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When I was a boy, discovering my powers, I had no one. I had to figure out the Downworld all on my own. It was awful. So I vowed to myself that if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I’d try to make sure they didn’t have to go at it alone.

stop breaking your own heart, stop settling for less, stop going back to them, stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough, stop feeling sorry for yourself. 2017 should be the year of self acceptance and plenty of self love…once it starts with yourself I promise you can conquer anything.

I’m not the kind of person who’s really very good at forming her own opinions on things. It takes me a while to kind of ponder and crystallize how I feel about most topics, and pretty much everything winds up having elements where it looks different from different angles, so I never have like, A Solid Feeling I Always Feel About This Thing.

(I used to worry about it a lot, when I was a kid. There are still some songs/bands/albums I listen to and remember my deep anxiety: how could I tell if this was Good? Other people seemed to always know– that music’s shit and we’ll laugh at you, this music’s Great but only right now, that music there is Classic and no matter what will always be Good. How do you know which is which.)

Anyway. So, I don’t really have An Opinion Of My Own about Rogue One.

What I do have, after reading many reviews, is an interesting observation to make:

Every person of color I’ve read a review from loved it. I don’t know that my sample is representative, but for so many people, it fulfilled such a deep-seated need inside them that, several reviewers independently said, they hadn’t realized they still had, to see someone who looked like them in this context. And that’s incredibly touching, to me. I know I cried to see a lady pilot among the 70s-moustached dudes! My only tears of the movie. So I get that, I do, and I’m so excited for it.

The critical reviews I’ve read have mostly not been from people of color. And they’ve made excellent points– how terrible is it, for one, that the only way the powers that be could see their way to putting so many men of color into a Star Wars film was to kill them all in the end? The hope, and eventual success, of the Rebellion is literally built on the ashes and bones of women and people of color, who were expressly not included in the glorious success at the end of the original trilogy.

(And also: where are the women of color. Where are the women, period. What the fuck, racists and misogynists were already going to protest your movie; you could have done whatever you wanted at this point, so why was this all you wanted??)

I feel like the critical points are good to make. And I feel like that’s maybe who should be making them. Sure, there are valid points to be argued about structural or thematic weaknesses, sure there are still complaints to be made. But. 

If you got to have representation for the first time in this movie, you should feel free to enjoy it uncritically. 

Also I’m a bit blown away by all the new followers so thank you and welcome but I just want to warn you that i’m currently being strangled to death by my schoolwork so unfortunately this blog is mostly going to be wips of the paintings i do in school and me complaining about things, at least until this summer

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Do you watch steven universe? and if so, do you have ideas for any gem forms for the hamilton crew?

*slams hands down onto the table*

Ok first of all yes, I freakin’ love that show!

And second, I have literally been dying to do a Hamilgems au. I have so many ideas and designs and god I just can’t wait to show them off!

Hamilton: Citrine, Gem is on his forehead, Weapon is a saber

Laurens: Snowflake Obsidian, Gem is over his heart, Weapon is a pistol that shoots fire charged ammo (because volcanos)

Lafayette: Axinite, Gem is on his back between his shoulder blades, Weapon is an axe (because axe puns)

Mulligan: Red Spinel, Gem is on his left upper arm, Weapon is a spiked gauntlet

Jefferson: Pink Zircon (because Jefferson), Gem is on his left palm, Weapon is a French rapier

Madison: Amber, Gem is on his right cheek, Weapon is a short dagger

Phillip: Snowflake Obsidian (winks evilly), Gem is over his heart, Weapon is a normal pistol (Ham and Eliza freak the fuck out)

And then I had Burr, Ange, Eliza, Peggy, Maria, and the Theodosias as humans with Theo Jr kind of being like Connie. kind of?

I also think I’m going to stop here because they only wanted gem form ideas, but boy do a have a story-ish thing planned! And I’d be more than happy to share if anyone ever asked, *wink wink*

Eyes See You

A/N : Well, guess who had time between the clean ups ( and had to write it twice because their mother accidentally deleted everything she wrote ? ) ? I’m kinda happy with how this turned out, kinda not but anyways ENJOY this request.

Genre : Angst/Fluff

Word count : 5K Sorry

Warnings : A few curse words but you’re used to that from me by now. A little sarcasm on the writer’s part sorry again, Not one bit proofread.

