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Requested: Anonymous asked: Hi! I’m absolutely loving your fanfics they always bright up my day💞! Can I request? (But just If You have time) Can you write an imagine where you have a really big crush on the schools most popular kid Jungkook and He ask you to go to prom with him? Thank You!💕🌹

Summary: You don’t have a date to prom and neither does Jeongguk, yet.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1.2k

A/N: thank you anon and I hope you enjoy <3

Originally posted by pjkook

“I’ve narrowed it down to five dresses,” after she had been hushed due to talking in the library, your friend glanced over her computer screen to see if you had heard her. But she saw your frown as you glared at your phone, upon seeing this reaction she instantly shut her computer with a click, moving over to you as she saw the crestfallen look on your face, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

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anonymous asked:

prompt if you have time: regina finds it really hard to ask for things, but what she really wants is emma to hold her. she's usually the big spoon, but wants to be the little spoon. non-sexual touching specifically.

thank you for the prompt! this …hopefully fulfills what u want, i ended up going somewhere else i’m sorry!

- the one where emma and regina are actually married idiots

it’s late when emma gets home, already well after midnight. regina can hear her key in the door, the soft sigh she lets out as she steps inside, into the quiet shuffling of her home transition: she’ll be taking off her boots, sliding out of her jacket, hopefully leave her shoes at the door and drop her jacket off somewhere where it won’t just slump over a couch or chair arm (it will). after ten years of marriage, emma has somehow managed to remain completely unburdened by the simple domestic rules regina had enforced when they first started living together, and only grudgingly let slide in the face of such unrelenting forgetfulness.

after a moment, regina can hear her breathing as her wife mounts the wooden stairs, no longer quite as amble now that they have both embarked on the journey of getting old together.

lifting up on an elbow, regina reaches for the bedside lamp and flips it on, knowing emma will attempt to undress for bed in utter darkness if she suspects regina might be sleeping – so, sitting up, she waits for the familiar entrance of her wife, the slightly startled, apologetic look she always gets whenever emma discovers regina waiting for her. (it doesn’t matter how many times it happens, emma still jumps like a nervous cat at the slightest outward sign of devotion).

when emma walks through, regina smiles at her slight jump. “regina,” emma sighs, as she settles herself again. “you know, my shifts are really not as exciting as you think they are. you don’t have to stay up late every time i have a late one.”

regina merely shrugs, and rests her shoulders against their wooden headboard. she knows emma is more in danger (to herself) in the middle of after-school traffic than she is in a late night shift, but sleep never seems to come when she’s alone. she needs emma’s soft, steady breathing, the way she sprawls all over the bed, taking up whatever space she can. it seems so vast and empty without her, like she’s in the middle of nowhere, with only the distracting blink of alarm clocks to track the progress of time.

she doesn’t know how to say that, though (even after all this time). she simply pulls back the covers on emma’s side of the bed and smooths an expectant hand over the soft, empty space.

emma smiles, all soft and warm, as usual. “i’ll be there in a second,” she assures, and starts slipping out of her work jeans, leaving herself in just her socks and bra as she searches for her old ratty sleep clothes. “how was your day?” she asks, reaching for a shirt.

regina gazes down the familiar bumps of her wife’s back and sighs. “oh, it was fine.” it was, in fact, not fine. the town meeting had been exhausting, full of unnecessary, loud caveats, resulting in so many delays, to the point that she had to push back several scheduled meetings, which filled her inbox with passive aggressive emails and a nasty looking schedule tomorrow.

emma gives her a knowing look over the shoulder, and regina sighs. “well other than the hour i spent looking for another curse, just to get these people out of my hair so i can finish my paperwork on time, it was fine.”

“any results?”

“oh you know, none of them really stood out to me. i’ll have to keep looking.”

“well i’ll support you regardless, babe.”

babe. regina smiles. the term of endearment started out merely as an ironic joke for emma, some private way to cope with suddenly having a confirmed True Love and being socially required to spend time with all the other ridiculous fairytale couples around them, and while she suspects emma never intended to use it seriously, at some point in the ten years they’ve been married, it worked itself into emma’s idle mind.

a spasm of tenderness closes in regina’s throat as she watches her wife tiredly crawl into bed, sliding beneath the soft comforter and groaning in exhaustion – regina appears to be taking growing old a little more gracefully than emma, who now constantly dismays over her aching joints and aging hands, the slight greying around her temples. regina has only noticed a slight crinkle around her own eyes and a few silver strands, simple signs of age that emma seems to take great delight in finding.

their life together has been so happy. looking down at her wife, regina suddenly wants only to be held by her.

scooting closer, regina quietly clears her throat. “darling,” she offers, and, after a beat, starts massaging her fingers against emma’s shoulder, to prob emma back from a deep sleep. “are you really already falling asleep?”

