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Bruce x Reader

Request: Do you mind doing an imagine where Jim and Alfred find you and Bruce asleep in the couch cuddling? Like super fluffy and cute? Maybe he just gave you a princess ring and they see it?

Warnings: Mentions of riots and chaos ensuing.

Author’s Note: I’m gonna assume that you typo’d princess ring for promise ring, but also a promise ring can simultaneously also be a princess ring in my mind. Like a princess ring can also be a promise ring, so yeah… I hope you like this! 


“Well, with the warning of riots and all the chaos going on right now I thought I’d stop by to make sure you two were doing alright.” Jim explains to Alfred as they walk through the manor to the study which was once Thomas Wayne’s, but now belonged to Bruce, figuring that’s where he usually spent a lot of his time.

“Well, the gesture is appreciated Detective Gordon, as usual.” Alfred replies formally, as he leads the Detective in the familiar direction.

“Again Alfred, there’s no need for the formality, Jim is just fine.” Alfred opens the door leading into the study, while Jim walks through, “Thank you Alfred,”

“No Problem, Jim” Alfred tries to abide to the man’s request, though the name feels a little weird off the tongue at first.

“Maybe he’s not in h-” Jim doesn’t finish his sentence as he turns around to exit the room, already halfway inside. Alfred rushes forward, worried at what Jim’s staring at. Jim puts his hand up to slow Alfred and stop him.

Jim tilts his head in awe as he sees Y/N and Bruce both sleeping on the couch, intertwined and cuddling each other closely, as if trying to protect one another even in subconscious.

Alfred smiles at the sight and notices the ring on Y/N’s left hand, which is placed on Bruce’s back. “She’s wearing a ring…” Alfred mumbles more to himself than anyone, but Jim just so happens to hear.

“They’re not… you don’t think that they’d…” Jim starts to trail off, luckily Alfred interrupts.

“Get married? No. There’s no way I’d let Bruce get married at their age. Although I will say that I should’ve suspected as Master Bruce was interested and asking about rings the past couple of days. I’d guess it to be a promise ring” Alfred smiles as he grabs a blanket from the back of the couch and places it over the both of you.

“Well it seems that they’re alright. If you’d like some tea we can go in the parlor,” Alfred comments to Jim before taking one last look at the happily cuddled teenagers before gesturing for Jim to follow him out of the room.


Still got many years ahead to grow together 🌻

Boromir, Frodo, and Childhood

I’ve mentioned before that Boromir sees the hobbits as children. Aragorn treats them as adults who happen to be short/inexperienced in battle, but Boromir plays with them and ruffles their hair– Aragorn calls them “gentlemen,” Boromir calls them “little ones.”

It’s adorable but it’s also a character flaw.  It’s part of why he doesn’t trust Frodo with the Ring. Aragorn is used to hobbits, but Boromir has never seen them before in his life, and it’s hard for him to see the hobbits as the adults they actually are. 

Boromir can’t trust someone so child-like with the Ring of Power.

And I think this relates to Boromir’s own backstory?


In Return of the King, Pippin is given a hobbit-sized soldier uniform. It’s then revealed that the hobbit-sized uniform is actually child-sized, made for Faramir when he was a kid.

But “Boromir was always the soldier,” Faramir says– even then, even when they were children.

And I feel like that line says so much about Boromir’s character. Since childhood Boromir has been trained and expected to become the Strong Soldier who Will Carry Gondor on His Shoulders. And since childhood he’s been so good at acting capable of carrying that impossible burden that, after his death, his brother remembers him as someone who had always been strong.

 I think that’s what Boromir sees when he sees Frodo: a child dressed in a soldier’s uniform. 

Boromir knows what it’s like to have a burden placed on you when you’re too naive to understand what that burden really means– to choose to take on that burden before you’re mature enough to realize you’re choosing to die.

I think that’s part of why he’s so angry at the Council for letting Frodo take the Ring. From his perspective,  these cruel adults are giving an impossible burden to a someone who’s so incredibly child-like….someone who has only “chosen” to take that burden because he doesn’t truly understand what he’s “chosen” to do.

After Gandalf’s death, the elves refuse to let the Fellowship enter Lothlorien because Frodo is carrying the Ring. The other members of the Fellowship, exhausted, can’t look Frodo in the eye. Frodo is desolate. It’s clear that Frodo believes they blame him for everything that’s happened, and that he blames himself.


But Boromir looks him in the eyes and reassures him: this isn’t your fault. “You carry a heavy burden, Frodo– don’t carry the weight of the dead.”

Later, Boromir says: ”I know why you seek solitude. You suffer, I see it day by day.”

