Nikol and Valentina are two young photographers from Italy. They both decided to gather their Internet accounts to promote their photographs and expand their brand: Equigraphi. Some pictures might look amateurish but some others are seen as little pieces of art. The young girls are slated to become increasingly popular on Instagram. 

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While we wait for the actual movie promotion for Mockingjay - Part 2 to kick off, Lionsgate have released another beautiful unseen image from CMO Tim Palen’s upcoming photo collection bookPhotographs from The Hunger Games.

This new image is a glamorous look at Elizabeth Banks’ Effie in her District 13 outfit from Mockingjay - Part 1 and was revealed exclusively by EW earlier today.

Photographs from The Hunger Games, featuring 200 of Tim Palen’s promotional photographs and key art, used in the franchise’s marketing campaigns and some never-before-seen, will be released exclusively through on June 29, followed by a wide release across book retailers and Amazon on July 29. The book is released in Europe and the UK through Amazon and other retailers on July 28.

A little rant.

So obviously I don’t do many text posts. But this one is a long time coming. I’ve been shooting paintball photography for several years now. Starting out for free and just getting used to everything and finding my style. Now I get paid. It may not be large amounts. But it’s enough to continue doing what I love to do. Something I’ve noticed about paintball players over the years always remains the same. They want free photos. Of course, who doesn’t want anything free. But when it comes to providing something for someone. There will always be some type of charge at some point along the lines. I’m tired of people messaging me after an event asking when the photos will be up, or if I got any shots of them. First off, if you didn’t hire me. There is a chance I did not get any photos of you. Why is this? Well purchasing a photo package is a guaranteed promise you will get photos. I understand, you’re playing the sport for a large expense and paying for photos after you’ve bought all the gear, paint, ect is just annoying. But from a photographer stand point understand this. My gear sits around $7,000. (Note: Every photographers gear will vary). Now let’s talk travel, gas, food, and then time it takes to shoot, process and upload. Don’t you feel all that is worth a little something? Maybe you really don’t believe that. Maybe I should be lucky to shoot you. But regardless of what you believe. I know what my time is worth. I’m not trying to make a living off this. I’m trying to enjoy what I love and continue to do it. So if any part of this little post struck a cord anywhere inside you. Like, share and support your local photographers. Regardless if its for sports, portraiture, weddings, or anything else they may be shooting.

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