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If there’s one thing the whole kpop fandom can agree on is how terrible is exp’s debut. Honestly they can’t even pronounce Korean and for how long did they train? ALL kpop idols suffered through so much to debut. This is so unfair to all those who worked hard to debut. I tried to watch the mv with no prejudice but I am sorry the only thing I could think about was “NO.”

NCT 127 reaction: you struggling to speak Korean

NCT 127 members reacting to you struggling to pronounce Korean words. (Requests are open)


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Taeil would probably just stand back and watch you struggle with pronunciation before actually helping you. He’d just look at you with a cute smile on his face. There’s just something about you being frustrated that he finds extremely adorable.


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Johnny would definitely tease you about it and he’d laugh at your awkward pronunciations. He would secretly love hearing you make cute mistakes. Just you attempting to learn Korean would make him smile.


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He’d find your pronunciation and accent to be super cute that he probably wouldn’t help you until you actually asked him to. But if you didn’t ask whether or not you were saying something right, he’d just sit there and listen to you with a smile on his face.


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Since Yuta had to go through the same struggles as you, he wouldn’t hesitate to help you improve your pronunciation skills. He would still enjoy hearing you make adorable mistakes and he would definitely tease you about it nonstop.


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I feel like Doyoung would be the type to literally record your awkward pronunciations so he could tease you about it later and because he secretly finds it beyond cute. He would constantly tell you how grateful he is that you are trying your best to improve your Korean speaking skills.


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Jaehyun, being the aegyo loving guy that he is, would be really weak to your cute mistakes. He’d sit back and hear you speak while covering his mouth with his hand because he finds it to be so adorable. He’s the type of guy to literally squeeze your cheeks because your cuteness is too much for him.


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Winwin probably wouldn’t notice your mistakes as he himself is still learning how to improve his Korean speaking skills. So, the both of you would probably study together. He, however, would probably tease you saying that he speaks Korean better than you.


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Mark would really like the idea of you wanting to be good at speaking Korean because of him. He would like seeing you struggle but pushing through because not only would he find your mistakes cute, but he’d like seeing the little fist pump you’d do every time you got something right.


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He would definitely laugh at you and tease you nonstop. He wouldn’t let you live it down whenever you butchered a word pretty badly, but it’s only because he secretly loves hearing you make errors. He would like it because he’s the first you go to for help on pronouncing something.

why are people complaining about rookie being pronounced “lookie” bicth lookie here, come back and scream about shit when you can pronounce things in korean that dont have symbols for expression in english like shut up these idols are practically bilingual because of you little shits and youre complaining about pronunciation??

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Bts reaction to you being British please xx

Being a British person myself I always question the same thing

So the answer will be from my perspective. Also you can look at this from whatever perspective so like you lot are friends, gf/bf, best friends etc. Lastly, you have to imagine that they are living in Britian. 

- He would probably LOOOOOVVEEE IT. Seeing as he is the only one who can speak fluent English, he would make fun out of yor accent and try to act British himself. He wold probably always think that you want tea and scones but low key you just want noodles. He would want to go sightseeing with you around London and pretend to be a British born. You both would go around and say “You got no jams” to Jimin in a London British accent
Overall he would be soo happy and when you two argue, he will alWAYS TRY TO IMITATE YOU WHICH WOULD MAKE YOU MORE ANGRIER (whether your friends, bf/gf whatever)

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He doesn’t mind that you’re British. You two would have marathons on British Soaps and shows that come on the TV. He will actively try to listen out for British slang and use it in funny situations. Jimin would also try to be sophisticated and pretend that he is the queen. He will wear black turtlenecks and drink tea and talk about the weather just to take the piss out of you.

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He abSOLOUTLEY LOVES THE IDEA OF BEING FRIENDS WITH/DATING SOMEONE WHO IS BRITISH. He has always respected the British culture and absoloutely wants to take you everywhere around the U.K. Just for you, he would probably rent out a little cottage in the countryside just so that you two can have little bit of quiet time after concerts, shows, events and dance rehearsals. 

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Just like the others, he loes the fact that you’re british. He always wanted to date/be friends with a foreign girl. But unlike the others, he is more interested in the night scene and wants to take yu clubbing and raving. After that you two would have kebabs at like 3am and go to the local parks and have deep conversations. The only thing he doesn’t like about living in Britiain or you being British, is the weather. He likes the cold and the winter and Britians weather is very unpredictable.


JIN IS IN HEAVEN!!! The countless amounts of foods from different cultures all in one country anD HE JUST CAN’T TAKE IT. The countless episodes that he will now film with you starts to become a bit ridiculous, but oh well at least it keeps Jin happy. He wants you and him to go on everyday adventures. e loves hearing your British accent and thinks its cute when you try to pronounce korean words.

