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hello !! ok so i'm pretty sure you're a bts fan (right? if not, plz ignore me i'll just assume that tumblr ate my ask) and i've only now gotten into them, so i wanted to ask who your favorite member(s) is and why this sounds like a really awkward interview i'm sorry i've never sent an anon ask before but i want people to fangirl with!!! (also since i've gathered up the nerve to send this i just want to add that i went between pronouncing your name as chee-bacon and chee-ba-ken ok ily bye)

HELLO THIS IS THE BEST ASK BECAUSE IT GIVES ME THE CHANCE TO FANGIRL OVER BTS, which is an urge that I usually suppress for the sake of all my followers who just want drarry (I should probably start a BTS sideblog but also I should definitely NOT do that because I have no time)

OKAY SO YES I am ABSOLUTELY a fan and like over the moon obsessed with them and currently having an aneurism over all of the amazing stuff they’re doing in America. 


Okay but if I HAVE to choose, my all time fave forever whom I adore is J-Hoooooooope <3<3<3. There is just no way that anything could ever top his dancing, and he is just so full of joy and energy and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And @queenofthyme agrees with me and this is why we are such good friends now, because hobi brought us together. 

And then after J-hope… well, I just tried to order them, and I literally can’t. THEY ARE ALL PERFECTION. 

Okay, I will make myself stop here even though I could talk about BTS for literal hours, but THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ASK!!!! 

  • Taehyung: *Staring at Jungkook as he whispers* I love you.
  • Jungkook: *Without turning to look at Taehyung* I can hear you.
  • Taehyung: Uhh I mean I loaf you?
  • Jungkook: *Turns to Taehyung* What?
  • Taehyung: Sandwich? *Pulls a sandwich out from behind him and offers it to Jungkook*
  • Jungkook: How did- whatever.

🖌Part 9 of Anything Au
Jimin and Jungkook are both solo artists. The public knows that they were both pining for each other and then suddenly Jungkook is dating a female idol when the rumors grew a little too big for his company’s liking.Needless to say Jimin isn’t happy about it and their fans know it
Didn’t think I’d leave you hanging did you? Hope you enjoy let me know what you think! And feed me with your asks thanks
  • Jungkook: You know how I'm into photography lately
  • Jimin: yeah
  • Jungkook: and I can definitely picture us together
  • Jimin: *turns into a blushing shy ball of fluff full of giggles*
Confessions in the Moonlight | Jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Summary: After nearly a month of avoiding you, Jungkook finally confesses the true reason behind it.

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“Wrong Snapchat” - Yoonseok Social Media AU

Hoseok is given the famous rapper Yoongi’s snapchat when trying to flirt with this cute stranger. As Yoongi and Hoseok continue to talk, Hoseok starts to like the fact that the cute stranger had given him someone else’s snapchat.



So this part is pretty big, so I split it into two parts!

don’t fear the reaper

Summary: Legends tell of a valiant warrior, blessed by the divine, betrayed by the leader he fought so hard to serve, locked into an eternal half-life. Called goblin, this man lives forever, watching the years pass him by, until his fated other half can release him.

(It’s funny, Nico thinks. They say legends are always a little true.)

General Nico di Angelo is killed at noontime, under a sky as blue as his lover’s eyes.

It happens like this, like divine retribution for the guilt he keeps pressed between his fingers. He returns from the war triumphant and blood-stained, followed by a legion of adoring soldiers and whispers of divinity, of spirits, of death. His name has spread across the continent, passed between enemy lips, like a promise. A warning.

If the fates abandon you, and you meet the man with clothes as black as midnight and a sword red as blood, turn back, turn back.

You will not survive him.

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bts reaction - you’re asexual

Anonymous said: hi~ this is my first time doing this so I’m a little nervous ^~^’ I wanted to ask how the members would react to the fact that you’re asexual (meaning you’re not interested in sex at all whatsoever) thank you! I love your writing by the way ;)

never done a reaction before but here goes let’s try this 

kim seokjin

Jin wouldn’t be surprised. He’s observant and would have noticed a while ago that you didn’t seem interested in anything sexual. Having had time to think about it and research it, he would remain very calm when you told him. He would quickly assure you that it didn’t change anything and that he still loved you.

