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The Self-fulfilling Art of Escapism

Screen, silent
A rush of sticky-warm ice
Wake up with stardust
Shoved up your nose
Hit the earth
Like a feather-falling rock

Gravity pulls up, but
Shackled ankles weigh
And half-brain soars
Through thick, windy mud
Dividing each organ
In meager portions

Paper can’t glue
Your pieces
You aren’t found
In another’s
Torn-open skin

Stop trying to escape
To run away, to break
Your epidermic grave

The sun doesn’t rise
It’s always been a lie
You can
Stand still
Twist towards
The sun

Or you’ll bake
Your body into
A cage

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Are you still taking cuddle prompts from the list you linked to? Early season MSR, #30

Cuddle alert! Set in season 2 between Firewalker and Red Museum. 

“Mulder!” Scully’s voice screeches as she watches her partner being shoved into the tiny closet almost hidden in the wall; his broad shoulders bump painfully against the frame before he disappears inside. The door is slammed shut and the faceless man turns to her; she raises her gun, her hands shaking slightly, but she isn’t fast enough. The gun is kicked from her hand, she screams, she bites, and before she knows it the closet door opens again and she is thrown against Mulder.

“I don’t need you Feds getting in my way.” They hear their suspect laugh from the other side before his footsteps are gone. Scully pushes against the door in the pitch black darkness and feels Mulder behind her, much too close, much too warm.

“Let us out of here!” Scully hammers her fists against the wood, kicks it angrily, until Mulder’s hands settle on her shoulders gently squeezing.

“It’s no use,” his voice is soft and his breath tickles her; he is just too damn close and she can’t see anything here. Her hands pause, unclench, and she takes a deep breath. “Save your strength.”

“For what, Mulder? He’s not just going to come back.”

“Skinner knows where we are. They’ll find us. He’ll kick our asses for letting a suspect get away, but he’ll let us out of here.” Mulder assures her with his hands still on her shoulders; Scully knows she’s tense and with him so close, she knows he can tell.

“When, Mulder? How long do we have to be in here?” She can’t keep the quiver out of her voice. Scully leans forward, tries to break contact with Mulder, but there’s just no room. She closes her eyes; this darkness, her own, almost a comfort.

“You know,” Mulder clears his throat behind her and she swears she can just about feel it, “this kind of reminds me of playing seven minutes in heaven.” He chuckles and she definitely feels that, his body seemingly coming even closer, his warmth indiscernible from her own. Scully appreciates his attempt to lighten the mood, but this isn’t a game and it’s far from heaven. More like forever stuck in hell. Stuck being the operative word. She takes a deep, shaky breath.

“I’m sorry, Scully.”

“This isn’t your fault, Mulder.”

“I’m making you uncomfortable. I’d say that’s my fault.” He shifts behind her and for a short moment his body is no longer touching hers. It lasts not even a second before he’s back against her; his chest pressing into her back, his legs aligned with hers. “There’s not much space here. I’m sorry, Scully. I’ll try to uhm, behave. And shut up.”

“Mulder, you’re not the problem.” Her whisper in this dark, quiet closet could have just as well have been a scream. He is silent after that and Scully is convinced she can hear him think. He is going through their files in his mind, searching for any indication why this is so difficult for her; it takes him a while, longer than she thought it would, and she knows exactly when he gets it. His gasp is audible, sounds painful in her ears, and almost immediately his hand is back on her shoulder.

“Duane Barry.” It’s not a question. “He- when you – when he…” Scully nods, hoping to shut him up.

“I’m so sorry, Scully.” His apology is different this time and his hand leaves her shoulder, lands on her back, and gently starts stroking up and down; Scully is uncertain if he’s even aware of what he’s doing. Ever since she’s come back, he’s been invading her personal space, making it his own.  Touching her at every opportunity; just a hand on her shoulder, a lingering touch on her back. It’s as if he’s still not sure she’s really here with him and he needs to make sure it’s her and he can still touch her, feel her under his hands. It bothers her, sometimes, but not now. This, she realizes, is not at all like when Duane Barry kidnapped her, put her in the trunk. Her hands tied up then, unable to scream, to ask for help. She’d yelled for Mulder in her mind repeatedly. This time he is here. She is not alone in the darkness. He is here and he is not going to let anything happen to her. He told her to take time off, to get better and she assured him she was fine. She was. Until now. So she doesn’t try to get away from him any longer, his strength and his warmth. Instead, she leans back against him, hoping he understands her without having to say it, without having to ask him to hold her. For a moment they stand like this; back to chest, otherwise not touching. Then Mulder tentatively puts his arms around her, rests his hands on her stomach, engulfing her completely. His head comes to rest on hers heavily, pleasantly and a sense of safety spreads inside of her.

