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Write about a character who can see the future of the last person they had physical contact with. Every time they touch someone else, even if it’s a simple tap, a high five, or a handshake, they now see said person’s future. The character uses it for silly and simple uses at first; finding out answers to a test, seeing what a friend will be doing on the weekend. But when the character bumps into a stranger on the street, they see something they did not expect.

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OTP Prompt 221

Let’s get a little sci-fi with this one bc sci-fi is my JAM

There’s this amazing new product out called SM(*something*) that’s supposed to determine if you’re soul mates or not.

(I was thinking nail polish or a sort of dating app/service:

  • Nail polish— would change the hue so that it would exactly match with your soulmates. Each finger would end up a different color or pattern; and how similar they are is how compatible you two are, even if they aren’t exactly the same.
  • The dating app works like ancestry.com, where you send in a spit sample, finger prints, etc. and if you become a member, it provides name and birthdate of your match(es). Otherwise it gives a general guesstimate of location!
  • These systems may or may not be corrupted and/or destroying perfectly healthy relationships, results may vary, use at your own risk, SM Ltd. is not responsible for any death, injury, failed relationships, or dismemberment
  • Feel free to make up more!!! I’m brain dead!!


39.- “What do you mean you like me?”

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word count: 996

Warnings: like one swear word


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The front door closing and the sound of her light steps made him smile, his eyes remaining on the kitchen counter where he already was pouring two glasses of whine.

“ Have you called for pizza?” Her voice conquered his mind. Y/N  took off her coat and rested it on one of the stools. 

“ Yup, it should be here in less than ten minutes.” Sebastian muttered lifting his eyes and giving her the glass. Y/N pulled the hair-band  from her wrist, tying her hair in a ponytail, leaving some of the strands of her hair loose.

“God, I’m starving!” She groaned taking the recipient to her lips and letting the red liquid fill her mouth. Sebastian mimicked her moves, sitting beside her.

“You are always starving, Y/N.” Sebastian chuckled, connecting his deep blue eyes on her frame and seeing  a beautiful smile forming on her features.

He, himself smiled a little, time stopping for brief seconds around him. He saw her bright eyes shining, her lips moving with the smile never leaving them. Her face as always when she smiled was lighted up, no make up on it, showing her natural beauty to him.

The romanian took the moment to remember all the way they had went through until  the present day. Starting as two strangers arguing about the last bottle of whine at 1 a.m in a local  24 hours grocery shop; ending with neither of them taking it home because they managed to drop the bottle to the floor. He remembered how the second that she rested her eyes on the liquid spread across the shop’s floor, she started laughing, resting her hand on his shoulders for support and continuously saying sorry to him; not for the broken bottle, but for what she thought was an awkward laugh. The night ending with them in a nearby cafeteria talking about everything that crossed their minds; not caring about how stupid the subject was.

From that moment on, he knew he wanted her in his life. Throughout their time as friends he fell in love with her;but there they were, two years later and he still was in the friend zone; having their tradition of pizza, wine and movies on fridays and tuesdays.

“Hey!” She clicked her fingers in front of his zoomed out gaze, grabbing the man’s attention. “ You look like you are somewhere far away from here.” She said with a dreamy voice.

Sebastian returned to the planet Earth again. “What?”

“You were  there looking as confusing as the winter soldier when Steve called him Bucky.” She said rolling her eyes. “What were you thinking about?” Her eyes landed  briefly on the glass resting on the kitchen counter, warping her fingers around the glass and lifting it to her mouth.

“ I was thinking if you would like to come with me to the movie premier next week?” Sebastian asked lifting his eyebrows. It was not what was drowning his thoughts at the moment, but it truly was something that had been present in his mind for a couple of weeks.

Y/N was about to talk when the door bell rang. Sebastian stood up, heading for the door and returned back with two pizza boxes. He rested them on the counter, automatically her hands flew to them, taking one slice and eating.

“Easy there.” Sebastian smirked.

“Shut up.” She told him with a deadly-funny glare, chewing on the food.

“So… what you say?” The romanian asked, impatient to have an answer from his dearly friend.

“Oh, sorry. Yeah, I’d love to.” She muttered, another slice of pizza resting on her hand. “But…” Y/N started, and Sebastian was sure that she was going to deny his proposition. “Would it be like a date?” She asked connecting her eyes with his and smiling.

