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Because I’m graduating in ten days and having some feelings 


Ten days till graduation and Jack should be happy. But he’s not.

In theory, everything is perfect. He’s got a job lined up after he graduates, his dream job, playing in the NHL with the Falconers. He found an apartment already, furnished and ready for him as soon as graduation is over. All that’s left is packing up what few belongings he has in the Haus and heading off to start his new life.

The future stretches ahead of him like a highway, freshly paved and smooth and straight. Jack knows exactly what’s going to happen, for once in his life he’s in control of his destiny. It should calm him. But it doesn’t.

He takes a long look around his room and sighs. He’s going to miss this place, this poorly-built Haus that’s falling apart at the seams. It’s hardly a suitable place for anyone to live, much less several full-grown hockey players, but it’s a home. It’s the first home he ever found for himself.

Bittle is across the hall singing some Beyonce song, or maybe it’s Rihanna or Taylor Swift. It all sounds the same to Jack, although sometimes he guesses wrong on purpose just to see Bittle laugh. Come to think of it, he does a lot of things just to see Bittle laugh.

Ten days till graduation and Jack should be happy. But he’s in love, and he’s leaving. That’s how it goes, he reminds himself. It’s time to move on from college and start a new life in the NHL. But he knows that when he goes, he’ll leave most of his heart at Samwell with the team, with Bittle.

Jack packs some of his books into another box and wonders how he never realized this until now.

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Coming For You (Smut)

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Words: 807

I tried to control the sound of my footsteps as I stalked along the hallway of the cabin, my heart pounding in my chest. I heard Dean’s heavy footsteps and I smiled to myself, running into my bedroom to hide in my closet.

“Sweetheart,” Dean called out, his voice rough. “Oh c’mon baby, I’m not mad that you ate my pie, promise.” Dean said his voice laced with that thick charm he could put on with ease. I held my breath as Dean’s footsteps stopped outside my door, praying that he couldn’t hear my pounding heart. “Y/N, please come out.” Dean practically begged and I felt my knees weaken, he knew I loved it when he begged. “1, 2, Dean’s coming for you!” He chimed out and I bit my lip to keep from laughing out loud.

I heard his footsteps head off to Sammy’s room-who was gone to get Dean more pie-and I huffed, wondering why he hadn’t found me yet. I slowly opened the closet door and felt as a pair of arms wrapped around me, causing me to turn around and nearly deck the figure when I saw it was Dean.

“Whoa, it’s just me!” Dean said a smirk on his face when I frowned.

“Man, I was hoping I got you.” I admitted, sighing in defeat when Dean lifted my face up to look at him.

“You forget sweetheart, that I do this stuff for a living.” Dean said and I glared at him playfully, causing him to chuckle. I ran my hands down his shirt, feeling his muscles tense underneath as I gave him a pout.

“Baby, I’m sorry that I ate your pie, it looked so good though. It was my favorite too and you weren’t sharing. I’ll do anything to make it up to you if you want me to.” I said, watching as Dean’s eyebrows rose and he licked his lips at the thought of me fulfilling my word.

Anything?” Dean asked, his voice low as I nodded my head and he smirked. I removed myself from his grasp, walking to the bathroom as I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it to the floor. I felt Dean’s eyes burning into me and I smiled as I unbuttoned my pants, shimmying out of them and tossing them aside. Good thing I decided on red lace underwear today, Dean’s favorite.

“Are you coming?” I asked Dean, smiling when he followed after me, removing his shirt quickly.

“Hell yeah I am.” He answered, quickly pulling me into the bathroom before shutting the door.

“So is that how you were going to make it up to me?” Dean said, his eyes shining as he looked at my naked form on the bed as he walked over and laid down beside me. I smiled and cuddled up to him, taking comfort in the warmth his body gave off to me.

“That’s part of how I planned to,” I explained before straddling Dean, feeling as he hardened instantly. I leaned down and bit at his ear, hearing as his breathing caught. “I want to make it up to you in other ways too, if that’s okay?” I whispered, lowering myself onto Dean causing him to groan.

“Baby, you can do whatever you want.” He moaned out and I smirked. I started to ride him and felt as Dean grabbed my hips, his fingertips digging into my skin. I moved against him and he reached up to cup my breast, taking his index finger and thumb and rolling my hard nipples. I groaned as pleasure radiated from there, stimulating my area down below. Dean pulled me down to him and took a nub in his mouth, licking at the area and I moaned out. I moved harder against Dean and I watched as his eyes rolled back in pleasure as he kept working his tongue.

“Oh God, Dean.” I squeaked out, feeling as he pounded into me, taking full control now. I cried out as he slapped my ass and I felt my orgasm coming in waves. Pleasure overtook my body and I collapsed against him as he finished as well, calling out my name. We finished and he laid beside me, pulling me into him and I tried my best to keep from laughing but to no avail.

“What? Normally I don’t take it as a good sign when laughing happens after sex.” Dean said, looking down at me with a teasing smile.

“No, it’s nothing. I just thought about what you said earlier, and looks like I made you come after me in more ways than one.” I said and Dean gave me a look that said ‘really?’ before hitting me with a pillow, laughing.

“I love you, damn it.” He said, kissing me lightly on the lips as I laughed.


@beckawinchester hope you enjoy it and happy birthday!!

