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I can ask for fluff? Oh my gosh! Thank you! The only thing I can think of is cuddling? Oh! How about, like morning after cuddles? And like how s/o would wake them up? Or if you've already done that can you do the guys reaction to waking up being the little spoon? ( I am a tiny person who loves to be the big spoon, no seriously I'm 5'2" ish.) but um yes, the boys deserve so much better, and I can't talk about or else I'll cry more. Thank you again!

I haven’t written a morning after thing yet, but I’m more so in a cuddly mood so I couldn’t do it justice. So here are some headcanons for the bros waking up as the little spoon!



  • Surprised (pleasantly surprised though)
  • How did his tiny ass s/o end up wrapped around him?
  • He definitely wants more of this
  • Probably snuggles his back closer to their chest with a sigh
  • Tempted to skip his training because this is perfect
  • Would probably end up waking them up by turning around and kissing their face
  • It’s cute he can’t help it
  • Smooches everywhere until they’re pushing at his face with squeals of ‘stop it’
  • Wouldn’t mind waking up like this erryday


  • A small smile would spread across the face when he realizes the position
  • Sighs in content
  • Has to hide the blush on his face when Gladio wakes up
  • Makes s/o’s favorite breakfast as a token of appreciation
  • Being the little spoon gave him butterflies, not that anyone would be able to see that
  • He would love to be the little spoon on occasion


  • Actually loves being the little spoon
  • Is super pleased to awaken in this position
  • 10/10 chance he’s blushing
  • Has to bury his face in the pillows to hide his face, and to conceal his giggling
  • Yes, giggling
  • Being the little spoon makes him really giggly
  • Will be 5x more affectionate all day after waking up as the little spoon. (Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, hugs,etc)


  • Would probably squeal especially when they pull him in closer
  • 100% a blushing mess
  • Starts giggling when they mutter something sleepily in his ear
  • 10/10 would pull the blanket higher and melt into his s/o’s arms
  • Never wants to leave his new ‘spot’
  • Whines when his s/o wakes up and moves away until they come back
  • Wants to be the little spoon more often after that 

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I love your stories! Can you maybe write one of the chocobros initially hating their s/o and slowly realizing they were stupidly in love but didn't know how to express it correctly?? (I'm sorry if it's confusing)

OMG thank you! These types are always cute, I hope I did enough variety for you!  (I also have no idea how they got so long)



“Oh hell no.” Noctis groaned, as they entered Hammerhead, seeing the woman standing beside Cindy. “Ignis keep going.”

“Noctis, we need to fix the Regalia.”

“We’ll walk.”

“Noct you’re being ridiculous.”

“We don’t need to go here, we can just push it until we get to the next mechanic.”

“Dude, that’s like another 20 miles.” Prompto whined.

“Don’t care, I’ll push it there by myself.”

Ignis sighed, putting on the parking brake, as the young Prince attempted to keep pushing the car forward. Only to give up and hide behind the door, as the two women approached the car.

“Oh so that’s the reason.” Gladiolus chuckled.

“Was starting to worry something happen to you boys.” You smiled.

“Uh, which one of ya’ll the Prince?” Cindy inquired.

Ignis groaned, as he looked down, “Noctis, get up.”

Noctis moaned as he stood up, his eyes ignoring you standing beside Cindy, “Hey.”

You smiled stepping toward Ignis, and Gladiolus, “Oh you must be Prompto, nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” You called to the blonde a smile on your face.

“Yeah, nice, nice to meet you too.” Prompto waved nervously as Noctis rolled his eyes.

“I’ll take care of everything with Cindy, you boys can go rest your legs, that must have been a long walk.” You smiled heading back into the garage.

“Y/N hasn’t changed a bit.” Gladiolus chuckled.

Noctis groaned as he stalked off, “You say that, like it’s a good thing.”

Prompto moved beside Ignis, “What’s with him?”

Ignis chuckled, “A very old story.”

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How does each boyo react to pleasuring their partner, using their mouth/hands?

@nifwrites has inspired me so much through this new smut journey I’m on!! Thank you so much to them, and a few other tumblrs who I will tag momentarily.

Noct- Of course he enjoys when his s/o feels good. Genuinely, he does! He’ll ease you out of whatever underwear you have on (after a passionate make out session). But before he strips you down, he’ll hold you , almost palming your sex using his thumb to apply pressure over your clit. He enjoys feeling your warmth through your underwear.

Moving your underwear down your legs and dipping a finger inside you, Noct goes almost entirely by feel. One at a time at first, then two at a time. Who cares what everything looks like- it’s the feeling that matters. Seems to make sense just fine to him, and work out excellently for you. He doesn’t need to see what he’s doing to know it feels good. Call it a prince’s intuition.

Supporting himself on one arm, and using the other to pulse his fingers inside you, he begins to pick up a treacherously slow and steady rhythm - simply to watch you writhe underneath him.

The thing about Noct is, as giving as he truly believes he is, the selfless act is never 100%…well, selfless.
Knowing he’s the reason for a kind of bliss so closely a relative of agony, and that you’re quite literally at the mercy of his hands lights a dangerous fire in him, causing him to pump faster with his fingers. If the mood is right, you swear he sometimes goes into a kind of trance. Not a strong one, but a trance nonetheless. Like he’s feeding off your energy, or you his. Or even a sharing of both- you’ve never been exactly sure.

“You’re close,” he’ll say. As more of a statement than a question. He’s right. You are.

He can feel your walls tightening around his fingers with every stroke.

Your chest is heaving, and for some reason his is too. His face is just inches from yours now. You can’t help but tilt your head back and moan. His fingers pumping quicker as If he was chasing his own release, and not yours.

As his breathing grows louder in your ear you feel heat welling up within you, moments away from coming undone.

He lifts his chest up so that you’re in full view, revealing his simmering hot fuchsia eyes. “Come – now” he says. And as if he spoke it into existence, you come undone around his palm as he massages your clit through your orgasm, and you both cry out. His simmering eyes flicker out as he drops his head to your shoulders, the both of you tightly holding the other as the steadiness of your breath returns.

Gladio is definitely a surveyor, which makes you feel embarrassed at times. Especially with the essence of how much you want him dripping from your core onto the mattress. Most guys don’t care to look, but Gladio- he wants to know every part of his girl.

He further parts your thighs and you brace yourself for him to enter you. When he doesn’t, you lift your head to see what he’s doing.

You catch him kneeling at your entrance lazily stroking himself, fixating on your dripping heat. “Babe-”
“You’re beautiful” he cuts you off. “You know that? Anybody ever tell you that?” He says, continuing to stroke himself, and run himself along your folds, probing your entrance, and just barely dipping himself in the pearlescent liquid beginning to pool towards the bottom of your sex.

You’re embarrassed now, and attempt to close your legs. Gladio leans over you, taking your chin between his forefinger and thumb, “No,” he says, shaking his head a small frown appearing across his lips, “apparently not. Let me look at my baby girl” he pleads with you, his amber eyes looking more earnest than they ever have, his cock still throbbing.

This is the most erotic thing you think you’ve ever experienced. He stretches your folds to further expose your sensitive budding pearl, and you feel…oddly sexual being on display for him like this. What he’s feels good. He holds you there, unable to resist bringing his mouth down to your sex, rolling the tip of his tongue over your clit in slow steady circles. And so would the night continue until he mercifully brings you to climax.

Prompto loves your scent. There’s no other way to put it than the fact that he loves your smell. His tactic is to get you dripping wet. Then and only then, once your underwear is soaked through, will he grant you the relief of taking it off. But not before he burries his face between your thighs and runs his nose up and down your heat, taking in two or three large breaths through his nose.

The Prompto that emerges is not the one who submerged his face between your thighs. He’s resurfaced incomprehensibly drunk on your scent. His blue eyes have become searing and half lidded, lips parted, his mouth hanging slightly open. Your stomach churns in anticipation. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- this Prompto is unpredictable.

Hungry, carnivorous even, he looks at you practically radiating heat. “Hey, flip on all fours,” he says. It’s almost shocking when the voice that comes out of him is still his. Cheery and sweet as ever, yet quivering. But not with uncertainty. Quivering with what you could only describe as…restraint.

You oblige, and turn on all fours facing the headboard, unsure exactly where this was going, half expecting him to nail you from behind. Instead, he slides his body underneath you, his face stopping at your heat, and pulls your hips down so that your folds and his mouth are a perfect match.

This new angle is making a hell of a difference. He cups your ass, urging you to buck your hips as he sucks on your clit, and rocks you in tandem with his rhythm.

Devouring you from underneath, his moans ring out in pleasure as he continues. It’s not long before your arms give out as you climax and he slides up from under you just in time to catch you with open arms as you fall onto his chest.

A semblance of the Prom you know returns to his features in satisfaction, as he holds you while you both drift to sleep.

WHEW *fans self* OK IGGY after the break! Christttt

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Scenario where all the guys are arguing over being in love with the reader? (i want to see how they would handle that.)

I kind of made this an ailment thing anon, cause I just couldn’t see the bros arguing like that T-T I hope this is okay! 

While fighting a group of killer wasps, the boys are doused in an unrecognisable gas. It affects them in a most unusual way…

Fem!Reader x …all of the bros I guess!
WC: 4564 (another longer one, sorry!)


The sound of clanging metal was strong in your ears. You and the boys had unfortunately run into some killer wasps on your journey, and they were posing quite an annoying challenge. The three huge insects were rearing up again, and you knew that at any moment, they were going to release those horrible status ailment gases. Nimbly you dodged out of range.

“Guys! Look out!” But your warning call was too late as thick blue jets of gas expelled from the three wasps, clouding around the boys still in close range.