“Is this all right?”

“It’s more than all right.” Scully lets him know, her gratitude stuck on her tongue, and puts her own hands over his; this time it’s her who needs to make sure he really is there and not just a figment of her imagination.

They don’t move, don’t speak for the longest time. Until they hear voices, frantically searching for them. Mulder’s hands leave her body, but not her, as they both hammer against the door and when it finally opens, the light blinding them momentarily, Skinner helps them out.

“Finally. We got him. He wouldn’t tell us where you were. Are you all right, Agents?” Scully feels Mulder behind her; he is not pressed against her anymore, but he is there, ready to jump in, hold her, keep her safe.

“We’re fine, Sir.” Mulder puts his hand on her back as they leave, at last, but they never speak of what happened while they were trapped inside there ever again.

Addictions Au

Person A is an attention addict, and is constantly trying to find a way to make it about them. They were invited to a show, and Person B is known as the most insane contestant. With flips and diving, Person A feels everyone else is ignoring them, and finds a way to the front of the crowd. Person B ask for a volunteer and ends up picking Person A, and brings them on the stage. Person B ends up carrying Person A across a rope at least 100 feet in the air. Person A begins to freak out and falls, grabbing the rope before falling, Person B instantly panicking and without any thought, grabbed Person A, forcing both of them to crash to the ground onto a large mat. Everyone goes silent before they both stand up and bow down, the crowd exploded.

Person A is addicted to drugs, but it’s luckily limited to only cigarettes and alcohol. They see Person B, a more attractive, younger, healthier, tattooed covered kid, in a bar, but knows they probably got chance with them. They leave the bar for a moment for a cigarette when they hear a woman screaming, and instantly rush back in to see a crowd a people at the back of the bar. They push to the front to see Person B laying on the floor with a cut across their arm, nothing to big . Everyone is panicking before Person A kneels down on their knee, the cigarette still lit in their mouth, and grabs out a First-Aid, calmly wraps up Person B’s arm. When Person B starts to ask questions like “Why are you calm?” And “How do you know how to wrap this?”, Person A Shows them their arms with similar marks, and explains its from practice on themselves and their sibling, and walks out. Person B ends up bumping into them again, and thanks them continuously.

Person A has an addiction to technology. Rarely eats or even leaves their room, spending days at a time on the computer with no breaks. However, they leave with their friends to pick up someone from the airport and meets Person B, a new apartment owner from down the hallway. They want to talk to them, but finds it too difficult to, and just leaves to pick up their buddy from the airport. It’s been multiple weeks since Person B showed up, and they’ve finally decided to get therapy for the addiction so they feel like they can get into touch with Person B. However, when they show up at the therapy session, they see Person B sitting in the circle, waiting for it to start. In the end, Person B recognized Person A, and the two begin to bond over it. Person B is a food addict, and is attempting to get better for the sake of their life, and came to the city just for the therapist. It’s finally the last day, and the two of them about to depart. Person B leaves the city, and Person A just lives with an empty heart. The next week, they were going to get their mail when they saw Person B roaming the halls. When Person A ask why they’re here, they just say they couldn’t stay off their addiction with Person A.

Some people asked me for the journal prompt list I was following for my art journal entries so here it is! If you do want to start a journal based on this list it would be great if you could tag me in it @cheerychow and link back to this post so others can join in too! 💕

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at some point, kylo becomes addicted to death sticks (or whatever the equivalent of hard drugs is in the sw universe lmao). Hux has to overlook his withdrawal. Make it painful, with hux being mean af during the entire thing ..

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[I adore this little sketch of the two of them from @keelime-pies because look at it.. It’s so damn well accurate of the two of them when they very first met. Samuru looks absolutely adorable that poor darling and Isen just can’t figure out what his ‘problem’ is!]


