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Victoria: *goes topless for magazine to raise breast cancer awareness*
Y'all: Whore

Luna: *wears ‘GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING’ panties on IG to promote a campaign that helps single mothers*
Y'all: Sulli is influencing her

Krystal: *goes topless for IDWLY because she wants to*
Y'all: Slut

Amber: *participates in like 20 charities*

Male Idols: *goes topless, humps the air, legit sings a song about sex for fame or just breathes*

Michelle Obama (b. 1964) is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. With a BA degree in Sociology from Princeton, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a career as a lawyer and city administrator in Chicago, she is one of the most educated and accomplished First Ladies in history.

Throughout her time as FLOTUS she was actively involved in campaigns promoting physical activity and healthy eating, in an effort to tackle the obesity crisis in the US. Other initiatives she led and supported include promoting the arts, helping women achieve a proper work and life balance, and encouraging national service.

they’re going SO HARD for this promotional campaign, they didn’t even hype series 3 this much??? they’ve partnered with amazon to do far more than a typical ad, they’ve made their own gif filters?? they release new content every day without giving us a single day to breathe? they want this to be huge, they want to pull the rug out from under as many people as possible before they have the chance to dismiss it as a ‘gay show’

Nostalgic people: “Can we go back to the old days, when actors didn’t publicly express their political views or get hired to promote political campaigns?”

You mean like in 1865, when a very famous actor publicly assassinated the President of the United States?

Or in 1601, when at least one member of Shakespeare’s theatre company was brought to court for questioning? They had apparently been hired by the Earl of Essex to stage a special revival of Richard II, including the controversial scenes of the deposition and murder of an English monarch, the night before Essex attempted to rouse the public to seize Queen Elizabeth’s court by force. Apparently even in the seventeenth century, politicians thought popular actors could help them win public support.


She’s Got Drive | ad

I’m usually comfortably behind the camera, so not gonna lie, I am fully terrified and introverting throughout all 2 minutes and 12 seconds of this video. But when the Geena Davis Institute and Ford asked me to be a part of their campaign to promote the stories of female content creators and the importance of representation/visibility, I knew I had to say yes.

This is my story of getting started as a filmmaker.

It was actually a ton of fun, seeing production from the other side of the camera lens! Check out the behind-the-scenes here.

Much love,

Yulin Kuang

By the time Justin Timberlake began receiving recognition as an actor, he was already a musical megastar, with millions of albums sold on his own and with NSYNC. Now, after memorable appearances in The Social Network and Inside Llewyn Davis, he’s landed his first Oscar nomination — for a song.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” is the peppy disco-pop number that led the promotional campaign for Trolls, the 2016 animated feature in which Timberlake voices a paranoid, joyless troll named Branch. The tune’s nomination for Best Original Song came as a happy surprise to the singer/actor, who also executive produced the film’s soundtrack.

To Get His First Oscar Nod, Justin Timberlake Had To Act Like A Troll

Photo: Jason Bush/DreamWorks

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

Russia spread tons of fake news targeted at Americans to try to sway the election source the washington post

PropOrNot’s monitoring report, which was provided to The Washington Post in advance of its public release, identifies more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season, with combined audiences of at least 15 million Americans. On Facebook, PropOrNot estimates that stories planted or promoted by the disinformation campaign were viewed more than 213 million times.

Sherlock S4 Starter Pack

ALRIGHTY, now that it seems Sherlock’s promotional campaign has officially begun, I decided I would preemptively create a post similar to my ShSpesh Starter Pack that I put together starting around Comic con Last Year right until airdate!

SO. Here’s what we got so far on the Eve of the Sherlock Panel at SDCC:

I know I missed some other stuff, but the first two cover EVERYTHING and the others are the interesting stuff that will catch everyone up! I’ll update this as I add relevant info onto my blog!


Rupert Grint was announced as the ambassador to charity organisation Starlight Children’ s Foundation which grants wishes for seriously and terminally ill children and provides entertainment in hospitals and hospices across the UK.

Emma Watson was appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador as an advocate for UN Women’ s HeForShe campaign in promoting gender equality.

Daniel Radcliffe has historically been an advocate for LGBT rights in Hollywood, joking about being a frequent target of “gay rumors.” He was pressed about issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism in Hollywood.  

anonymous asked:

Sorry but I don't think that Cait would post a photo with the insinuation she was on bed with Sam, Tony or any other man to promote a campaign that fights against a horrible desease on children. For me was a picture she already had on her phone of the time she went to Ghana, of her fist and maybe some boy's hand at a hospital. The left hand on the photo isn't big enough to be an adult man's hand.

Errybody step right up and throw your theory into the hat!!! I’m not a photo analyst, myself. The hands are angled so you can see the least bit of identifying information as possible. If your theory makes you happy, have fun with it. I’m sure she took the pic on her phone at home, in real time with her left hand, of her right hand and a friend’s hand. I don’t have the patience or desire to analyze it further but at a cursory glance I’ve formed an opinion that I’ll never be able to verify and neither will you or anyone else be able to verify their own theories.

Kimberley Walsh urges Cheryl to end pregnancy speculation

It’s not just the Great British Public who’re fed up with the ongoing saga of Cheryl’s ‘pregnancy’.