“Ugh, does it have to smell so bad?” cried Prompto, swishing his arms around desperately in a futile attempt to waft the gas away. You knew that it wasn’t going to stop the gas from working into their bodies though, once it hits you it’s like it clings to you.

“What even is this one?” Noctis yelled, warp striking to one of the wasps trying to fly higher out of reach. He plunged his engine blade into the wasp, bringing it back down to the ground where Ignis impaled it with his spear. One down.

“I must say I am rather confused myself. I’ve never seen that colour before.”

“Yeah well, I say we destroy them before it has a chance to work.” Gladio charged at the second wasp, knocking it to the floor with a heavy swing of his great sword. You agreed with Gladio, the sooner you got out of there the sooner you could see what kind of ailment they had and treat it accordingly.

“Just be careful you guys, don’t let them have a chance to do it again!” You told them, and Prompto swivelled around to face you, shooting you a beaming smile.

“It’s sweet that you’re so worried about us! Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

As the blonde was speaking the third wasp loomed over him, stinger posed ready to strike, but he hadn’t noticed.

Damn it Prom!

Swiftly you brought up your pistol, borrow from Prompto’s own collection, and fired straight at its body. Prompto turned to see the insect fly backward from the impact of the shot, and turned to you once more.

“Um, thanks!” He grinned sheepishly, resolving to get his head back in the game.

“No problem, let’s get the last one.”

All five of you turned to the last one, hovering above you. Prompto stepped forward this time, raising his gun square at its head. And with one shot, he sent the insect crashing down to the ground, where Gladio hit it with his sword to make sure that it was truly dead.

You relaxed.

“Ahh, thank the gods that’s over.”  You stretched, pocketing your pistol once more.

“Yeah, and you’re getting better with your aim too.” Gladio nodded at you, and you smiled at his praise. You’d only been practicing for a few weeks, and this was really the first fight where you helped in the attack.

“Soon you might be even be as good as me.” Noctis smirked, never passing on the chance to boast. Gladio biffed him on the back of his head, causing you to laugh. Never a dull moment with your boys, that was for sure!

“You alright Iggy?” You turned to look at the tawny haired man who hadn’t yet spoke, his hand cupping his chin in thought.

“Yes, thank you. I’m just wondering… I really haven’t seen that colour of gas before from killer wasps.” He adjusted his glasses, coming to stand beside you as all five of you set off back to camp.

“Yeah, blue is a weird colour for gas!” Prompto agreed from your other side.

“Indeed… and there’s something else rather peculiar.”

“What’s that Ignis?”

“Why has it not affected us yet?”

That stumped everyone. Ignis was right, going by the rest of the gases that the wasps sprayed, the ailment should have been almost instant. It definitely would have been showing itself right about now at the very least, yet none of the boys looked worse for wear.

“Uh… immunity?” Prompto offered hopefully.

“I doubt it. When have we ever been fully immune to status attacks while not wearing protective accessories?”

“Good point specs, but are you saying that there’s something wrong with us here…?” Noctis asked the question that was on all your minds. They hadn’t shown any symptoms yet… but was that really a good thing?

“To give you an honest answer, I don’t know. But I feel we should err on the side of caution.”

And with that thought, the five of you trudged back to camp feeling more than a little weary.


Your stomach was full, you were warm sat beside the fire, and you were very comfortably stretched out on the floor, leaning on one elbow.

That’s the life!

By the time that Ignis had cooked his meal and everyone had consumed their share, the atmosphere had lifted somewhat. There had been no symptoms from any of the boys, and a good couple of hours had passed at least. In fact, the only one still worrying about it was of course, Ignis.

“We’re fine specs. If something were to happen, surely it would’ve happened by now?” Noctis nudged the man in question from his chair, opposite you. Ignis shook his head in reply.

“We don’t know that. Perhaps because it’s a new form of gas, it is a weaker solution than the others? Therefore, it wouldn’t act as fast. Or perhaps it just needs time to slowly work around our bodies?” He mumbled again, staring off into the distance. He really was absorbed in his thought process.

“Eh don’t sweat it. Whatever happens, we’ll get through it.” Gladio gave him a swift slap on the back, bringing him out of his reverie.

“Yes well, I sure hope so.” He answered quietly, re-adjusting his askew glasses.

“Hey [Name]! Do you want to go practice your shooting some more? You’re getting really good!” Prompto bounded over to you and tapped you on your back. He had been giving you shooting lessons for a while now, encouraging you to do your best so you could finally join in the fights properly. Today had been a big step for that, and you didn’t want to back down now.

“Heck yes!” You agreed, standing up instantly and scouring the area looking for the best place for shooting practice. Your eyes landed on a spot not far away from camp, in a clearing from the trees. The other boy should also be able to watch you and offer advice from where they were too.

“How about there?”

“Prefect!” And with that you followed Prompto down the hill, readying your pistol to practice. Prompto stood at the side of you, his own pistol aimed and at the ready.

“Right, so you wanna stand with your legs slightly apart to get the best balance, plant your feet firmly on the ground… well, when you can, I mean that may not be possible when you’re being attacked by killer wasps-”

“Get on with it!” Gladio called from the top of the hill, causing Prompto to flush in response. He loved this teacher roll; it felt great to be able to help someone like he was doing, to be needed by someone. So he felt anxious to not get it wrong.

“A-ah, you’re right! Okay so just copy my stance.”

You watched Prompto stand the way he just explained to you, his gun ready in an outstretched hand, and you did your best to mimic him.

“Like this?”

“Y-yeah you got it!”

That had sounded odd… Quickly you threw Prompto a glance. Was his speech getting slurred…?

“Okay, now raise your gun… aim for the branch of that tree there.”

Ignoring the slight slur and putting it down to exhaustion, you did as he asked and aimed for the tree in the distance.

“Now… shoot.”

The sound of the bullet echoed in the wide clearing, but the sound of the bullet lodging in the offending wood sounded even better to your ears.

“Yes!” You cried, hearing clapping from the top of the hill. The three boys were smiling at you, pleased you were getting better. It warmed your heart. Their support meant everything to you, and once again you were pleased that they had decided to let you join in their journey.

Gladio began chatting to Ignis, and you felt like having another go now two less people were watching. It would be less pressure for you. Cheeks flushed with excitement, you turned back to Prompto.

“Can I have another go?”

He chuckled at your eager expression, his big blue eyes sparkling.

“Of course! This time, try and show me the stance on your own.”

Nodding, you got to work.

Now what was it he said…? Stand with your legs apart for balance… feet on firmly planted… raise your arm…

“Is that it?” You asked, trying to look at the blonde over your shoulder.

“Nearly. You just need to move your leg an inch… no kind of like… hang on a second, I’ll show you.”

And in a completely unexpected move, Prompto came to stand very close behind you, his arms resting on your hips. It was like his proximity was suddenly all you could focus on, the almost feel of his chest against your back, the light drift of his breathing as his chin rested on your shoulder ever so lightly. The very real feeling of his fingers steadying your hips.


“Here, this arm needs to straighten out a little.” He uttered, his lips right at the shell of your ear, his voice taking on an unusually deep tone. His hands ran up from your hips, up along your waist and over your sides until he came to your arms. His fingers overlapped your elbows, gently coaxing them straight.

“Much better, though, your stance is still a little off…”


Suddenly you felt the pressure of Prompto’s leg sliding in between yours, tapping your feet slightly until you nudged them further apart. He kept his foot firmly planted between yours, his leg ever so slightly brushing against yours, sending chills up your body from the contact.

Well, this is certainly intimate.

“Prom, what are you doing?” You whispered, trying to turn your head to face him.

“Correcting your stance.” Was his simple answer, and suddenly you felt silly for asking. Of course that’s what he was doing. Perhaps a little unusual for Prompto who seemed to be a spluttering mess when he touched a girl, but maybe that’s just how bad your stance was.

Damn, I’ve really got to try harder.

So you left it at that, trying to ignore the slight buzz you were getting from his contact, choosing instead to focus on your aim.

Unbeknownst to you however, another set of piercing blue eyes were watching your every move.

What the hell is he doing?

Noctis had his head resting on a tightly closed fist, knowing that he probably looked as grumpy as he felt. But he just couldn’t help it. Prompto was over there just… just straight up fondling her in front of him. Under the guise of practice shooting, no less.

How dare he?

Shooting a quick look over at Ignis and Gladio, he realised they hadn’t noticed what was happening at the foot of that hill.

How could they not realise what he has done to get his grubby little hands on her?

Looking back down at the pair, his eyes zeroed in on Prompto’s fingers drifting over her body, his leg between hers, his arms pretty much wrapped around her…

He’s just imposing his presence on her like that!

He forcefully blew his fringe out of his face in annoyance, feeling his anger at the situation rise. And yet he just could not tear his eyes away from the scene unfolding before him.

“Noct, are you alright?” Ignis interjected his thoughts, draw by the annoyed huff.

“Just peachy.”

Ignis looked over to Gladio in confusion, who just shrugged in reply. Ignis knew at once what the big guy was thinking – bratty prince having another sulk, leave him to it. And so he did, continuing his earlier conversation.

Noctis meanwhile, was becoming increasingly frustrated. He felt his face becoming flusher by the second, his fists tightening as his blood boiled. His wide, piercing blue eyes alight with anger.

“You’re so good at this Prompto!” Came the sweet sound of her melodic voice, and he could stand it no longer. Forcefully, Noctis stood up from his chair and strolled down the hill, meeting the two at the bottom.

