prompt: Teresa

like seriously i think every fandom and every ship needs a telenovela AU

with the dramatic zooms, interrupted weddings, characters falling down the stairs and losing their memories, ambitious orphaned children swearing to get revenge, the evil twin reappearing after 20 years of absence, the sweet and wise old nana who dies after an unfortunate bar fight and the blonde rich asshole whose’ husband the main protagonist seduces and steals away for the third time

Then I Met You - Newt Imagine

“Oh, bloody hell!” You heard a distant, familiar voice shout. It was Newt, and he was clearly upset by something, because he had been complaining for the past hour or so. Slightly irritated by his constant whining, you decided to see what was wrong, disregarding your job for the time being.

“Newt?” You asked, there was no response. A few seconds later, you walked around a corner to find him propped against a wall, his hand running through his hair. You could easily tell that he was frustrated by the way that he was reacting.

“Take a break, Newt.” You said, walking up and leaning against the wall with him. “You’re pushing yourself too much, just, go take a walk or something.” You placed a hand on his shoulder, and he finally looked up to acknowledge you.

He sighed, nodding in confirmation. “It’s too bloody much at times,” Newt said.

“What is?” You asked, out of genuine concern.

“Running everything. I don’t know how Alby does it most the time.” Newt answered. “I take it out on the smallest bloody things too, I just-“ Newt started, but seemed to not be able to find the right words. “I don’t contain my anger well.” Newt muttered, leaning back against the wall.

You felt terrible for him, all the stress of playing such an important role would be very stressful; you didn’t envy his position. Feeling as though words couldn’t express your condolence well enough, you pulled Newt into a much deserved hug, which he instantly accepted. Newt held you tightly for a few seconds, you rubbed small circles onto his back in a soothing manor as the two of you relished in each other’s warmth.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Newt said as he pulled away from the hug. You concern grew immensely as you awaited what he had to say. “It’s just something that I feel as though you should know. No one except for Alby and a few others know.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck out of nervousness.

“It’s okay,” You took his hand, rubbing small circles on the back of it as you entwined fingers. “You can tell me anything. You know that, right?” You asked.

Newt smiled to you, not seeming nearly as nervous as beforehand. “Yeah, of course, baby,” He took your other hand, now both of them being held by his.

“It’s about what happened before you came, what I was like before I met you.” He started, adverting his gaze as he remembered back on what happened.
“I felt so alone, like there was no way out of this bloody hellhole.” He said, you simply nodded, not wanting to interrupt him.
“I-I jumped, 20 feet off the wall, I bloody jumped.” He said through a cracked voice, tears began to form in his eyes. You felt your heart disintegrate at the thought.
“It’s why I have the limp, because I tried to bloody-well kill myself.” You were at a complete loss of words, so you simply just rose one of his hands to your mouth, placing a small, sweet kiss to the back of his hand. This, somehow, seemed to give him reassurance that you were there, and his face lit up when he looked back up to you.

“And then I met you.” He continued, his last few tears beginning to disappear. “And I knew, from the moment you arrived, that everything was going to change; that I was going to be a better person.” He said, cupping your face with his now free hand. “And I can’t even begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me, Y/N.” He placed a longing kiss to your forehead. “I love you, so bloody much.” He said, placing a small, tender kiss to your lips.

You felt the tears now beginning to form in your eyes, not from sadness, but just from being so overwhelmed. You had never loved Newt any more than you did right now, and you couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest person ever to be so in-love with such a beautiful person.

“I love you too, Newt, so, so much.” You smiled, blinking away the tears as he placed another loving kiss to your lips.



“Let’s go Minho! Let’s go!” You chanted as he ran off into the Maze. You shook your leaf pom poms that Teresa made for you guys.
“Shut up shank!” He called from inside.
“Aw that’s not the spirit!” Teresa yelled back. “Give me a T!” Teresa began.
“T!” You were the only one to respond.
“Give me an H!”
“Give me an O!”
“Will you guys shut up already?! Your cheers are lame!” Gally shouted from across the Glade.
Thomas rolled his eyes. “I’ll see you guys later!” He said as he dashed off.
“Give us a shout, find a way out!” You clapped.
“Enough!” Newt said as he threw a tomato at you guys.

Be Mine? - Newt Imagine

Tonight had been planned to perfection. The entirety of the Glade had organised a well-deserved bonfire, in celebration of another year in the Maze, and recognition for all the Glader’s constant hard work. As of so far, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves tremendously, including yourself. Everything had turned out just as hoped, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic beyond this point.