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He loves it lowkey, but finds it a bit awkward as well as he has never been with anyone that is british. He has a hard time trying to understand how the British people work, but that soon changes when you show him how they work in bed (Wait what? Yeah you read right lol. Took an unexpected turn didn’t it) He soon gets used to it, you always offer to eat something other than dumpling, noodles and pasta but he always brings like 10kg of everything s you go out and buy 10 boxes of pizza and you two have marathons on Anime

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JunG HOSEOK/J-HOOOOOOOOOPE(In the voice of Min Yoongi)

HE IS TOO EXCITIED. ASDFGHJKLL. HE CAN’T CONTAIN HIMSELF. He loves the fact that you’re British and wants to take advantage of it too. Just like Jimin, he wants to learn the slang words and wants to use it when he is talking to you. Just to embarass you, he will take you for a day out and try to talk to other tourists in London in the ‘slang’ language and you’ll slysly walk away from him. He wants to be a hardcore Biritish like you and so he goes out and gets a britiain flag tatooed on his ankle, so that he can see it but its covered up when he is performing. 

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~~Admin M

[IG] 170407 realllllmino: (in pic) Congratulations to our maknae on your group’s comeback. Promote cooly as WINNER, become a Dumb who wins and let’s meet in New Journey to the West ‘4′ 
PS. Give me back the CDs after you sign* them (*first syllable is ‘sa’-’4′)                       PS2. I bought them at a place where the sales count on the Hanteo chart

As expected of your wit, thank you so much # 4 glue sticks (T/N: “Fool” pronounced in Korean is “glue”) # 4 mango rice cakes # 4 CDs # 4 bottles of wine #New Journey to the West 4 # God-Hyojung (T/N: aka Shin PD of NJTTW) 

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A Few 받침 Pronunciation Rules

1. When the 받침 is followed by a ㅇ (silent), it’s carried over.

물은 is pronounced “무른"
꽃이 is pronounced “꼬치"
읽어 is pronounced “일거"

2. When the 받침 is at the end of the word or followed by a consonant, it softens.
ㅂ/ㅍ –> “ㅂ", ㄷ/ㅌ/ㅅ/ㅆ/ㅈ/ㅊ –> “ㄷ", ㄱ/ㄲ/ㅋ –> ㄱ

앞 is pronounced “압"
옷 is pronounced “옫"
밖 is pronounced “박"

3. When the 받침 is followed by ㅁ/ㄴ, it may be pronounced differently.
ㅂ/ㅍ –> “ㅁ", ㄷ/ㅌ/ㅅ/ㅆ/ㅈ/ㅊ –> “ㄴ", ㄱ/ㄲ/ㅋ –> ㅇ

꽃물 is pronounced “꼰물"
볶니 is pronounced “봉니"
앞만 is pronounced “암만"

4. When ㄴ is followed by ㄹ or visa versa, ㄴ is pronounced “ㄹ”.

연락 is pronounced “열락"
진리 is pronounced “질리"
달님 is pronounced “달림"

5. When two 받침 are at the end of the word or followed by a consonant, the 2nd is silent.

없다 is pronounced “업다"
읽자 is pronounced “일자"
여덟 is pronounced “여덜"

6. When ㄷ/ㅌ is followed by a vowel, it’s sometimes pronounced “ㅈ/ㅊ”.

해둗이 is pronounced “해두지"
붙여 is pronounced “부쳐"
끝이 is pronounced “끄치"

EXOrDium Fan Account 4/25/17

Get ready because It’s a lot:


-So I met with a few people I’ve been talking too in a group chat and they were all so nice and I’m glad we all met each other^_^

-The concert was supposed to start at 7:30 but they didn’t even let us in until 7:15-20. The concert actually started at 8:30.

-The merch line was long so I didn’t even attempt (also because I couldn’t afford a 100 dollar shirt)

-The opening of the concert was full of screams. We were all hyped for. Also every time yixing showed up on a vcr (he wasn’t there if you didn’t know) the screams were deafening.

-Baekhyun’s solo dance for the Monster remix is even better in real life.

Highlight of the concert: Everyone screamed “Chogiwa!” during Chanyeol’s part in Wolf. Chogiwa will never die.

-Suho spoke a lot of English and in complete full sentences. You can tell he practiced a lot just for us:’)

-Sehun really does have broad shoulders o_o

-Kai, for whatever reason, talked about how amazed at how big CVS (which he called CVC) and how big the pills in the States were. He said it was hard to swallow (yeah I’m not making this up) The others talked about pretty normal things about how they spent their day in time square.