You noticed the raven haired boy’s presence before Prompto, and you turned around to face him, wiggling out of Prompto’s grasp. You smiled at him welcomingly, not registering the straight up scowl etched on his features as he continued walking, ignoring you completely. No, it seemed he had focused all his attention on the blonde stood next to you… Confused, you tried to talk to him.

“Hey, Noctis! Have you come to join in the- what the fuck?” You cried as Noctis had just continued on in strong strides, straight up to Prompto. Before you even had a chance to register what was happening, the prince had thrown back his fist and swung it straight into Prompto’s chest, causing him to stumble. It would have been his face had Prompto not moved at the last second, dodging to the side instead.

“Noctis – the hell are you doing?” You cried, dashing over to where Prompto had stumbled over with the intention of checking over the no doubt distraught boy. But as you reached him… you realised he had sat up himself, wearing a self-satisfied smirk.

Uh… that’s not the reaction I expected. You backed away slightly as Prompto rose to his feet, thoroughly confused at the scene unfolding in front of you. The air almost crackled with the tension in it, Noctis and Prompto pretty much squaring up to each other. The former was gritting his teeth in major annoyance, shaking his hand to ease off the sting. The latter was dusting himself off, that smirk never once slipping.

What… what has gotten into these guys?

“Did ya see that, your highness?” Prompto almost spat the title, something which you’d never heard him call Noctis even in a respectful manner. His tone had become incredibly cocky, it was completely jarring against his usual boyish voice.

Noctis didn’t answer, only glared back with shinning eyes.

“She came over to me. How do you like that? Mr I receive everything on a silver platter. This is one thing you can’t get – her!”

Hang on a second… what now? Since you were the only female around, they had to be talking about you. But you’d never disclosed your romantic feelings to anyone, it just wasn’t something you spoke about with the boys. Where on earth had this all come from?

“And it’s the one thing I won’t give up on.” Noctis answered angrily, balling his hands into fists once more. Prompto seemed to find this highly amusing, his smirk widening.


“Um, what the hell is going on here?” You cried, frustrated. This had to be some kind of wind up didn’t it? Quickly you flitted your gaze over to the two remaining boys atop the hill to see they were out of their chairs and watching the scene unfold with the same confusion in their eyes.

“Everything alright down there?” Came Ignis’ cautious voice. Even he felt unsure at what was happening, and also what to do.

Before you could answer, Prompto waved so casually to the tawny haired man, as if he was greeting an acquaintance.

“Superb, specs!” He called back cheerily, before his eyes rested on Noctis once more. His smile grew more pronounced, sending shivers up your spine. This… this wasn’t like your Prompto at all.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her. Pathetic.”

Noctis shook his head angrily, his frown deepening.

“Isn’t it enough that you have Lunafreya too? You always get everything Noctis.”

“Shut up.”

“And yet you still want more.”

“I said shut up!”

So ungrateful.”

And with that Noctis seemed to snap. With a strangled cry he charged forward once more, fists at the ready but this time Prompto knew what was happening. He swung back himself and soon the two boys were a flurry of fists, dull thwacks and crunches could be heard as the swings connected.

What…what in the…

“Noctis, stop! Prompto – ugh, help!” You turned pleadingly to Gladio and Ignis, seeing that they were already running down the hill to help break up the fight.

“[Name] get back!” Gladio cried, rushing forward to lock his arms around Noctis’ waist. Ignis ran behind Prompto to do the same, and eventually the two boys were pulled apart, breathing heavily. Prompto’s cheek seemed badly bruised, and Noctis has a shallow gash across his forehead.

“What in the name of the gods do you think you are doing?” Gladio admonished them both, the annoyance evident in his tone.

“Someone had to stop him from creeping on her.” Noctis kicked his legs out and struggled to get out of Gladio’s grip, meanwhile Prompto was stood calmly, not resisting Ignis’ hold.

“What are you talking about?” You’d just about had enough of this, whatever it was. You just wanted your old Prompto and Noctis back.

“He’s referring to his crippling jealousy, that’s what he’s talking about.” Prompto answered you, his tone still so sure and full of himself, rubbing a hand across his bruised cheek.

“Speak for yourself, you think you’re so slick? Don’t think we haven’t noticed how you always put your sleeping bag next to hers first in the tent. Desperate is what I’d call it.”

And for the first time since the whole thing had started, Prompto’s confident façade slipped at Noctis’ words and his features contorted in anger.

“How dare you?”

“How dare I what? Tell the truth?”

“Stop it! You sound like children!” You yelled at them both, finally causing them to stop squabbling for just a second. Were they actually both arguing about… about having feelings for you?

“Yes, I agree. You are both rather behaving like babies.” Ignis finally piped up, letting go of Prompto to straighten his glasses out. When he looked up, his eyes were shining. You sighed in relief, at least someone was talking sense.

“[Name] is rather befitting a man, wouldn’t you say?”

Maybe not.

His words took you by surprise, and even Gladio looked put out.


“What would you want these children for? I could really look after you.”

A slow smile spread across his face, one that didn’t sit too well with you. A sinking feeling coiled in the pit of your stomach as it dawned on you – whatever had happened to Noctis and Prompto had happened to Ignis too. All three of them were acting really strangely, and even if they did all feel that way about you, the normal guys would never have approached it this way!

“Oh no, not you too Iggy.” You whispered, wishing this nightmare would just come to an end.

“You hear that specs? She isn’t interested.” Noctis gloated and pulled free from Gladio’s shock loosened arms.

“That’s not what I – stop it!”

Straight away the prince had launched himself at Prompto once more, at the same time that Prompto had gone to knock Ignis over. The result was a three way fight, all participants using their well-honed battle skills against each other. None of them were listening to your pleas, and there was no way you could intervene. You had only just started your battle training, you weren’t as fast as Noctis, or as good an aim as Prompto, or even as lithe as Ignis. To stop all three of them would be impossible.

“Gladio, do something!” You turned to the only man left with his head not clouded with some sort of irrational anger.

Wait, clouded…? Clouded! The one word sparked a realisation within you – this had to be the work of that blue gas! It was the only explanation as to why the boys had all been affected in the same way; irrational anger, possessiveness…

And lust randomly? You remembered the touch of Prompto’s hands again, altering your shooting position earlier. You had thought it unusual for him at the time, but it made sense now. They were all reacting as if certain emotions had really been heightened, that had to be the symptoms of the gas. But they had all been struck by the gas, and that meant…

Slowly you looked up at the man stood beside you, to see that his eyes were also shimmering in the same, hazy way that the other boys’ eyes had.

Oh no

Your elation at figuring out what was wrong soon disappeared, replaced by an unsettled feeling in your stomach.

“Gladio…?” You whispered hopefully, but it was like he couldn’t hear you. He was listening intently to the three boys currently fighting.

“You both have no chance. Do you even know her favourite food? Her favourite colour? How about her favourite song?” Ignis taunted, ducking low to avoid Noctis’ leg swinging for him in a strong kick.

“That I can find out about her! You don’t know how best to comfort her. Oh yes, one night when she was feeling down? She came to me.” The prince goaded, grinning at their pained expressions.

“You? Now I know you’re lying, you’re about as comforting as a wet mop, Mr help-I-can’t-deal-with-emotions.” Prompto cried and tripped Noctis up, the latter landing hard on the ground with a dull moan. Angrily, he scrambled back up to his feet before Ignis could land a punch.

“I don’t know what you’re all squawking about.” Gladio interrupted, causing the three boys to freeze momentarily, looking at him wearily. “You know it’s me who can keep her warm at night. Has she ever cuddled up to you in our tent before? I didn’t think so.” He answered with a smirk, and you felt like burying your face in your hands.

When will this end? Other status ailments usually wore off on their own, but this one was so slow to start with, who knew when it would end?

Suddenly with a heavy thud, Prompto collapsed onto his knees and fell face first onto the floor.

Prompto!” You screeched, running forward and kneeling beside him hurriedly. You hadn’t even considered the possibility that this ailment could actually… kill any of them. Nervously, you took hold of one wrist, checking for any signs of life. A steady pulse thrummed under your fingers, and you sighed in relief.

“He’s alive! Just fainted.” You breathed.

“Huh, fainted. What a coward.”

Returning your focus back to Prompto, you brushed his blonde hair gently out of his face. From that touch alone you could feel the heat radiating off his forehead – he had a fever. Was this good or bad? Did it mean his body was fighting off the ailment?

“Oh Prom. I hope you wake up soon.”


The shout brought your attention back to the other three, and instantly your eyes clapped onto the fallen frame of Noctis. He had also collapsed in a similar way to Prompto. It had to be the effect of the gas.

“I can’t believe…that they…” But Ignis never had a chance to finish his sentence as he followed suit, hitting the floor with a dull bang. Gladio followed straight after, his immune system most likely the stronger of the four.

Looking around you, you sighed heavily. Now what?


In the end, you had decided to bring the tent down to the boys, doing your best to shove them into the small space. It had been a horrible waiting game, dabbing a cool cloth at their roasting foreheads and praying that they would be okay. You’d never been more scared in your life, and you were damn sure you hadn’t slept for longer than five minutes when you felt someone shaking your shoulder.

“[Name]! [Name] c’mon, it’s time to get up or Iggy will be furious!”

“Huh?” You groaned, sitting up and opening your bleary eyes to see…

“Prompto! You’re okay!” You gasped, now wide awake. He was knelt in front of you, his cheek significantly better and his usual happy grin on his face.

“Huh? Course I am! Though for some reason this side of my face is really sore… I must have slept on it funny.” The boy sat in front of you rubbed his cheek, in the exact same place where it had swollen the day before.

“What… do you not remember how you did it?” You asked, thoroughly confused.