Request : Hey! can I have a JungKook angst with fluffy end in wich you always see him walking at the streets all alone with that bad boy image and there’s something about his aura that really makes you curious so u go talk to him one day but he answers in a rude way so you get really sad and he notices(what where u expecting on talking to a stranger so suddenly anyway right?) but later he regrets the way he talked to you and there’s the fluff ending ? thx!^-^ ( I changed it up a bit I hope that’s okay with you )

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( This is basically my inspiration for the whole thing )

It started out as coincidence that he would pass by and you would look up at the clock to find that it was either 8pm or a few minutes later, never too late and never too early. Then it turned into a game, you were bored and needed a distraction, to time him and see if he ever came late or not at all. Eventually it became curiosity for him and subtle interest.

Jungkook, as you found out through your friend who seemed to know everyone who ever walked the streets, was unbelievable attractive which was what caught your attention the first day. He wore his leather jacket a little oversized but perfectly fitting for him, it was either black or bright red no in between, from time to time he would switch it for leather pants and a black plain shirt. You, not so secretly, looked forward to those days in particular to enjoy how his thigh muscles would move so smoothly. Then spend the rest of the day cursing yourself for being a pervert.

You had taken over your parent’s accessory store for a week while they were on vacation but then chose to stay even after they came back for the fun of it. And for Jungkook. But mainly for the stories and funny occurrences that would take place everyday, from cutesy couples to oblivious boyfriends. Did I mention for Jungkook ?

As more days passed, you found yourself with more and more eager to know about him. The mystery shadow he roamed along with the little information you got of him didn’t make it any better. However, as nosy as you could be, you were shy and he was slightly intimidating to even consider to approach so you settled for just the small second you got of him passing by.

Jungkook was also always by himself; you never saw him interact with another human being whatsoever, and saw him smile just as much. Which was never. His lips, no matter how beautiful they are, never curled into even the tiniest smiles in front of you or showed another expression other than the stern and threatening gaze. He would always walk with straight back, straight face, and perfectly groomed hair radiating the tough guy aura which always sparkled admiration from you, who was the complete opposite. In other words, you were hooked and crushing hard. One-sidedly.

The two times you had, for lack of better term, interacted with him left you with heightened nervousness and desire. One more than the other but you decide which.

The first had been weeks ago, being the one to prick real interest in him, the one to make your heart flutter beyond repair. The clock hit 8pm and, like a routine, you turned closer to the window. A few seconds and he was passing by with the same perfect posture and more than perfect expressionless features. As always, living up to the bad boy image he held with pride apparently.

Jungkook stopped and turned to look at you, not even blinking as he stared intently and directly into your eyes. His head tilted back as if he was posing for a picture, not that you would deny his mode-like existance, maybe he was. Maybe he was making fun of your constant staring. Did he notice ?

If you weren’t frozen in your place with his icy eyes looking through you and heart racing out of your chest as if trying to escape you, probably out of embarrassment, you would have ran away. His stare was too strong, too mesmerizing, and too intoxicating.

Then just like that, he left. You felt small. Like you had been the prey that just been pushed off the space and didn’t exist. He didn’t same fazed by your presence or by looking at you for long seconds, it was unnerving.

The second time was no better, if not worse. But in someway, it was a tad more so you couldn’t mind. After you gathered your breath and your vision.

Jungkook walked into the store when you weren’t paying attention, he had already passed a half-hour prior to that so you didn’t expect it. You just went back to organizing the pieces that just came in that day, humming to yourself one of the popular songs that somehow made it into you unconsciousness.

You turned and there he was standing, his hair pushed back in utter perfection and his leather pants hugging his form in the most sensual way possible, the closest he had ever been. Your heart did a painful flip and dropped, you were startled back a step.

His expression didn’t change one bit even when he met your wide eyes looking back at him. He moved past you to look at the earrings, the same ones he had on, and you wondered why he would consider them since they were completely identical. You noticed because your eyes scanned his every detail with devouring attention because he might never be this near. To repeat it again, you were hooked.

“ Is this the only color you got ?” He spoke softly and just as you expected, his voice was mesmerizing to the ear as well. You never wanted him to shut up.

“ Uh ?” You titled your head a little to look at where he was pointing, focusing more on his fingers than on the actual piece “ Yes, we only have them in silver but I can look in the back for you. Maybe we have more ”

“ No ” He rasped turning away from you again “ Stay there ”. You tried to busy yourself with a few papers, which content you couldn’t even grasp, to distract yourself from the human sculpture at hand reach calling for you. While, of course, stealing a few glances here and there of him. The heat inside of you was going crazy with his mere presence, what was wrong with you ?