Bump: Sebastian Stan imagine

Finding out that you were pregnant wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t like you or Sebastian where doing anything to protect against it. No condoms nor birth control, yet neither of you brought up even the idea of having a child.

You knew you were pregnant when you woke up one morning and it seemed like everything in you was nauseous and dull. You knew you had to be pregnant. Sebastian finding out was even a better moment. 

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Kenma Headcanon

Okay so Kenma’s seiyuu, the adorable Yūki Kaji ♡(you can see my bias there), has a really cute but somehow soothing singing voice. I have a headcanon that Kenma can sing exactly like him (for obv reasons) and here are some things that I’d headcanon to follow this headcanon:

-Kuroo has known since they were kids that Kenma’s voice was amazing and begged him to sing for him whenever possible.

-Kenma sings Kuroo back to sleep when he has a bad dream. Just random lullabies. Kuroo just falls asleep totally entranced by his gorgeous voice. Of course Kenma is still pretty shy about it so only Kuroo knew he could sing at that time.

-When Kuroo has bad days, Kenma can tell. He just hugs him from behind and sings.

-Kuroo says it makes his heart fly and cuddles him like “Kenmaaaaaa you saved me.”

-“Kuro, you’re embarassing stop.” He doesn’t really mean it.

-I feel like he would sound amazing singing Kenshi Yonezu’s(I love Hachi ok) Eine Kleine. The lyrics are so moving, coupled by that beautiful voice, it brings people to tears.

-Yaku cries the first time he hears it when Kenma sings to him after a bad breakup.

–“My son is an angel what even.”

-The whole team finally realizes what an amazing voice he has and they’re all in awe.

-Kuroo has a smug grin.

-So Kenma ends up being the one to soothe the members of Nekoma when they’re having a rough time or like when Lev’s cat died or Inuoka’s was having a panic attack.

-Inuoka cried and gave him a big comfy hug when he sang for him. He awkwardly hugged back and whispered comforting words.

-After he sang for Lev, Lev got down on one knee and proposed. Kuroo promptly kicked him in the ass.

-One night during the training camp in Shinzen, while Akaashi and Kenma are sitting together and talking (Bo and Kuro are harassing Tsukki and doting on Hinata. Rip Lev), Akaashi lets out a deep sigh and tells Kenma his Akaashi Problems™(First rate Akaashi-only worries). Kenma soothes him by rubbing comforting circles on his back and sings Days by Jin(Shizen no Teki-P) ft.Lia (Hello I am Kagepro trash)
And wow Akaashi’s face turns like 50 shades of red.

-“Kenma.. your voice… you… I… sing for me more often please I beg you… I just need to hear your voice again wow.”

-He’s never seen Akaashi plead so hard so he sighs and complies.

-Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukki and Hinata come out when they hear the gorgeous song and voice. (Lev is ded on the ground of Gym 3 because Kuroo is R00D and demanding when it comes to Lev)

-Bokuto’s mouth just falls open like.

-“Bro… we’re so lucky bro…” and tears up because Akaashi and Kenma are sitting next to each other smiling while Kenma sings and it’s too much for him.

-Kuroo almost passes out but catches himself and plasters a wobbly grin.

-“That’s my Kenma.”

-Hinata gets all excited like

-Tsukishima doesn’t say much but you know he likes it to by his flushed cheeks.

-One point in the camp, Nishinoya gets a deep cut on his leg and is sooo down about it, so Yaku gets Kenma to sing for him. (With a promise of apple pie.)

-Noya is just wide eyed and “KENMA-SAN IS AN ANGEL.” and sobs onto Kenma’s shoulder (Kenma gently pushes him into Yaku’s much more welcoming arms.)

-Needless to say everyone has fallen in love with his voice.

-Kenma thinks he should charge people ¥300 per song or something with all these requests… he needs that new Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice game after all.

To Love A Winchester

Okey dokey so this is my first ever piece of fanfiction done for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing favourite things challenge!! My prompt was friends to lovers so guess how this story ends!!

Word count: 2,838 (not including all of this and the rates at the bottom - all spelling mistakes etc are all my own handiwork)

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, un-named demon, mentions of Castiel, Jody Mills, various monsters

Warnings: like one swear word?, brief mentions of torture/injury

This particular day found the Winchester’s returning to the bunker from yet another small nondescript craphole which a nest of vampires had decided to turn into their meal ticket; at least they had until one of the newer members had gotten sloppy and put the nest onto the Winchester’s radar… They were a few miles out when they drove past what had when they’d left been a construction site but now sat a small diner. “Well that’s new” “Sure is Sammy” replied Dean as he pulled his Baby into a parking space. “But this is good. Store’s closed and I’m starving”. It was by this point gone 10 at night, the hunt not being particularly violent but they had been unfortunate enough to have to wait several hours for all of the vamps to be in one place.

Pushing open the door the boys were greeted by the decor of a classic 50’s style diner – 4 small booths took up one side while the other was a chrome bar with a number of stools lined against it. “Take a seat, I’ll be right with you” came a woman’s voice from behind the bar. Opting for two of the stools, the Winchesters sat and waited. A minute passed and then up popped the girl who’d spoken, hair thrown back in a messy bun and an apron round her waist. “Welcome to The Hideaway” smiled the girl.