“Eh, not really. But since we are fighting all the time, I was probably battling it out heroically with some sort of beast.” He chuckled, and then swivelled on his heel and left you alone in the tent. Unless he was a brilliant actor – which you knew he wasn’t since he was terrible at lying – Prompto had all but forgotten the events of last night.

Eagerly you threw on your clothes and scrabbled out of the tent. On top of that hill, stood all four of the boys, chatting and laughing as usual.

What on earth…?

As confused as you were however, the relief in your heart was overwhelming. Your boys were safe, they were alive and best of all they were back to normal.

“Come on [Name], your breakfast is getting cold!” Ignis tutted in his usual, friendly yet admonishing manner that hinted he was only slightly annoyed.

Without hesitating you ran up the hill happily, smiling at the welcoming sight of the group all back to normal, though confusingly, none of them seemed to remember what had happened in their hazy state the night before. But that suited you just fine. You weren’t about to relive the horrifying details, but you knew to stay away from killer wasps in the future.

“I still don’t know why you pitched the tent down there big guy.” Prompto gestured to the tent as you dug into your breakfast.

“Actually… I don’t either. But I thought of it, so it must have been a good reason.”

“Maaan, I was so tired last night I must have just blacked out when my head hit the pillow.” Noctis stretched, beginning to pack away the camping things.

So they really don’t remember…

“Me too.” Prompto agreed.

“And me… Iggy must have cooked us a fine meal that sent us straight to sleep.” Gladio nodded at Iggy who smiled and shook his head.

“I hope that you consider all my meals that way.” He half-joked.

After you had finished wolfing down your breakfast, you helped pack away the remaining items into the regalia and soon you were on your way again, sat in between a napping Noctis and a reading Gladio. Things had really gone back to normal.

But as you relaxed in the back of the car, pleased that your boys were safe, you couldn’t help but wonder… did that gas force the illusion of those strong feelings for you onto the guys, or did it simply heighten the feelings that were already there…? You cast a quick glance at each of them, all blissfully unaware of what they had said last night.

I wonder

A/N: What do you think, dear reader? :3

The Chocobros React: You Murmur Their Name In Your Sleep


Another request! I’m honestly writing these much faster than I usually manage; I guess it’s because I’m so excited about running this blog haha
— Sky ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ〃

In case you’d like to request something


The evening had originally been full of plans; of things that you were initially going to do together—like go for a walk, buy some food, stuff like that. But then all of the night’s itinerary went straight out of the window when Noctis asked you if you’d like to have a nap. And who are you to say no to a nap when it’s with your favourite person? Obviously you immediately say yes.

And so, you stumbled to the bedroom together, sharing small smiles and preparing yourselves for what would most likely be the best sleep either of you had had in a while. In fact, spending this time with Noctis has so much of an affect on you that the world of languid sluggishness and darkness soon approaches with open arms, sweeping you into a world of sweet, sweet dreams. So sweet, in fact, that you begin to mumble certain incoherences in this clearly vivid dream. Noctis, who was just settling into the lull of sleep and the dark abyss that represent his dreams, heard your mumbles and shifted in order to hear them just that little bit better.

“Noctis..” A frustrated whine permeates the air around you as he begins to realise that you’re dreaming about him. The actual thought of it would almost be too endearing to handle, but he’d certainly manage, simply resolving to press closer against your side and welcome lethargy with newfound happiness.


It would have been a long day, full of tiresome activities—you’d gone on a hunt together, in fact. You’d had a close call with the goblins you’d been asked to take down, where a few of them had crowded around you and effectively cut you off from everyone else. Gladiolus had—of course—been quick to run to your aid, but you certainly didn’t leave that fight entirely unscathed.

You’d have finally got to a hotel in the early hours of the evening, in need of a bath and a comfortable bed to lay down upon. By the time your head hits the pillow, you’d be out like a light.

Gladiolus would take a bit longer to get to bed, the adrenaline rush that accompanied battles not quite having worn of yet (that, and the fact he’d still be a tad bitter about how everyone had denied his suggestion of going camping). But when he finally does gingerly attempt to get into bed beside you, he’d watch in horror as you turn over, small noises escaping your lips. He’d be surprised entirely when it’s his name you’re muttering amongst the cavern of sleep that surrounds you, he can’t help but smile. And would continue to smile right up until he falls asleep, because you’re just too darn cute for your own good, in all honesty.


WIth Ignis, you certainly wouldn’t intend to fall asleep—it would just happen; you’d be spending time together in silence as he reads a book and you lay down on the sofa, the perfect upside down view of him on display as you would lazily cast your gaze about the room. Until, suddenly, you find your eyelids drooping and sleep coming your way.

At first, he wouldn’t notice at all, completely content with his literature. But that’s until he spares a single glance in your direction and notes the fact that you’ve fallen away into a gentle slumber. He’d pay it no heed, deciding to once more return to his book and its fascinating plot line. But then you’d start mumbling something, which he can’t quite make out—oh. That’s his name. 

The smile that would light up Ignis’ face would be oddly dazzling as he listens to the way your velvety voice rings out despite the sleepiness tacked onto the sound in its rivulets of exhaustion. He’d decide to keep the knowledge of this single occurrence to himself, finding solace in the completely soft and captivating way you’d spoken.


Prompto would have taken you out for a whole day just to see the tourist attractions of the city you’d decided to visit. He’d spent practically twelve hours hanging off of your arm and pointing out different things, taking pictures as he usually would (you’d dreaded to think how many must have been of you).

Nonetheless, by the time you get back to your hotel, your feet ache, your stomach is full of the food you’d just had at a restaurant, and your arms are full of bags that you’d refused to let Prompto hold despite his constant offers. There is nothing you’d have liked more than sleep at that moment. And so, without so much as an enquiry sent Prompto’s way, you get changed into your nightshirt and get into bed. The boyfriend in question would spare just a second to look forlornly in your direction before settling in a chair and busying himself with going through the photos he’d taken during the day. 

He must have pent a good forty minutes absorbed in staring at that camera, because by the time he remembered to check on you and make sure you were comfortable, you had fallen asleep. After leaning down, Prompto pressed a soft kiss to your forehead before moving to stand back up. It’s within that moment that you’d opened your mouth to speak, a drowsy lilt to your slumber-cloaked voice. “Prompto,” You’d whispered, forcing a rush of heat to dash straight to his cheeks as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He would have wished to capture that event within a photo, but alas, he understood that the memory of such a lovely thing would have to be enough.

anonymous asked:

what would each of the chocobros' reaction be to their s/o applying makeup on them in their sleep?


  • He wakes up long after the damage is already done
  • Lopsided winged eyeliner, cherry red lipstick, the works
  • Of course he doesn’t even notice any of it until halfway through the day, when Prompto can’t even look him in the eyes without laughing and you refuse to let him kiss you
  • “What’s going on? Did I do something?”
  • “No Noct you just….. have something…… on your face…….”
  • So he goes to wipe his face and just smears his lipstick right across his cheeks
  • Makes you help him take it off immediately
  • “I can’t believe you let me go in public like this”
  • “I trusted you”
  • “Noct, it was just some makeup”
  • Gladio tells him he was a pretty girl
  • “Damn right I was”
  • “Highness, it was a good shade of red for you. I believe that Y/N truly had your best interests in mind”
  • wtf Ignis you can’t take their side”
  • He vows to never fall asleep near you again
  • You’re sleeping together again within the week

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Final Fantasy XV Drabbles

Read under the tab. ❤ (update 10/14/2018)

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* - headcanon
** - drabbles
*** - scenarios/fanfics

Noctis Lucis Caelum

“can I kiss you?” ***
proposing to his s/o ***
s/o is former member of the ‘Glaive ***
s/o is a single mother ***
“I can go the distance” ***
“they don’t got a lot to say but there’s something about them” ***
s/o is scared to go to the dentist ***
“reindeer are better than people” ***
s/o asks noctis to be child’s step-father ***
awkward teen!noctis ***
he always comes over to reader’s stall ***
dating in the 1950s **
appreciation post for noctis’s hands ***
how he texts **
lingerie preferences  **
s/o is a mermaid ***
what chores does he hate? **
favorite song to see s/o dance to  **
s/o’s daughter calls them daddy for the first time  *
favorite pick-up line **
s/o is a pop singer **
drunk karaoke **
s/o has a daughter from a previous relationship  **
helping s/o to cope  **
getting s/o to move in with them *
s/o goes too far during argument *
specific thing s/o loves about him ***
taking care of a sick s/o *
pet name for s/o **
what he looks for in an s/o **
if he were turned into a dog **
favorite alcoholic drink **
post-banging headcanons *
checking out s/o’s jiggle physics ***
wheelchair bound s/o *
does he send nudes? ** (nsfw)
reaction to lap dance ** (nsfw)
reaction to male s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
reaction to female s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
song he would fuck to ** (nsfw)
how he pleasures himself ** (nsfw)

