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IMAGINE ~ Sam giving you swim lessons after a hunt where you almost drown

A/N: So, praying this works because this is probably the millionth time I tried to post this. It wouldn’t let me put the gif where I wanted it when I used the app on my iPod and every time I’ve tried to hit post on the computer, it doesn’t do anything. Also the gif looks huge on my computer and I have no clue how to shrink it. I’ve only ever used the app and have no idea how to work the computer version, so if anyone has any helpful tips, it would be much appreciated.

This is my first imagine ever, so please bear with me if it’s not so good. No smut in this one, just fluff and some awkwardness. Let me know if you guys want a part 2. Thanks for the read and enjoy. 

Sam bounced his foot anxiously while he waited for you. You had been hunting with the boys for awhile now and just finished up another successful hunt with them last night—well, semi-successful anyway. It had involved a haunted lake, reminiscent of a job the Winchesters had worked years ago. Unbeknownst to either of them, you couldn’t swim. So of course you’d had the luck of the spirit pulling you into the water when the boys had been distracted. Dean had quickly finished salting and burning the remains—which he had found under the water—while Sam had dove in after you. You had been out cold when he’d brought you back up and he’d managed to perform CPR just in time. But he’d insisted on giving you swim lessons and now sat in his motel room with Dean, waiting for you to get changed.

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anonymous asked:

in 6x08 "the rain king" mulder ends up having to share a room with scully because of the whole cow thing but we never actually get to see their sleeping arrangement. could you maybe write a fic where they both sleep in scullys bed (maybe with a pillow separation or something upon scullys request) but end up waking up in each others arms (or spooning if u wanna make it sexy lol). this is before they even kissed so it'd be awkward but they'd also both be secretly happy about it. love your fic btw!

(anon con’t.) (same anon who sent the rain king prompt) thats just always been my headcanon to what actually happened because later in the ep scully talks about how one day you can go from being friends with someone to falling in love with them so maybe scully had her “maybe he’s more than a friend” moment waking up with mulder. ANYWAY SORRY FOR HOW LONG THIS WAS WOW THESE ADORABLE ASSHOLES OWN MY LIFE


Bed sharing fics are always tough for me, but I had fun with the dialogue at the top in this one. Thanks, anon, for the prompt, and for your message that made me smile when I first got it (like a month ago, sorry!) and again just now as I’m posting this. Enjoy, y’all!


When she gets back from the vending machine Mulder has unfolded the cot the hotel had provided them.

“Aunt Trixie’s Fixins not agreeing with you?” he asks, pointing to the ginger ale in her hand.

“I’ll take the cot,” she offers, popping the tab.

“Don’t be silly.”

“Mulder, that thing’s more unstable than you are. It looks like it’ll barely hold me, let alone–”

“A top-notch male specimen in the peak of his physical condition?” he tries, loosening his tie.

“Ha, ha.”

“And really, I’m taking it.”

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