a photoshoot where dedicated Jojo fans were shouting out “AbbaCHio” and “Cake-yoin”, I think the time has come. Especially with the part 5 hype going on right now, it’s as good a time as any.

Disclaimer: I’m an American of Scottish and Puerto Rican descent. I have been studying Japanese for about 5 or 6 years now. I do not speak Italian, however, I have some basic understanding of the phonetic system and I’m very picky about making sure I pronounce things right, so hopefully I can get this right. If I do make any mistakes, please let me know.

First of all, I’d like to point out: You can get a pretty good idea of how to pronounce things if you honestly just listen to the voices in the anime and games. They scream “Jotaro” about 20 times an episode, guys, come on. But in any case, let’s get to it. Also, I’ll make a list of names at the end, so feel free to skip to that.

To start with, let’s talk about Japanese phonetics. Honestly, it’s basically like Spanish. In general, vowels are more or less like this:

  • “A” as in “Kars”
  • “E” as in “dead”
  • “I” as in “machine”
  • “O” as in “Jojo”
  • “U” as in “flu”

As for consonants, in most cases they’re more or less the same. If you want to get specific, the J sound is somewhere between our J and a “sh” sound, and the R is somewhere between “r”, “l”, and “d”. But tbh, imo it’s more important that you get the vowels right than anything. You don’t have to have a perfect Japanese R as long as you don’t pronounce “Jotaro” to rhyme with “tarot”.

Now, the other problem I notice with Japanese is that English speakers tend to place the accent on the wrong syllable. Our first instinct, for reasons I’m not quite certain of, is usually to place the emphasis on the second syllable- “Jo-TA-ro”, “Yu-KA-ko”, etc. But that’s incorrect.

In Japanese, if it’s a three-consonant word, the emphasis is pretty much never on the second syllable. It’s usually on the first. So it’s not “Jo-TA-ro”, it’s “JO-taro”.

Now let’s talk about Italian. Vowels are pretty much the same in Italian as they are in Japanese and Spanish. Consonants and certain combinations, however, are different. I’ll try to list the specifics here, but bear with me since as I mentioned, I don’t speak Italian. Somehow I usually know how to pronounce Italian words anyway, but I can’t always articulate the specifics of the entire language… I’ll do my best, but if you want more info, go on YouTube and look for some Italian pronunciation videos.

I also apologize profusely if I did, in fact, mess up any of the names or anything.

  • “Ch” - hard K as in Kars. This is NOT “ch” as in “cheese”, it’s “ch” as in “orchestra”.
  • “Ce” or “ci” - This one is “ch” as in “cheese”. Confusing, I know, but just remember the word cello. (Unless you pronounce it “sello” in which case… I… I can’t help you there buddy.)
  • “I” between a consonant and a vowel - In this case, the “i” usually becomes silent, as in “Ciao”. This isn’t always the case- you do want to pronounce the I in “Abbacchio”- but I’m not sure exactly what the specifics of that are.
  • “G” - If it’s before an O, A, or U, it’s a hard G as in “great”. If it’s before an I or E, it’s soft G as in “genius”.
  • “Gn” - Silent G.
  • “Gli” - Also a silent G.
  • “Sci” - “She”. 

I feel like I’m probably forgetting something, but as I mentioned, you can always look up pronunciation videos online. So with all that said and done, I’m now going to provide a list of some Jojo character names and how to pronounce them.

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