“ What do girls like these days ?” Maybe he is one of the clueless boyfriend ? He has a girlfriend ? You internally panicked while moving slowly and calmly towards him from behind the counter. He idly stood in front of the girl bracelet’s section with a confused look and two bracelets in hand. They were complete opposite, one had been the most colorful mess you had ever laid eyes on and the other was complete black with shimmering gray here and there.

“ Most like the colorful ones, especially the pink, that’s the ones that get most sold ” You reached for another showing him while hoping you would stutter, but maybe you could get a little info “ What kind of girl is she ? Maybe I’ll be able to match it for her ”

“ You ” He simply breathed out and your heart did more than stop, you eyes shot up to him and you gulped.

“ W-what ?” There was the nervous stutter. Jungkook wasn’t even looking at you when he smirked, he was definitely mocking you.

“ I meant which one you would like, I think she has the same taste ” He looked you up and down for a moment before nodding. Again, subtle, calm, but unnerving.

“ Ah… I thought… of course not … ” You had to slap yourself in your head to not fuck it up “ I would prefer the black one ” You blurred out.

“ I see, okay ” You took that as your signal to move out of his way and go back to rolling in self-pity over your disaster.

However, you didn’t mind it. You at least got to look at him during the entire time. It not like you had the slightest chance even without a girlfriend, he was clearly out of your league by miles.

Jungkook moved from side to side like he was stalling something, one hand buried in his pockets while the other brushed against the plastic wrapper of whatever caught his eyes. You couldn’t believe that you would ever consider such small action as sensual or in anyway arousing until you saw his fingers feather over the packaging like he was secretly making love to it. Or maybe you were letting your mind run wild.

Get your shit together, Y/N. You scolded yourself shaking your head in disbelief of your own thoughts. Dirty images that involuntarily made their way into your brain. You weren’t so mad about it, for the sake of honesty.

“ T-that would be 40.000 won ” You wrapped in the plastic bag the best you could with your discomposed self.

“ Thank you ” Even though a smile was expected in such situation, he did not faltered.

“ You’re welcome ” You said cheerfully “ Hope you come again ” biting your lip, you looked away. Hope you come again ? That’s the best you could do ? Really ?

Jungkook bowed his head and you missed the slight twitch in his eyebrows as he watched your inner turmoil before finally exiting the store. Probably wondering what the hell was wrong with you and taking a mental note to never comeback.

You remorsefully followed him until he was out of your sight then breathed out a long held sigh. The short meeting didn’t do much to quench your curiosity for him as much as it fueled it further. Which you absolutely needed. Being close, so close, to him was undeniably electrifying. More so than any of the others you’ve been much more intimate with in the past.

His gaze alone, so cold and distant but still entrapping, had drawn you beyond return and left you with more questions than you started out with. Which, again, you absolutely needed.

If he had a girlfriend, why was he never with her ? Because you were sure as hell that if he was your boyfriend you wouldn’t let him wander around looking that hot for everyone to stare at. Maybe a sister ? You locked it away in the back of your mind to deal with it once you didn’t have to close down and go home. You would let the thoughts keep you company through the way, as one does.


Days passed again and nothing particular happened. You would take over the store, as usual, at 1 PM then stay there until 9 before going home. You anticipated seeing him with less patience after the last time, wanting to hear his voice once more and cleanse your soul with the perfectly proportioned features. You were letting your admiration spill again. Not that you would admit it. Okay, maybe you would.

“ It’s raining like hell today ” Your friend whined as she hugged the window and traced lines over the fog of her own continuously produced sighs “ I hate rainy days ”

“ Why ?” You pulled her collar peeling her off the glass that you spent more than enough time wiping down just before she walked in to ruin everything “ It smells nice when it rains ”

“ You know I like complaining, let me live ” She pouted at you before laughing at herself and the disgusted look you gave her.

“ Shut up and leave ”

“ You just want me out to wait for prince charming in peace ” She grabbed her bag and umbrella, purposely avoiding your glare “ You should talk to him already. You’ve been drooling over the thought of it for months now ”

“ We did talk ” You shot back, proud of yourself.

“ You call that talking ? He probably doesn’t even know you exist ”

“ Can you no-”

“ You can’t even deny it ” She chuckled.

“ Leave before I make you regret it ” You stepped toward her threateningly and she backed down with her hands up in feigned defeat but a cheeky smile twisting in her lips.

“ Fine but be careful on the way back. Maybe ask prince charming to take you back ” She quickly ran away before you could unleash your wrath at her.