And you can compare that to the scene in Lothlorien where Boromir wandered away from the Fellowship, to grieve alone.


When Boromir asks Frodo for the Ring, Frodo refuses. But from Boromir’s point of view, Frodo is only refusing because he doesn’t understand yet. Because Frodo’s just too child-like, too innocent and naive.

He believes that Frodo doesn’t actually know the depth of the sacrifice he’s chosen to make– and that if Frodo DID know, he would never have made that choice. “What chance do you think you have?”

It’s like…. “I know you think you understand what you’ve signed up for, but you don’t. Trust me, I know.”

Camren Easter Eggs- Romance/Expectations

I kept thinking about the Romance teaser and did not intend to make this post because I think it is the most delusional post I have written so far.
But, if we take into account that the girls are trying to tell us the story of Camren we must know how to read between the lines. And maybe I’m seeing too much, but there are some details of all this that have caught my attention
I’m going to start with a trio of things:

Rings - Moon




Remember folks, Expectations is a duality. Lauren has two versions of herself and the white one is the one wearing the Camren ring


But apart from that there is one more thing that has caught my attention here and that is Lauren on the cover of Euphoria magazine last year.


Now, Lauren’s skirt designer is named Steven Khalil and designs wedding dresses:


Now the million dollar question:
Why in hell Lauren has dressed as a bride for Euphoria magazine?
This leads me to remember that in Expectation, her white side also looks like a bride:


Another curious thing that came to mind as I write this post is Lauren calling herself “a wifey.” I don’t have the caption of the videos now but she usually calls herself a wifey when she cooks and that in addition to making me laugh also attracts me a lot of attention for the domestic detail.
I have a couple of other details between Expectations and Camila’s video What Do I Know About Love:



Lauren in white surrounded by roses/Camila in a roses white dress. And The Bonus:

When Lauren is facing the mirror and the shadow of herself (her white side) that looks like Camila’s reflection:


Camila’s picture is small to say a lot but it is very similar, not in vain many times we have already confused them before.
It’s 3:40 am in my country and my head doesn’t stop spinning. I’ve had a great time being delusional and it’s what I like most about this damn fandom.
Read between the lines, discover details. Or easter eggs if we take into account that the relationship of both girls is private / forbidden but real and they are trying to tell us about it.

Besides, Camila’s having Taylor as her mentor… details are like of their thing….

Camren Hair Tie=Camren Promise Rings

I remember thinking about this before. When Lauren or Camila always showed their “Camren bracelets” I always thought it could mean something else considering that both girls were always wearing them.
And no, I’m not talking about the way I also know that hair bands are used, a way of controlling anxiety crises.
No, I do not mean that.
Considering that they are going to use them from Factor X, or rather, we saw Lauren use them from the beginning and then Camila also used them


And it was something distinctive in them until Camila left the band and began her solo career we still saw her wearing hair tie.
In the Never Be The Same music video and its NBTS tour


In social networks both girls also used them


Then Tyren and Mattmila joined fashion where men wore them


That was something that caught the attention by the way and in part it was very funny that the management tried to force the PRs into something that was so Camren.
But of the girls, the one who always seemed very aware of the Camren bracelet was Lauren


This RT always caught my attention for the same reason, why draw so much attention to a simple hair tie?


This is one of the last times where Lauren focuses hair tie on her IG videos. This video is from last August 3rd.
After seeing that I thought what if Camren bracelets replaced the promise rings?


It was an idea that ran in my head for a long time until one of my favorite mutuals sent me a capture of the book “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”
I know this book has more to do with Kaylor but something tells me that Lauren and Camila also know about him (Considering the time Camila spent with Taylor talking about “boys”)


And do I, Evelyn, take you, Celia to be my wedded wife…?

- Wait, we don’t have rings

- Here, Celia said, taking the hair tie from her head. I laughed and I took mine out my ponytail….

I don’t know what to think right now. This theme of Camren bracelets that at first seemed simple and unimportant to many shippers and I mean it, especially Camren’s Latin fandon, now reverses a perhaps deeper meaning.
The girls no longer wear those rings, not even Lauren who once again was the one who started using it because it was a memory of her grandmother Grace. Then Camila used it until she eventually stopped doing it but  she didn’t leave the hair tie and neither did Lauren.

I don’t know folks, this topic has moved my day. If it’s related to the girls, it will always excite me because we don’t have much right now and I know that maybe they steal this from us too, you already know who, but remember that Camren always always came first. And that place in this adventure they can never take away from us.

It takes longer to note the absence of something.

Victor doesn’t miss a thing as he makes tea and helps with breakfast. Nothing is unusual when Yuuri leaves early for the rink, saying goodbye with a kiss that lingers too long given that they’ll only be separated an hour.