Prompto Argentum

can we pretend I didn’t say that?” ***
I don’t wanna get hurt” ***
proposing to his s/o ***
s/o is former member of the ‘Glaive ***
“hold your breath it gets better” ***
“must there be a secret me I’m forced to hide” / “I cannot hide who I am though I’ve tried” ***
“hey [Name] not in front of the kids!” ***
“you’re my only friend [Name]” ***
“check the grin you’re in love” ***
“I wanna be like you” ***
sunburn sufferin’ ***
s/o finds him on journey in niflheim ***
dating in the 1950s **
how he texts **
lingerie preferences **
what chores does he hate? **
he’s a stay at home dad *
favorite song to see s/o dance to **
s/o’s daughter calls them daddy for the first time *
favorite pick-up line **
s/o is a pop singer **
drunk karaoke **
s/o has a daughter from a previous relationship  **
helping s/o to cope  **
getting s/o to move in with them *
s/o goes too far during argument *
specific thing s/o loves about him ***
general sfw/nsfw headcanons
s/o gives birth to their child ***
fluffy headcanons *
s/o constantly doesn’t feel well *
s/o use to self harm *
s/o verbally abused by father *
s/o has pet rats *
taking care of a sick s/o *
pet name for s/o **
what he looks for in an s/o **
if he were turned into a dog **
favorite alcoholic drink **
post-banging headcanons *
checking out s/o’s jiggle physics ***
wheelchair bound s/o *
soft kisses *** (nsfw)
you are loved *** (nsfw
does he send nudes? ** (nsfw)
reaction to lap dance ** (nsfw)
reaction to male s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
reaction to female s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
song he would fuck to ** (nsfw)
s/o is into calling him daddy * (nsfw)
how he pleasures himself ** (nsfw)

Gladiolus Amicitia

s/o is Cor’s daughter ***
it’s not the same is it? ***
“everytime I try to move on you’re right there” ***
“go ahead, make your choice” ***  
proposing to his s/o  ***  
s/o is former member of the ‘Glaive  ***  
dating in the 1950s **
how he texts **
lingerie preferences **
I didn’t mean to ***
what chores does he hate? **
favorite song to see s/o dance to **
s/o’s daughter calls them daddy for the first time **
favorite pick-up line **
s/o is a pop singer  **
drunk karaoke **
s/o has a daughter from a previous relationship  **
helping s/o to cope  **
getting s/o to move in with them *
s/o goes too far during argument *
specific thing s/o loves about him ***
leggings & oversized shirts ***
only uses name during emotionally charged moments *
being soft with his s/o *
taking care of a sick s/o *
pet name for s/o **
what he looks for in an s/o **
if he were turned into a dog **
favorite alcoholic drink **
post-banging headcanons *
checking out s/o’s jiggle physics ***
wheelchair bound s/o *
1, 2, 3, 4 *** (nsfw
books and sunsets *** (nsfw)
s/o gives him a lap dance *** (nsfw)
does he send nudes? ** (nsfw)
reaction to male s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
reaction to female s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
song he would fuck to ** (nsfw)
if he and his s/o were sexually incompatible * (nsfw)
how he pleasures himself ** (nsfw)

Ignis Scientia

“I think I love you” ***
proposing to his s/o  ***
s/o is former member of the ‘Glaive  ***
Pride & Prejudice AU  ***
dealing with choosing noctis over s/o  ***
dating in the 1950s **
how he texts  **
lingerie preferences  **
what chores does he hate? **
cooking together ***
s/o is an artist ***
favorite song to see s/o dance to **
s/o’s daughter calls them daddy for the first time **
favorite pick-up line **
general sfw/nsfw headcanons *
s/o is a pop singer **
drunk karaoke **
s/o has a daughter from a previous relationship  **
helping s/o to cope  **
getting s/o to move in with them *
s/o goes too far during argument *
specific thing s/o loves about him ***
taking care of a sick s/o *
pet name for s/o **
what he looks for in an s/o **
if he were turned into a dog **
favorite alcoholic drink **
post-banging headcanons *
checking out s/o’s jiggle physics ***
wheelchair bound s/o *
does he send nudes? ** (nsfw)
reaction to lap dance ** (nsfw)
reaction to male s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
reaction to female s/o masturbating ** (nsfw)
song he would fuck to ** (nsfw)
how he pleasures himself ** (nsfw

Cor Leonis

finding out his s/o has a daughter  **
reaction to lap dance ** (nsfw)

Nyx Ulric

s/o’s son calls him daddy for the first time  **
reaction to lap dance ** (nsfw)

Ardyn Izunia

“have you ever been in love?” ***

Cindy Aurum

someday darlin’ ***


reader runs away *

A journey to redamancy

chapter 1
chapter 2

updated 8/8/17

anonymous asked:

List all the noises the Chocobros make during their intimate moments.

Ah I hope that this is okay, I couldn’t really think of much because I’ve only dated one person before.

I also only wrote one noise, sorry if you meant sex, if you meant sex I’ll make a thing for that too. Just remind me I’m forgetful.


Noctis is the type who hums when kissing his s/o. Not humming as in repeating a melody. It’s a little noise that escapes him whenever he’s kissing. It usually comes out when his s/o gives him a quick peck on the lips, and it’s a noise in content, that shows his love that he’s feeling and that he’s trying to convey.

Prompto is the type of person who squeals when they’re hugged in the right way. No not a quick side hug, but when you’re pulled into a tight, long hug, and before you pull away the person hugging you lightly squeezes you. He makes the noises a lot, especially when his s/o pulls him into a tight hug and squeezes for a few seconds.

Gladio is the type of guy who lets out rumbles of laughs when he’s tickling his s/o. This guy laughs so damn hard he shakes the bed. His laughs range in pitches depending on if he’s being tickled or if he’s tickling, not that’s he’s easy to tickle. He’s definitely a PDA/affectionate type and he definitely won’t be quiet as they’re both giggling.

When Ignis’s s/o smooths his hair, he can’t help but make a noise akin to purring. Playing with his hair is a very intimate notion, one that he prefers happens beyond closed doors. As his s/o runs his fingers through his locks it will take every ounce of concentration he has to stop himself from falling asleep.

Just travelling with the FFXV boyz things (Pt. 2):

[battle version!]

(read part 1 here)

Originally posted by thelimefactory

  • Intense concern for the mental faculties of these young men because YOU ARE MEANT TO KEEP THE PRINCE ALIVE WHY DO THEY ALL LOOK SO EXCITED TO TAKE ON THAT THING WHICH IS THREE OR MORE TIMES THE SIZE OF ALL OF YOU ALL PUT TOGETHER. Perhaps the stress of  this journey finally taken it’s toll. Eventually you just learn to roll with it because somehow things always end up okay in the end.

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anonymous asked:

While at a hotel the Chocobros and their girlfriends get into a bad argument, the guys say something they regret from anger (like "I don't need you anymore" something angsty as hail) and when their S.O's sneak out of the hotel during the night, the guys freak out? Your blog is awesome by the way

Thank you so much! <3 Things said out of anger can ruin relationships all the time. This is both a fun and unique prompt that I looked very forward to writing.



Noctis dug his fingers in his hair, it had been 4 hours, 4 hours ago, he had yelled at you, over something so stupid.

“Just leave me the hell alone, since I’m not good enough for you, why don’t you just leave.”

The look of hurt, betrayal and sadness that crossed your face, only for you to stand up straight. Staring the man in the eye,

“All right, fine.”

Had he not been so upset, the Prince wouldn’t now be sleeping on the far side of the bed, rolling over to look to you. Maybe he could apologize in the dead of night, and it would help his mind to rest just a little. Only to realize that you weren’t there! Yet he felt you get in the bed.

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Chocobro’s Scenario's

The boys can’t stop touching their S/O.


  • Noctis would come home after a morning of training with Gladio.
  • Tired and exhausted, they would plop down on the couch and call out to their s/o to see if they’re home.
  • When he gets no answer, he wanders to their shared bedroom and lays on the bed with the intent to take a nap.
  • That’s when their s/o comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower.
  • Noctis turns over, giving them a small smile in greeting as they come over to the bed and give him a chaste kiss to the lips before going to the closet to change.
  • When they come back, Noctis is sitting up on his elbows, watching them.
  • His s/o comes over and crawls next to them in bed, kisses them, then he sits up, laying their head in his lap as he absently plays with their wet hair.
  • They look up at him, noticing he looks tired and suggests they nap, but he shakes his head and continues to play with their hair.
  • As well as drawing little patterns on their collar bones and shoulders, revealed by their sleeveless shirt.
  • His s/o just revels in his small touches, wondering why he’s being so affectionate and choosing to do that instead of take a nap, his favorite past time.
  • They choose not to question it and close their eyes, relaxing at his touch.
  • Not to long later, Noctis does choose to take a nap, but not before pulling his s/o as close as he can and snuggling up with them before they both fall asleep.


  • The boys had just made it to Lestallum, it was later in the early afternoon and made their way to Talcott’s hotel.
  • Noctis decided to take a small nap, while Ignis choose to go to a nearby store and pick up a few thing, and Prompto wandered off, with the passing words that he would go take some pictures around town.
  • Gladio chose to stay in the hotel along with Noctis, going out on a balcony that accompanied their room and pulled out his book to read, waiting for his s/o that promised him a visit when him and the boys arrived.
  • He got a text from his s/o. “Hey, I just got to the hotel, where are you?”
  • He texted them back with, “I’m upstairs in room 110, the doors open for you babe.”
  • He waited the short time for them to come upstairs and when they do, he hears the door open and little shuffling sounds that he can easily tell is his s/o trying to sneak around the bed to avoid waking Noctis.
  • Gladio chuckles to himself before setting his book down and turning around in the chair he was in, to look right at his s/o as they walk onto the balcony, smiling brightly as they see him.
  • He extends his hand out to them, which they gladly take before Gladio pulls them towards him, moving his hands to their hips and pulling them into his lap.
  • His s/o chuckles but turns sideways on his lap so they can still see him as he tilts his head up to give them a kiss.
  • Gladio quickly deepens the kiss before just as quickly pulling away, choosing to wrap his arms around his s/o and rest his chin on their shoulder.
  • They then sit there, trading recent stories back and forth, having been apart for a while now, all the while Gladio is running his hands up and down their arms.
  • And moving his hand to their back to rub gentle circles along their spine.
  • And then moving his other hand to the top of their thigh and running his fingers up and down the length of it absently.
  • His s/o then trails off in favor of savoring the feeling of his gentle touches, Gladio just smiling happily, watching them relax in his arm.
  • After a few minutes in silence, they speak up and ask Gladio why he was being so affectionate today.
  • To which he only answered that it was because he missed them after being apart for quite a while.
  • But really, he just couldn’t get enough of touching his s/o, and showing his love in such a gentle way.