Sebastian’s heart started beating in his chest at a speed higher than the average, both happy and worried with her question. His mind trying to figure out something to say.

“Y-yes, a date…” He nearly whispered.

Y/N smiled wider. “That’s great, because I like you.” She confessed, biting her lower lip in nervousness. Y/N wondered why did she had to open her mouth when she saw Sebastian just stare blankly at her.

“What do you mean you like me?”  Sebastian asked, needing to make sure that they were in the same train, before his love for her went up to the surface.

“Well…I…” The words were getting caught in her throat; she truly wanted to tell him, but she was afraid. What if it meant the end of their friendship? Sebastian saw her hesitating, battling with her mind. Fuck it, she thought “I’m in love with you Sebastian, I’ve been feeling like this for the last few months and I need to know if you at least feel something for me, anything more than pure friendship.”

The words came fast out of her mouth, accompanied with a long breath at the end.Y/N took the glass in her hand and drank all the wine she had left, feeling relieved.

Sebastian blinked a few times, processing the information she had just given him. When his baby blues meet her features, he saw her looking down, playing with the hem of her shirt. The romanian smiled, stopping the doing of her fingers he took her hand in his, interviewing their fingers. Sebastian could feel the slight trembling of her soft hands.

“Y/N, look at me.” His free hand went to her chin, lifting it up so their eyes were connected.  “ I’ve been in love with you for over a year.” She stared at him, taking a moment to appreciate his sweet confession and smiled, resting her head on his.

Sebastian’s hand moved to the small of her back, taking her body closer to his.

“Are you going to kiss me, or what, Stan?” She asked playfully.

Sebastian chuckled, feeling the weight of her arms wrapping around his neck. He leaned in, softly brushed his nose against hers making her giggle and pressed his lips on her plump ones, working as if they were the perfect match of a puzzle.


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Writing Prompt

“Stop!” They grabbed the protagonist’s arm, yanking them backwards. The protagonist turned to glare at them.

“What?! They’re just sitting on the other side of the ridge! Our only chance to attack is now!”

“You cannot attack. You cannot sneak up on them.” Their friend’s eyes darkened. “They can feel even the slightest movements against the ground. There is no way to surprise them.”

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Sirius Black x Reader [PROMPT #13: “i think i’m in love.”; PROMPT #15: “you’re very drunk, you know that right?” “and, your point is?”; PROMPT #25: “maybe i can just hide forever and forget everything.”]

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Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Prompt(s): # 13: “i think i’m in love.” ; #15: “you’re very drunk, you know that right?” “and, your point is?” ; #25: “maybe i can just hide forever and forget everything.”
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“How are you feeling, Padfoot?”  James asked, smirking when Sirius groans and glares at him.

       “I feel awful, Prongs. Is that what you want to hear?” Sirius grumbles, before looking to Remus, “Let me guess, you’re going to say ‘I told you so’?”

       “No,” Remus smiles innocently, “I was actually going to ask how much you remember of last night… You got up to- to a lot.”

      “I did?! Shit,” Sirius curses, “Maybe I can just hide forever and forget everything.”

      His friends laugh. Sirius had definitely had too much to drink, and while he was happy at the time, he was certainly regretting it now. In the moment, he’d spent it with you. The party was winding down, but he hadn’t even so much as looked at another girl apart from you. It was quite flattering.

     “Sirius, you’re very drunk, you know that right?” you smile, watching him trying to dance.

     “And, your point is?” he replies, looking at you, “Come dance. Have fun!”

     “I’m alright-”

    -Sirius dragged you closer to him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so you complied. Dancing with him was quite fun. You could practically sense all the jealousy of the other girls longing to be in your place.

     It takes you a moment to notice Sirius has stopped dancing and is looking at you.

    “I think I’m in love,” Sirius murmurs, “With you.”

    “Sirius… I don’t know what to say.”

    “Say you love me back?” he pleads, “I want… I only want you.”

    “Tell me again in the morning. When you’re sober. Okay?” you instruct him, and he nods furiously.

Sirius groans internally remembering the scene. Had he really said that to you? It was bad enough pining over you without your knowledge, let alone you knowing about the fact he was in love with you. As if Sirius’ luck couldn’t get any worse, you entered the great hall.

