promise pie

Unconscious (of the) species: doesn’t comprehend that it’s being eaten…just feels pain or pleasure…

Slightly conscious (of the) species: doesn’t understand what wants to eat it, so scared of everything…imagined or real. Simply follows the herd. Gets as much pain and pleasure from its collective imaginings…as from something real…

Semi-conscious (of the) species: foolishly takes the shelter offered by those grooming it for constant fleecing and ultimate eating… Susceptible to empty promises and pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking…Duped into thinking that supporting and protecting its parasites…and enduring the pain of continuous drip-fleecing…will lead to insurmountable joy in a pretend/future here-after…

Conscious (of the) species: Recognizes and eliminates parasites… Appreciates and reciprocates symbiotic benevolence…Identifies parasites for the others…Understands that unsustainability leads to the future demise of the entire species…Learns quickly from Super-conscious Scouts…

Super-conscious Scouts of the species: Proficient in the Scientific Method…they explore to understand in more detail, the verifiable components and workings of reality…and test the workings/findings of other Super-conscious Scouts, to eliminate any errors…


Arya fulfills her promise and sees Hot Pie again after the war has ended. P.S. I love your writing!

Terrence leads a careful life.  That’s what war taught him.  Careful and keep your head down and you may live through it…if you don’t come across the bad ones, who’ll kill you for not doing as they wish.  He’d stayed alive, somehow.  Lommy hadn’t, and gods only knew what had become of the weasel-faced girl that had followed them about.  He’d heard people talk of Robert Baratheon’s Bullhelmed Bastard, but Gendry had always been big in the right way, the way that made someone strong.  Terrence had only ever been big in the way that wasn’t useful in war.

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Early Mornings (Supernatural Preference)


Dean was the worst on early mornings. If ever you had to get up early, he would point blank refuse. He would roll over, wrapping his arm around you and grumbling into his pillow ‘five more minutes’. Dean despised waking up early; hated it more than anything. The only way to get Dean up was to promise pie later. 

“If you get up now, I’ll buy you pie after.”

“What kind?”

“Any kind you like.”

“Ugh, fine… Five more minutes though?”


Sam loved early mornings. He’d usually get up extra early to go for a run or jog. He loved your sleepy voice in the morning. He’d be the first one up and usually, would always bring breakfast back for you and Dean. 

“Where did you go?”

“Yeah, I woke - went for a run.” He smiled, “Got breakfast.”

God, Sam. How can you do that to yourself?!”

Camomile - strong in the face of adversity, devotion

Geranium - friendship, respect, kindness

Forget-me-not - “don’t forget me”, sincere friendship

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Cherry Pie

I promised you guys Spacedogs tummy love, so here it is! Using Anon prompts “cherries” and “wet,” @toffeecape‘s prompt “lollipop,” and @nurselecter‘s prompt “tummies” (but that one was a given, haha). Largely inspired/enabled by convos with @fat-hanni-anon and @weconqueratdawn <3

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“Turn left here.”

“Tur – babe, I don’t see anything there, I can’t turn there.”

“You just missed it, it was behind that bush. You’ll have to u-turn and come back from the other way.”

“I could be coming a few other ways right now if we were still at the hotel room,” Nigel said under his breath.

“What was that?”

“Nothing, babe. Let me know when you see the turn-around.”

They’d come upstate to celebrate their anniversary weekend at a small bed and breakfast in the Catskills – Nigel had done all the work in advance to make sure the food was up to Adam’s standards, and that the rooms were clean and the room service reliable. He’d brought them up here with the intent of not leaving their suite all weekend, but it seemed that Adam had planned a small itinerary for them of his own accord. He’d brought a whole folder of pamphlets and schedules. There were color-coded flashcards.

“Nigel, why would you travel to a new place if you didn’t even want to see anything new?”

“Well, I’ll be seeing some of the same old things I like, just in a new bed, how does that sound?”

“There will be plenty of time for you to look at my ass in the hotel room, but you have a refractory period of at least half an hour, Nigel. We’ll have to fill that time somehow.”

“Is that a challenge, little bird?”

“No, it’s a fact of physiology. You can’t be hard for three full days, it’s not feasible or healthy. And it’s stupid to waste that time waiting on erections when we could be doing other things.”

“Challenge accepted.”

Adam had, of course, been right. After they’d arrived in the early afternoon Friday, they’d had a good long fuck before dinner, but only managed a lazy mutual blowjob afterwards. Nigel blamed their low stamina on the long drive, while Adam wondered aloud if it was too early to see Mars emerge.

“You can’t even see it from the city, Nigel. Quit making that face, we have two more days to have orgasms, which we can do at home anyway. Let’s go outside and look!”

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I made the wonderfully beautiful apple pie and I was saving it bc my best friends is coming over and I promised them pie… And j was out doing some stuff In town and when I got home to my horror I found a mangled apple pie in the floor and a very guilty looking great Dane… To commemorate the pie I’m being an emo peice of shit and listening to mcr while I make cake….

Family, Love, and Apple Pie

Summary: Reader promises Dean apple pie for being the one to take care of their baby daughter in the middle of the night.