  • A day at the beach!
  • Prompto, his s/o, and the rest of the chocobro’s decide it’s as best a time as any to take a day off and go to the beach in Galdin Quay.
  • Noticing that people were staring at his gorgeous s/o from the minute they got there, he decided it was time for a distraction.
  • He drags his s/o to the water first, grabbing their hand and walking into the water.
  • His s/o smiles as they watch Prompto doing funny swimming maneuvers in the water, making ridiculous puns about him being a fish.
  • The both of them laugh and he gives her a quick kiss, enjoying their time swimming in the water together while the other chocobro’s do their own thing.
  • That’s when Prompto starts a splash fight.
  • It’s on.
  • His s/o retaliates his splashes with their own before Prompto dives in the water and grabs their waist to drag them under with him.
  • Once he resurfaces, they look around to see where his s/o is and notices they haven’t come up yet.
  • Worried, he looks all around, fails to see them and starts to panic.
  • That’s until they pop up behind him, wrapping their arms around his shoulders and say boo in his ear.
  • Prompto jumps and blushes embarrassed that his s/o managed to surprise him, and suggests they get out of the water to sit on the rock near by and relax after their play fight.
  • They agree and Prompto takes their hand, grabbing a towel and leads them to the rock, helping them climb up first before going up himself and sitting behind them.
  • He wraps his arms around them, as his s/o snuggles closer and they watch the other people on the beaches around them.
  • Prompto takes the towel and slowly dries off his s/o’s arms, then legs, then belly and they complain that it tickles.
  • He sets the towel and snuggles his face in the crook of their neck before whispering something to his s/o.
  • When they ask what he says, having not heard his muffled words, he replies with, “You look super cute in that swimsuit, and I wanted you for myself, away from everyone’s eyes. So stay here with me?”
  • They couldn’t say no.


  • Ignis had a full day of working for the crown in the capital city while his s/o had a full day of working at their job as well.
  • He came back to their shared apartment before them and got started on dinner.
  • When his s/o came home, exhausted and sore, they hear noise in the kitchen and make their way to see what’s going on.
  • An immediate smile graces their face at the site of a tired Ignis making them dinner.
  • His s/o walks right over to him and hugs him from behind, a bright smile on their face as they kiss his shoulder.
  • “Aren’t you tired? You had a long day at work too I assume, you don’t have to make dinner too, we can order out.”
  • “Don’t worry, I could never be too exhausted to refrain from making my love dinner.”
  • “You amaze me everyday Ignis.”
  • He smiles and continues cooking, telling them to go take a quick shower to relax and he’ll be done with dinner when they’re done.
  • And that he is.
  • They both eat his delicious meal he made for them and talk about their day.
  • After dinner, both sharing the dishes responsibility, they head to the living room to watch a light hearted movie together and relax.
  • Ignis lets his s/o stretch out, with their feet in his lap as he gives them a foot massage.
  • His s/o insists to give him a massage as well but he refuses, saying he wants to pamper his love.
  • They shake their head but accept anyway, before snuggling into his side.
  • Ignis spends the remainder of the movie giving his s/o little kisses, and running his fingers up and down their arms and side.
  • They eventually both fall asleep, with Ignis’s head resting on their shoulder and his arms wrapped tightly around them.


  • Despite owning the grand title of “Prince of Lucis”, he is no stranger to jealousy, and falls victim to it more often than he’d like to admit. Not that he has to outwardly proclaim he is jealous, you can tell at first glance. The pout plastered over his features and crossed arms, usually a show of his brattier side, is a dead give away of his true feelings. Noctis is a firm believer of “live and let live”, as well as valuing personal space and knows that everyone needs their distance, yet fails to follow through the motto when his arms end up around your waist and his chest pressed against your back. The perfect spot to glare at his so called “competition”. It is far less threatening than he would like, instead coming across as the neediest little frown.
  • Not that it’s unwelcome to you, he becomes twice as affectionate than normal, even after the person is long gone so it’s nice to take up the occasion of a needy Prince. Personally he finds himself a bit clingy, worried certain boundaries are overstepped once his rational thoughts catch up,  but after multiple assurances from your end he won’t let go till you yourself ask him to stop.
  • Noctis doesn’t truly know where the spouts of jealousy come from, especially when someone manages to grab your attention where it was previously all on him. Insecurities of sorts are at play, even if entirely unknown by him. The prince finds himself worrying somewhere along the line, things will mess up one way or another, all because he can’t seem to figure out how to go by certain interactions. Patience is very much limited, as well as something he feels you need whenever he doesn’t quite know how to go by something, and he is grateful for the care and understanding you seem to pamper him with.


  • He claims to have no outward way of showing his jealousy, entirely self aware of the feeling and how silly it could be. You trust him, he trusts you, and loyalty was established from the very beginning of the relationship, so why should he be worried? Still he can be seen just so subtly puffing out his chest and crossing his arms, mistaking his tension for another show of “accidental” flexing. Though he does like to get a word somewhere later, some form of polite reminder to that person you two are very much in love and not interested in hookups. Again, politely. Clarus taught him better than to cause a scene.
  • His confidence helps keep the jealousy at bay, but he does have his rare occasions where he feels that little bit of jealousy. Those moments where you end up oblivious to someone else flirting with you, laughing at their jokes, he will feel that undeniable pang in his chest that urges him to calmly walk up and whisk you away. There can only be one person in this town who can make you laugh, and by the Gods will he make sure it is him first and foremost.
  • Not to say he doesn’t have any insecurities. Despite the nigh overwhelming aura of confidence, those little thoughts of self-doubt never fail to break through that shell. The fear of not being good enough always plagues him, be it stemming from his job or relationship. After all, what good is a shield if he is not strong enough? Isn’t the same ideal present in a relationship? Any and all assurances are welcome, whether the slightest smile when you lock eyes, or clinging onto him like an oversized teddy bear, he will appreciate it and give back to you tenfold.


  • This poor boy is one walking anxiety, and is quick to make jealous. Someone that’s not him? Chatting you up? Throwing flirts your way? It simply does not compute with him. He embodies the form of a question mark, not quite sure where to place himself. A few compliments thrown your way are fine (and fully agreed with), but sometimes when they start piling up from the same person he can’t help but get pouty.
  • It is blatant through his whines, acting like a kicked puppy. He would even say he is one, kicked right in the heart, clutching the fabric of his shirt at his chest. A cheeky little dramatic show, yet cute from the way his eyes truly resemble that of a desperate little puppy. By nature he loves to cling to you, and this matter is no different. Hands wandering wherever they can to hold you close, resting his chin on top of either shoulder or head, whichever your height makes most convenient.
  • Prompto is made entirely of stress and anxiety as his biggest driving force. In the lowest of times he is one big insecurity over something so simple as him existing. He despises his lonely past, and the possibility that one day he might fall back to the deafening silence of solitude in his home is perhaps one of his biggest fears. The  very thought of you one day deciding to break off any and all contact, leaving him back in his lonesome plays the biggest part in his spouts of jealousy.
  • If you give this man a simple hug and “I love you” every negative thought will melt away instantly and bring out his playful mood. If you’re smiling, he will most definitely be smiling.


  • As someone who ends up choosing work over his personal life more often than not, he deems himself unworthy to feel such a silly thing like jealousy. How could he have the right to it when you’re left in your shared flat to your own devices with him absent till late hours of the night? Still, he cannot help but clench his fists whenever someone garners your attention more than he’d like. The fear is always there, no matter how much you assure him of your love, how he is more than enough, Ignis Scientia will always worry you will grow tired of his constant absence and find someone else who will give you the love and devotion you deserve. Not that he would voice those anxieties, not from distrust but from his own stubbornness.
  • He deems his demeanour nothing but stoic and composed whenever someone grabs your attention away from him, yet he seems oblivious to the glare locked in his eyes and lips ever so slightly curled into a small pout. At best he seems disgruntled, at worst his eyes cast curses sharper than his daggers.Any show of physical affection in public is so rare with Ignis, you can’t help but wonder when his hand wounds up around your waist, fingers digging into your clothes, urging you to bring yourself flush against him. Words of endearment are just as rare, so the sudden abundance of them as he addresses you is just as much of a shock, leaving only one logical conclusion for you. He is jealous.
  • Bring it up in public and he will deny it. “You are your own person, who am I to tell you who you can and cannot talk to?” Though if he could, as horrible as the thought is, he would love to have your undivided attention, especially when your time together is already limited. In private it is always just two words. “Maybe so.”
  • Assurance will go a long way for him, especially in the form of shows of affection here and there. Running your hands through his hair, whispering I love you right before a chaste kiss on the cheek goes a long way. The cure to the storm in both heart and mind.


