how to use they/them pronouns!!

alot of people were confused on how to properly use they/them in a sentence. so heres some examples!

instead of “she has the cutest cat!” say “they have the cutest cat!”

instead of “i have to call him” say “i have to call them”

instead of “whats her birthday?” say “whats their birthday?”

instead of “shes picking me up” say “they’re picking me up”

instead of “hey thats his!” say “hey thats theirs!”

anonymous asked:

So I have a nb friend spending the night and I explained to my mother their preferred pronouns but she said that they/them/their are all plural pronouns so I'm confused now as to how I should address them.

Ren says:

With they/them/their pronouns. They aren’t just plural, and there are several articles supporting the use of singular they.

Besides that, a person is more important than grammar.

I’m gross rn. But today is Trans Day of Visibility. Being transgender is not easy, in fact it’s probably the biggest obstacle I have faced in my entire life. Talked down to , called names, self hatred. I refuse to let it get to me, because I know eventually I will be who I really am, I will look how I feel. I want to be around to see a change, I want to be apart of that change. Just cause you don’t understand it , does not make it wrong. Protect trans kids. Protect trans adults. Remember that suicide is not the answer. You want to see change? Well then you need to be around to see it. Stay safe and embrace who you are. 🙌


Happy TDoV!!! Hey I’m Astrid and nonbinary. Even though I sometimes struggle coming to terms with who I am, I strongly feel my gender identity is every bit visible. I feel that there are many gender identities that do jot get enough recognition and that what looses some of the precious souls on this planet. So I am grateful that we celebrate gender identities in memory for those who sadly left us and hopefully get more recognition for the vast genders that we individuals should be able express with freedom. (He/They)



Today is Trans Day of Visibility.

Just a reminder to respect others no matter what gender they are, and to call them by their preferred pronouns. If you can’t do such a simple thing, learn to, it’s not hard.

Shout out to all my friends and followers who are trans. I love you all dearly and you’ll always be amazing and beautiful no matter what gender you are, because in reality, it shouldn’t be frowned upon and other people need to realize that.

I love you all both inside and out, no matter what <3

TDOV Requests

Today (March 31st) is the International Trans Day of Visibility, so today I’m taking requests for pronoun/gender label busts along the lines of these:

I’ll draw your real actual self or some variation, I’ll draw your faceclaim, persona, or fursona, I’ll draw from selfies, reference, or description. Just tell me what you want and what pronoun or label you want on the ribbon. If you want I can put a pronoun set (she/her/hers) on the ribbon instead of a single pronoun (her). You may use the image on your blog or offsite, as long as it’s not used commercially.

Please don’t make requests for your characters (excluding your ‘sona), please don’t make requests if you’re cis. Feel free to reblog for TDOV.