prompt: the battle of hogwarts

Things to remember

Augusta Longbottom showed up to the Battle of Hogwarts, ready to kick some ass.

Sybill Trelawney killed Fenrir Greyback with a crystal ball.

Grawp joined the fight.

Ron wanted to save the Hogwarts house-elves.


When the trio couldn’t conjure their patronuses, Luna, Seamus, and Ernie MacMillan saved them.

Dumbledore didn’t tell Harry about the Hallows because he was afraid Harry would make the same mistakes he did.

Kreacher joined the fight

The Malfoys were still there when the battle ended.

Harry used the Elder Wand to fix his own.

Let’s tell a story about Voldemort’s death, but it won’t be the story in which a green eyed boy comes back from the dead to defeat his enemy with his own wand. In this story, Harry dies and doesn’t come back. When Narcissa stands up, her tangled words are not a lie. The body Hagrid carries, trembling hands and shaky knees, his face wet with tears– does not wake up. Did he just give up, decide not to fight anymore? Or was he not given a choice this time?

Maybe he simply died, like that redheaded boy did just before him, his last laugh still schoing in the air. Because, in this story, death comes and strikes and opens wounds and leaves scars. In this story, death is not a privilege nor a punishment. And it is definitely not a choice.

But let’s get back to our story– Molly’s light still hits Bellatrix right in the chest, her laughter spinning around madly after her body falls to the ground. Neville still stands up, a defiant look in his eyes. He still cuts off the snake’s head. He’s still a hero. Even though he wouldn’t like being called that.

What about Ginny? She is finally facing the monster who whispered in her head, alive in her nightmares. That monster who killed her brother. That monster who killed Harry. That monster who tried to eat her from the inside, slowly stealing her life until she became a ghost. Well, you didn’t do a very good job. Would a ghost fight back? Because she fights– she shouts and hits and hurts and kills– because right now she’s made of rage and fury and desperation and she can’t hold it back anymore, so she explodes and blows up the world.

Ron is there too, and his best friend is dead and he is trying, so hard, to be good enough. And Hermione is crying, whispering spells that hit their targets with precission, her voice caught in sobbing but her hands steady with ruthlessness. Do you see that blond girl over there? She’s named after the brightest light in the night, and she’s the only thing that remains in all this madness.

In this story, there’s no trick and no decepcion. There’s not a triumphant return from the dead, there’s no wand refusing to kill its true owner because its true owner has already died.

In this story, there’s Neville stepping forward, straight shoulders. There’s Ginny standing by his side, tears running down her cheeks and fire in her eyes. There’s Ron, who has always been quite good at being a hero, even though he hasn’t realized that yet. There’s Hermione, who knew this could happen all those long nights when she couldn’t sleep back in the woods. There’s Luna, and she’s still believing; and Dean and Seamus, just behind her. There’s Parvati, and she’s not sure she’ll be able to cast a proper spell ever again. There’s George, and he is ready to try.

In this story, there are kids, and when a single curse comes out of their mouths and the whole world turns green for a second, none of them feel like one.

May 2, 1998, 19 years ago many lost their lives in the Battle of Hogwarts. From Fred Weasley to Remus Lupin these deaths had an impact on all of us as we cried along with the friends and family of all of them. They may be fictional, but they are so much more to us and have a special place in our hearts and we will never forget them. Everyone that died taught us to be brave, to always fight for what is right and to put others before yourself. They made us believe in magic and they made us have hope. Until the very end.

I love that the Harry Potter family don’t have a specific day they celebrate. There’s the battle of Hogwarts, September 1st, Halloween, Harry and Jo’s birthday and all of the other characters birthdays. It’s basically every canon date we know and I think it’s wonderful. 

