uri leader-ssi..

do you know that i’m speechless right now? i’m speechless because of elf’s support to you. because elf’ll wait for your comeback which is 2 years again. 2 years.. why it is so long oppa? it’s mean n 2014 you’ll comeback? i’m at 3rd grade then :’D oppa promise, you’ll comeback w/o injury right! keep healthy there. we don’t wanna see you get injured :’

leader, it’s heart-breaking enough that you won’t be able to see the person who’ve become your inspiration, make you world colorful, cheer your world up.. for 2 years. i hope this day wouldn’t come but still.. we can’t stop the time right? :“

ah, is it 00.00 there? so oppa, it’s not a goodbye. no need to say goodbye becase we can see you again right? why you posted that pict then? :’D ah yes, we’ll take care of your dongsaeng then. just focus on your army so it’ll ended successfully! :”“’D

last, keep healthy there. we can see you again! 2 years later! it’s not a long time i hope. HWAITING OPPA! 사 랑 해 요~^^