“The Hideaway?” queried the taller of the two men sat in front of you. “Yeah ever since I was younger I’ve always loved classic movies and the inevitable diner scene you’d get in them. They were my very own hideaway from the real world. So when this opportunity came up I already had the perfect name in place…and I’m rambling sorry! I’m Y/N by the way” “Sam and this is Dean” replied the first man. “Well here’s a couple of menus and give us a yell when you’re ready to order”.

Waiting until the girl had walked away Dean turned to his brother “Really Sam?” Our real names?” “Come on Dean I hardly think she’s a threat.” “Yeah well” murmured Dean, turning back round in his seat to have another look at the girl “can’t be too careful in this line of work.” If Y/N knew she was the subject of their conversation she didn’t show it. Indeed she showed nothing, even when Dean subtly found a way to test her against holy water (knocking over his glass as she leaned to pick up their plates), silver (Sam having noticed the locket hanging round her neck) and salt. That last test had seen Sam head towards the bathroom, muttering under his breath as he went. “Sorry for the mess” Y/N heard as she bent down with a dustpan and brush “I’m not usually so clumsy.” “I think a few spillages are to be expected in this line of work” chuckled the girl. A moment of silence passed between the two and then “So, do you fancy dessert?”.

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Tattoos: End

Bucky gets the plywood into the doorframe so much faster than you would have been able to do it. You’d done the clean up and had alternated between watching him work and working on your sketches. How could he think he was a bad person?
He comes around almost every day for the next couple of weeks, never asking for a tattoo. Just kind of hanging around. You’re pretty sure that he’s here to make sure that Max doesn’t show up again. He always walks you to your car and had insisted on getting a new security system and the glass in the door seems thicker too but you’re not going to ask.
“Do you want to get dinner?” He asks one night, it’s been slow all night and to be honest you were hungry.
“That actually sounds fantastic. Besides all I’m doing right now is drawing food.”
“Yea, when I saw that piece of pie I had a feeling you might be hungry.” He teases as you shrug on your coat and grab your purse then shove your sketchbook inside. After locking up the shop you loop your arm through the arm that Bucky offers.
“Busted.” You mutter and he laughs softly.
“Alright doll, where do you wanna go?”
“Somewhere with pie.”
“Luckily for you I know just the place.” The two of you stroll down the street in comfortable conversation. Apparently when he was a kid this area had been all factories. He tells you a couple of stories about how he and Steve would get into it with bullies. Or Steve would and Bucky, who at the time was far bigger than his friend, would have to get Steve out of the scrape. You tell him about your childhood and how you got into the tattoo world. You only have two little tattoos and you keep your appearance pretty pc so people are always surprised you tattoo.
Neither of you shut up much through dinner of burgers and fries or dessert. Bucky makes good on his promise of pie and as he walks with you back to your little apartment you find yourself dreading the end of the night. The closer you get to your apartment the quieter you get.
“You alright?” Bucky asks breaking into your thoughts.
“Oh, yea. I’m just having a nice time and don’t want it to end.” You admit.
“It doesn’t have to.”
“Oh! No no not like that.” Bucky corrects, “I just thought we could watch a movie. You said you have all the Disney movies and it’s been a while since I’ve watched one.”
“You want to come up and watch Disney movies with me?”
“What I really want is to kiss you but I’ll be somewhat satisfied with a Disney movie.” He flirts and you have to bite your cheek to keep from laughing.
“Flirt.” You tease and he grins down at you before kissing you softly. The ends of his dark hair brush against your cheekbones and when he goes to pull away you catch his face in your hands and kiss him again.

You don’t know it yet but he’s going to add a few more tattoos to his perfect body. He’s going to add one to yours too, you even let him tattoo it onto your left ring finger after the ceremony. His hands are steady but you let another tattoo artist friend of yours do the really intricate stuff. Not only does he add that one but you’re pretty sure his name will be tattooed on your heart forever.

Heartstrings and.  . .webstrings? part 2

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An: Enjoy lovelies (psst, here’s the fic you asked for sis… I’ll expect that pie you promised asap ;) )

Peter stood in front If his locker, staring into the depths made of paper and textbooks. The hall was crowded with students- but the noise didn’t seem to disturb him from his contemplation and none of the bustling teenagers seemed to notice his dreamy vacant stare, or that he’d been at his locker for much longer than normal. 

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anonymous asked:

So like what if MC was mad at the members of the RFA+V+Saeren and they're giving the them the silent treatment. And the only way that they talk to the other is through the messenger app or through a third party (like another one of the members or Elizabeth the third for Jumin)

i had way too much fun with this one lol, thanks!