After their morning walk, he kneels down to unhook Makkachin’s leash, and only then does it dawn on him that something is missing. There’s no flash of gold when he reaches for her collar. His finger is naked. His ring is gone.

He doesn’t panic, not at first. It’s not as if he never takes it off.

The first spot he has to check is the nightstand on his side of the bed, where he leaves it each night. Maybe he forgot to put it on this morning. When he finds the night stand empty, he drops to the floor, combing through the rug fibers and beneath the bed. He finds lots of dust and dog toys, but no ring.

Next, he tries the kitchen. He’d helped wash up after breakfast, so of course he would take his ring off then, but the counter beside the sink is bare of anything more unusual than spilled tea. No ring.

Victor plants his hands on the counter and drops his head, inhaling deeply. Now that he’s noticed the ring’s absence, his hand feels strange. He’s gotten too used to the constant reassurance of the gold band wrapped around his finger, and he’s running out of places to search. He does take it off, but not often - only when he wants to avoid losing it.

The only place left is the bathroom. He usually takes it off to shower; maybe it’s by the bathroom sink or in a shower caddy.

Makka trails him through the apartment as looks, her claws clicking on the wood floors. She’s too good at sensing his moods. She can tell something is off.

When he flips on the bathroom light, his eyes shoot to the space around the sink. Nothing. No tell-tale glint of gold, just smooth white porcelain. Heart racing now, he throws back the shower curtain. In a rush, he pulls too hard, and the curtain, the rod, everything comes crashing down, landing with a clatter in the empty tub.

Makkachin yelps and flees, scrambling to try to fit herself under his bed like she had as a pup.

Victor stands there, still clutching the curtain tight in one hand. The shelves are bare of anything unusual - just razors, loofahs, and piles of half-used bath products.

What if he did put it next to the sink? What if it went down the drain? His breath catches in his throat, and he drops the shower curtain. It’s just a thing, just a slip of gold, but of course it’s so much more too - a promise, a vow, a symbol of Yuuri’s life, love, and dedication. It’s the twin to Yuuri’s own ring, exchanged on that solemn, chilly night by the cathedral, the cloud of his breath hanging in the air between them. It’s irreplaceable.

Victor can be forgetful - impulsive, even, but he’s not irresponsible. What will Yuuri think when he finds out? Victor can picture it - his mouth forming reassurances even as his eyes drop, wondering deep within if this means something.

The joint in the sink’s piping catches Victor’s eye. He doesn’t know anything about plumbing, but maybe there’s still a chance. He rushes from the bathroom, searching for his phone to call the building’s handyman.

By the time Victor slinks into the rink, he’s over an hour late, and his stomach is churning. There’s a small pile of worried texts from Yuuri on his phone, and if he reads them, he’ll break. This sort of bad news should be given in person. Yakov’s eyes snap to the door when he enters, and his coach’s shoulders tighten, preparing for a lecture, but the yelling never comes.

Yakov knows him well enough to tell something’s wrong, and Victor looks a mess right now - clothes thrown together, red-eyed, and nauseous from digging through wet black clogs of his own hair for an hour as the plumber pulled apart every pipe in his apartment. He’s going to be going home to quite a mess, and all with nothing to show for it.

Yuuri’s across the ice, talking with Mila, but he stops once he spots Victor, pushing off to race across the rink. “Are you okay?” he gasps as soon as he reaches Victor’s side. “What happened?”

Now he’s here, Victor isn’t sure what to say. His hands find Yuuri’s on the boards, lacing their fingers together. Tears press hot against the backs of his eyes as he feels the smooth slide of metal against his own bare finger.

“I’m sorry,” he says, trying to keep his voice from cracking. “I looked everywhere, but I can’t find my ring. I think I’ve lost it.”

Victor prepared himself for a lot of reactions, imaging each one as he plodded through the snow to get here, but he didn’t expect the sweet sound of breathy laughter. “Oh, Victor,” Yuuri says, squeezing his hand tighter. “It’s in the pocket of my jacket.”

When Victor can only stare at him, blinking in shock, Yuuri laughs again and reclaims his hand to cover his face. “I found it on the floor when I made the bed this morning and picked it up to give it to you. But then I forgot.” Yuuri shakes his head and runs his finger across the faint line where Victor’s ring normally sits. “I didn’t know you’d be so worried.”

“Of course I am,” Victor says. He lifts Yuuri’s hand to his lips, pressing a kiss into the little gold band. “It’s the second most important thing in the world to me, from the most important person.”

Yuuri leans over, wrapping Victor in a tight hug. “Don’t worry,” he murmurs into his fiance’s neck. “You’re never going to lose me.”