You waited but he never showed up. This was the first time he had disappeared and it did make you worry about him. Then snap yourself back to reality that you didn’t even know him why were you even worried. That didn’t stop your concern one bit.

The rain was getting heavier and the world darker so you decided to call it a day early and close down, that’s when he showed up. He passed with a fast pace, his shoes creating a disturbance in the rhythmic song the rain was producing. Jungkook walked the opposite way, you didn’t see him go that way earlier but it was as if he had been leaving.

His hair was messy from the rain hitting it repeatedly and his clothes soaked to the core. He also looked fairly unamused. You had a spare umbrella so you thought you could lend it to him. A good deed that you will most likely regret but whatever, he looked like he would catch a cold. You grabbed it and ran after him, not caring about getting wet yourself, he had gotten quite far away but it didn’t take you long to catch up.

“ Excuse me ” You called after him but he didn’t seem to notice or just thought it wasn’t addressed to him. So, you spoke louder “ Jungkook-shi”. This time he stopped immediately and looked over his shoulder at you. You came to a halt in front of him, out of breath and you hair out of place, but you still smiled.

“ How do you know my name ?” The venom in his words shocked the smile out of your face and you stood in the rain perplexed for a moment.

“ I…”

“ Are you a stalker or something ?” He bit his slick lips and swallowed the rest of his words when he could differentiate the tears in your eyes from the raindrops.

“ What ? No … I … Just wanted to … give you this ” Your head dropped low as you pushed the umbrella to him “ I’m really sorry … I didn’t mean to seem … Sorry ”

Jungkook’s eyes fixed onto the umbrella as he took it, more like you forced it on him out of shame, before traveling back to your teary eyes that only stayed on him for a split second. You bowed, formally, then ran back to the store.

Jungkook stood there under the pouring rain for a good minute just glaring at the umbrella like it insulting his whole family, guilt and resentment for himself welling up like the water at his feet.


“ I was wondering when you’ll give up ” It was almost 1p.m and you were still in your bed wrapped completely under the covers to hide your puffy sleepless eyes. Your mom had been teasing you every chance she got about not going to the store since she made a bet with your father and apparently won.

“ I’m just sick, mom, I’ll go once I feel better ” Your voice was raspy from crying but it was a good evidence of a cold so your mom believed you easily.

“ Whatever you say ” She tamed your hair down with an apologetic touch “ There’s chicken soup in the kitchen, have some of it before going back to sleep ”

“ Okay, mom ” You turned your back facing her and buried your face further down your pillow. She walked out your room whispering the words How did she even manage to catch a cold.

You remembered the way he looked at you, with displease. What made you think you could just … You were an idiot.

“ I deserved it ” You mumbled wiping away the last of your tears. Who goes up to a stranger in the middle of a deserted street and complete dark with an umbrella. It was normal he thought you were a stalker. You would be freaked out yourself if that ever happened to you. However, it still pierced your chest how he spoke to you. Like you were the worst person to walk the earth.

Maybe it was time to give up this unrequited crush over him, he seemed like a rude asshole when in the end you were trying to help him. It was creepy on your part but still. You decided that yeah, it has maybe taken too much of your interest already and this was your sign to let it rest and spread your attention on something else. What you mind couldn’t grasp completely is how angry he looked even before you talked to him as if he was about to empty his frustration on the next person and it just happened to be little unlucky you.

After the initial anger faded, Jungkook sunk into guilt every time he remembered the hurt in your eyes. He didn’t mean for it to turn out like this, not one bit. There weren’t really many ways to relay how sorry he was than to actual speak the words but that’s where the problem stood. Jungkook was never really good with words, or anything emotional. Which was the reason behind his outburst, too much pent up emotions that lead to that inevitable downfall.

One argument with his friend/employer had poured in the last drop that eventually drowned the glass to the rim. He had one obvious solution, talking to you the next day. However, you weren’t there. Not that day, not the one after, not even two days down the road. He was getting the unsettling feeling that it was because of him but then again who is he to push you to such decision. He thought. Jungkook, in his head, just considered himself an asshole that you had a mishap with and would brush off in the end. That was why he stayed as the bad boy that passed by the store everyday while pretending to not notice.

Now, instead of you counting down the minutes to 8p.m, he was. Waiting outside of the store for you to show up but it was never you. He found a middle aged lady that didn’t really look approachable – not that he would tell you after finding out it’s your mother – and he was always intimidated by adults. Even though he was supposed to be one himself but it wasn’t very hard to figure out he really wasn’t. Not with his poor sense of control.