       “Morning, Sirius. How’s your hangover?”

      “Bad,” he mutters, “But… But, I remember what I said to you. And, I still mean it.”

     You’re shocked that he remembered.

     “Good,” you reply, kissing him on the cheek, your face breaking into a smile, “I want only you too.”

     Sirius’ hangover was soon forgotten.

My Mistakes - Bellamy Blake

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Request: A Bellamy blake x reader when they’re still at the dropship and Y/n gets taken a hostage as a revenge for the 300 grounders who died and Bellamy, Finn and Clarke tries to save her. When they do the reader and Bellamy confess❣️Thank you

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“Let her go!” 

“Lexa, let her go! This wasn’t her! Please, listen!”

“It was me, not Y/N!”

You bit your lip, practically shaking on the spot as you stared around at the grounders that practically surrounded you. You weren’t even sure how Bellamy, Clarke and Finn had broken through the barrier of angry grounders, but at this moment you didn’t care. If they were, then maybe you had a chance of coming out of this alive.

“We know that Y/N was with Finn when my men and woman died.” Lexa spoke, calmly, as if she didn’t have you strung up against a tree and hadn’t been in the process of torturing you before your ultimate death a moment ago. “You won’t give up Finn, so we’ll take Y/N in his stead.”

“You can have me,” Finn screeched, “this isn’t her fault!”

Despite Finn’s attempt at sacrifice, you found you couldn’t focus on him, or even Lexa. Your eyes desperately searched through the crowd for Bellamy, finding him easily enough. You kept your lip between your lips, trying desperately not to let the tears fall from your eyes. Of course, Bellamy made eye contact with you and his struggling’s increased ten-fold.

“Let her go!” He yelled, turning to Lexa as he punched the grounder that’d been holding him back away. “Y/N didn’t do this!”

Bellamy managed to break through, rapidly making his way towards you. Your body tensed as Bellamy rapidly raced towards you. You, of course, weren’t afraid of Bellamy, but rather what the grounders would do in response to his movements.

Sure enough, a sword slashed in front of your stomach and Indra stepped forward. Indra glared up at Bellamy, who had since frozen in response, anticipating Indra’s next move.

“Lexa,” Clarke’s voice called, turning to the Commander. “Y/N didn’t have anything to do with your people’s massacre. If anything, she… she tried to stop Finn.”

You frowned, guilt flooding you. This was all your fault. If you had just kept your guard up, your people possibly could’ve fought the grounders further on this. But instead you’d let yourself get kidnapped and now either you were going to die, Finn would take your place, or a war would break out. 

“Y/N,” snapping your head in front of you at the sound of Bellamy’s surprisingly soft voice, you found Bellamy’s eyes upon your own. Ignoring the fact that Indra stood there, Bellamy called out to you; “you’re gonna be okay. I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, alright?”

And even though you didn’t believe Bellamy’s words, you nodded.

“Take me.” Your eyes widened, finding Finn stepping forward, arms raised. “Take me and let Y/N go.”

“No, Finn-!”

“I won’t let Y/N die for my mistakes.” Finn interrupted Clarke, sending a reassuring glance your way. “Please,” he continued, “I surrender.”

“Watch her,” Lexa called out, pointing in the direction of Clarke. Taking a step forward, she made her way over to Finn. “Are you sure?” Finn nodded, as if it was the easiest decision he’d ever had to make.

Lexa’s eyes then fell on you, and within seconds you felt the rope around your wrists loosen and you were hurdling towards the ground. A set of arms caught you before you fell, and you looked up to meet Bellamy’s eyes. Tired, you finally let your tears fall, cradling against the man.

“It’s okay,” Bellamy soothed, picking you and moving away. He cast one last glance at Finn, nodding thankfully before continuing on. “I’ve got you.”

“Bellamy…” You whispered, reaching up. 

“I love you,” Bellamy suddenly whispered, shocking you. “I thought I lost you…”

Blinking slowly, you let a small, almost force smile fall upon your lips. “I love you too.”


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Dialogue Prompt

“You just got lucky that the people chose you. They call me a monster, when you’re exactly the same. What hypocrites they all are. But then, you must have crawled and begged and painted the perfect picture of yourself to gain their favor. I was damned for being my true self.”