“hmm?” emma struggles to blink up at her.

regina offers her a warm smile, starts massaging her shoulder again. “i was just wondering if you wanted to switch things up for tonight,” she says. she enjoys sleeping with emma in her arms (both because she like waking up with emma in hear arms, and also, a little strategically, to avoid getting accidentally kicked out in bed). but usually, she can get emma to go along with her simply by nudging her in the right direction.

most of the time. this time, emma merely groans. “too tired.” she says, and reaches back, in sweet misunderstanding, to gently grip regina’s fingers and give them another squeeze. “we’ll do it another night, babe.”

regina purses her lips. “i wasn’t…” she sighs. “oh nevermind.”

sinking back down into bed, regina slides her arms around emma’s waist, tries to press as much of herself to emma to make up for not being held. letting out a soft breath, she leans her cheek against emma’s neck, closes her eyes against the soft, steady presence of her wife.

until, a few minutes later, emma suddenly slides out of her arms. regina frowns, grapples with her fingers. “hey,’ she complains, rising reluctantly from her half-doze to see where her wife is going.

emma doesn’t go very far. she just slides up onto her knees, crawls over regina’s body, and settles down again, knotting her fingers  beneath regina’s ribs to squeeze her closer, closing all the gaps between their bodies.

blinking back a silly sting of tears, regina hums. “i suspect a lightbulb flipped on.”

emma chuckles, butts her head affectionately against the side of regina’s neck. “you know me,” she whispers sleepily, settling her cheek against regina’s, “it always takes me a few minutes.”

happily, regina  sighs, resting her hands against her wife’s. “I know darling.”

EXO Boyfriend Aesthetic ~ City/Millionaire Boy | Park Chanyeol

Kris | Sehun | Tao | Suho | Chen | Lay | D.O | Xiumin | Chanyeol | Luhan | Baekhyun | Kai

  • During the day he goes by the identity of Park Chanyeol, the rich kid who could probably turn you to stone with a single look
  • By night Chanyeol goes by the identity of PCY, an infamous underground rapper and goes to different places across Seoul showing off.
  • Never lost a rap battle ever since he started off as an underground rapper until you challenged him one night when you overheard people talking about how he was unbeatable.
  • Yeol felt like he was going to cry when he lost to a girl but yet again was impressed by your skills
  • You knew who Chanyeol was even though hid his identity and you didn’t treat him any differently as you knew he just wanted a change in his life too.
  • He started to become your personal little stalker, which you didn’t mind at all.
  • Even though he didn’t think it existed, Chanyeol started to fall in love with you and your individuality.  

➻Requested by anon: “I don’t care because I love you.”  + Yoongi

Edit is mine. Photos or gifs used aren’t, credits to the owner.

-Admin Yoowgs.

🌸PROMPT LIST🌸 Attackonyoonmin

ingridlake  asked:

an ugly idea: juno's mother found out about him being a werewolf and, in an effort to use it against him, she accidentally put ben in the way

This one’s been sitting half-finished in my drafts for a while. It’s a challenge, partly because I didn’t have a very clear image of what kind of person Juno’s mother was, and partly because it’s a hella dark situation compared to the surprisingly fluffy rest of the series.

Blood and child abuse ahoy, so… yeah.

Juno Steel, Werewolf |Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10

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Nervous Flyer

| one | two |

Group: BTS


Excerpt:   “so you like planes?”

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.9K

A/N: i hate flying

Originally posted by bangtan

The airport was almost empty; a few other passengers lay on the hard seats as you paced up and down next to the window staring at the planes, better described as massive metal coffins. You placed a hand on the window, looking at the immense planes, clutching the strap of your bag tighter to your chest.

The weather was awful, rain drops sliding down the window; it was so bad that your plane had been delayed so it was now past midnight and you were still waiting. Heaving a sigh you walked to a coffee store to buy yourself something sweet and hot to calm your nerves, the barista gave you a tired smile as you rattled off your order.

