#KillingEve 1x08 “God, I’m Tired” (Season Finale) Season 1 Episode 8 Promotional Photos & Synopsis 


Bill Skarsgård - Swedish Press Junket Photoshoot, September 2017.
I love this photoshoot, especially these three. I altered the original lighting a bit to make it look less blue and more natural.

May I have a minute of your time for a Ben Affleck appreciation post? 

Because he so deserves it. 

Maybe a week and a half after his divorce was announced, he showed up (and was funny as hell) at ComicCon 2015 

Flash forward a few years, another week or so after he admitted to alcholism and is going to rehab he shows up at CinemaCon 2017 

I hope to have half the strength of Batfleck one day. He’s a warrior and I wish him so much luck in life. 

Thanks for your time.