As you welcomed a few friendly Gladers to the newly opened event, you spotted your lovely and wonderful best friend, Newt, who was already flashing you his usual cheeky grin. You responded with a giggle, and made your way over to him, enveloping him into a warm hug.

“Glad you could make it.” You smiled, looking up at him due to the quite evident differences between height. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” He smiled again, his voice evidently laced with his usual adorable accent. 

“We have beverages, care for the usual?” You asked, walking over to the table that was holding the cups of Frypan’s special creation. 

“Oh God, not these buggin’ things,” Newt chuckled, taking a beverage, despite the awful aftertaste.

You laughed, agreeing with him that when it came to making drinks, Frypan wasn’t always the best at it. But, it did the job right, and it’s all there was to offer.

“Shall we sit?” Newt asked, pointing towards a large log the had been placed specifically near the bonfire. 

“We shall,” You agreed, giggling in the process.

It was quite obvious that you had special feelings for Newt, and not just because he was attractive. He had a kind heart, and no one could ever replace the connection that the two of you shared. It had been like this for a while, the feelings you felt for Newt only grew stronger by the day, and it was so agonising to not know whether or not he shared the same feelings. You didn’t want to trouble or pressure Newt with the feelings you felt for him, so, like always, you remained to yourself, treating him just like another one of your good friends.

“This was a really good idea, look how happy everyone is,” Newt smiled, talking to no one in particular as his eyes surfed the crowd of cheerful, genuinely happy people.

“I know,” You sighed, smiling to yourself, “I hope things can stay like this, I hope the world outside isn’t as bad as it may be,” You huffed, suddenly feeling saddened by the thought.

“Hey,” Newt started, turning your face softy with his hand to meet his gaze. “We can worry about that when the time comes. Tonight, we forget about all the bloody klunk that goes on in this shucked up world of ours." 

You felt butterflies erupt in your stomach as Newt touched your face. His hands, calloused from all the hard work he’s done over the time, but soft as they met with your cheek.

"Good that.” You agreed, smiling as he responded by doing the same.

“Come on, lets go for a walk, it’s starting to get a bit too buggin’ crowded for my cup of tea,” Newt suggested, standing up from his seat and gesturing his hand out in a kind way, offering you help up.

You smiled, liking the idea of the two of you being alone and able to talk more.

You earned a few suspicious looks from a few Gladers as the two of you left together, a few of them whistling or making comments, only to be cut short by Newt saying “Slim it, ya’ bloody shuck-heads,” In a joking manner.

The two of you walked at a comfortably slow pace along the walls of the Maze. Occasionally bringing up events that occurred throughout the week. The conversation usually ended on a quiet note, but it wasn’t an awkward silence, more of something.. blissful. 

“Sorry for the boys back there, didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable or anything,” Newt said, and for a moment, you had completely forgotten about what had happened only a mere few minutes ago.

“What happened?” You asked puzzled, but quickly realised afterwards, “Oh! That.” You chuckled, “Don’t worry about it Newt, it didn’t faze me.” You answered truthfully. 

“Good.” He smiled, “You know, if they ever do anything that bothers you, you let me know, okay?” He asked, suddenly in a more serious tone.

You were puzzled by Newt’s sudden concern for you, why did it matter? It’s not like the other Gladers had bothered you before-hand.

“Just you being the only girl here is all, wanted to make sure you’re comfortable,” Newt muttered, blushing slightly at his own words.

You couldn’t begin to comprehend what was happening right before you. Did Newt feel the same way as you did? As though your thoughts had been answered, Newt spoke again.

“Look, uhh, there’s something I kinda gotta’ tell you,” Newt stuttered, suddenly seeming nervous.

You felt yourself suddenly beginning to grow anxious as to what Newt had to say. Could it really be all that serious? You patiently awaited what he had to say. 

He struggled to meet your gaze as he tried to coherent the right words to say.

“I-ahh, um, look Y/N, I-” Newt started before being abruptly cut off as you attached your lips to his, not giving him any time to say anything.

The two of you only stood frozen for not even a second longer, in an instant, Newt was deepening the kiss by pulling you in closer around your waist, holding on tightly.

You had completely lost all sense of direction and your surroundings as you both enveloped yourselves into the lustful and long-desired kiss.

As you slowly began to detach yourself, you instantly locked eyes with him, and he looked more surprised that you had ever seen him in his life. 

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me-” You had barely finished your sentence before Newt lips were attached to yours in an instant. 

The two of you moulded together in one swift movement, completely indulging each other in the lust-thickened atmosphere. 