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The Most Valuable Heist

So, back in January, @livingourwildestdreams requested a prompt from me (the last one) and I’m really sorry that I only finished it now :( A combination of writers block, schoolwork, other stories, and to be honest laziness contributed to it. However, it’s exactly 4500 words long and it includes criminal!Chat, so I hope that somewhat makes up for it. 

The prompt was “What are you doing in my house?” but I changed ‘house’ to ‘apartment’ to better fit the story. 

I hope you like it :)

 Of all days to run late, fate decided to choose this one.

In recent years, she had become used to running late, and was hardly ever bothered by it anymore. Her boss was very lenient when it came to showing up to work on time. She claimed that, “Creativity can strike at any moment. It is best to seize it and draw it, regardless of whatever the time may be!”

So whenever Marinette was a few minutes late to work, her boss merely assumed that she had received a divine intervention from the fashion gods at late notice and thus couldn’t help being tardy.

Marinette didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was really because she kept hitting the snooze button on her alarm.

But now she actually did care about being late, because today she was supposed to meet Alya and Nino at the Omelette du Fromage Café to meet the latter’s new friend. Apparently, Nino has been friends with this newbie for a while, but said newbie had a busy schedule and so didn’t have a lot of free time, sometimes none at all. But today was the day (or hour) that the guy finally had a break in his busy schedule to meet them for lunch.

Nino held nothing but praise for the new guy. He said he was homeschooled and sheltered for most of his life, but he was a ‘cool dude’ and a ‘genuine nice guy’.

This supposed saint’s name?


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Scribble-Doodle: Scabbard

I don’t know, I don’t know *hands* Blame it on too much anime during my impressionable youth. And it still doesn’t sound right *shakes the thing*

They recover the Soul Sword. Now they have to hide it somewhere.

“I don’t like this plan, at all,” Magnus mutters, leafing through his spell book.

“Need I remind you that it was your plan?” Jace points out, voice dripping with sarcasm, as he hefts the Soul Sword in his hands.

Magnus glares at him. “It was just a thought, not a plan! I didn’t think that Alec - that anyone! - would actually consider it!”

Jace glares back. “As if you didn’t know Alec!”

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British Invasion | 4

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes: This is a short filler chapter that just covers the party and what happens that same night right after. The next chapter will be longer. *Also side note, I know in the show Riley doesn't turn 18 until like December but in this universe her birthday already passed and she’s already 18 - just to make my life easier lol.*
Chapter Four: “The damage is done.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 
Word Count: 1,710


There was still something there. Lucas felt it in his bones the second she turned to face him.

He hadn’t been in Riley’s room since before she moved away. Three years later he finds himself falling back into old habits. See, when Riley was away in London it was easy to distract himself. She wasn’t there to hold his gaze or steal his attention away. But now that she was back he found himself looking for her in the halls, watching her across the lunch room, glancing at her during class, things he thought he had gotten out of his system.

He looks around her room, not ready to walk out into the party just yet. She still hadn’t finished unpacking. In the corner were a pile of brown boxes all with miscellaneous labels. He noticed she didn’t have a bay window, although there was a strategically placed lounge chair right in front of one, overlooking the city. Her walls were a faded coral color and her comforter was plain and white with a lace detailing along the hem and on top laid multiple throw pillows of different size, color and texture. It was different than he was used to but still felt like Riley.

One thing in particular catches his eye, on her nightstand there was a copper framed picture leaning up against her alarm clock. He slowly walked over to get a better look at it, his eyes immediately go to Riley. She was wearing a bathing suit, her skin was perfectly tanned like she had been basking in the sun all week and on her face she wore a wide grin. But next to her was someone he didn’t recognize. A guy sat rather close to the stunning brunette, arm draped around her shoulders with his head thrown back with laughter like he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.

For whatever reason it hadn’t occurred to him that while he was moving on with Avery, Riley could’ve been moving on as well and it was apparent in that photo that she had.

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Cold // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: Reader’s bra snaps on her way to work and she’s left braless. Morgan & Reid can’t help but notice.