Now Girls Aloud chum Kimberley Walsh has apparently waded into the row, urging the star to tell us one way or another whether there’s a baby on the way.

Well said, Kimberley!

“Kimberley and Cheryl have been spending a lot of time together recently, and she hates seeing her pal under attack,” a source told the Mirror.

"She’s worried Cheryl may face an angry reaction from fans who feel she’s keeping something from them. She’s told Cheryl she’ll have an easier life if she just addresses the rumours herself, from the heart. But Cheryl doesn’t want to feel forced to do anything.”

Speculation that 33-year-old Cheryl is carrying boyfriend Liam Payne’s baby has been mounting for a good few months now, and many fans had expected the star to address the issue on The One Show last week, when she appeared to promote a new Childline campaign.

"She’s trying to raise awareness for a charity, but people can’t resist taking a pop at her,” a source told the Daily Mirror. "She finds it unnecessary and hurtful, but says she’s been dealing with haters for years.”

In other Cheryl news, her people have confirmed that the former X Factor judge is taking steps to get rid of her current mouthful of a surname Fernandez-Virsini – but is struggling to come up with something to replace it. Erm.

“Cheryl has had to reinvent herself several times but her three past names all have very different memories,” a source said. “Tweedy is associated with her assault court case, Cole with Ashley’s cheating and now her new name with another failed marriage.”

That’s names for you, Cheryl. Still, ‘Payne’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

anonymous asked:

Is this the confirmation that he is going to the brits??

he’s not confirmed but he participated in the promotional campaign with interviews and comments, he came back now and the event is in like two days plus the whole eleanor stunt needs a starting point now that it’s basically been confirmed in the sun and this event + the sony after party he’ll eventually be papped at like every year will be it. his team put so much effort in organising and coordinating this stunt with events they can get promo out of that i’ll be surprised if he doesn’t show up. 

joshquixote replied to your photo “Tag yourselves, GM edition. ”

Matt Mercer is ABSOLUTELY Good and you can’t tell me otherwise. (Good job tho)

I mean I broadly agree with you, but he has his moments too. He dropped 4 ancient dragons on his own creation. He reveals plot twists and character backstory on players when they don’t expect it. He adheres to rules more often than what is he considers “good.” He doesn’t want to kill characters, but when the rules say he must, he kills them. 

Out of all the gods, we’ve seen him personify the Raven Queen the most. I gotta wonder if that’s accidental or not. 

(Also people are complex and the D&D alignment thing is not really meant to adhere to reality. It’s just a framework for a game. : D And this is mostly a joke post I made to try and promote the Campaign podcast and hopefully make some people laugh.)


Aerie invited me to be involved in their new campaign of lovin’ the swim you’re in, it’s also about lovin’ the body you’re in. When you post your unretouched swim photos (on instagram and/or twitter) with #AerieREAL, Aerie will donate $1 (up to $30K) to NEDA, a non-profit that supports those affected by eating disorders. 

This is near and dear to me, so I was completely thrilled to be involved. So much so that here I am baring myself, in the cold, to promote this awesome campaign. Go on instagram and post a photo of you in your swimwear, and we can support NEDA together!

Love yinz

anonymous asked:

I don't think that Cait would post a photo with the insinuation she was on bed with Sam, Tony or any other man to promote a campaign that fights against a horrible desease on children. For me was a picture she already had on her phone of the time she went to Ghana, of her fist and maybe some boy's hand at a hospital. The left hand on the photo isn't big enough to be an adult man's hand.

Well, I’ve seen this ask going around verbatim to other bloggers and normally would not bother to respond, but one part about it made me chuckle. The idea that it’s a white kid in a WCC clinic in Ghana. Uhhhhhhh…… I’ll just let this journalist say it since she’s been there and I haven’t:

“The people over there do not know how to react to white people. When I was walking around the market I was constantly poked and prodded like a lab rat. I think some wanted to touch me because they had never seen a white person.”

The other point I’ll make is that Cait has really large hands. I only noticed because she shared a pic holding her friend’s baby and I couldn’t help but notice her hands were almost as large as the infant’s body. She and Sam have similar sized hands especially when all you see is the balled up fist.

My hands are slightly smaller than my 12 yos hands. There is no “adult size” hand. Hands come in endless shapes and sizes regardless of gender or age. But Cait’s hand would dwarf the fuck out of a child’s hand.

Who is to say what Cait would or would not do? I bet her own mother couldn’t say for sure that she would or would not do something.

Maybe it’s Cait’s hand, maybe not. Maybe it’s Sam’s hand, maybe it’s not. The only question I have is why does it fucking matter? If it’s their fists it doesn’t prove anything more than the check yer baws pic did. They support each other’s causes like good BFF coworkers do who don’t have significant others in their life. 😉


Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 27- Favourite photo shoot

Gala dresses and high heels are part of the working uniform, 

In October 2013 Madeleine appeared in Swedish Elle Magazine’s November issue where she posed for a series of beautiful photographs taken by Marcus Ohlsson. In the pictures she posed in a series of flattering outfits, but she also wore a vest produced by the World Childhood Foundation to promote the Thank You campaign, which Madeleine spearheaded. The Princess spoke candidly about her work for the Foundation, her position as a princess, and her husband Chris and her first pregnancy.