Then he saw you, his heart beating in his chest, you were idly sitting inside with your eyes skimming through a book. It felt different, being the one to comfortably look at you. He mustered up the courage he has in him and went inside with slow but long strides.

You looked up from your book to welcome the client and it was none other than Jungkook. He looked as if he had shed his tough look for a casual one, blue loose jeans and an oversized white shirt that hung onto his every chest muscle but you weren’t focusing on that. Definitely not. His hair was messy and down covering his eyebrows and almost half-way his eyes. He looked … normal. Different than you had ever seen him. He looked almost like a puppy. A puppy you would love to -

“ Welcome ” You said with a dead tone, one you didn’t even give your normal clients, and turned back to your book. Ignoring the swell in your heart. Are you a stalker or something ?

“ Look, I …” Jungkook started, not so confident of himself, and you think you actually heard him stutter.

“ What can I help you with ?” You put down the book and stood up, only now taking notice of the height difference between the two of you and you suddenly felt small.

“ I want to say sorry for … That day ” Jungkook lowered his gaze to his own hands with a frown “ I was kinda an asshole ”

“ Kinda ?” You blurred out before realizing and would’ve regretted it if he didn’t slowly nod sighing.

“ Okay, I was ” His eyes met yours again, and no your heart didn’t flutter, “ I had a fight with a friend and it just-”

“ It’s okay, don’t bother yourself with it. I wasn’t expecting an apology anyways from so-”

“ someone like me ” He completed your words and this time you did feel regret. The hurt in his eyes seemed quite, if not more, similar to the one you had that night. “ I understand if you think I’m …”

“ No really, It’s okay, I didn’t take it to heart ”

“ I tried to apologize earlier than this, the day after actually, but you were never here. I waited and waited but you didn’t show up ” At this point, your eyes were wide and googly, your lips parting to speak something that you weren’t even sure of yourself so you settled for silence.

“ I want to make it up for you.”

“ You don’t have to, really, I accept your apology” You forced the smile onto your lips and he smiled back. You never imagines the stern face would have such a cute and lovely bunny smile but it somehow made you giggle to finally see him smile. It took you being called a stalker and getting a bad cold for three days to finally see the expressionless sculpture breaking its mask.

“ Can I at least walk you home ?” His tone was pleading but just in case you didn’t fully get the idea he whispered a muffled please. Who were you to refuse such a request.

“ Sure ” You breathed out with a shrug “ I close up in thirty minutes, if you’re willing to wait that long ”

“ Absolutely can ” Jungkook’s face lit up with a bright and shy smile again. You were starstruck, the all-mighty Jungkook was acting like this with you. Okay, you were ready to forgive him. And it was absolutely not because you were, again, hooked. I think it has been said too many time, you get the idea.

You stole small glances at each other between customers and he followed you with his eyes every time you were helping someone. Indeed, your smile was breathtaking, not that he needed confirmation for it but it was nice.

“ Let me ” He reached up for the metal door, pulling it down for you to lock, you stood back admiring.

“ Show off ” You mumbled under your breath but enough for him to hear. He scoffed before glaring at you slightly nudging you up.

“ What did you say ?”

“ You heard me ”

“ I’ll have you know that I don’t show off, I don’t need to ” He winked sheepishly at you and you just rolled your eyes before pointing at the direction of your house.

“ Whatever you say, your majesty ” You shrugged at the title with a scoff and he just laughed. You don’t think you heard something more beautiful.

“ You should smile more ” You looked down, blushing obviously, fidgeting with the zipper on your bag.

“ You should never stop ”

“ Do you always flirt with people you’re apologetic to ?”

“ No, I don’t usually feel sorry for anything but you … ” He trailed off and, surprisingly, his cheeks turned slightly red.

“ I am … what ?” You arched your eyebrow at him, searching for his eyes that were hidden under his fringe.

“ Okay, can I tell you something but you promise not to laugh ?”

“ Dare I laugh at his majesty ”

“ Stop that ” but he did laugh, slightly but it was there, “ So, I … this is stupid, nevermind.”

“ No, please, go on. You got me all curious ” You pouted at him with doe eyes and how could he refuse such request.

