This is but a soul striking ayat, subhan'Allah. I’ve been contemplating on this particular ayat since the whole day yesterday and until this very moment. It just speaks to the soul, reassuring us that indeed, the ordained day of Allāh will ever come to pass. Doesn’t that shake the very inner souls of you? 

How can we be so carefree in this dunya knowing that soon we will meet the end of it?  How many verses on the Qur'an should we read to make us believe it will? How many events of its signs should we neglect? and how much time do we have left in this dunya? No one knows, only the Almighty knows. It might be tomorrow, it might be today.

Let’s not waste our time, time in this dunya is short and temporal, its a transit to where we really are to be destined. Remember Allāh is Al Ghaffar Al Ghafoor, your Lord is indeed All Forgiving Oft Forgiving, so don’t turn away from Him, do not betray Allāh, do not be heedless on His Deen. 

You were given the truth, you were blessed with the truth, don’t shun it away, preserve it in your heart, guard your own soul, prepare for your akhirah, do not fall so in love with this dunya for in its depths lie the blazing fire of Jahannam, raise your iman, raise your good deeds; let it race to Jannah, fulfill your purpose, do your duties and never ever neglect Allāh.

and we pray that Allāh grants us the knowledge we need to understand more of His Deen, and give us a heart full of taqwa and sabr and at the very end give us His Mercy and make us a dweller of Jannah. in sha Allah. Amin.