After another completely desirable moment had passed, the two of you eventually regained your senses and detached from each other.

“Holy shuck,” Newt whispered in pure disbelief, “You made my job a hell of a lot easier,” He chuckled, earning the same response from you.

“Newt, I never thought you.. felt the same way,” You muttered in disbelief as well, still trying to comprehend the entire situation.

“You were worried if I would feel the same way? Look at you, Y/N, any guy would be the luckiest man in the entire buggin’ world to have you,” He admitted truthfully. 

You were at a complete loss for words, not able to understand the events that had just occurred.

“God damnit Newt, I’ve liked you for at least a year now,” You chuckled to yourself, feeling a certain sense of freedom as the words left your mouth. “I just didn’t want to trouble you with the thought of me having.. certain feelings for you,” You admitted, struggling to find the right words. “And if we were to.. be in a relationship,” You added, feeling odd as you spoke each word. “I was scared of what the other Gladers would think. I mean, wouldn’t that come across as quite.. dumb to them? I don’t know,” You huffed, suddenly feeling exhausted by overthinking everything.

“Who bloody well cares what they think? All that matters is what makes us happy, what makes you happy.” He smiled after saying the last few words. “I want to be with you, Y/N. You make me so buggin’ happy all the time, I want us to be.. closer.” Newt smiled, looking at you as you did the same. 

He grabbed your hand softly as he looked into your eyes, they were completely adorned by full lust and happiness.

“Oh, Newt,” You giggled, pulling the two of you into a warm, long embrace once again. “You have no idea how happy that makes me.” You smiled from cheek-to-cheek.

“You have no idea how happy you make me.” Newt replied, resting his forehead against yours and placing a small, sweet, tender kiss to your lips.


Requested : can you do a fluffy Newt imagine? So here’s what I did:

You were sick of it. You felt so worthless next to Teresa. She was beautiful and amazing at everything around the Glade. You knew all the boys liked her, many, probably even Newt, your crush. He was always congratulating her and cheering her on. You saw the way he looked at her, and it killed you.
You were walking around, taking a break when you saw a bunch of Gladers surrounding her, drooling all over her, and one of them was Newt. That’s when you lost it, you ran away crying, you couldn’t bear to see it anymore. You ran and locked yourself in the homestead.
“Y/N let me in!” It was Newt a few seconds later, calling for you, banging on the door.
You let him in and went and sat on a bed. He followed you.
“What’s wrong?” He asked concern filling his voice.
“Nothing you say,” turning away from him.
“Tell me what’s wrong.” You turned to him, tears filled your eyes.
“I know you like Teresea, Newt. And it kills me because….because, I love you okay? Ever since I saw you. Everything here is awful, I just say it’s fine for the other’s benefit. But honestly Newt, I hate it here, okay? The only reason why I even got out of bed every morning wasn’t to keep the rotten "order”, it’s because you’re here. You’re the only thing I have to look forward to, I’d go crazy if something happened to you? Do you even realize that?! No because you’re in love with Teresa! And why wouldn’t you be, she’s much prettier than I am!“
"Y/N, I never knew,” he said rubbing your back.
“Don’t touch me,” you cried. He just moved closer in response and hugged you.
“Listen to me, look at me,” he said lifting your chin to make eye contact, his eyes were watering too, “don’t even think for a mere second that you’re not beautiful. Honestly I think you’re prettier than her…”
“Newt I see the way you look at her.”
“No, I don’t look at her like that or with those intentions at all. The only thing I see in her is the potentials to be a runner, that’s it,” he smiled, “you misunderstood. Y/N, you’re the reason I get up to this horrible place, okay? You always were. When you came up that shaft, I knew you were a gift for me. I needed someone like you. I get up every morning to see that beautiful smile of yours, those big sparkling eyes full of life, I get up to hear that beautiful laugh, and although you might not think so, but that beautiful voice of yours, ya I hear you in the gardens,” you laughed, “I never thought you liked me, I thought you liked Thomas, honesty,” he chuckled, “please don’t ever think you’re not worth it though, cause I’d die without you, I need you, cause, cause… I love you!” He said crashing his lips into yours. You moved in perfect sink.
“Y/n, will you be mine?”
“Forever and always,” you said resting your forehead on his, and he kissed your nose. You felt like you could sit there forever gazing into those eyes, but then you heard Alby calling for you two. Newt smirked, picked you up bridal style and carried you out.
“Guys, sorry, she’s mine,” he winked at you and carried you off to the gardens where you spent the rest of the day working side by side.