Post-War Slytherins
  • Give me Slytherins who don’t know whether to feel like they won or lost.
  • Give me Slytherins who, either way, feel relieved that it’s finally over.
  • Give me Slytherins who cry when they realize that it’s not over, not completely, because people still don’t like them and still misjudge them.
  • Give me Slytherins who volunteer to help rebuild Hogwarts during the summer. There may be some who don’t want their help but they need all the help they can get, so the Slytherins are not turned away. 
  • Give me Slytherins who get an apology from Minerva McGonagall herself on the last day of rebuilding, for sending them away during the battle and for how people have treated them. 
  • Give me Slytherins who are told in that same talk that they are all invited to return to Hogwarts to finish their schooling.
  • Give me Slytherins who band together and decide to return to for an 8th year to finish their NEWTS, because they deserve to finish their education and they won’t allow others to decide if they will succeed.
  • Give me Slytherins who applaud fiercely for any new first years sorted into their house and after the feast, have a house meeting where they personally explain to the younger children what happened and the part they had in it, so that the children can trust them and know the truth. 
  • Give me Slytherins who stand up for each other if there are any hate crimes/bullying, especially if it’s towards younger Slytherins who never did anything wrong. 
  • Give me Slytherins who study hard and don’t rise to the bait and taunts of other students, who actively try to be friendly to other houses and who put their school work on top priority. 
  • Give me Slytherins who smoke and drink and get high and wear Muggle clothing, trying to forget the things they did and saw but also trying to say Fuck You to the traditional/supremacist values that screwed them over.
  • Give me Slytherins who drag each other out of depression and addiction, who help each other heal, because they are a family and a fraternity and if they don’t take care of each other, no one else will bother. 
  • Give me Slytherins who fight against the stigma against them, who fight for their place in society, who ask for forgiveness for their mistakes, who demand respect.
  • Give me Slytherins who refuse to give others the right to stomp on their ambition, who hold tightly to their fate and keep it in their own hands. 
  • Give me Slytherins who are war-torn and rebellious and trying to reconcile, but who will never give up their self-worth. 

Remus John Lupin, the shy professor
Nymphadora Tonks, the funny friend
Fred Weasley, the handsomer twin
Colin Creevey, the clingy photographer
Lavender Brown, the too attached girlfriend
Thank you for fighting.⭐

On May 3, 1998, a bruised and bloodied Neville Longbottom walks into St. Mugos hospital with his head, which is somehow still on his shoulders, held high. He makes his way to his parents’ room in the permanent ward and sits between their beds. 

He tells them everything about his 6th year at Hogwarts. About Luna Lovegood (I’m so mad about her I want to save the world just so she can keeping being in it). About Dumbledore’s Army (My first friends, my best friends, the bravest people I will ever know). About the Order of the Phoenix (I know how it feels now, to be part of something bigger, so much bigger than yourself). About the Battle of Hogwarts (It’s strange, it seemed like it was over before it even started, but it also felt like it lasted a life time). About destroying the last horocrux (I swear I have never been so terrified in my entire life)

After Neville finishes his story he takes a deep breath. He knows his parents haven’t understood a thing he said, but it has been so much for so long and he just can’t keep it all in anymore. He had to tell someone, and it felt right, to tell them first (it was all for them, after all). He looks up to see both his parents staring at him intently. 

Alice Longbottom is smiling, she has tears in her eyes, her hands are clasped over her heart. 

Frank Longbottom places his hand on his son’s shoulder, he nods and utters the first word he has spoken in years… “Proud.”

After more than fifty years of Binns proving no one can learn a damn thing about history so as not to repeat it if they’re too bored to be awake for it, Minerva McGonagall’s first new hire is George Weasley.

“You know I’m wildly unqualified as well as undereducated, Minerva.”

“I don’t need your education, Professor Weasley. I need your alchemical ability to render any mundane moment memorable.”

“Cheers then, Minnie. To the dark side.”

