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Bitter Pill
Write about a character who has been suffering from a terrible “sickness” their entire life. The catch? The only way this character can suppress this “sickness” is through medicine that causes them extreme pain. Double catch? This character’s condition is actually the manifestation of powerful psychic abilities that could easily kill everyone around them.

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'i just walked downstairs in a 'say hey if you're gay' shirt and boxers and my flat mate had 8 people round without telling me. they all saw. however one of them left a note on my bedroom door saying 'hey', along with their phone number' (this is based off a textpost but it won't let me link it :( )


AU prompts...

that are pretty random

  • The “we’re neighbours or our houses are on the same floor and we have identical/similar doors which confused my parents so they rung your doorbell instead and we’re now in your house where my parents are talking to you like they’ve known you forever” AU
  • The “ignore me, I’m not talking to your door, I’m just whispering to my cat who like to climb into your house through your open perpetually open window and sleep on your sofa or dining table and now refuses to leave” AU
  • The “my best friend/sibling/cousin got the address wrong, they’ve been sending you crack letters meant for me and I’m here for them” AU
  • The “I’m not good at speaking in public but this presentation is worth 15 % of my grade so I’ve been staring at the same spot in this huge audience for almost half an hour. Oh, my god, have I been staring at you this whole time” AU?
  • The “I thought you were the person in my building who died and I sent you flowers with my condolences so hi! Glad you’re not dead” AU
  • The “I thought we were on rival teams at this friendly game our mutual friends arranged so I started trash talking and apparently we’re not… What’s our strategy?” AU
  • The “we’re at a music store and I was acting pretty cocky pretending I know anything about the instrument in my hand but you’re cute and you want me to play something and I don’t want to disappoint you” AU
  • The “there’s this one tree in the park and we’ve been sitting on either side of it and I’ve been talking to you thinking that the tree was responding to me” AU
  • The “I don’t know you but the sunlight is glinting off your watch and into my eye so oh my god would you stop/put it away/DO SOMETHING PLEASE?” AU
  • The “we’re at adjacent tables in a restaurant and our dates don’t think we’re funny but you do” AU
  • The “we’re at the supermarket and our favourite brand of biscuits or cereal has been discontinued so we’re reminiscing about it over the last box” AU
  • The “we have similar bags and you accidentally picked  up mine thinking it was yours and all this strange stuff fell out of it and I swear I have a good reason for those” AU
  • The “you hit me in the face/some body part while dancing” AU
  • The “I’ve heard so many people romanticize lying on the grass and watching the stars so I decided to try it out and you didn’t see me so you tripped on me” AU
  • The “your pet was asleep in my garden and they woke up because of the sprinklers so I’m trying to console them” AU

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The commuter met-on-transit fic time stamp! Morning after with Patrick’s roommates!

500 words, 1000 words…close enough? Link to the original.


When Jonny wakes up, the bed is empty. It’s warm in the room, air a bit stale and smelling faintly of sex. Jonny’s sweating lightly, the sheets tangled at his feet. The light pouring through the window says noon is rapidly approaching. He groans, rolling his shoulders into the mattress–not firm enough for his tastes, but the sheets are soft and quality cotton–and pushes up on his elbows.

There’s a bruise in the hollow of his hip, dark and mouth-shaped. Faint pink scratches mark where Patrick clawed across his belly and Jonny’s lower lip is still tender where Patrick bit down. He lifts his hand to thumb across it gently, humming when he morning wood twitches along his stomach.

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Prompt where Robin is a vampire and Chrom is a traveler. Chrom is going on with his adventures and along the way meets Robin. Since she hasn't seen the world so much (cause she can't stand the sun), Chrom gave her a coat (to cover the sun) and lets her travel with him. From there, Robin gets to see many new places and learns that not all humans are as bad as she thinks.

“Calm down, Robin. It’s all right.”