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Am I the only one who thinks Damian would totally do Cass’s makeup?

It starts on accident. The kids are all running around getting ready for a Wayne Gala (Tim is trying to look like he hasn’t pulled two all-nighters in a row, Steph is arguing with Bruce because “Why can’t I wear purple? I know I wore it last time and and the time before that but Bruuuuccceeee…”, Duke is trying not to freak out, Dick is trying to keep Jason from setting the curtains on fire, Jason is in the process of setting curtains on fire, and Alfred is cleaning up after these human tornadoes)

Naturally, that leaves Damian and Cass unsupervised.

The makeup artists Bruce hired won’t go near Cass after she broke one of their noses on accident when they poked her with mascara, so Babs usually helps Cass with her makeup. This time, Babs is out of town so Cass is struggling with putting on her eyeliner.

Meanwhile, Damian is wandering around, seeing how many weapons he can smuggle into the limo without Alfred finding out (Answer: 0) He sees the bathroom door open and peeks in to see Cass leaning up to the mirror. He can see that her makeup is uneven from the doorway, so he goes with a “Tt. You’re doing it wrong.”

Cass just turns to him with an unimpressed stare and hands him the eyeliner.

Damian shrugs and gets to work, determined to one-up Barbara. He starts off copying what he has seen Talia do, but then starts branching out with colors that complement Cass’s dress. After a few minutes of hard work, Damian leans back with a contented “hmm”. He’s… proud?

The media goes wild.

All the reporters comment on Cass’s amazing job on her makeup. Damian decides not to say anything because it would “tarnish his reputation”, and Cass get the message.

Before the next gala, Babs is helping everyone choose tuxes and dresses (“Honestly, you guys have no fashion sense.” “Hey!” “Sorry Steph, but I agree with Babs. Just use Goldie as an example.” “Jason!” “Two words: Scaly. Panties.”) so Cass is left on her own again. She tracks down Damian and drags him to the nearest bathroom and shoves a $10,000 makeup bag into his hands. Damian enjoys himself, not like he’d admit it.

This happens over and over again, and soon enough there are whole blogs dedicated to Cass’s makeup because Damian never uses the same design twice.

6 months, 3 galas, 2 interviews, 4 fundraisers, and 8 “Family Outings” after Damian started doing Cass’s makeup, Babs, Dick, Steph, Damian and Cass are all going out to a fancy diner to keep up their public profile.

Then they realize Damian and Cass are missing. Barbara, Steph, and Dick don’t have a problem with Cass being missing, it’s Dami that worries them. Damian being missing can only mean one of of two things: 1) Damian is being murdered or 2) Damian is murdering someone. They race around the mansion, following Dick’s tracking device (this ain’t his first rodeo) and end up skidding into the doorway of a bathroom on the north wing.

Damian’s face is the same color as Cass’s red dress and he standing stock still next to her, holding some orange eyeshadow. Everyone is gaping, except for Cass who is patiently sitting on a stool with her eyes closed.

“Grayson-I-I mean-wha-I” Damian is a complete stuttering mess.

Steph is the first to shake from her stupor.

“Damn, Dami. Can you do my makeup next?”

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!! You should draw something Moicy related, cuz I'm biased. A young butch-ish presenting Moira with a very plain jane femme Mercy who wears like, utilitarian clothes... I have such a specific vision of these two being practical lesbians.

I really like the idea that Moira and Angela studied medicine at the same university or worked/trained together in the same facility when they were fresh out of university. They were both at the top of their field and had an unspoken rivalry due to conflicting methodologies, but they were also crushing hard on each other (especially Moira towards Angela).

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What about a one shot where Mary's eight months pregnant with Sam, wakes up one morning, and finds Dean sleeping with his head on her belly. But then she discovers once he wakes up, he also talks to her belly. Lovingly of course. Soulmate talk, love of my life talk, whatever you wanna use.

This was a super cute prompt, I hope it’s how you wanted it. Let me know if not ;)

Mary wakes up around nine, feeling as tired as before going to bed. She still has one month to go before Sam’s birth, but everyday is becoming harder and harder.