-During the acoustic session, Kai forgot his lines during Love Love Love and D.O. forgot to hold the microphone for Chanyeol lol.

-Xiumin showed us how he dances in the shower. Baekhyun called all of us out for dancing alone at home lol.

-They sung “I believe I can fly” and my soul flew away from the vocals

-I saw Kai body rolls in real life and survived somehow.

-Do it together is even more lit live

-All their vocals were on point. Chen sounded like he ate EXO’s CDs for breakfast. Like seriously you need to hear them sing live in person, they are so amazing.

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This was @thatgirlfromwindsor’s reply to this ask here and I just thought everything was really well said, so I’m gonna repost it. -Admin Gilfairy

“Feel free to post this into an actual post if you’d like admins: There’s a difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. No one is telling anyone not to listen to kpop, or learn the language. If it’s something that inspires you, then good! That’s great. Cultural appreciation is something great and the sharing of new and different views is amazing. The problem is when people appropriate. There’s a lot of issues with Exp, but the main one is the fact that they aren’t Asian. Now, you don’t have to be Korean to be in K-pop, as evidenced by the mass presence of Chinese, Thai and Japanese idols. There’s also Alex Reid from BP Rania who’s full black. But the difference between her and Exp is that she put in the effort. No, her Korean isn’t good, but she’s trying. She’s learning, she’s growing. Her members are helping her through it. She’s a PART of a kpop group that’s based in Korea. She’s not making her own and claiming that it’s kpop. Exp is taking something that’s inherently Korean, and taking the Korean out of it. It’s a similar thing as to when white girls wear corn rows, or if someone that’s not Desi or Indian uses gems above their eyebrows. White people (or people not in that specific culture) take something and use it as a trend. They’re praised and deemed cool, whereas poc are ridiculed and discriminated against for the same thing. Exp was created out of a social experiment. They don’t get to call themselves K-pop idols because they 1) Can’t speak or even at the very least pronounce Korean 2) Didn’t put in the effort or training like idols from if companies do. Do I think they are talented men? Yes. Do I think they have potential? Yes. But not in this way. They should not be marketed as K-pop idols in a kpop group. You can’t just take a bunch of white guys, wrap em in some “trendy K-pop” clothes and eyeliner and call it a day. K-pop and Asian Culture is so much more than just looking exotic and edgy. We were shit on because of this same culture that the west has decided is now trendy. Exp makes me super fucking uncomfortable. Appreciate me and my culture, but you don’t have to take it and do it yourself. No one said you had to become a kpop star if you like kpop. And there’s such a double standard as to where it comes from too. This is my culture and I welcome you all to appreciate it. But please, for the God. Don’t take it and make it your own. My culture isn’t something for you to pick up as a hobby because you seem it’s trendy. You get to wipe away the makeup and forget the language and the culture at the end of the day. Me? I’m stuck with my skin tone, with my eyes with my race. You don’t face the same discrimination as we do. You don’t get to claim something that’s ours if you don’t face the hardships. I think Jae will feel similarly to me on this note. You can’t just pick certain parts of the culture that you want without acknowledging the rest. My people are not your fashion accessory.”

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isnt 니가 (as in 니가 싫어) supposed to be spelled like 네가? ive heard that native koreans only pronounce 네가 as 니가 since it sounds similiar to 내가..

Nononono hahaha
내가 and 니가 are differenttttt

내가 refers to yourself
니가 refers to you (as in another party)

They are not pronounced the same and are not used for the same thing c:!

Trust me, even though I’m an ABK I’ve heard my parents and friends and have visited long enough to know 😂

Hope this clears it up~

Bittersweet // Jung Hoseok

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Oneshot

Summary//Request: Hoseok meets you by chance in a quiet cafe while you’re visiting Seoul - feeling the overwhelming need to speak to you and become a part of your world.

Reminder that (Y/C) stands for - Your Country

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About the name thing. I am white and I have had my first and last name pronounced in so many differences ways by people of all races that I'll just answer to anything g that sounds similar. For real names are a pain in the ass I can't pronounce polish names on the spot. I don't expect say a Japanese person to pronounce a Russian name right. Nor do I expect an Irish person to pronounce Korean names right. It's not a microagression its a languages barrier. (1/2)

(2/2) Different languages have different letters and so pronounciation is different. Unless the person is going out of their way to mispronounce a name every time then I do t think they’re being racist. Especially since name mispronounciation happens to all races.

Thank you for putting all of my feelings into words anon.