Word Count: 1,472

Warnings: Slight smut, fluff, endless fluff.

A/N:Feedback is always appreciated!

“Dean,” you shook his shoulder. “Dean, it’s your turn.” Dean groaned in protest at being woken up while it was still dark, swatting at your hand as you continued to attempt to rouse him.

“Leave me alone,” he muttered.

“Dean, come on,” you whined. “I don’t want to get up and Mary has been fussing for a bit now. I think you’ll just have to scoop her up and have her sleep between us.”

“Wasn’t that something we wanted to avoid?” he lifted his head from the pillow, eyebrow raised.

“Yes,” you pouted. “But she literally hasn’t slept for the past week and I want my sleep, Dean!” you cried out. “I need to sleep. I feel myself falling apart at the edges. Please, just get her from the crib. I’ll do anything!”

“Anything, huh?” Dean smirked.

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What kind of parent Byakuya would be (if Bleach is any indication)

As requested by anon. :)

[The rest of the series can be found here!]

1. He would be very serious about promises.

Byakuya would try very very very hard to keep promises he makes to his kids. But by the same token, he would also expect his kids to keep their promises. Because Byakuya is very serious when it comes to promises.

Byakuya: Here it is. The chocolate pie I promised to get at the store.

Kid: Yay!

Byakuya: I had to elbow an old woman in the face to get it. 

Kid: Uh…

Byakuya: She did not seem to care that I promised.

Kid: I, um, didn’t want the pie that badly, Dad!

Byakuya: But a promise

2. He would be very strict.

When Renji sneaked out to fight Ichigo, Byakuya was very ready to have him fired, but finally relented and allowed him to “just” be thrown in prison. Such is Byakuya’s very serious attitude toward crimes.

Byakuya: You did not empty the trash, as I asked you to.

Byakuya: So I decided to ground you for a month.

Byakuya: But your aunt Rukia said that was way too harsh, so….

Byakuya: I have scaled it back to you being grounded for the next hour.

Kid: Speaking as someone currently on my computer, I’m okay with that.

Byakuya: A very noble attitude.

3. He would promote family traditions.

As a noble, Byakuya puts a high stake in traditions, be they familial or societal. 

Byakuya: And this, child, is our family’s ceremonial Admiral Seaweed figurine.

Byakuya: It must always sit on this shelf and be polished every other Wednesday.

Kid: Really? How long has that been a tradition?

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: So long.

4. There would be at least one Admiral Seaweed themed birthday party per child.

More if they would allow Byakuya to get away with it.

Byakuya: I do not understand. I made two dozen Admiral Seaweed cookies. And it looks like two dozen still remain.

Kid: That’s, uh, because…….I told my friends that they were all for me because I, um, love them so much!

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: You are a good child.

5. Byakuya would have trouble showing affection.

Byakuya is not a naturally affectionate guy. He has that one serious expression that he wears pretty much all the time, and he prefers not to verbalize what he’s feeling. So although he’d obviously love his kids, he wouldn’t show it through outward displays of affection. He’d show it in…other ways.

Byakuya: [throws scarf at child’s head]

Kid: Awww, I love you too, Dad!

6. Byakuya would consider his kids to be his pride.

And if anyone tried to mess with them in any way, Byakuya would come to their defense immediately.

Teacher: Well, since there are no volunteers, I guess I’ll have to pick someone to come up to the board and solve this math problem! How about…you!

Byakuya (appearing suddenly): How dare you point a finger at my pride.

Teacher: Excuse me?

7. He would take his kids to the beach.

Because we saw in the beach episode that Byakuya is very adorable in his purple swim trunks, making sand sculptures with Rukia. Byakuya would totally do that with his own kids.

Kid: Aunt Rukia, how did Dad get so good at sand sculptures?

Rukia: Artistry runs in our family!

Kid: So you think…one day…I’ll be that good?

Rukia: I think so!

8. He would not allow his kids to get a pet cat.

No matter how much they begged.

Byakuya: Cats are evil. They will shatter your hopes and dreams and steal your hair ties.

Kid: My hopes and dreams aren’t attached to my hair ties, though?

Byakuya: And you call yourself a Kuchiki.

9. He would learn from his kids.

But for all Byakuya is serious and traditional, he’s also not afraid to learn. He’s learned a lot from Ichigo, and he even learned a thing or two from his fight with Tsukishima. I think having kids would allow Byakuya to learn all sorts of things.

Byakuya: Having my hair braided and bows put in it.

Byakuya: It is…excellent.

Kid: You look so pretty, Dad!

Byakuya: That I do.

10. He would tell dad jokes (with a very straight face).

There was an omake in which Byakuya told Renji a joke, and another in which Byakuya tried to do stand-up. As a dad, Byakuya would take full advantage of “dad jokes,” only he would tell them in his patented serious Byakuya manner.

Kid: Dad, I’m hungry!

Byakuya: Hello, Hungry. I…….am Dad.

Kid: …

Byakuya: …

Kid: …

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: Are you laughing on the inside?