She shifts uncomfortably, trying to take the weigh of the cover away from her, but then she feels little hands holding on her belly and she finally opens her eyes.

She can help but smile when she sees her little boy, face down against her belly, his arms protectively around it.

When they first told him they wanted another baby, Dean was more upset than that time someone mistaken him for a girl. In his little head, having a baby meant that his parents didn’t wanted him anymore, that they would trade him for someone else. After a long talk, he finally wrapped himself around the idea, and when Mary felt pregnant, he seemed even happier than them.

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Prompt: Emma and Regina are married and have three kids -One with 5 year,other with 3 and the last with 1 year old.- besides Henry . Regina take a pregnancy test and discovered that she is pregnant again but she really don't expected this and they have compromised that four kids was enough. They discuss, drama ensues and some happy ending.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma drums her fingers against her knees anxiously as she and Regina sit side by side on the bathroom floor. She didn’t expect to ever be doing this again, but their magic obviously had other ideas and now…well now they’re waiting for the timer to go off and a stick to tell them their fate. 

Don’t get her wrong, they both adore their kids. Henry is almost ready to go off to college at 17 and he brought them together and eventually to their happy ending with one another. Five years ago their first surprise arrived in the form of Lucy, back then neither one of them knew about magic babies and to find that their love was strong enough to create their daughter was astounding. Two years later it happened again and they welcomed Amelia into their family. With three kids their life was hectic but filled with love and laughter, something they’d both always wanted. 

Ten months ago they welcomed in David Jr (or DJ to Regina’s chagrin) and although they were both ecstatic they agreed their family was complete. They went to Rumple who told them their only option was a form of magic binding. After going to Blue to confirm it, they both agreed that they weren’t entirely happy with restricting their magic - it bringing up far too many bad memories for Regina, and instead they decided to try and rein it in when they were having sex. 

Clearly self restraint has let them down. 

“What do we do if it’s positive?” Regina asks, finally voicing the question neither one of them dares ask, “We…we agreed on four…what if we can’t handle this?” 

“I don’t know,” Emma replies with a sigh, “I love our kids Regina…you and they are my entire world but…”

Regina nods, “It’s a lot of extra responsibility…plus there’s the financial side of things. I was hoping to go back to work this year but I don’t think I can anymore which puts a lot of pressure on you…and I know you were hoping to cut down on your hours…”

“That doesn’t matter. Sure, I’d love to go part-time and be home more but as long as our kids are healthy, clothed, fed and happy then I’ll keep working. I just know that you worry with me being Sheriff and something happening…”

They both fall silent then remembering the day nearly two years ago when Emma had been shot in a robbery gone wrong. She’d survived but it brought one of their worst fears to the surface and since then the thought of Regina having to raise their kids without Emma has always lingered. 

Regina gulps, wiping away a stray tear, “I wish your work was less dangerous but I also know that you’re proud of what you do and that you do a lot of good…and our kids look up to you for it. They see you working and keeping everyone safe and they are so proud. And even though it would break my heart to lose you I know that me and the kids wouldn’t be alone - your mother would probably move in…”

Emma chuckles, “Yeah she would…she may do it anyway if she finds out we’re having another baby.”

On her words the timer goes off and Regina grabs the stick revealing the word written across all three tests she took - Pregnant. 

Emma smiles, placing her hand on Regina’s belly, “Pregnant.” 

Regina nods, matching Emma’s smile, “Pregnant…do you think we’ll be okay? Do you think we can handle this?” 

Emma tilts her head to the side resting it against Regina’s, “I think that you and I can handle anything…and that if I was going to raise five kids with anyone it would be you. I grew up alone Regina…and I like that we have this big crazy family…and I know we didn’t expect this but another little baby to love can’t be a bad thing.” 

Regina grins, “No it can’t. I know I was scared before Emma…but I love our kids and I can’t wait to do this again with you…even if it is terrifying…but amazing…”

“Happily terrifying,” Emma quips, “Sounds like us…”

“Maybe we should look into that binding spell after this though,” Regina tells her, “Five is probably enough.”

Emma shrugs, “Well now that we’re having five, we may as well just carry on and have a soccer team’s worth?” 

Regina gives her a pointed look, “Only if you have the next one.” 

Emma chuckles, turning to give Regina a joyful kiss, “Deal.”