Super Junior’s Leader Leeteuk leaves for his military service. I can say I’m proud of him, in his time as a leader he has done his best for 14 guys, taking care of them as if they were his children, taking care of ELF. being a good senior to his juniors, sticking with SJ through both good and bad times. I can honestly say that from all the K-pop groups leaders, this man has done an excellent work on being the best of the best, and many cant or just don’t understand that or see it, and that’s okay, but don’t you dare insult this man, who has given everything he has for his boys, fans, friends and family. All I wish is for him to take care of himself while he is away, to not to worry about anyone else, and let ELF take care of SJ, but we will wait for him, until he stands once again on stage with SJ and with the Sapphire Blue Ocean #PromiseToWaitForLeeteuk #이특영원히사랑해요 #kpop #hallyu #hallyuwave #superjunior #SJ #leeteuk #suju

uri leader-ssi..

do you know that i’m speechless right now? i’m speechless because of elf’s support to you. because elf’ll wait for your comeback which is 2 years again. 2 years.. why it is so long oppa? it’s mean n 2014 you’ll comeback? i’m at 3rd grade then :’D oppa promise, you’ll comeback w/o injury right! keep healthy there. we don’t wanna see you get injured :’

leader, it’s heart-breaking enough that you won’t be able to see the person who’ve become your inspiration, make you world colorful, cheer your world up.. for 2 years. i hope this day wouldn’t come but still.. we can’t stop the time right? :“

ah, is it 00.00 there? so oppa, it’s not a goodbye. no need to say goodbye becase we can see you again right? why you posted that pict then? :’D ah yes, we’ll take care of your dongsaeng then. just focus on your army so it’ll ended successfully! :”“’D

last, keep healthy there. we can see you again! 2 years later! it’s not a long time i hope. HWAITING OPPA! 사 랑 해 요~^^

#이특영원히사랑해요 is trending. ELFs wait for Leeteuk! I know the day/hour/minute/second his enlistment is over, i will be crying like crazy.

and then i shall do a spam of him on tumblr, facebook, AsianFanFics, twitter, and every other site i use.

And then I shall cry some more because he made it back safely. 

And then I shall laugh and smile because I love him.