~headcanon requests closed at the moment~


  • MC’s giving him the silent treatment after he neglected them to play LOLOL
  • after playing the game he passed out in bed when MC was sitting up reading
  • he was woken up by the sound of their voice
  • “hey, Jaehee! are you too busy to talk on the phone for a bit?”
  • Yoosung’s eyes flutter open and he tries to mutter some words
  • “hey, sweet-”
  • MC holds up a finger, cutting him off
  • “oh my god, a cat hotel? that sounds ridiculous! you poor thing”
  • Yoosung rolls over, trying harder to get MC’s attention
  • he practically rolls into their lap
  • MC refuses to look at him
  • they giggle so loudly it sounds forced
  • “oh my god Jaehee, you’re so funny!!!”
  • “hmm? i didnt make a joke, MC…”
  • they were practically yelling
  • “yknow thats what i love about you! you’re just so…oh, whats the word….attentive”
  • “um….thank you?”
  • “oh, no problem! i just love the way you answered me call and when i said ‘hello’ you responded! i really just adore how you always hear what i say and the acknowledge me!!!”
  • “okay, alright….”
  • “see you? you’ve done it again! wow, Jaehee! so did you have lunch?”
  • at this point Yoosung realizes what was happening
  • he crawls over MC, bringing his face to their shoulder
  • “MC! please pay attention to meeeeeee”
  • “is that Yoosung?”
  • “hmm? i didnt hear anything?”
  • “but, MC, i could have sworn i just heard Yoosungs-”
  • “i dont know a Yoosung”
  • the boy groans loudly
  • “yes they ddoooooooOOOooo”
  • MC puts a hand on Yoosungs face and shoves him away
  • he bounces back almost immediately and starts peppering MC’s neck and cheek with kisses
  • “what are you talking about? of course you know Yoosung. and i can hear him, you know”
  • “i dont want to talk about that jerk right now!”
  • Yoosung continues to litter MC’s skin with kisses
  • “please” smeck “forgive” smeck “me” smeck “baby”
  • “it sounds like you and Yoosung have something to work out, and my break ends soon anyway. thanks for calling, MC. goodbye”
  • “Jaehee wait-”
  • but she had already hung up
  • taking advantage of a free MC, Yoosung grabs both of their hands and pulls them toward him
  • “i know i was an asshole earlier, but now im ready to give you my full attention”
  • MC blushes, avoiding eye contact with him
  • “b-but…i want your full attention all the time…”
  • Yoosung leans in and kisses them
  • “alright. you can have my attention whenever you want it”


  • MC got into a fight with Zen when he forgot it was their birthday cause he’s been at rehearsal 25/8 prepping for a show
  • in the middle of their argument, MC’s phone starts to ring
  • “oh, would you look at that? Jumins calling! probably to wish me a happy birthday!”
  • “MC, please dont answer that-”
  • “Hey Jumin! whats up?”
  • MC had already picked up the phone and was walking away from Zen
  • “oh, Zen? yea he’s doing fine. he’s out right now though, at rehearsal as per usual”
  • Zen sighs and follows MC
  • “please, baby, dont act like i’m not here-”
  • “oh, wow! thanks for remembering Jumin!”
  • they whip around and glare at Zen
  • “baby please let me make it up to you-”
  • Zen reaches out to MC but they skip away from him, simultaneously interrupting him
  • “i dont think im going to do anything special. i’ll probably just watch some movies and order take out by myself” 
  • they glare at Zen, he tries to walk toward them, they skip away
  • this process repeats and escalates until Zen is full on chasing MC through the house
  • “i’m going to catch you and apologize if it kills me, dammit!”
  • “MC? whats going on…?”
  • MC’s breathing heavily
  • “nothing…Jumin. i just really love talking to you!”
  • “well unfortunately i think i’m going to have to hang up now”
  • at this moment, Zen corners MC in their bedroom between the bed and the wall
  • they shout, and try to escape Zen by jumping over the bed
  • it fails miserably
  • MC lets out a little squeal as Zen wraps his arms around them, trapping them in his lap
  • he grabs the phone and tosses it just out of MC’s reach
  • “i’ll never forgive you, Zen!” they shout dramatically
  • “oh, really? that’s a problem….”
  • Zen holds down the squirming MC with little effort
  • “then will you forgive the tickle monster?”
  • MC’s life flashes before there eyes for a second before Zen starts tickling them
  • they laugh uncontrollably until finally they manage to get out the words “i forgive you”
  • Zen releases them
  • “i really am sorry, cutie pie. i promise i’ll never forget again”
  • MC looks down at the bed, face bright red from being tickled
  • “i forgive you, Zenny…”
  • “whats that? did you just call me Zenny?”
  • “no! shut up i hate you!”
  • Zen laughs and pulls MC back into his lap 


  • Jaehee was so busy with work that she hadnt logged into the messenger all day and didnt answer any of MC’s calls and now they’re MAD
  • it was around 10 PM when Jaehee finally got a chance to log into the messenger that day
  • she hoped that MC would be there to cheer her up after such a stressful day
  • Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom
  • 707 and MC were both already talking
  • “woooOOOAAHH!!! whos this?!” -707
  • “Jaehee Kang…? i havent heard that name in years…..” -MC
  • Jaehee sighs as she types
  • “i apologize for being so absent today. i’ve been quite swamped with work” -Jaehee
  • “well gee Jaehee i got work coming out of my ears but i cant help but come here and chat with MC B)” -707
  • “oh, Seven! you truly are an angel!” -MC
  • “MC, i trust you had three meals today?” -Jaehee
  • she gets no response from them
  • “OH! about that lolololololol! MC says they dont wanna talk to you so i’ll repeat any message u needa get to them :D” -707
  • Jaehee rubs her temples, feeling a headache forming
  • she wishes she could just talk to MC directly but this was better than nothing…
  • “please tell Jaehee i skipped breakfast today but it was just cause i slept in” -MC
  • “MC says they ate every meal but breakfast! tsk tsk” -707
  • “if they want, i can bring them some breakfast on my way to work tomorrow. i’d like to see them soon” -Jaehee
  • “Jaehee says you should be punished for skipping the most important meal of the day …… :o” -707
  • wait, what the hell??????!?! thats NOT what she said!
  • seven will literally never do anything right
  • at least this is a chatroom where MC can still read what she said
  • “omg, really??? Jaehee is so mean!! >_<” -MC
  • no! fuck what the hELL IS GOING ON
  • Seven! translate my messages correctly!
  • “ahhh! Jaehee’s so scarry! everybody run!!!!” -707
  • 707 has left the chatroom
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • okay, that was literally the worst thing that has ever happened to Jaehee
  • it’s late but tbh Jaehee is done PLAYING AROUND
  • in 10 minutes she’s at MC’s door with popcorn, DVD’s of Zen, hot coco, and fuzzy blankets
  • “Jaehee? what are you-”
  • “i know i must have worried you by being absent from the messenger today. will you let me make it up to you?”
  • MC smiles and lets Jaehee inside
  • the two end up falling asleep on the couch together