[Meanwhile ten plus years later Isen figured it out. I love this picture of them both, I think @yoiku did a fantastic job sketching them as they are, rather than in game. Please make sure you check out both of these brilliant artists if you haven’t yet! ] 

[Send me 🎨 and I’ll show you one of my favorite OC art and explain why I like it !]

101 Thinkpiece Articles on Millennials

Are you a hack that’s running out of ways to complain about the World’s Worst Generation, Millennials? Better turn in your resignation form, fool, because I’ve got a whole glut of Millennial articles that will draw in those Baby Boomer clicks like no ones business.

  1. The ME Generation: Why All Writing Is About Millennials Now
  2. Participation Trophies Are Why Entitled Millennials Think They Deserve Jobs
  3. Newsflash, Millennials: Your Workplace Doesn’t Come With Participation Trophies
  4. Millennials and the War on Gluten
  5. How Millennials Destroyed The McDonald’s Dollar Menu
  6. Studies Show Millennials Really Were Born Yesterday
  7. How Millennial Multiculturalism Killed My Dog And Ruined My Marriage
  8. I Don’t Care What Anyone Says, I Still Love My Entitled Millennial Son
  9. Latest Millennial “Meme” Is Literally Just Punching Older People
  10. How To Participation Trophy Proof Your Home (So Your Grandkids Won’t Be Huge Pussies)
  11. I Straight Up Punted My Newborn Son Across The Hospital Room While He Was Breastfeeding To Teaching Him There’s No Such Thing As A Free Meal
  12. How To Threaten, Bribe, And Coerce Your Entitled Millennial Children From Putting You In A Nursing Home
  13. Millennials Getting Older Everyday, Still Terrible
  14. Millennials and the War on Heterosexuality
  15. My Millennial Son Is Better Than Your Millennial Son, Lorraine
  16. Millennials More Compassionate, Studies Show This Is Still Bad Somehow
  17. Coping With New Millennial Genders
  18. Millennials Hate Free Speech Unless It’s About Them
  19. My Entitled Millennial Son Keeps Staring Hungrily At My Participation Trophies
  20. Millennial Daughters: Nonexistent?
  21. Why Millennials Don’t Deserve The Sun
  22. Millennials Even Breathe Differently
  23. Studies Show Millennials Less Likely To Be White
  24. Rise In Witchcraft Practitioners Among Millennials
  25. Millennials Allergic To Hard Work
  26. Millennials So Addicted To College, Risk Bankruptcy To Continue Educations
  27. How To React When Your Millennial Son Brings Home A Participation Trophy
  28. If Millennials Like Punching Nazis So Much, Why Didn’t They Fight In World War II?
  29. Looking At Participation Trophies Lowers Testosterone, Studies Show
  30. Millennials Recycling Cost Plastic Industry 10,000,000 Jobs Per Year
  31. Millennials Ruined Gluten Allergies For Everyone
  32. Newsflash Millennials: Gluten Is Our God Now
  33. Reclaiming The Title “Entitled” From Entitled Millennials
  34. Millennials On Wall Street: Refuse To Put In The 10 Years Of Hard Work Before Acquiring Hoes And Blow
  35. More Millennials Using Public Transportation Than Ever
  36. Check Your Millennial Son’s Internet Browsing History And Get Him To Church
  37. Millennials: The Gayest?
  38. Vaccinating Your Millennial Sons
  39. Millennials Addicted To Cats
  40. Millennials Are Why The Future Won’t Have Hoverboards
  41. “Eco-Friendly” Latest Fetish Amongst Millennials
  42. How Millennials Destroyed Democracy
  43. Millennials Overly Sensitive To Words, Claim They Have “Meaning”
  44. Millennial Bootstraps: Permanently Frayed
  45. Not Ashamed Of My Entitled Millennial Children
  46. Millennials Told They Could “Do Anything”, Psyches Ruined
  47. Why Do Millennials Have Such Bad Taste In Music?
  48. Coping With Millennial Tears
  49. Why Aren’t Millennials Spending $30,000 A Month On Wine?
  50. ME ME ME: No Generation Has Taken As Many Selfies As Millennials
  51. Hard Work “Too Hard” For Soft Entitled Millennials
  52. Millennials Lack Fiscal Knowledge, Prefer Renting To Buying Houses