Requested by: Anonymous

“No no no no,” you muttered to yourself as you got off of the metro and ran straight to the public bathroom. You slammed the door closed as you entered one of the stalls, quickly throwing your shirt off.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” you whined as you saw your that your bra strap had completely snapped and the damn underwire had popped out and was digging into you. This was definitely the last time you threw your delicate bras in the washer instead of washing them by hand. You groaned in frustration. You didn’t have time to go back home and you were only a block away from the office. 

“Time to make an executive decision, Y/N,” you spoke to yourself as you tore the flimsy piece of clothing off. You quickly threw your shirt back on, happy to see that there really wasn’t much of a difference. Hopefully no one would notice. You scowled as you rushed out of the stall and threw it into the trash, earning strange looks from the women who stood washing their hands.

Luckily you had worn a blouse that wasn’t sheer that day. The dark plum color would cover you well, or at least you hoped it would. You walked into the office that morning extremely annoyed at how horribly your day was already going and it wasn’t even 10 yet.

“Hey lil’ mama. Why the long face?” Morgan asked with a grin as you walked past.

“Not in the mood Derek,” you growled as you threw your things down. Everyone’s eyes widened at your hostility but kept quiet, knowing better than to bother you once you were already on edge. They all kept their distance as they allowed you to work silently that day. 

“Reid, notice anything different about Y/N?” Morgan asked with a mischievous smile after a few hours had passed.

“You mean besides the fact she wants to bite everyone’s head off?” He asked as he turned to look at you. You had snapped at everyone who dared to come close, an uncharacteristic action from someone who was usually a kind person. No one could quite figure out why you were in such a foul mood.

“Look at her. Really look at her,” Morgan instructed with a grin. Reid’s eyebrows knitted in confusion as he did and noticed nothing different.

“She just looks annoyed,” he replied in confusion.

“Come on Reid, I know you like her. That means you’ve definitely looked at other places besides her face.” Spencer’s cheeks flushed as Morgan called him out on his crush. “Look a little lower this time, kid.”

Spencer stared at Morgan in confusion before attempting to subtly observe you. You would stop halfway through your writing to rub your arms, a clear indication that you were cold. His eyes widened slightly as you leaned backwards and he caught sight of your perked nipples poking through your shirt.

“She’s not wearing a bra,” he exclaimed softly as he swung his head back to Morgan. The man chuckled at Spencer’s flustered response.

“Exactly. Now I knew something was up, and I had a suspicion that she wasn’t wearing one the moment she walked in.”

“How could you possibly know that immediately?” Spencer frowned.

“Kid. I have a lot of experience with the ladies. I know when there’s undergarments missing,” he replied with a sly smile. “Anyway, I wasn’t completely sure so I turned the AC up.”

“You purposely turned the office into a freezer just to prove your theory right?” Spencer asked in disbelief. The office had grown substantially colder but Spencer was lucky enough to have worn a long sleeve. You hadn’t been so lucky with your short sleeved shirt. Morgan shrugged nonchalantly, turning his gaze back to you.

“Watch this,” Morgan said with a smug smirk.

You looked up as you heard approaching footsteps. You were finally beginning to calm down after hours of focusing on your tasks at hand so the sight of your dear friend Morgan wasn’t completely unwelcome.

“Hey little lady, looking a bit cold there,” Morgan commented with a smug smirk. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as you followed his gaze, noticing the fact your nipples were piercing through your shirt. You felt your anger flare up at his lack of decency.

Spencer laughed as he watched a stapler get chucked right at Morgan’s head. He let out a howl of disapproval as you angrily scolded him and sent him away. He passed by Spencer’s desk, muttering something about temperamental women and how they would be the death of him.

Spencer grinned as he turned back to look at you. You scowled as you kept working, your hands still rubbing against your arms as you tried to produce some body heat. Spencer stood and grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair before hesitantly making his way over to you.

“Y/N,” he called out with a small smile.

“Reid, if you’re here to make inappropriate comments about my breasts I suggest you leave before I throw this computer at you since I’m all out of staplers,” you replied with a frustrated sigh.

“Actually, I was just going to offer you my jacket. It’s cold and I’ve noticed you rubbing your arms,” he answered. You smiled gratefully as he held out his jacket towards you.

“That’s sweet. Thank you,” you smiled as you took it from him. He gave a slight nod before walking back to his desk with his hands in his pockets.