  • MC was upset with Jumin because he left for work that day without saying good morning to them
  • Jumin came home and tried to enter his room, but the door was locked
  • he knocked on the bedroom door
  • “MC? i’m home, darling”
  • silence
  • Jumin goes downstairs where the maid was folding some clothes
  • “have you seen MC today? i thought they might be in the bedroom but the door is closed”
  • “i talked to MC today. they told me to give you something, actually”
  • the maid stops folding clothes and walks up to Jumin
  • “this is from them”
  • she looks down, then looks up at him with an upset expression
  • “you jerk!!” the maid shouts, and smacks Jumin on the arm
  • shocked and confused, Jumin rubs his arm where the maid smacked him
  • “they…they told you to do that?”
  • “yes sir”
  • “will you…give them this?”
  • Jumin grabs a flower from an arrangement that was by the front door
  • “certainly, Mr. Han”
  • a few minutes later the maid returns, still holding the flower
  • “i have a message from MC”
  • Jumin nods
  • she throws the flower at Jumin violently and stomps her foot
  • “is this supposed to make up for letting me wake up alone?!”
  • oh, that’s why MC is upset
  • he thought they looked so peaceful sleeping that morning, he didnt want to wake them…
  • Jumin thanks the maid and heads up to his room again
  • he knocks on the door for a second time
  • “it’s me again, darling. i have another message for you but i dont think it’s one our maid will be able to communicate very effectively…”
  • MC opens the door just enough to poke their head out
  • “what do you want?”
  • Jumin leans forward to kiss MC, but they realize whats happening and slam the door shut in his face
  • “you aint slick, Jumin!!!” he hears them shout from inside
  • he sighs and leans against the door
  • damn :( he really wanted a kiss :(
  • he knocks on the door again
  • a few seconds later its opened by MC again, this time wearing a mouth mask
  • “yes?” their voice was muffled underneath the mask
  • Jumin tries his very best to be suave
  • “i’m sorry about not waking you up this morning. i just thought you looked so cute sleeping…like my own little baby lamb”
  • Jumin raises his hand to MC’s cheek, gently pushing his thumb underneath their mouth mask to expose their lips
  • “you…you really think i look cute?”
  • Jumin, staring at MC’s lips, leans forward
  • “yea, really cute”
  • he kisses them, and this time MC actually lets him


  • MC’s pissed cause Seven spent four hours that day shopping for groceries and came back with only honey buddah chips and dr. pepper
  • Seven had tried talking to MC but they locked the bedroom door
  • maybe they’ll let him talk to them through the messenger….?
  • he logs in to find that Zen and MC are both in a chat room
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “Zen, what did you have for lunch today?” 
  • “oh i had a light lunch today since i’ve been so busy. it was pretty much just rice”
  • “wow, rice??? it must be nice to have some rice in the house!!!!!!”
  • “yea, um…i guess it is. but didnt Seven just log in?”
  • “who?”
  • “MC, please come out of your room T_T. i’m so sorry!!” -707
  • “huh? are you guys fighting?” -Zen
  • “what are you talking about? its Seven…” -Zen
  • “MC’s pretending i’m not here because they’re pissed i didnt get food today” -707
  • “AHH! WHO ARE YOU??” -MC
  • “MC, maybe you should just talk to Seven” -Zen
  • “i dont really know where Seven is right now, but if i did i would probably ask him why he wants me to starve” -MC
  • Seven, whose standing right outside MC’s door, shouts so that they can hear him
  • “i swear i dont want you to starve. i just suck at grocery shopping”
  • Seven’s phone vibrates with a new message
  • “and i’d tell him that he has someone to take car of besides himself, now” -MC
  • “but you can tell him….he’s logged into that chatroom….” -Zen
  • “Zen, tell MC i’ll take her on a dinner date tonight and tomorrow we can go shopping again” -707
  • “well, MC? do you see that?” -Zen
  • “see what??? is it a hacker???!” -MC
  • Zen sends a distressed emoticon
  • “Seven just texted me and told me he’d take you out to dinner tonight” -Zen
  • “really? he said that?” -MC
  • “yea. i have to go now, my agent is calling. umm, i hope you and Seven work out whatever the hell is going on” -Zen
  • ZEN has left the chatroom
  • Seven sighs and leans against the door, his head making a thud sound as it hits the door
  • “are you really taking me to dinner?”
  • Seven can barley hear MC’s small voice through the door
  • “yes, of course. and tomorrow we can buy groceries for the next month”
  • Seven hears some rustling sounds
  • suddenly the door opens and Seven falls into the room
  • he looks up from the ground to see MC dressed up, looking like they’re ready to head out
  • “okay, you promised!”