“It’s okay.” He would take your hands between both of his and smile gently at you. “Nothing could change how I feel about you. I’m proud of you.”

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min yoongi

Yoongi too, would have noticed that there was something was different about you. He wouldn’t know what it was, so when you tell him he would be surprised, but his expression would remain fairly blank. 

“Ah. That makes sense.” He’d say thoughtfully as you explained it to him. 

He would brush over it and move on if he thought you were uncomfortable talking about it, but if you were worried, he would be quick to reassure you.

“I always thought there was something. You should have told me sooner.” He would kiss you lightly, stroking your cheek. “Don’t worry about this changing things between us. I love you.”

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jung hoseok

Hoseok’s reaction would be dramatic. He wouldn’t be able to help it. His eyes would widen and he’d repeatedly ask what being asexual meant. When you explain it, his mouth would open wide and you’d see him try to comprehend it, blinking quickly. 

When he did understand, he would accept it immediately, no question in his mind about how he felt about you - this wouldn’t change anything. 

“Thank you for telling me, I’m so proud of you.” He’d smile at you, radiating his usual positive energy as he wrapped you in a big hug. “I love you.”

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kim namjoon

Namjoon’s immediate reaction would be panic, as he didn’t understand enough about asexuality to give you his honest opinion, which he always valued. After you told him, he would go and research exactly what it meant and entailed. Although he might find it a bit inconvenient, he’d quickly accept that it was part of you, and it wouldn’t change how he saw you.

“I understand it baby, thank you for telling me.” He’d find you a while after you told him and wrap you in a hug from behind. “I promise this doesn’t change how I feel about you.”

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park jimin

“So no sex? At all?”

Jimin might be a bit disappointed at first. But he isn’t with you for sex or your body, so he wouldn’t let it change anything between the two of you. He would be mature enough to understand that it was something you didn’t choose, and he loved you enough to completely accept it.

“Don’t apologise. It’s just part of you.” He’d say quickly, grabbing your hands and smiling at you. “And I love every part of you.”

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kim taehyung 

So confused. His first reaction would be to nod as if he completely understood, before frowning, realising he has no idea.

“Wait, what does that mean?”

Even after you’d explain it, he would probably still be confused, and might need a while to get his head around the concept. But once he had, Taehyung would be one of the most accepting. It really wouldn’t change anything for him - you’re still the same person.

“You’re still you.” He’d smile at you and press a quick kiss to your lips, and then to you cheek. “This doesn’t change how I feel.”

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jeon jungkook

After you’d explained it to him, Jungkook would understand quickly, but probably not say much. In his head he would be running through a million thoughts. His immediate priority would be you and your emotions - Were you okay? Did you understand that he still loved you? Did it change how you felt about him?

When he snapped out of his thoughts, he would quickly assure you of his feelings towards you. 

“I love you, okay?” He’d take your face in his hands and look you in the eye fearfully, not wanting you to ever doubt that. “Thank you for telling me.”

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I’m not asexual so I’m sorry if this is insensitive or wrong or bad aaa, but I hope you liked it! 

hellohello! so it’s around that time again where my dash is seriously lacking what i’d like to see and my interests have changed a tiny bit so here i am with another follow spree!
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Fic Masterlist


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Work Relationship  (Teacher!AU, Fluff)


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First Aid (Gang!AU, Fluff)


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Office (Office/Work!AU, Fluff)


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  • Tease (Doctor!AU, Fluff)
  • Not Today (Doctor!AU, Fluff, Sequel to Tease)

                                                       Mafia AU


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Sometimes I’ll randomly think about the People Mag interview and how Hoseok was voted the best singer of the rappers, and Yoongi’s immediate reaction was to say, “Just as expected from the main vocal of Sope”, and how Hobi sang “Hold On We’re Going Home” so beautifully that my breath caught