prompt: k

trip highlights so far: we watched Carol together, I ate at a sonic for the first time (we shared a shake and mozerella sticks), I helped her finish unpacking some things along with her new roommates family and they seem really nice, we had a dance party in her kitchen while doing dishes, we make each other meals a lot, last night we ordered delivery tho while watching the movie. I love sleeping in her bed but I always wake up early cuz im impatient for the day to start and she takes another hour or two to start waking up. She bought me a present which is really quite lovely but too much to elaborate on in this Classy Post… Today we are going on a date downtown and she changed her outfit 3 times cuz she couldn’t decide and said “I need to look my best when I’m gonna be seen with you”. While I was writing this post she came in to ask me about her hair and kissed me a bunch and I had to save it as a draft and come back to it.