  • She is an amalgamation of entirely confident, yet incredibly pouty and riddled with some stray insecurities endlessly prodding at her thoughts. Seeing you off talking and laughing with other people is fine, socialisation is part of being human, she should know and the both of you are your own person. But at the same time you are hers so why aren’t you in her arms this is a crime, please look this way let me see your smile. It is her greatest treasure, after all.
  • Lunafreya fails at masking her jealousy, the undeniable hints lying in her pout and glare through squinted eyes at whoever she deems to be too friendly with you. Yet her words remain as eloquent and kind as ever, a complete stranger to malice. No matter how stern it is, how can you find that pout anything but adorable and smile like a fool? That is precisely what eases those anxieties plaguing Luna and she instead becomes a blubbering mess.
  • Her jealousy stems from a far worse devil - the knowledge that her time is limited on Eos, with every little second is just that precious, and as unhealthy as it sounds to her, she clings onto it like every day is her last. The more time spent with you, the happier she is.  At heart, she wants you to have as many good memories with her to look back for the years to come once she’s gone, and in return  truly live her life to the fullest in your presence. The burdens of an Oracle are heavy indeed, and even a minute with you lifts the heavy weight off her shoulders.
  • Even but a kiss is enough to have her snap out of the jealousy. So is a hug, or a grin her way, even a silly little pet name she adores. Her heart is far too kind to cling to malice, more so when you are involved.


  • “Ravus, are you jealous?”
  • He is offended at the thought, of him, High Commander of the Niflheim army, and former Prince of Tenebrae, jealous over some irrelevant little -
  • Yes. Very much so. His offence doesn’t come from just false accusations, but rather because it is true. You are among the little things he has left that bring him genuine joy, and every day he fears one way or another he will lose you like everything else. It is a vulnerability he doesn’t want any of the vultures from the army knowing, lest they use it against him in the worst way imaginable. This is a sort of secret he feels both ashamed of but trusts you most with to keep without putting him down for the fears. He will voice his doubt to you, praying you hope you understand the inner turmoil of his.
  • Ravus makes it too obvious towards his jealousy whenever anyone else manages to get a laugh out of you, or brush a hand against yours whether a genuine accident or not. While he is unaware, the glare that overtakes his eyes and the brows pulled into a frown is hard to ignore. A death threat painted over his features without even having to speak the words. Everything about his posture is strained, down from his jaw firmly clenched keeping back any vile spats to throw the persons way or the tension thick as tar in his voice.
  • There are many ways to reassure him, whether the dreaded (yet secretly loved) hair ruffle whenever you can actually reach that far up, or taking the magitek prosthetic and entwining your fingers with the metal ones, a silent assurance that he is still very much human in your eyes, and is loved regardless. Not that he knows how to exactly convey the same thing, after all this is the same man who panicked and said “Thank you” when you told him you love him.


  • He knows well how to hide his emotions when he feels fit, and jealousy falls right under that category but he simply doesn’t try hiding it. He will be incredibly petty about it, letting everyone in the nearest ten mile radius know that you are with him and anyone to attempts to intervene with that will be involved in an “accident”.
  • He classes his reasoning over jealousy not as petty however. A simple one, really. He is immortal and you are… well… not. Unlike him you don’t have the luxury of having quite literally all the time in the world, and every day is just ticking closer to your death and he is well aware to that. If not too aware. He intends to spend every waking second with you, sometimes whether you like it or not you will be stuck with his overwhelming presence, turned down a notch only by your request. Anyone who thinks themselves worthy to take that little bit of joy away from him infuriate him to no end.
  • Not that he tells you this, after all who would believe him if he were to say he is Ardyn Lucis Caelum, alive and most definitely not well after two thousand years. The only proof he has is his (stolen) royal arms and he would rather keep those a secret, even from you. Instead what he falsely admits to is simply pinning it down to his age. What if you find some young lad to suit your liking? So many others in the army to woo you need fending off before they get any ideas with such a proper lady like yourself. Or so he says.
  • Reassure him all you want, by the time you get to it all of Eos knows who’s courting you. Depending on his mood, either from the marks deliberately littered where your clothes don’t cover, or a simple, dramatic speech intended for all of Eos to hear. Despite the many loving words he manages to string in together, he somehow has a knack for making it sound ominous without context to whoever he is lecturing.

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Congrats on your blog! How about a headcanon of the chocobros seeing their female significant other all dolled up (in dresses, make-up, high heels) for the first time? Thanks!

ahhhhh thank you so much! I’m so excited to get going on requests, it’s unreal.

This is actually my first time writing headcanons, so I hope it’s okay! Enjoy!


  • When you walk into his line of sight, Noctis has no idea what to do with himself
  • He just freezes
  • Everything you do is in slow motion. He tracks the curve of your lips and the swing of your dress as you walk like it could be the last thing he’ll ever see
  • “Noct, you’re staring”
  • He knows
  • He doesn’t care
  • As crown prince, this boy has been surrounded by pretty girls for as long as he can remember, but you?
  • When it came to beauty, no other woman could even come close
  • When he finally snapped out of his trance, he’d reach for you immediately, like he was snatching up a prized jewel
  • “I still can’t believe I convinced the most beautiful girl in Lucis to be my queen. I love you, Y/N.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi angel ur blog is my haven ive read thru all your posts and it all so beautiful! *ugly shrieking* can i ask for the boys s/o turned into a child? Imagine them dealing with her raucous and mischief omgee 😆😆

Oh, you call me an Angel.  (❁´▽`❁) Thank you for stopping by, love, The boys can’t even take care of themselves, let’s just throw a baby in there for the hell of it!


“Y/N! Are you okay!”

The purple smoke begun to clear the battlefield, fighting against a new form of deamon who seemed to make it’s mission to go after you, and you alone.  Only to toss something in your direction, before leaving.


All four men crowded around the spot that you were last seen, only to stare in shock at the child sitting there in your clothes, no  more than 2 years old.





“Because you love her.” Noctis found himself repeating to himself, possibly for the tenth time in the last hour. He only had to suffer through 3 more hours of your 24 hours curse before he had back his girlfriend, rather than this deamon spawn you had become.

When you had first turned, the five of you all climbed into the car, you sitting between himself and Gladiolus as you normally did. Noctis’s arm wrapped tightly around your small waist to ensure you didn’t go flying should Ignis suddenly break. The Prince begun to doze off slightly, only to feel you climb into his lap.

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Chocobro Relationship Headcanons:

Prompto Argentum–

Fem!Reader, SFW.

Originally posted by incendio

  • Meeting Prompto is low key the best thing that ever happened to you.
  • Even if it was kind of a mess.
  • It’s a blind date that does it. Your friends set the two of you up at a diner in the city, and he is such a bouncy, sputtering nerd from the very moment you introduce yourself.
  • He can barely look you in the eyes without the fear of just screaming compliments at you because what the hell how are you so pretty and how is he actually on a date with you right now where did Noct even find you?
  • And you aren’t much better.
  • The second you see him standing there with that crooked grin and those big, blue eyes your brain short circuits and cheesy, 80s love songs start playing on a loop.
  • You’re pretty sure that within the amount of time to takes for your order to get to the table, you drink double your weight in ice water.
  • Like, you’re so nervous that your hands are practically vibrating, and naturally water dribbles all over you at least twice. Which makes him choke on his tongue and throw an insane amount of napkins in your direction like it will help.
  • Poor boy can’t stop staring into his cup as if it’s giving him advice on how to not screw this date up.
  • He does not. Because despite the awkward start, the two of you somehow, someway power through it and agree wholeheartedly to a second date. And a third. And so on.
  • Eventually all of the nerves that comes with a new relationship leave you both, but for the better part of six months he still turns a pretty shade of pink any time you look at him. Prom just can’t get over it. You are really so, so beautiful and he can’t help it.
  • He does try to hide it, often turning his chin down to burn a hole into a spot on the ground as you grin at him and continue with whatever you are saying.
  • Admittedly, you are just a little evil about it.
  • Sometimes you stroke a single fingertip down the warm skin of his cheek as you speak, just to see it darken in color. It’s pretty fascinating.
  • You’ve started a game with yourself where you count how many ways you can get him to blush. You’re currently at 143 (and still counting).
  • One of your favorite ways to get him all flustered is by giving him kisses on the nose. It makes him giggle, high pitched and shaky as he turns strawberry pink all the way to the tips of his ears.
  • Being this close to him has many perks.
  • From this proximity you can memorize every single freckle, every pale lash that rests against the softness of his cheeks, and the curve of his lips beneath his scrunched up nose.
  • You commit to memory every tiny detail of him and catalogue it in your brain under the never ending list of things you love about him. And, then you’re making out with him because who can blame you.
  • You are absolutely obsessed with them, and you make it known like ten times a day.
  • It usually starts when you’re cuddling. Prompto will be sprawled out on the bed with you, nuzzled into the front of your shirt and voice muffled as you talk about your day and such.
  • You don’t know how it happens, but you always end up starting at his shoulders, counting out each little freckle one by one.
  • At this point, he knows you’re going to start before you do, and often times you can feel him shaking with laughter against your chest. It absolutely does not stop you when he teases you about it, and it never will.
  • Every ten or so are punctuated with a press of your lips to whatever part of him you can reach, and you don’t cease until one of you falls asleep or you lose count all together.
  • One day he shows up to Noctis’s place with a face full of tiny, drawn-in constellations. It didn’t take much convincing for him to agree to let you play connect the dots with one of your felt tipped eyeliner pens.
  • You were so cute, tongue sticking out as you concentrated on getting the lines straight and stopping each time you finished one to explain the meaning behind it.
  • He totally teared up when he had to wash it off before bed that night. Not that he’d ever admit to it.
  • Prompto is extremely supportive of anything you do, especially if it will make you happy. Sometimes to the extent of annoying his friends by going on about this awesome new thing you’re up to.
  • “Noct! Did you see this pic of what Y/N made for dinner last night?”
  • You jealous that my girlfriend is a better cook than you, Iggy?”
  • “Prompto, it was just take out that I put on to a plate for you. You literally watched it happen.”
  • Remembers every anniversary and every important date, even makes up his own important dates and discreetly reminds you a couple days before hand bc he’s a good boy.
  • He is very thoughtful. The king of homemade gifts!!!! They are all so well made that at first you think he purchased them.
  • Your first anniversary was when he gave you a giant photo album full of pictures that he’d been taking in secret.
  • A lot of them were of you in various situations, of the places you’d been to together, or just of things that reminded him of you.
  • Every time you flipped to a page that had a selfie of him in it you screamed out loud about how handsome he is and how much you love seeing him.
  • He hid in the couch cushions, nervous laughing and smiling so hard that it made his cheeks ache.
  • This sweet little baby is so full of love for you that sometimes it physically hurts.
  • But like any other human being, Prom’s not always 100% sunshine and rainbows.
  • He’s too nice, too sweet, and too scared to ruin your mood so a lot of the time he just won’t tell you if something is wrong.
  • His feelings will eat away at him until it gets so bad that you have to pry it from him, wrapping every limb around his frame and not letting go until he tells you what’s up.
  • It’s something the two of you are working on, and it’s becoming easier and easier for both of you– easier for you to catch the tiny hints that something’s wrong, and easier for him to talk to you about it, too.
  • Prompto always wants to be connected to you in some way. His hands are always grabbing for yours, and if there’s ever a situation where hand holding is somehow not okay his pinkie is still sneaking over.
  • He just wants to know you’re real and that you’re still with him sometimes.
  • A ball of energy that is constantly bouncing around, fidgeting, or rocking you from side to side if you’re near him.
  • This is accompanied by him humming little songs under his breath, soft and sweet against the shell of your ear.
  • You aren’t sure if he notices, honestly.
  • Gets cold so easily in the winter months!!! You had to purchase him several giant hoodies for Christmas last year because every single time he went to touch you his hands felt like ice cubes.
  • Will unzip the hoodie and make you get into it with him before zipping it back up.
  • Because he’s kind of a demon who can get whatever he wants from you just by pouting and calling you your favorite pet name.
  • Nicknames make him melt into a pile of mush! The dumber they sound, the better they are to him.
  • One time you called him “Little Spork” after a particularly good cuddle session and he laughed so hard that he fell out of bed.
  • You’ll do anything if it makes him happy. Well, pretty much anything.
  • You still refuse to let him take those special pictures of you, no matter how precious those begging eyes of his are.
  • It’s only a matter of time before you give in though, and he knows it.
  • So yeah, this boy will be the end of you honestly, and you wouldn’t have it any other damn way.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I saw that one request of the chocobros' S/O turns into a child and i it got me wondering if you know any HC or something between the line but of the chocobros turning into childs

