promstuck king

Vote for me! Because…um, because I am super fun!

Hello everyone, I’m Theo! I am running for promstuck king! Now, before I say anything, I will admit that I am a pretty inexperienced fanboy/nerd. I don’t even know how to sew things and I haven’t finished Doctor Who—YET (though you can talk to me about Avatar or Marvel comics anytime).

That being said, I am really fun and childish and I like to run around pretending to be a velociraptor or lizard. While you have that image in your head, I should also mention that I am 6’5” and 15 years old. So, yes, I am freakishly tall. At promstuck you will probably see me zooming through the rooms and cackling psychotically. Also, you might have seen me at various meetups; I am the really tall ψiioniic. I love improv and I will often improvise in real life, saying yes to everything and injecting my imagination into my life.

So, if I sound like the kind of guy you want to RULE YOUR PROM SOULS HAHAHAHA then you should vote for me! If not me, definitely vote for therekunoing because he is awesome too (but not as energetic heeheeheehee).