  53. Newest Millennial “Meme” Completely Incomprehensible
  54. Are 35-Year-Olds Millennials? Yes, Says New Research Study
  55. Today’s Millennials Have No Moral Compass
  56. Heterophobia: A New Millennial Epidemic
  57. So-Called “Open Minded” Liberal Arts Students Boycott Talk By Creationist Professor
  58. Why Millennials Aren’t Going To Church Regularly
  59. My Millennial Son’s Balls Dropped Yesterday, And He’s 32
  60. Millennials Ruined Because Of Bad Parenting (But That Has Nothing To Do With Us, Right?)
  61. Smashing My Grandkids Participation Trophies So They Don’t Become Entitled Millennials Like Their Parents
  62. Millennials Addicted To Social Media, Crave Human Interaction
  63. My Millennial Son Married His iPhone
  64. Anti-Intellectuals: Millennials Show Lowered Self-Esteem After Reading Thinkpieces
  65. Millennials With Crippling Debt Have Unrealistic Expectations For New Hire Wages
  66. Impatient Entitled Millennials Make My Coffee Too Slowly
  67. Entitled Millennials Steal Term “Me Generation” From Baby Boomers
  68. The Gays Kidnapped My Millennial Son
  69. An Argument For Repression: Social Progress Creates Weak Kids (Like Millennials)
  70. Millennials Retroactively Responsible For The Great Depression
  71. So-Called “Tolerant” Millennials Intolerant Of Intolerance
  72. I Worked Hard So That My Millennial Kids Could Have A Better Life, And I’m Mad That They’re Mad That They Don’t Have A Better Life
  73. Millennial Serial Killer Admits To Using Weaponized Gluten In Series Of Grisly Murders
  74. I Love And Accept My Gay Entitled Millennial Son And His iPhone Wife
  75. Millennials Too Lazy To Write Letters, Studies Show
  76. Millennials Can’t Take A Joke
  77. Instant Messaging Related To STD Spike Among Millennials
  78. My Entitled Millennial Son Has Consumed All Of My Participation Trophies, His Eyes Glow Red In Anticipation Of Fresh Blood
  79. Millennials Dying Of Heart Disease Like Pussies
  80. Entitled Millennials Now Recognizing Austria-Hungary As New Political Entity
  81. Millennials Really Need To Start Flossing
  82. Millennial Vectors Responsible For Latest Rhinovirus Mutation
  83. Millennials Rack Up More Phone Bills Than All Prior Generations Combined
  84. “Sliding Into DMs” Related To Spike In Wrist Fractures
  85. Millennials Take Everything Too Seriously
  86. Entitled Welfare Millennial “Too Embarassed” To Take Third Part Time Job
  87. The Fall Of Rome Was Retroactively Caused By Millennials
  88. The Alignment Of The Stars: How Astrology Proves That Millennials Are The Worst
  89. Millennials Have Sick Obsession With The Moon
  90. Hey Millennials: The Moon Is Not A Participation Trophy
  91. Millennial STEM Majors Too Impatient For PHDs
  92. Collectively, Millennials Are The Antichrist
  93. Small Town Razed By Entitled Millennial Son In Search Of Participation Trophies, No Survivors
  94. Angry Millennial Yells At Cloud
  95. Why Is My Entitled Millennial Son Depressed?
  96. Average Millennial Runs On 3 Hrs Of Sleep, Study Shows
  97. Positivity And Millennials: Is It Possible?
  98. Millennials Worst At Philosophy
  99. Escaped Entitled Millennial Son Still At Large, Church Officials Claim “Highly Dangerous”
  100. Millennials Don’t HAVE To Be Gay
  101. Shut The Fuck Up About Millennials Already
Be a Millionaire Day

Person A grew up in a broken home, just them and their single parent who is an addict of some sort, leaving them with very little money and forcing Person A to work to keep them both afloat financially. One day, Person B, the child of a very important political figure/celebrity/famous person, shows up at Person A’s door (with bodyguards, of course) claiming that Person A is their famous parent’s other child, making Person A and Person B half siblings. Person A is offered a life of safety and no worries. In exchange, they will be leaving behind their addict parent to fend for themself.