prompt 2: design your own character


We’ve got some special events starting this week on both mscollab and mssucb to give you EVEN MORE STUFF TO DRAW! Allow me to go into detail:

THEME WEEKS- As the name suggests, a theme is given for submitters to work with about 2 weeks in advance. Submissions are then stockpiled until the date of submission week and posted in mass for an all out art extravaganza! After the week is up, the submissions will have their special place in the archive if you’d like to draw any on your own time!

DESIGN CHALLENGES- ARE YOU READY TO PUT YOUR CHARACTER DESIGN SKILLS TO THE TEST? For these, we provide prompts for artists to design characters with. Unlike theme weeks, they’ll be available in the archive as soon as we think them up.

The Warhammer 40k October Challenge

@sisterofsilence asked me to create an October drawing challenge and so I did. Hopefully this will prove a good challenge. Other 40k fans are more than welcome to take these prompts to inspire their works or start the challenge itself.

Every five days there is an NSFW option. This is not mandatory and it is open as a second prompt.

1. Draw the Icon of your favourite loyalist chapter but add your own unique twist.

2. Design a Company banner complete with honours and deeds.

3. Choose an Astartes character (or more if you wish) from a BL novel and draw a portrait.

4. Draw a Space marine in action with a focus on movement in power armour

5. SFW: Draw up a scene with your space marine. This must include a background.
   NSFW: select one of your kinks for a space marine to be drawn in.

6. Design a personalised Tattoo for an imperial guard regiment.

7. Draw either Baneblade tank; a Leman Russ or Basilisk Canon

8. Create a unique concept for an imperial guard regiment. This can be uniforms, banner or weapon design.

9. With your unique regiment, sketch potential three characters

10. SFW: Choose a favourite Imperial guard character and create a full body sketch. This must include background.
     NSFW: an imperial guard Sex scene. As graphic as you wish.

11.  Draw an open shrine to your choice of Imperial Saint or to the God-Emperor.

12. Create an Ecclesiarchy ordained official; this can be a Priest, Cardinal or any other Religious character in the Imperial Church.

13. Select one or more of the original Daughters of the Emperor and draw them.

14. Draw your ideal redesign for the Sisters of battle.

15. SFW: Design an monumental Ecclesiarchal building; Cathedral, Sororitas Convent, Temple Shrine Etc.
     NSFW: Select a torture method and subject a heretic to it.

16. Draw a human labourer or factory worker at work. This can be at a machine or other hard manual work. This doesn’t have to include a background.

17. Draw up a noble woman and man in their very best and most extravagant clothes about to attend a ball or reception.

18. Draw up a civil servitor at work. This can not be a gun servitor or engineering servitor.

19.  Create a street scene set in a Hive City. This can be as rich or as poor as you wish.

20. SFW: Design a human gang with a unique feature or trademark and draw them up as if in a full family photo. This must include background.
     NSFW: Create a civilian love interest for a chosen Character and draw them in the love interest’s bedroom. This is not limited to noble love interests.

21. Design and draw a Wraith bone construct of some kind complete with Runes and stones. This may include Eldar characters.

22. Select a well known Xenos character from a BL novel and draw them.

23. Select a lesser known Xenos race and design them a look. Treat this like a dissection and anatomical drawing.

24. Draw a scene of tension Diplomacy between the imperium and a race you have designed.

25. SFW: Choose a major Xenos race and an aspect of their culture and draw this into a scene.
     NSFW: design genitalia for five individual species of Xenos. Both male and female.

26. Select a traitor Astartes from a legion of your choice and draw a before and after image.

27. Create a variety of unique and grotesque mutations.

28. Design yourself as a demon prince. Think about which Chaos God would draw you the most and what it your ultimate goal.

29. Choose one of your favourite Imperial characters and redesign them as a Chaos worshipping traitor.

30. SFW: Create a scene involving a Demon Engine or a unique chaos inspired machine of your creation. This thing must hold centre stage but include background.
     NSFW: Anything explicit in perversion, violence and Chaos corruption.