May 2nd, 1998

Today, 19 years ago the battle of Hogwarts happened. We lost warriors who fought for love, freedom and equality Let this be a reminder that even fictional stories can be real, can touch us deep and can teach us how to avoid future mistakes. Today part of George Weasley died with his twin Fred. Teddy Lupin was orphaned because his parents fought for him to live a better future. Colin Creevy threw his camera aside and fought hard to protect and his younger brother lost his best friend and role model. It’s the day Lavender Brown proved girls can be heroes. They’re more than girlfriends or eye candies. They’re warriors. Severus Snape, with a group of this fandom hating him, had finally finished his job, protected Harry till the end and died broken, full of regrets and lonely staring at a copy of the only pair of eyes that made him feel like he matters. The day the Malfoy learned how mistaken they were and stepped back when the war almost shredded them apart. They’ll never be the same. It’s the day Neville Longbottom proved his true heritage as a true Gryffindor pulling the sword out of the Sorting Hat. The day Hogwarts’ professors, all of them, will remember with pain with the memories of their fallen students being ripped from this life way too early. And a long long list of names to follow. This September though, May 2nd, 2017, the mark of the 19 years after epilogue we will celebrate our victories as we mourn our fallen warriors. As we hope for a bigger victory. A better future. A safer world. P. S. I still think Harry should’ve married Draco, but this might be just me.

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may 2, 2017

On this day, it has been 19 years since may 2, 1998

On this day, Harry James Potter sat at his desk at home. He couldn’t manage people, or the questions the reporters would ask, even though the office is closed . He desperately tried to avoid the date on the many calendars around the house, and breaks each quill he attempts to write with. He finally gives up, opting for hugs from his kids instead. His scars twinge, not physically, but with the pain of loss.  On this day, Harry James Potter feels guilty for surviving. 

On this day, Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter does not go to work. Instead she holds her kids close. And when the Daily Prophet comes through the window, she almost cries when she reads the heading. She needs to breathe, or else she’ll cry in front of her kids. She holds the pictures close of her friends, gone for so long, but which seems so recent. On this day, Ginevra Molly Weasley Potter thanks God, if there even is a God she thinks, for saving Harry, but curses him for taking Fred.

On this day, Ronald Billius Weasley stays home. The shop is closed, and he spends the day holding Rose and Hugo instead. He visits his parents, and George because he knows they need them. He holds Hermione as they go about their daily routine. On this day, Ronald Billius Weasley is beyond grateful that Hermione is okay.

On this day, Hermione Jean Weasley-Granger does not go into work. Even though her assistant and boss told her to stay home, she has no want to go into work. She comforts her family, but the moment she’s alone she cries. She reads her cases for the coming week, and all the “issues” people are having. On this day, Hermione Jean Weasley-Granger cries for all those who never got to see what the “issues” were now.

On this day, George Weasley stays inside. He remembers the laughter and the pranks, and the jokes he shared with his twin. He looks at his son, and sees his brother in him. He smiles, knowing Fred wouldn’t want him upset. He visits Fred with the rest of his family, but stays behind after all have left. On this day, George Weasley remembers his fallen twin, and the laughter they shared.

On this day, Neville Longbottom, and his family visit his parents, retelling the story of that day 19 years ago. He cries the same way he did the first time around, and every time after.  His mum squeezes his hand through every moment as always. On this day Neville Longbottom gets to be with his parents in the most “normal” way it’ll ever be.

On this day, Draco Lucius Malfoy watches Scorpius. He watches him hug Astoria, and watches him smile as he runs around in the back yard. He smiles at his wife, pregnant with their second. He promises to himself to never make his father’s mistakes, and to never pressure his son the way he was. On this day, Draco Lucius Malfoy is thankful for the choices he and Astoria made after the war. 

On this day, Luna Lovegood Scamander is home from Brazil with her husband and twin boys. As she unpacks, she reads the Daily Prophet, and remembers. She remembers the pain, and the loss, and the hurt. But she also remembers the love, and the victory they won that day, and the hope of a better world. On this day, Luna Lovegood Scamander is thankful for the memories, as they only make the good times better.

On this day, the survivors, and their families met up at the Remembrance Ball. They heard, and gave speeches. They ate dinner together. They remembered times before the war, and during the war. They talked about the hurt they felt. They danced. But most of all they remembered the love and hope for a better world their friends died for. On this day, the survivors and their families thanked those they lost for helping make a better world.