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it's punk to make shitty DIY pronoun patches out of one of your grandfather's old t-shirts (and extra punk if the grandfather is transphobic)

Hi friends!!!!!
My names Van and I’m a 20 (almost 21!!) year old trans guy tryin’ his hardest!

I just made this patch! It’s the second one I’ve made so far (I made a really bad prototype earlier) and I’m still getting use to using my sewing machine and working on smaller sizes like this.
Anyway!!! I need money. I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed depression which is going unmedicated, AND I can’t afford my hormones! I currently don’t have a job and can’t exactly get one as I’m my partners only way to/from HIS job AND school. I also drive his siblings around to school when they need it as well. Essentially all my time goes into driving people around (but unlike an uber I don’t get paid 😋)!! This also means it’s almost impossible to get a work schedule that can work around both my partners school AND work schedule (as part time jobs schedules are very rarely regular).

So let me cut to the chase, I would like to sell these patches! They are hand stitched, and made from recycled shirts (because I have no money so old shirts are what I have to work with until I can afford more supplies). Right now all I have are trans colours, but in the future I can make all kinds of flags! Or if you’re willing to pay for the supplies, I can make you any flag you want!
I can make them to whatever size you want, within reason (I can also technically make full size flags…. but that’s a whole different thing you’re asking haha if u want that we can talk details lol). The patch in the photo is roughly 5.5x4.5 inches, about the size of my hand. I need money but I also want these prices to be affordable for people in my community! So the prices will be as follows, with the lower number as the minimum to buy the patch and the higher number as a possible donation if you’re willing and able!

So basically what I can do:
-Trans Flag patches (1-5$)
-Other Flags (3-6$) *
- add a printed design to the flag for free! Black/white/grey ink, simple design.
-Pronoun Patches (2-5$, choose colour of cloth and ink) [this is if you want the background to be something other than a trans flag or a solid white/blue/pink]

*its only more for other flags because I currently don’t have the supplies!!! I’m sorry I have to charge more ):

I take payment via PayPal, message me for deets!

Take a look at (f)Emma’s and my etsy store!

We embroider together and create super awesome patches. By supporting this shop, you are supporting two queer artists in love. And you get a wicked cool patch in the process.



Hey everyone! The day is finally here, my shop is launched!! Go check it out!

These are just a few of the items on there, I’d love for you to go check it out. (By the way, other pronoun patches can be made on request. They don’t cost any more but they will take longer. Message me if you want some!)

Also, if you want more updates on the shop, go follow my Instagram! (@threadspell) I’ll be doing most of my discount codes on there, plus you can see fun new pics of what I’m working on next. Thank you all for your lovely support!!


Take a look at (f)Emma’s and my etsy store!

It is holiday season! You can buy a homemade patch from our etsy store instead of shopping at big businesses for gifts!

We embroider together and create super awesome patches. By supporting this shop, you are supporting two queer artists in love. And you get a wicked cool patch in the process.

We also do commissions so send us a message here on tumblr or on emBOIdery.

More inventory coming soon.

Send suggestions for patch designs if you have any!