“ I’ve had my eyes on you for a while ” Who sounds like a stalked now, Jungkook He hit himself internally and sighed “ But I didn’t think you would like someone like me

“ Jungkook-shi ” You falttered “ When I said ’ someone like you ’ I didn’t mean it in the pejorative sense but like you were on another level ”

“ What ? Wait… really ?” He laughed, maybe too hard to emphasis his point “ You think I am ?”. You just looked puzzled and it made him giggle even more. “ It funny because I was thinking the same of you ”

You suddenly stopped walking and stared at him in disbelief. Was he mocking you ?

“ Why do you think I never talked to you and even when I did … I didn’t have enough courage to confess then I just fucked it up that night. I didn’t think you would even glance my way or talk to me after that since I was really a jerk to you and you were just trying to give me a bloody um-”

“ Jungkook … Jungkook !” You yelled out and he stopped his continuous blabbering to let you talk “ Confess what ?”

“ I … hmm … this is not how Yoongi-hyung told me it would go ” He ruffled his hair, which only made it fluffier and made you want to touch it even more.

“ Who is yoongi ?”

“ I’ll introduce you next time ” Next time ? There was going to be a next time ? “ Anyways, I came into the shop to ask you out but you didn’t seem-” You started laughing, catching him by surprise.

“ This is really weird ”

“ What is ?”

“ Nothing ” You coughed, aiming for it to end your laugh but you couldn’t help but let out another chuckle “ Please, do go on ”. It didn’t feel like you were talking to the untouchable Jeon Jungkook that used to pass by your store at 8p.m with his gelled up hair and black leather jacket and apparent nasty personality. He was actually pretty nice, more comfortable to be with than you had imagined.

“ I don’t know, you looked like you were more scared than interested ”

“ That was me being interested. If you haven’t really noticed you kinda look intimidating when you’re not-” You stared him up and down as you inched towards your house, and for the first time ever, you wished it was farther away than just this “ Looking like a normal person ”

“ Are you calling me abnormal ?”

“ I am not not calling you abnormal ”

“ You … What ?” Jungkook looked confused and you laughed again. Something you didn’t think you would do much around him.

The two of you eventually stopped in front of your house and it was time to say goodbye. Neither of you wanted to. The street was only lit with a flickering light bulb but it was enough to see the conflict in his eyes as he looked intently and steadily into yours. His gaze seemed to travel away from yours and down your face before it shot back up nervously. You found yourself doing the same, focusing on the small beauty spot under his plump lips to not focus on what you craved more.

“ I … really want to kiss you right now ” He finally spoke and your cheeks heat up at the sudden confession. But, after all, he was speaking what was on both your minds “ But I’m not going to ” He added to your disappointment.

“ Why ?” You tried not to sound desperate but it was kinda not working. Kinda.

“ I want to take it slow, to show you that I really do like you ”

“ you like me ?”

“ Wasn’t that obvious enough ?”

“ Y/N ”

“ You never asked me my name ”

“ I found out the same way you got mine. Sorry again for calling you a stalker ”

“ Can we drop that ?” You felt the embarrassment again from the word.

“ I like you ” Much better.

“ I needed to hear it ” You giggled “ it feels great coming from your lips ”. Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned his lips because the next moment he was leaning in and they were closer to your eyes. So, you closed them and bit the inner of your cheeks waiting for the impact but it never came. Instead of kissing you, he connected his lips to your forehead and pressed them tightly. His hand held the back of your head as he did so. You were ready to die right there and then, if they let you.

He pulled away biting his own lip looking as flustered as a teenager with his first love. Which you later found out it was true.

You, on the other hand, weren’t so keen on taking it slow when you had been for months. You took the step that separated you and tiptoed to quickly peck him on the lips. Speaking of teenagers with first love complex. It was quick but you got to taste them, and you never wanna be away from it again. However, your cheeks were getting too heated and you were sure they were as red as blood by now. He didn’t look any better so you ran inside.

“ Your umbrella !” He screamed when you closed the garden’s door, waving the item in the air.

“ Give it to me next time ”

“ Next time ?” so there was going to be a next time Jungkook smiled to himself like a fool, moving his body restlessly from side to side while gripping his lips between his teeth.

He was hooked.

“ hold on though ” He mumbled to himself “ what does pejorative mean anyways ? ”

Hope you liked it guys, let me know what you thought as always. Now imma go back to my maid duties.

If i can promise you anything, its that i can promise you that you wont ever find a girl who will give a shit about you the way i did. I put up with the way you treated me and i still wanted to be with you. I cared about you more than anything in this world and you still managed to mess me up.
—  one day you will realize what you lost but for now your going to look for me in other people and i will not be found
(Via that-thing-i-called-love)
In case you needed to hear this today

The fact he/she didn’t want you in the way you wanted them or didn’t give you a chance or chose someone over you, does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.