He couldn’t help but blush slightly as he watched you throw his jacket on. You pushed the oversized sleeves up with a small grin before returning to your work, content to have something to shield you from the cold and cover your chest at the same time.

Spencer released a satisfied sigh as he allowed his mind to wander into fantasies where you were occupied the role of his girlfriend. Maybe he would summon some courage up after your shift and invite you out for dinner.

He grinned as you caught his eye and and sent him a small smile as you wrapped his jacket tighter around you. Yes, he could definitely get used to seeing you in his clothes.


A langst thing I thought of
Prompt: Lance snapping at the team
Warning: self harm, minor gore, and mental breakdowns.
Let’s get this terrible party started shall we?

We were in a battle. The galra ship we were fighting had these really strong shields but I could see two specific weak points and I bet if we shot them both the battle would end.
“ Hey guys?”
Then they went on with their conversations, do they really not see what I see?
“Guys I-”
“Lance now is not the time” shiro said, trying not to sound stressed.
“SHUT UP LANCE!” Pidge yelled again.
Interrupted again? Really?! I’m trying to help!! I finally had enough of this bullshit. Why won’t they listen?!
Finally I snapped.
“NO YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME YOU IDIOTS!!” I’m not sure what happened but we disassembled voltron at that moment.
“IF YOU WONT LISTEN THEN ILL JUST BEAT THIS GUY MYSELF!” I felt tears falling from my eyes, I did nothing to stop them
“NOW JUST STAY QUIET AND OUT OF MY WAY” I flew past all the other palidans, they were so quiet. I shot the first weak point, success. Half of their shields were down. I hit the next one no problem. Then I aimed for their weapons. It was actually really easy for me to his just the right spot on all of their blasters and cannons so they wouldn’t work. In no time at all they were turning around and retreating. I laughed at them running away but the wave of joy was soon cut short by regret. What I had shouted at my team, they probably hate me. I started hyperventilating so I flew back to the castle as soon as I could, ignoring all the things everyone else was saying. I didn’t want to talk to them, I’d only be interrupted anyways. The moment I got tho the castle I ran as fast as I could to my room, I think I heard allura say something? I have no idea what it was though. Finally I was alone, the door to my room shut and everything was quiet, at least outside my head. I took off my armour and put on my normal clothes, and I sat on my bed. I felt numb, I looked at the floor. Tears still falling from my eyes but at an even quicker rate, still hyperventilating, the room was spinning. My words echoed in my mind getting louder and louder with every iteration. Out of habit I rolled up my sleeve and started scratching my arm hoping the pain would ground my soaring thoughts.
I said that? I really said that to my team, my friends.
I was shaking. I couldn’t see, or I could see just couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.
“Why did I do that? Why am I such a horrible person? Why? Why? Why?!” I started saying to myself, eyes darting around the room hoping that if I just looked in the right spot everything would make sense. Suddenly I felt a hand around my wrist pulling it away from my arm, I forgot I was scratching myself. I blinked and realized that right in front of me was a red jacket. I moved my eyes up to see a look of pain on Keith’s face. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared. Then after a few seconds he hugged me. Finally everything went quiet in my head. I heard Keith’s shaking breaths. “We are so sorry lance” he whispered, his hands running through my hair.
“Fuck I’m so sorry” he said again.
I put my arms around him but flinched when my bleeding arm touched his back. I was bleeding? I looked at my left arm and noticed how all the way up my forearm my scratching had caused big ragged gashes all over.
“Oh god” I whispered as I pressed my face into Keith’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry I- I didn’t-you were- I” why can’t I complete a sentence. I fealt a large hand touch my back and looked up, it was hunk.
“It’s ok buddy” he said smiling “You did save the day after all”
“Yeah we should be the ones apologizing” pidge said appearing behind hunk.
Shiro cut me off. “No buts, we should have listened to you. You single handily took out a galra battleship.” He smiled putting his human hand on my head. “You did great”
I started sobbing into Keith’s shoulder again.
When I had finally calmed down I realized it was just me and Keith now. Alone in my room. How long have I been crying? I looked back at my arm and realized that I had gotten blood all over the back of his jacket.
“Oh god Keith I’m sorry” I said placing my hand on the stain. Keith pulled back from the hug and looked me in the eyes.
“It’s fine” he said smiling. “I know how to get blood stains out”
“ That’s not concerning at all” I laughed
He then pulled me down to the bed and hugged me yet again.
“Shut up” he said sarcastically placing his arm under my head like a pillow. I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was because shortly after I put my head on his arm I passed out.
The end.
(Sorry if this sucked, I don’t normally write fanfic…I TRIED OK!)