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★ Daily Character Question ★

The Root of All Goodness
Write a scene where your Antagonist has a dream in which they’re saved by the person they subconsciously consider to be their ‘hero’. Who is this person? Has this character openly shared these feelings? If not, has this dream changed their mind?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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prompt: parent phan where they all go to a restaurant and their child is a baby so they need their diaper changed but there is no diaper changing area and they tell the manager and ask if they can use somewhere else and the manager is like hella homophobic and they go out of the restaurant and tweet it and they get tonnes of support so fluffy angst


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Annie!!!! I have a prompt for youuuu 😏 Bellamy is going out of the Art Gallery when a motorist (Clarke ofc) almost runs over him. As an apology, Clarke invites him for a coffee and he finds out she's the artist that painted all the mythological pieces from the gallery and she finds out he's the one who wrote her favorite book.

Hope you like this one!!!!! I’m not sure it’s my best work but I think it’s cute.

“I don’t think you understand,” Bellamy continued on, his tone never breaking in its excitement. Octavia rolled her eyes again, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that it wasn’t quite as fun when Bellamy was too invested in what he was saying to notice or care, “how incredible the art is! Not only is she spotting historical references that so many people before her…”

Bellamy moved forward thoughtlessly, completely oblivious to the world around him as he spewed the ideas raging inside his head. Octavia nodded, only half listening as her brother continued on, but she jolted forward as she realized seconds too late he was stepping out onto the street without even a glance in either direction.

“Bell!” she exclaimed, the two of them simultaneously noticing the motorcycle soaring down the street and straight toward him.

Bellamy tried to jump out of the way, but because the bike was already trying to come to a screeching halt, the girl flying off of her seat, there wasn’t anything he could do but stumble backwards. The blur of blonde hair and black leather hit him all at once, the two of them falling to the ground with a hard thump.

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Imagine person A of your OTP is happy. For no real reason - they just are. They hum or sing to themselves while they work, and go around with a large smile on their face. Person B finds all this exceedingly adorable, and is content to just watch them work, enjoying how happy and stress-free their lover is right now.

single-scene prompt request

Guys, I am so out of the habit of writing, it’s awful. I have a gazillion WIPs but can’t get myself back working on any of them. I think I just need to get my fingers typing again, with something fresh to get back into the flow, but I also don’t want to start anything new and long because I do want to work on my existing fic.

So with that in mind, send me some single-scene prompts! Timestamps to existing fic is fine, or completely new stuff, or things related to headcanon notfic I’ve posted, or completely new prompts like one-sentence openings or kink prompts. Consider this a free-for-all for anything but plot. Something that could be tackled in 500-ish words, a slice or a fragment or a conversation, etc!

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spoby + “i think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified” (i took some liberties but shhh)

They break up six months after she leaves for college.

Or maybe “break up” is the wrong term. It’s nowhere near as clean as that, though things rarely are for them. One day, they’re fine, and she’s texting him about her roommate who never shuts up and he’s texting her about his new boss who eats an egg salad sandwich every single day, and it’s fine. But then they stop calling, stop texting, stop making plans for him to come up to see her or her to go see him, and the distance, as so many times before, swallows them whole, and they’re just two more victims of high school sweethearts separated by change.

She comes home that summer, and when he sees her for the first time in almost a year, he’s struck by how she looks so different, yet somehow the same. And when her eyes meet his, some part of him that has died is resurrected.

They go out for coffee, and they find their old rhythm, and it’s fine. But there’s something off, a hollow where something else, love, once was, and they both feel it.

At the end of the night, he drops her off at her parents’ house, and when he stops in front of the imposing Hastings’ manor, she makes no move to exit the tan Chevy.

“Remember when I bought this for you?” She asks nostalgically, not meeting his eyes. Without waiting for an answer, she continues. “I wish I’d said it back that day.”

He knows exactly what it refers to: those three words that scared the living hell out of her. “You didn’t have to,” he tells her, speaking over the lump in his throat. “I knew.”

She looks at him then, and he remembers the first time she really did, on his porch a lifetime ago. “Do you still know?” She whispers.

The air in the truck, in the minuscule space between them, is charged as they stare at each other, years and memories and hopes and fears stifling them.

“I think I’m still in love with you,” she exhales. “And I’m terrified.”

He can’t say anything, so he doesn’t. He lets the kiss convey the message his words can’t: I wanted to say that first.

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any fanfics with this plot? “I work at the cinema and you’ve come to see the same movie 4 times already this week, are you okay?”

i doubt it haha, im tagging it as a prompt