It does not make you any less attractive.

It does not make you less intelligent.

It does not mean that you aren’t enough.

It does not mean that you needed to do more or be more.

All it means is that he or she was not meant for you.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

That’s it. You are are still amazing, Beautiful and have a lot to offer. You are enough! Right now, in this moment.

Someone may or may not come along, i can’t promise you anything.

But you need to remember that no matter what, you are enough & you are all that you need.

I love you.

im 👧🏽 coming😳 apart😫 at👀 the🤔 seems😔 pitching myself😖 for leads in other👱🏽 peoples👭 dreams💭 now buzz🐝 buzz🐝 buzz🐝 doc🚑🌡💉 there’s a hole⚫️ where😔 something was😫👏🏽 doc🚑🌡💉 there’s a hole⚫️ where😔 something was😫👏🏽 fell🙅🏽 out of bed🛌 butterfly🐛 bandage🤕 but don’t worry🖐🏽😲 you’ll never remember🤔 your head👱🏽 is far too blurry😴 put him👱🏽 in the back🔙 of a squad car🚔 restrain😫 that man👉🏽👱🏽 hey needs🤔 his head👱🏽 put through a catscan🗣🏥 hey editor!🕵📋📝 im undeniable!🙌🏽 hey doctor🚑🌡💉 im certifiable😳🚔📋 im a loose🙌🏽 bolt🔩⚡️ of a complete machine☠ what a match 👱🏽👉🏽👱🏽 im half 🌜 doomed 🌛 and you're☝🏽️ semi-sweet👅🍬 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬 💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 and i’ll promise 👄✌🏽️ you anything 🙀 for another shot🔫 at life 🙌🏽 and perfect💘 boys👬 with their perfect💘 lives🙌🏽 nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙 about tragedy 😭😱😭 (nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙🎤about tragedy 😭😱😭 ) little girl👧🏽 got me staring👀 odd🤔 or was that just😳 a telescopic 🔬🔭 camera 📷📸 nod😫 painted💅🏽 dolls👭 in the highway🚕 truck stop🚛🚚🚫 stalls😲 lot lizards💃🏽💃🏽 scales cool❄️💨 your nightlife🌃🎆🌌 moods🤔 all the rookies👭👫👬 leave your badge🏷 and your gun🔫 on the desk🙇🏽 when you leave👉🏽👉🏽 the room🚪im a loose🙌🏽 bolt🔩⚡️ of a complete machine☠ what a match 👱🏽👉🏽👱🏽 im half 🌜 doomed 🌛 and you're☝🏽️ semi-sweet👅🍬 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬 💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 and i’ll promise 👄✌🏽️ you anything 🙀 for another shot🔫 at life 🙌🏽 and perfect💘 boys👬 with their perfect💘 lives🙌🏽 nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙 about tragedy 😭😱😭 (nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙🎤about tragedy 😭😱😭 ) detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 detox💊🚬💉 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖 (so boycott🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 love💖) detox💊🚬💉 just to retox💊☠🚬💉 and i’ll promise 👄✌🏽️ you anything 🙀 for another shot🔫 at life 🙌🏽 and perfect💘 boys👬 with their perfect💘 lives🙌🏽 nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙 about tragedy 😭😱😭 (nobody 🙅🏽🔇🔕🚫 wants to hear👂🏽 you👱🏽 sing🎶🎵🎙🎤about tragedy 😭😱😭 )

isn’t it silly how after all this time i’d still do anything for you? i’d drop everything if you needed me too.. i guess that’s my problem


And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

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dino, enma, byakuran and xanxus with pregnant s/o?

admin adelheid


  • His initial reaction to the news was terror. Sheer, absolute, mind numbing terror.
  • It will take him several hours before he calms down and all throughout an endless loop of questions will prey on his mind.
  • What was he going to do? Was he going to be a good father? What if the baby didn’t like him?! What if you didn’t take to the pregnancy? What if you died?
  • It took Romario and a few of his subordinates to tell Dino it was going to be alright. It took you finding him and holding his head against your stomach to to assure him everything was going to be alright. He’s just thankful Reborn wasn’t there to bitch slap him back to his senses.
  • You tell him you love him. You will tell him this was the greatest thing he had ever given you. You will thank him and promise him you’ll do anything to be a good mother.
  • Your promises will eventually make him realize just how happy he was and as he looked into your eyes and saw the happiness there he would sweep you off your feet and twirl you around amidst laughter and claps from his subordinates.
  • During the months that follow he will be extremely attentive. He would make sure to never miss a doctor’s appointment.
  • Dino is a protective husband and would double security around you.
  • The first real hurdle during the pregnancy would be you yelling at him for treating you like a porcelain doll that could break any minute to which you will feel guilty for and start crying about. As soon as the doctor explains it was just because of the hormones he’ll relax and try to tone down his protectiveness.
  • This will be the hardest thing he will ever have to do.