  • V accidentally spoiled the season finale of MC’s favorite show for them
  • he’s been trying to talk to them all day but they keep ignoring him and he’s super confused
  • and he super hates it
  • he just wants to speak to the love of his life and :( hug them :(
  • hoping for some advice, V logs into the messenger
  • Yoosung and Zen were talking
  • it was just the usual Zen trying to give Yoosung girl advice
  • V has entered the chatroom
  • Zen and Yoosung both greet him, but before he can say anything about MC Zen has to leave the chat for work
  • so….then its just V and Yoosung….
  • which was fine, but V would rather talk to Zen about his MC-related problems that Yoosung
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • “Yoosung! i’m so glad you’re here!” -MC
  • “hey, MC! how are you this fine afternoon? :D” -Yoo
  • “MC, i’m glad you’re here. can we talk?” -V
  • “i’m going well! i’ve had a quiet morning and i’m making some lunch right now. i trust you had lunch, Yoosung?” -MC
  • “funny story, i raged all morning and totally forgot about breakfast and lunch T_T” -Yoo
  • V starts to realize he is now being ignored by both Yoosung and MC
  • “if you want, i’ll help you with lunch, MC” -V
  • “YOOSUNG! you should go eat something right now!” -MC
  • “okay, i’ll go eat! thanks!” -Yoo
  • “wait, before you leave i have a question for you” -MC
  • “whats up?” -Yoo
  • how do you feel about spoilers?” -MC
  • Yoosung sends an angry emoji
  • I HATE THEM! my friends used to spoil games for me all the time :’c ” -Yoo
  • “i know, right? anyone who spoils a game OR SHOW for someone else is the worst!” -MC
  • “is this about that conversation we had earlier about the TV show…?” -V
  • “anyway, i’ll get that lunch now. call you later, MC!” -Yoo
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • ……
  • i hate you” -MC
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • V, now realizing his transgressions, goes into the kitchen where MC was cooking lunch
  • “sweetie, i’m so sorry about spoiling your show”
  • MC ignores him
  • “if you want, you can spoil that one show i’m watching. havent you watched it all already?”
  • V desperately tries to get back into MC’s good graces
  • they turn to him, arms crossed
  • “charlie dies”
  • V tries not to think about the fact that charlie dies in his favorite show and hugs MC tightly
  • well…… least their talking to me again


  • MC’s PISSED because Saeran always hogs the TV and never lets them watch their shows
  • Seven and Saeran were watching TV on the couch when MC came into the room and grabbed the remote
  • “hey, Seven! mind if i change the channel?”
  • “not at all. go for it”
  • MC sat on the other side of Seven
  • “um, i do”
  • Saerans voice overshadows the sound of the TV, and MC turns it up
  • “hey! i wanna watch shark week!”
  • MC continues to ignore Saeran
  • “um…MC? i think Saerans trying to talk to you”
  • without taking their eyes off the screen, MC responds to Seven
  • “was he? i didnt notice?”
  • Saeran stands up
  • “yes you did! how could you not notice?!”
  • “Seven, can you please tell Saeran that i’m trying to watch my show and his loud voice is annoying me?”
  • Seven turns to Saeran
  • “hey, MC wanted me to tell you-”
  • “i heard what they said, ass hole”
  • Seven lifts up his hands as a sign of surrender
  • “hey, MC! i’m just going to keep yelling till you talk to me!”
  • “Saeran, i dont think-”
  • “fuck off, Seven”
  • Seven knows he should probably leave the room at this point but this is getting too interesting
  • “Seven, please tell Saeran that they more he yells, the less I care”
  • “Saer-”
  • “that doesnt even make sense!!!!”
  • Saeran moves closer to MC, now standing in front of Seven
  • the more he tries to get their attention, the closer he moves
  • until Saeran is completely leaning over MC, his hands on either side of them as he leans against the couch
  • “Seven, can you tell Saeran to get out of my way?”
  • as MC speaks, the look directly into Saerans eyes
  • suddenly Saeran smushes his lips into MC’s, kissing them
  • Seven opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out
  • “d-do you fucking see me now?”
  • MC looks at Saeran
  • “i dont know, will you let me watch my shows now?”
  • “yea, whatever”
  • “cool”
  • MC grabs Saerans shirt and pulls him into another kiss
  • “now will you please move?”
  • “yea…whatever”
  • ..


I’m here!

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Charlie

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: smut!

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: So I know, I know! This wasn’t on my too do list. I should have been working on one of my series or my requests, but I just couldn’t get this one out of my head. It doesn’t take place on any specific time but I guess it is somewhere between end s08 and end s10 considering the characters and the settings. It is not based on any request or song. It just popped into my head and begged to be written. I was listening to Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran while writing though. It is really fluffy and cute (guess I needed a break from the bit more angsty stuff I been doing lately). Anyways hope you enjoy. As always feel free to tell me what you think! My ask is open.  Also tagging @harley7509 cause I told her I would :)


You slowly came too. Smiling as you felt Dean play with the ring on your finger and draw circles on your back. You didn’t open your eyes you just moaned and snuggled up to him closer and you felt him squeeze you tight. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” his voice was still rasp from sleep, “but you do look incredibly beautiful this morning Mrs. Winchester.”

