Judging from Sora’s inability to use a computer in KH2, I have this headcanon that he is… just not tech-savvy at all. It takes a little time for him to hone his selfie-taking skills.  Maybe in Kingdom Hearts 3 he’ll have a good teacher… ;>

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💖💖💖 Hi! I love your writing so much! ur so good at drama and fluff and I would like to see if you're up for more. Just S/O gets hurt and the guys are freaking out bcuz they aren't sure if tehy'll live. 💖💖💖

Soooo this one you can decide if it’s an OT4 plus 1 or not. Cause I was like, yeah OT4 +1 but I’ve also done a lot of those lately, so maybe not…You know what Friendship!



You shrieked as you were tossed across the battlefield, slamming into the ground before you could recover from the throw. You rolled once then twice, before slamming into a boulder knocking the air out your lungs. That was going to be a pretty bad bruise.

“Get up, Y/N!” Gladiolus barked.

You wheezed, wanting to give him a snappy comeback, but you found yourself somersaulting out the way of a Magik Tek unit suddenly appearing before you, attempting to run you through with its bayonet. Shoving your lance backward and through it sternum, luckily these robots had the same makeup as people and a pierce through the sternum resulted in a fast, hopefully, painless death.

The battlefield as crazy as ever, an airship ambushed your group about fifteen minutes ago, and some god, maybe Shiva, was smiling on your group and you all had the upper hand. Adrenaline raced through your body, as you tried to cover the others, and at the same time reduce them from coming to your rescue. You couldn’t keep being the damsel in distress.

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Ardyn: My friend, do you recall the child who was stolen from this facility? I thought you might like to see the fine young man he’s become these twenty-odd years later.

I do find it… rather interesting… how Ardyn knows so much about Prompto. For all that he’s meant to be the villain of the game as a whole, he… certainly doesn’t act much of one for Prompto at all - at least, not if we see things from an outsider’s perspective.

Yes, Ardyn ensured that Verstael knew enough to create Magitek. But… as I said in a couple of other posts, it was Verstael himself who came up with the idea of using infants, and if anyone knows the long game to a perfect revenge, it’s Ardyn.

So I have to wonder - out of all the MTs we see in the game, all the hundreds upon thousands, do we really believe that Verstael would miss just one, even near the beginning of his research and development? I’d imagine it might be a frustration, something to be wary over due to the potential of information leakage, but… in the long run? By this time I sincerely believe that Verstael would have figured that nothing had come of the incident, and put it out of mind.

Yet here is Ardyn, well aware of who and what Prompto is, and… it’s not just the long game to revenge Ardyn gets. It’s the idea of family betraying you, the idea that family is capable of being absolute shit, and that sometimes, there’s just nothing to save in that relationship.

All his appearances in Episode Prompto did were to encourage my headcanon/theory that either Ardyn was the one to take Prompto out of that facility himself, or he’d made it possible for the one who had.

The phrase “I thought you’d like to see the fine young man he’s become in these past years” - to me at least - reads more like someone going “hey, you remember that kid? well, he’s here and he’s going to fuck your shit up. have a nice death- sorry, have a nice day.” Or, alternatively, something the hero themself would say when confronted with someone they really want to distance themself from, and take down.

And wouldn’t it just speak for itself, then, the way that Ardyn hums his own little victory fanfare at Prompto’s success? If it meant that for him, he’s just seen things go his way, even if Prompto believes he’s firmly the one to blame for it in the first place?

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Okay this outta fancy your tastes: What BNHA Quirks do you think the FF15 crewmembers would have if they were in the universe? Ignore noctis’s ability to summon weapons and technically teleport-warp...

Prompto would have Aoyama Yuga’s Quirk. Y’know, to be able to shoot a laser from his belly button. Which would explain why he’s always complaining about an upset stomach. Sometimes he would sneeze and the laser would send him flying.

Ignis would be that bird fucker. Ol’ Edgar Allen Poe lookin ass. Tokoyami Fumikage. I don’t know what his ability is but he makes me happy when I see him and his little bird face.

Noctis would be like Yaoyorozu Momo. He would create really ridiculous weapons because he’s a nerd. I guess he would almost be the same, only he’s making the weapons from his own body instead of storing them somewhere.

Gladio would have the same Quirk as Iida Tenya, and he would exploit the fuck out of it. He would run everywhere, and when he got to his destination he would proceed to run hands if need be.

Honestly, I’d love there to be some fic where Ardyn sort of… in rescuing baby Prompto from Verstael, ‘accidentally’ becomes Prompto’s foster parent or something.

Just… something that exists completely for the warm happy ending.

Where this is the reason Prompto’s parents are never home.

Where Ardyn finds out Prompto’s trying to make friends with Noctis (and succeeds) and just goes “Oh… oh no. Shit. Not in the plan.” Especially with Pyrna not liking Ardyn’s scent when she’s staying with Prompto!

Prompto mailing Ardyn with pictures just to say “hey look how much better I’m doing :D”

Ardyn being relieved that for the first time that Prompto’s friends with the new Chosen because that means Prompto’s going to be out of Insomnia for the signing.

Prompto meeting Ardyn at Galdin and being DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE DAD NOOOOO….. (though that might be more ‘internal panicking please don’t let Noct and the others find out this is who my dad is’ than anything.)

I honestly don’t know how the rest would go but it’d be a Good End AU somehow and there’d be no ‘Ardyn switches places with Prompto to get Noct to shove him off the moving train’ because this Ardyn would probably freak at the idea of his adoptive son getting shoved off a train let’s not do that thank you. 

Plus, Prompto would know where they are, and it’s more likely Ardyn just asks ‘hey kid d’you wanna go destroy home base huh do you do you’ than dumping him in the middle of nowhere to figure it out bit by bit.

It’d be a Prompto who’d know who and what he was for way longer because Ardyn wouldn’t keep that much from him (he probably would keep back the part he’d played, at least until much later on, when he couldn’t avoid it, though, because until Prompto befriends Noctis, those two things have nothing to do with each other), but Prompto would still have major anxiety over it, in some ways more, because of that. Because he worries that Noct and the others really would hate or distrust him if they found out. 

But of course, because it’s Noct and Ignis and Gladio, and because it’s a Good End AU, there’s no reason to worry in the end, none at all.

(And then they find out that Ardyn’s actually the original Founder King, and the original Chosen, and screw the rest of it Prompto’s freaking out over holy shit did I get adopted by a KING?!)

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Hey hey can I get just some cute random fluff with the bros having a female companion with them cheering up mopy Noctis by going around to all the bros to see who has the squishiest cheeks and eventually when she gets to Noct she declares him the winner and rewarding him with a bunch of cheek kisses (Prom low key gets jealous because once she said she'd kiss all his freckles but in the end she ends up in the middle of the two alternating cheek kisses and it's all just cute and soft and happy

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Fluff is going to be the death of me guys.

Tagging @birdsandivory  @idiotflowerex @blondeboys-givemechills and anyone who’s interested. 

  • If anyone needs smooches, it’s going to be Prompto or Noctis
  • Noctis pretends to not like it, but he totally does
  • Prompto has no shame in admitting he loves the kisses
  • and attention 
  • Noctis is secretly embarrassed by the attention
  • Gladio low key jealous but wont admit it
  • Ignis accepts anything that makes Noctis less grumpy
  • The bois gladly return the cheek kisses, sometimes kissing her cheeks at the same time
  • Prompto’s favorite kisses are the ones after battle, while Noctis’s are the ones he gets right before falling asleep