Early [Bucky x Reader]

Warnings: idk bucky going to war, crying, drama, shitty writting

A/N: so here’s the long awaited sequel to late- early [so original, ik ik] 

It can be reader as an individual part! It does have a part before this, called Late, which explains some of what has happened, but isn’t necessary to read it!

have fun!


Feeling lonely and being alone were two different things. And since those two were so consistently termed as being the same, you didn’t really know how to explain how lonely you felt in the middle of a crowded room.

You didn’t give yourself much time to remember Bucky. You tried desperately to cover it up, but deeper wounds take longer time to heal.

You had to allow yourself time to let the blood clot, to form the tissue that would still pain you when you touched it, but would protect you from outside threats anyways.

But watching him from the corner of the room, his face trained down on the floor, his hands shoved deeply in his pocket, picked on the scab of the cut like an inexperienced toddler.

His eyebrows were furrowed and even though you couldn’t see his eyes, you knew they were clouded over with thoughts you could never fully decipher.

You knew for a fact that he was leaving the next week for the war, the thought closing over your heart like an icy clamp as you thought of it every time.

People swished around you, their laughs and giggles filling the air as they danced to familiar tunes. A sense of nostalgia drifted though your mind like the fog of a dreary morning, slowly and wistfully as you continued to glance at him occasionally.

“May I have this dance?” He winked subtly at you, a wide grin filling his face as you laughed loudly.

“We’ve been dancing together the whole evening, you ridiculous being.” You giggled, feeling the grip around your waist tighten.

“I was told it was good manners to always ask someone before dancing.” He breathed out, an expression of awe weaving itself at your laugh.

“I think you get the point since we’ve been dancing for close to thirty minutes now, Bucky,” you teased him, eyes crinkling at the corners as he revelled in how utterly gorgeous you could possibly be, even with sweat threatening to drop down your forehead, a tired expression creeping it’s way to your face. But he was Bucky, and he was selfish and if could, he’d dance with you for as long as he could because he just wanted to feel the closeness of you to him.

“So do you want to dance with me, Y/N?” he asked with a small smile gracing his lips.

“I do,” you admitted, laying your forehead against his chest as you breathed in his scent with a content smile.

“Wait for a couple of years and you’ll be saying those words to me at the altar,” he said and you could feel him press a kiss to your head as a promise.

No words exchanged as he already knew your answer by the smile he felt against his chest and subtlest of nods.

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arctic monkeys prompt list

below is a list of 50 prompts from the lyrics of arctic monkeys songs. this is in no way an all-inclusive list, just some of my favorites - feel free to add more!

1. “when you want to escape, say the word.”
2. “i know that getting you alone isn’t easy to do.”
3. “with the exception of you, i dislike everyone in the room.”
4. “i was just dreaming of bumping into you.”
5. “why’d you only call me when you’re high?”
6. “i need a partner; are you out tonight?”
7. “baby, i’m yours.”
8. “i’ll be yours until the stars fall from the sky.”
9. “i’ll be yours until the sun no longer shines.”
10. “nothing in the world could drive me away.”
11. “i dreamt about you nearly every night this week.”
12. “how many secrets can you keep?”
13. “was sort of hoping that you’d stay.”
14. “maybe i’m too busy being your to fall for somebody new.”
15. “i don’t know if you feel the same as i do.”
16. “we could be together, if you wanted to.”
17. “do you want me crawling back to you?”
18. “satisfaction feels like a distant memory.”
19. “are you mine?”
20. “the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways.”
21. “will you pour me one for the road?”
22. “i saw this coming from the start.”
23. “don’t fall apart.”
24. “the horizon tries, but it’s just not as kind on the eyes.”
25. “her lips are like the galaxy’s edge.”
26. “i want it all.”
27. “can you feel it?”
28. “ain’t it just like you to kiss me and then hit the road?”
29. “it’s not like i’m falling in love, i just want you to do me no good.”
30. “before the moment’s gone.”
31. “run, but you cannot hide.”
32. “suppose you’ve gotta do what you gotta do.”
33. “you said you try sometimes, but you just can’t figure out what went wrong.”
34. “i can’t explain, but i wanna try.”
35. “there’s all these secrets i can’t keep.”
36. “it’s kind of strange now you’re gone.”
37. “i suspect you already know.”
38. “i thought i was yours forever, well maybe i was mistaken.”
39. “i heard that you fell in love.”
40. “snap out of it.”
41. “that sounds like settling down, or giving up. but it don’t sound much like you.”
42. “darling, how could you be so blind?”
43. “i thought you might be mine.”
44. “i’ve got a feeling i might have lit the very fuse you were trying not to light.”
45. “you were the stranger in my phone book i was acting like i knew.”
46. “you could be my baby.”
47. “you call the shots babe, i just wanna be yours.”
48. “at least as deep as the pacific ocean.”
49. “secrets i have held in my heart are harder to hide than i thought.”
50. “i wanna be yours.”