You giggled and bit your lower lip before opening your eyes and tilting your head so your chin rested on his chest right next to his tattoo. “You don’t look too bad yourself Mr. Winchester,” you said and smiled as you saw the sparkle in his emerald green eyes. He looked young. Happy and unburden. You rested your head back down and ran your hand across his stomach hugging him and he hugged you back tightly. You closed your eyes again smiling as he whispered “I’m here,” into your hair before pressing a kiss against the top of your head. “I wanna wake up like this every day,” you mumbled against him making him chuckle, “yeah that would be nice!”

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

So….it’s been raining here for days, and I feeling kinda down. Plus this weekend we are moving my MIL out of her home of 20+ years because she can’t live alone anymore. This was born out of all that. Warning angsty and sad :(

Characters: Dean, Sam, Cas, Charlie, Reader

Several Years From Now

Dean was convinced the bunker was haunted. He kept hearing weird noises, and something kept moving his stuff. He would put his coffee cup down in his room, and then not be able to find it later.

“Sam did you take my coffee?” He would ask his brother.

“No Dean, you left it in the kitchen.” Sam would say patiently.

His keys also kept disappearing. Every time he wanted to take Baby for a spin, he would look everywhere, but they just wouldn’t turn up.

One night when he was having trouble sleeping he heard Charlie calling him. He walked all over the bunker looking for her. He would just catch a glimpse of her red hair turning a corner, but then she was gone. Sam finally found him and made him go back to bed.

Cas was around a lot more these days. They would watch movies and drink beer. Dean usually didn’t notice that Sam was gone during these times.

He also didn’t notice the deep sadness in Cas’ eyes when he looked at him.

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I See Blue (Soulmate AU)

Sorry I haven’t written anything for months but I’ve been feeling really down recently. I couldn’t bring myself to even get out of bed. I finally wrote something that didn’t quite turned out as good as I wanted it to but I hope you guys enjoy. :)

Dean Winchester doesn’t have a soulmate. At least he’s pretty sure he doesn’t. He’s heard stories about how people see a color they’ve never seen before when they first meet there soulmate. It seems everyone his age has already found their soulmate, even Sam. Sam always likes to tell the story of when he saw the color blue for the first time when he met Jessica Moore. His mom always told him the story of when she first saw the color brown when she met his father. To Dean, soulmates were overrated. I don’t need my soulmate, he would always tell himself when he would start to feel bad for not having found his soulmate. He repeats that phrase in his head over and over again until he actually starts to believe it.
Dean once dated a girl who he really cared about. Her name was Lisa Braeden, but her eye color was brown, a color he was already familiar with when he met her. He was okay with the fact that she wasn’t the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. He managed to grow feelings for her despite the fact that they weren’t soulmates. He was in a relationship with her for a year before she ended it. She had found her soulmate while she was out walking. Dean wasn’t going to admit it, but he felt a little jealous that she had actually found her soulmate when they were both so sure neither of their soulmates were going to make an appearance in their lives.
Sometimes that happened. Dean has heard of people who were never able to meet their soulmate. Dean was sure him and his soulmate were among the few pairs destined to never meet. The thought of never meeting his soulmate hurt him. He lost more hope as each day went by without him meeting his soulmate. His best friend Charlie always told him to never lose hope. She was the only one who understood how he felt at the time.
“Easy for you to say” he would say, “You met Gilda.”
“It wasn’t always that way.” she would respond, “I didn’t meet her until last year.”
“At least you met her.”
“Listen, Dean, you’ll find your soulmate. Just give it time.”
“You’re right. I just want to be happy, but I’ve accepted the fact that maybe I will never meet my soulmate.”

“So are you expecting a man or a woman?” Charlie asks him, interrupting his current thoughts.
“Do you think your soulmate is a man or a woman?”
“I don’t know. I’ve only dated women before, but I wouldn’t mind if it were a man. I mean we are soulmates after all.”
“What do you say we go out for pie. I know a place.”
“God, I love you.” Dean says.
“I know”

