prompt: villain

Yeah, so I did a Nimona fanart sketch thing again. It’s fun designing characters that in their origin, are very simply drawn and so removed from my own visual taste. This time? The Director. 

I was catching up on Nimona and it struck me that the director is a bit flat as far as characters go, and I’m really interested in seeing if she gets some back story at all. I like to think she was once one of the orphan knights, and she hated it. She was called weak and fragile, but all she really wanted was to be a fine lady, to use her mind and wits for power. And so, unlike Ballister who has tried to take revenge from the outside through chaos, she made the system work for her. And now she can wear the fancy lady clothes she always wanted and boss around all the brawny folks.

Regardless of all this, I do think Noelle and I should start a “Drawings of girls with pink hair in fancy armor” club, because:

External image

More people draw pink-haired girls in fancy armor and let me know about it, please.