➻ Requested by anon: “I miss you.” + Jungkook

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Finn Balor Imagine

Warning: Smut, Daddy Kink
Prompt: Finn snaps at reader so when she gets mad, he gets turned on.

It was after Extreme Rules. Finn had lost the fatal five way so I knew he would be mad. When he walked backstage I could see he was about to snap. He believes that he should face Brock for the title. The way back to the hotel was silent. He had a scowl on his face and he was gripping the wheel so tight that his knuckles where white. I glanced at him really quickly. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. “F-” “Stop.” He growls. I stay silent for the rest of the ride. He had no right to be mad at me. I didn’t cause him to lose! In the hotel I throw down my bags and storm into the bathroom. I remove my clothes and makeup then hop into the shower. When I come out I’m stunned. Finn’ s back is facing me but I can see what he’s doing. He had his eyes closed and his member in his hand, stroking it quickly. “F-Fuck (Y/N).” “Uhm… F-Finn?” His eyes snapped open and he quickly tried to stuff his dick back in his jeans. “S-SORRY!” I yell. I run back into the bathroom and slam the door shut. I take a deep breath. ‘I just caught Finn. Masturbating.’ Then I feel myself getting wetter down there. Fuck. I hear knock on the door. “(Y/N)? Baby?” I take a deep breath. “Y-Yeah?” “Can you open the door please?” I turn the knob and open the door. I walk out into the room and see Finn sitting on the bed. He stands up and pulls me closer to him. We start kissing and he lays me on the bed. He removes the towel and runs his hands over my body. He grabs my boobs and I moan. He smirks and I see his eyes darken with lust. He chuckles and says “You angry really turned me on baby.” He ran his left hand to around my waist but the other one went down to my clit. He started rubbing it. I moan and he whispers in my ear. “That’s it baby girl. Moan for daddy.” He then sticks a finger inside of my heat. I moan loudly and he sucks on the sensitive skin on my neck. He starts pumping his finger in and out of me. He then sticks two more fingers in me. I moan loudly over and over as I feel the knot in my stomach tightening. “I-I’m cumming!” He bites my earlobe and whispers in my ear “Cum for me baby girl.” I feel the knot in my stomach unravel. I moan then scream “FINN!” and cum all over his fingers. He sticks his fingers in his mouth and and suck off all the juices. He closes his eyes in pleasure. He removes his jeans and t-shirt leaving him in only boxers. I see his erection poking out. I pull down his boxers then wrap my hand around his penis. I then put him in my mouth and start sucking. He then says “FUCK!” As I suck he wraps his hand in my hair. He then shoves my head down until the tip of his dick was touching the back of my throat. I feel him twitch in my mouth. He releases and yells “FUCK!” I clean him up with my tougne. He flips me over onto my stomach. He then says “Ready baby girl?” “Yes daddy.” He then starts thrusting into me. I moan and he starts groaning. I started to feel the knot in my stomach tightening. “D-Daddy… I’m close.” “Me to baby girl.” As I feel the knot in my stomach unraveling I scream Finn’ s name. “FERGAL!” Then I feel him cum inside me. “Fuck (Y/N)!” He pulls out and lies next to. “Sorry for snapping baby. But you being mad really turned me on. I should anger you more often.” “Do that and I’ll kill you.” “Your making me hard again.”