There was a pretty long line when Dean and Charlie entered the pie shop.
“Go get a table, I’ll order.” Charlie said.
Charlie met him at the table empty-handed.
“Where’s the pie?” Dean asked.
“There’s a new waiter. It’s his first day. He says that he’ll bring it to the table when he has it ready.”
“Okay, I guess I’ll let it slide because it’s his first day.”
“I’m going to go to the restroom. Don’t eat the whole pie if it comes when I’m in the restroom.”
“No promises.” Dean says.
The pie came about a minute after Charlie went to the restroom. He was the last person in the shop.
“Here is your pie. Sorry it took so long it’s my first d-” He was cut off when Dean look up and they made eye contact.
Dean has never seen a color so beautiful in his life. He always recieved compliments on his emerald green eyes, but nothing compares to the blue eyes looking at him in this moment.
“It’s fine.” Dean says after a long while of staring into this beautiful stranger’s eyes. He took a moment to look at him. He was a little shorter than Dean and he had dark hair.
“I’m Castiel.” the waiter says with a shy smile.
“I’m Dean.” Dean responds.
“What did I miss?” Charlie asks when she came out of the restroom.
They don’t even acknowledge her presence. She sees them looking at each other, then it hit her.
“OH MY GOD!” She squeals.
Dean feels himself growing red. He gives Charlie a death stare.
“I’ll call a cab.” Charlie says.
Charlie exits the shop and leaves Dean and Castiel alone.
“Want to sit?” Dean asks after a few moments of silence.
“Yes. Give me a minute while I close up.”
A moment later he came back and sat down with Dean. They talked for a while before Castiel asked Dean if he wanted to come over to his place.
“I’m not expecting anything from you I just want to get to know you.” Castiel reassured Dean when he saw the somewhat confused look on Dean’s face.
“Yeah, Cas, that sounds awesome.” Dean said, unsure of whether it was okay with Castiel that he gave him a nickname so soon.
“Cas? Never heard that one before.” Castiel says with a grin, making sure to show Dean that it doesn’t bother him.
“Never? Castiel’s a pretty long name. What do people usually call you?” Dean asked.
“My brothers call me Cassie.” Castiel said with a little embarrassment. “But I like Cas.”
“Do you have a car or do you need me to drive us?” Dean asked, changing the subject.
“No, I walk.” Cas said.
“Okay.” Dean said as he started to get up.
Castiel followed him to his car. Dean opened the door for Cas to go in.
“This is a pretty cool car.” Cas commented.
“Thanks, it was my dad’s car. He gave it to me when I graduated.” Dean said proudly. “Where do you live?” He asked Cas.
“Up this street and then make a left. It’s the apartments on the corner.” Cas said.
Dean followed Cas’ directions and made his way to the apartment complex. When they entered Cas’ apartment, Dean noted how clean it was compared to his. Cas’ apartment was a lot bigger that Dean’s apartment.
“Wow.” Dean said amazed.
“What?” Cas asked.
“Nothing. Just your apartment is like 100 times better than mine.”
“What do you mean?”
“It’s a lot bigger and cleaner,” Dean said, “plus it has a better view of the city.”
“Do you want anything to drink?” Cas offered.
“No thanks.” Dean said.
They made their way to the couch and sat down.
“This might sound a bit forward,” Cas said “but you are the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life.”
“I was just about to say the same thing about you.” Dean said.
Before they knew it, they were kissing. Small kisses at first, then making out until the only reason they stopped was to take a breath. They were both feeling very tired after a lifetime of kissing.
“Do you want to spend the night?” Cas asked Dean, cautious to make sure Dean doesn’t feel uncomfortable.
“Sure, Cas” Dean said.
Cas gave Dean something to sleep in and they went to go lie down in the bedroom. They didn’t make love. They weren’t ready for that just yet. They cuddled, enjoying the presence of one another. They treasured the time they spent together.
Dean moved in with Cas half a year after they met. Dean was able to open his own auto repair shop. Cas became the owner of the pie shop. Dean proposed to Cas and they married three months later on a Thursday. Everyone was so happy Dean had found his soulmate. Of course, he called Charlie a million times to thank her for taking him to the pie shop that day.
Dean wasn’t sure he would meet his soulmate. He forced himself to accept the fact that he might never meet the person he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. He longed to find the missing piece of his life. The missing color in his vision. He long to look up at the sky and see the color he only ever heard of in the stories. It wasn’t until he met a man by the name of Castiel that he finally found his true happiness. Who knew the color blue could make such a difference in someone’s life.

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Howdy! I'm new around here, could you show me around?? (@daily-shiny--shuckle)

Welcome my sweet little shell friend! You’re fairly new here, yes? Oh, I’m sure everyone will get to know and love you very soon, no one can resist such a cutie-pie!

I promise, you’ll love everyone, they’re all so kind. Have fun, my friend!


*ding dong*....fuck....

Characters: Sandi (that’s me!), Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, Rowena

Summary: The Winchesters travel to our Universe seeking my aid in a hunt…oh boy.

Prompts: Use the provided paragraph for the #Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge for @mrswhozeewhatsis to start your fic and you MUST use yourself instead of OFC/Reader insert, warts and all.

Word count: 3,160

Warnings: Some angst, fear, uncertainty, me being weird and awkward…

A/N: #Not An April Fool’s Joke Challenge, @mrswhozeewhatsis. Thanks to my beta, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, for putting up with my word-vomit. I swear that I’ve NEVER written so much about myself before….and probably never will again! 

*GIFs not mine*  

*Bold and in Italics is the challenge prompt*

Your doorbell rings and when you answer it, Sam and Dean Winchester are standing there in all their denim-wrapped glory. Sam gives you the most effective set of puppy-dog eyes you’ve ever seen and says, “Sandi, thank God you’re home. We need you.” They are not actually Jared and Jensen sent by your friend as an April Fool’s Joke, they really are Sam and Dean Winchester, and they really need your help to save their hunt.

“What the actual fuck?! Why are you real and on my doorstep? And how the hell can I help you?” I yell in a panic-filled voice as my breathing becomes irregular and I start to hyperventilate. Dean pushes me into the living room while Sam scouts one last time outside before deadbolting the door and joining me and Dean on the couch. Dean is trying, and failing spectacularly, to calm me down but the combination of their unique smell of gunpowder, Old Spice, and leather plus their soft touches of reassurance and hopeful gazes freak me out even more.

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