  • You will probably never understand just what your pregnancy means to him.
  • The arms that clutched you close after you told him about the news might have been interpreted as joy but that hold was also rife with desperation and fear.
  • On one hand he was overjoyed. He had lost his family at such a young age and although he loved Adel and the Simon his loss had prevented him from allowing himself the intimacy of a real family with them. On the other hand he was terrified. It was enough that he had to ensure you were protected but now the two of you will be adding a helpless little infant who can’t even take care of itself in this world.
  • Despite all that he will make every effort to keep you comfortable and do his best to be the best husband and father anyone could ever have.
  • But since he’s Enma things won’t be as easy for him as things should be, Mafia don or not.
  • He’d be jumping up and down running to the kitchen to get you that mac and cheese toast dipped in thick tomato soup and wasabi you wanted at three in the morning. He would be too worried about you and the baby to even think about asking someone else to do it for him.
  • He would give in to your every demand. One yell was all Enma would need to come to your side and ask what you needed from him. When you start crying hysterically after realizing what you just did he’d panic even more and try to comfort you by hugging you not really getting the hang of your hormones just yet.
  • Enma will often find himself going to Adel for advice on how to treat you better and keep you happy. To which Adel would advise him to take all your moods in stride because after the pregnancy you will soon be back to your sweet, soft spoken self again.
  • It’s a really good thing Enma is not the complaining type or attending to your needs while you’re bearing his child would have driven him insane.


  • Byakuran is a smart man and you could say what makes him scary is the fact that you could never really catch him with his pants down. He is reputed to be a man who is always one step ahead of his enemies. A white devil come to lay you to waste!
  • So he knew for a fact that his hands are tied the moment you told him you are pregnant with his child.
  • He would, of course, make sure you have everything you need.
  • He will keep you safe from anything that might harm you. He of all people should know what other people are capable of if they wanted to hurt an enemy they hated.
  • He would build a fortress around you. Have Spanner and Shouichi build walls of armored steel in the guise of beautiful marble to protect you.
  • He would have only his most trusted Guardians buy and bring you your food. They would have it all delivered and have your personal doctor and nutritionist look over them to make sure they were good for you and that they were all safe. He would even pull some strings and have Bianchi be your personal food taster since she’s immune to most poisons and would be able to detect them with just a sniff.
  • He will meet your ever changing moods with his ever cheerful smile and do nothing but agree with you even though you were being unreasonable and irritated him to no end. He will then take out his annoyance and anger on any enemies with more than his usual viciousness since he can’t take his anger out on you.
  • He will keep himself from your bed but will come and hold you if you demand it of him which you will usually have to do via phone.
  • He knows you need sweet, encouraging words during the most emotional parts of your pregnancy and he’ll be very good at dispensing them. They will come to his tongue as easily as the marshmallows he loves to eat.


  • Xanxus is the kind of man who watches his limits when it comes to you.
  • He’s a harsh man but he cares about you and having his child grow inside you makes him feel he should protect you from everything, including his tendency to forget himself in anger when something displeases him.
  • He will keep himself away during your worst moods. Sleep in his office while you sleep in his room making sure you had guards outside all night long to keep you safe so he could protect you from himself.
  • He will have Lussuria personally see to your diet and make sure you ate to your heart’s content.
  • He will have Squalo and Mammon run interference when you are in one of your nastier moods and coincidentally bear the brunt of your uncontrollable pregnancy emotions.
  • It might seem heartless but then few could really see how Xanxus was after everyone who mattered to him has closed their eyes and slept under his protection.
  • Though he might keep himself away from you he would be there to watch you as you slept. Watching you with eyes half drowning in fear and awe that he had managed to create a life instead of destroying it for once.
  • Despite what his Guardians might think (probably barring Squalo) he would have doubts about his capabilities of being a good father.
  • When he feels restless because of these brooding, alarming thoughts he would often prowl the grounds outside your room to guard you while you slept.
  • And only when you wept and cried out your need for him would he allow himself to hold you in his arms fearing he would break you.