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Part 49 - There’s No Place Like Home

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:

Part 49 - There’s No Place Like Home

Zyglavis and I stood side by side in front of the open door, flabbergasted by the actions of the king. Even though I’d suspected that the king might be duplicitous, I never imagined that he’d pull something quite like this.

My mind raced as I tried to figure out a way home, all the while concerned with the fact that the king might be able to read my thoughts. I worried that if this was the case winning the game might be impossible, however I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. 

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Carla at his daughters coorination please? (assuming she didn't dethrone him herself)

Carla: It was a day that he had hoped would reach his little Founder princess. Ever since she was born, Carla was afraid that his daughter would not have long to live, especially with the terrible Endzeit disease spreading around the demon world. But thanks to part of her human genetic makeup, the Founder blood was eliminated from his daughter’s genetics and she turned out to be a vampire demon instead, much like the Sakamaki triplets when Cordelia, his cousin, had given birth to them. Excusing himself from the bedroom he shared with his wife, Carla decided to pay his daughter a visit in her room, wondering if she was already dressed in her formal coronation dress. She had given him the honor of picking it out for her since he would no longer have her under his royal rule.

Knocking meekly on the door, Carla waited until his daughter gave him permission to enter the room. When he pressed down on the silver handle and opened the door to her room, Carla was surprised to see his daughter pacing back and forth, murmuring incoherent words here and there. What happened to his usual calm and collected princess? Did someone doubt her abilities to rule as a Founder Queen and she became aware of it? Worried that she may have a nervous breakdown before the coronation ceremony, Carla quietly approached his daughter and placed his hands firmly on her shoulders, prompting her to snap out of her tentative state.

“What are you doing at this hour? Your hair is not even brushed yet. How will the crown fit upon your head during the ceremony?” Carla briskly asked.

“I know, Father, but I can’t help but be a little nervous. All of the clans will be here to watch me receive the crown and throne, and I’m worried. W-What if I don’t become a great Founder Queen like my mother or grandmother? What if I am dethroned in the future? My fears are slowly eating me alive with all the pressure of becoming a Founder Queen…” his daughter shakily voiced.

Carla quietly led his daughter to her ebony vanity mirror and sat her down on her chair as he reached out for her wooden brush. Her hair was just like his own, silvery and smooth with a deep shade of purple tinging the ends of her long hair. He decided to brush and prepare her hair since none of the maids were around, and he figured that it may be best for him to give her a pep-talk before the grand occasion. 

“No one will dare try to dethrone you. You will rise and become a respected Queen, so do not waste your energy or stress on this matter. I’ve trained and taught you everything that you need to know, so you are not unprepared for this. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, my dear. You were born for this.” Carla declared as he styled her hair into a neat bun with a few strands of her hair framing her face.

“I’ll surely be killed by the Bat clan one day…the Sakamaki family in particular would want me dead, even if I am faintly related to those triplets…” his daughter remarked sadly.

Carla let out a low grunt and pulled his daughter out of her chair, knowing that the ceremony would start soon and their presence was required.

“You are stronger than all of them, so do not worry. I will always be watching you, even when I am not physically at your side. You must rule with an iron fist if you want to survive, my daughter. A Queen must not ever hesitate for anything.”

Realizing the truth behind her father’s words, Carla’s daughter would nod and quietly follow her father out of the room and into the main hall where the coronation ceremony was held. She breathed in and out slowly, and held her chin up when she finally made her entrance to the event. Carla linked arms with her and led her to the front, watching her as she grew confident with every step they took. For years, he had watch her grow into a fine young lady and consistently held her by the hand to lead her to different places, but now he was leading her to her final destiny. It wouldn’t be a lie that Carla was proud of this memorable moment, and he hoped that she would understand her true worth in this world one day. He wanted her to be more confident with her new powers.

As he placed the Founder crown neatly on top of his daughter’s head as a symbol for passing down the royal throne to her, Carla couldn’t help but wonder why there was a sudden gleam in her golden eyes when she looked up and smirked at him after placing the crown on her head. Perhaps it was his imagination, but he was sure that something had sparked in his daughter and replaced the skittish one he knew earlier in her room. 

Little did he know that his precious princess would soon drop her former beliefs of not being good enough for the position and have a field day with her new position as Queen. The empowerment and confidence she felt as she faced her subjects ran hotly through her blood, and she turned and smiled widely at her audience, ready for whatever the future held for her. 

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