I have been looking forward to this one! Like OMG, this is going to be so much fun. Makes me wish I could draw, so you could see what my mind sees for the boys as babu’s.

I shouldn’t have had as much fun as I did with the Noctis and Ignis ones.



You gasped, turning as you saw the smoke rush past you, then cover the being behind. You glanced down expecting to see yourself as a toad, or covered in slime, yet you were perfectly fine. It didn’t work on you, did the affiliation not work on females? Lucky you!

“Is he okay?”

You gave a groan, before slowly turning around, eyes widen at your boyfriend. Well your cute little pint sized boyfriend…

You heard yourself mutter, “Shiva have mercy on me.”



“Noctis, Noct, wake up sweetie.” You cooed, shaking the tiny Prince asleep besides you in one of your crop tops, curled to your chest, who you could only guess was maybe 4 at the very most. He had slept all night, but every book you had pulled out told you that you had another 32 hours of your boyfriend being stuck ‘chibi-fied’ as Prompto stated.

Those beautiful blue eyes popped open, as the little Prince looked to you laying beside him in the grand hotel bed. Only to squeeze close as he pushed the blankets over his head, letting out a whine. “No.”

“Come on baby.” You called, managing to pull him up the bed, actually rather easy considering when he went limp now, it was just like picking up your suitcase. “Let’s get you washed up.”

“Still a lump in the morning.” Prompto chuckled from the other side of the bed, attempting to get his hair into the typical ‘Chocobo’ style.

“Basically.” You giggled. Lucky for you, your Noctis was rather easy going, and mostly slept while you got him ready. “So squeaky clean, kisses.”

This always seemed to get Noctis perky as he bounced up placing his hands on your cheeks, as he pressed a kiss to your lips.

“Thank you, my Prince.” You’d coo.

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Scenario: Bad Day

You’ve had a really shitty day at work. The only

in the horizon is the text you got from your boyfriend, saying he will help himself inside your place and wait for you to come home.


Seeing you walk through the door with slumped shoulders and a scowl decorating your pretty face scares him. What happened? Are you okay? He is all over you, checking you for physical injuries his mind conjured up in overdrive. He won’t let it go before he hears what has happened.

When you tell him you just had a shitty day at work, he will feel bad for you, but also make it his personal goal for the day to make you feel better. Noctis is relieved to hear your state of mind is something he can help with.

He wheedles you until you allow yourself to be escorted into the bedroom. Then, the Needy Prince™ showers you with silly kisses, cuddling and tickling you until you elicit a smile and laugh because of his ministrations.


It’s hard to stay in bad mood when you’re in the same room with this sunshine child. He understands if you don’t want to dwell on it, but he is always ready to listen. He even encourages you to vent, if that’s what you need. Prompto might not be the best one to offer advice, but no one can surpass him as a shoulder to cry on.

Other than lending his ear, Prompto is ready and able to tear your mind off the shitty day. By whatever means necessary. Be it something sweet to eat, a walk outside or just a warm hug, he’s got you. Silly photoshoots and extemporaneous things to do are his strong suit. He is very persistent in coaxing any idea out of you that might make you feel better.


Just a simple question of “What’s wrong babe?” escapes him as soon as you walk into his field of vision. Trying to hide or downplay the fact that your day has been awful is no use - Gladio will pry the information about what happened from you.

He hugs you while you bury your face into his chest, and strokes your hair. When he feels you relax, he is ready to do anything to help your brighten up, you only need to ask.

Gladio is ready to go teach a lesson to anyone who makes you feel so shitty and you will end up trying to calm him down. However, he is quick to apologize for his reaction and strong words, but just knowing the extent of what he would do for you makes you feel better.


The moment you step inside your apartment, a delicious smell greets you. Of course Ignis would prepare a dinner to wait for you to come home. Seeing your frown makes him instantly abandon the cooking and come over to you. Any resulting burnt food is nowhere near as important as hearing you to tell him what’s causing you to sulk.

Ignis appreciates it if you’re willing to confide in him, but he understands if the issue is something you don’t wish to discuss anymore. Though he knows your work so well, that he can probably guess what’s got you under the weather.

After dinner, Ignis has you sit on a cushion on the floor and settles behind you on the couch. He massages your tight shoulders until you relax while talking about anything you’d like.


Nyx is actually sleeping soundly in your bed after a deployment when you come home. Your troubles seem miniscule next to the fact that he has come safely home, back to you, once more. But also just seeing him after a long time makes your heart lighter.

You quietly shed your working clothes and crawl into the bed next to him. Of course you cannot physically be so silent, that you wouldn’t wake up the hero of the Kingsglaive. Nyx stirs enough to open his arms and pulls you close. With his sleepy grunts and hoarse “Welcome home” in your ears, your shitty day gets much better.


Ravus definitely notices something is off when he lays his eyes on you. But, don’t expect him to start questioning what’s wrong. He is big on personal space, especially emotionally, and extends the same courtesy for you. He knows you’ll tell him if it’s something that concerns him or if you just need to talk.

He makes the effort of being more attentive to you until you feel better. The thing with Ravus is, he will gladly comfort you when you need it, but he won’t tout it, so you really can’t be shy about your needs. If you want something from him, you have to say it out loud.

Ravus can be really affectionate, when it is called for, but his forte in helping you to feel better is a comfortable silence.

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Omfg new cool FFXV writing blog yaaay <3 How about the boyband crushing hard on a female friend but they don't want to ruin the friendship. Or appear to be that guy who is in it for the booty. So they accidentally fess up in a normal conversation and she's stunned. Does she reject them or agree to take it slow? Up to you love <3

Okay so this request got me so excited that I think I’m going to do both outcomes?? like what I’m putting here is her accepting their feelings, but I totally plan to break these boys’ hearts in a separate post. I can’t help it. I gotta do both

Thanks for the wonderful request, anon! Enjoy some nervous chocobros!

(looooong post, guys. strap in)


He didn’t mean to tell you.

He was content with his feelings remaining a secret. He was happy with simply being in your presence, even if you were oblivious to the way his heart raced any time that you were near. If it meant that he could stay with you for a little while longer, he would be just friends for as long as possible.

Then he went and screwed it up, throwing a wrench in his plans with a few simple words.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

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how would the chocobois propose to their s/o?

So…I may have gotten a bit carried away with these lmao XD I hope you enjoy reading bb!



It had taken Prompto several weeks to finally be ready to propose to you.  It wasn’t so much the planning of it that had taken a while so much as it was the fact he had to go through each photo he had ever taken of you.  Prompto had always known that when the time came he would want to somehow use photography to propose to his significant other, he just never knew exactly how he’d want it to play out. But then the idea struck him.

The two of you had been friends since he was still a fat grade-schooler; in fact, you had been one of the few people to have been genuinely nice to him during those days.  You and Prompto had been inseparable and had remained by each other’s sides ever since.  Having to leave you behind during his journey to help Noctis had been one of the most painful things and when he’d finally returned he had asked you to go out with him.  “Just once,” he’d said.  Then that one date turned into a another, which turned into another, which turned into…well the point was, from that moment on the two of you had definitely been an official pair.  And it was actually you that had given him the idea on how to propose.  

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