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Bf! Doyoung

Dating Doyoung would include:

  • Texting non stop, he just cant seem to get enough of you so he will constantly pester you with his late night calls/texts
  • Most of them being selfies of him. Him before going to bed, him brushing his teeth, him half naked but smiling like an idiot
  • He will update you on everything
  • “We’re going on a car ride wish you were hereeeee”
  • Excited phone calls with him going on about his day and then realising that he would ask you about your day as well
  • Smiling at his phone whenever he sees a text from you
  • Staring at his phone wanting you to text him first
  • This child will literally not text you the whole day so you would get worried and text him first and spend the whole day sulking and being miserable and then when you finally check up on him, he jumps around like a kangaroo like ‘yas my baby you finally called I was just about to call you’
  • what a liar smh
  • His kisses are so tender and he holds you by the back and pulls you closer and smiles at you *squeals*
  • Forehead kisses
  • Kisses on cheeks when you least expect it
  • And when you kiss him he complains about the lipstick stain
  • “yah y/n its too public” 
  • and then smiles because he is such a hoe for your kisses
  • resting his head on your shoulder and playing with your rings
  • and then lifting his head to kiss your neck and continuing laying his head on you
  • often lifts your hand so you could play with his hair
  • falls asleep on your lap and cuddles up to you and snores a little
  • finds utter comfort in your presence
  • always the big spoon when cuddling and he loves playing with your hair
  • he will hum songs when cuddling and kiss you very softly when you sleep in his arms
  • and then smile at you and laugh to himself not being you’re his
  • staring at you when you’re sleeping and then looking away when you catch him
  • “me? staring? pfft? who do you think you are???”
  • you could see his cheeks going red
  • him laughing at your jokes 
  • but then he also laughs when you trip
  • or when you do something stupid
  • is such a dork
  • you love making fun of his ‘vroom vroom show’ with the boys and he goes on a petty mode. He will stop talking to you and ignore you the rest of the day and his only reply would be “go ask jaehyun”
  • until you threaten to burn his vroom vroom mic and he snaps back into his senses
  • you love annoying him and he gets really frustrated
  • spending lazy evenings just cuddling and watching movies
  • waking up to hearing him sing in the shower
  • pancakes for breakfast and him making you eat until you’re about to throw up
  • back hugs when you’re cooking
  • making a mess everywhere when you’re baking and him cracking an egg on your head for that one time you dissed his vroom vroom talk show
  • adopting a puppy together and naming him ‘pebbles’
  • coming home to your boyfriend laying on the couch and pebbles sleeping on top of him
  • hanging out with his brother and making fun of doyoung together
  • his family loves you and gong myung is your brother
  • seeing his childhood photos and him trying to hide that one picture where he’s naked in a bathtub 
  • dining out on saturdays and him begging you for an ice cream
  • him immediately sensing that something’s up with you and he’ll hear you out and then pretend that nothing’s wrong and take you out for some fun 
  • going to cool restaurants together and exploring cute cafes 
  • having a free pass to their concerts and a live show of their concert because Doyoung doesn’t want you to miss anything
  • studio dates which includes you bringing food and watching him practice
  • and then he wants to dance with you and you start waltzing to classical song and he just stares at you with judgement
  • long walks alongside the river and him holding your hand and smiling
  • riding the bicycle together late at night when the weather is cold and then stopping at a convenience store to have instant ramen
  • him surprising you with presents and food
  • him picking you up from your college/work/school
  • you both rarely fight but when you do its big and none of you apologise so you just settle on a mutual agreement
  • but he does apologise when its his fault
  • him wanting your embrace when he’s sad
  • matching bracelets, promise rings, matching shoes, even matching jackets
  • and then wearing those jackets and taking a cute selfie
  • him proudly introducing you as his girlfriend
  • so supportive of you
  • master of cheesy jokes
  • rough in bed but can be so gentle too
  • believes in making love to you slowly but when he’s too passionate god all mighty
  • forget you lil soft bunny he is on fucking fire
  • but it’ll be so soft in the end cuz he’ll cuddle you and play with your hair
  • you’re so lucky to have this dork in your life
  • keep him, he’s a keeper

Voltron Character Headcanons (pt. 2)

part 1

Keith Kogane:

  • Keith is like, really good at art.
  • His favourite medium is charcoal
  • Keith really hates the colour red because it reminds him of anger and blood and the fact that he’s impulsive as hell.
  • He really loves blue because it’s peaceful.
  • This drives Lance to become more controlling and possessive over Blue.
  • His favourite song is ‘Enjoy The Silence’, a cover by Anberlin.
  • Keith actually wants to be friends with Lance but, he’s intimidated by the blue paladin.  (Like, a lot.)
  • Keith loves reading.
  • His favourite book is Charlotte’s Web and he’s read it over 100 times but still loves it.
  • He didn’t have much to do on Earth so, he read.
  • This helped Keith learn new languages but he’s most fluent in French and Korean. (English too, ofc)
  • Belle is Keith’s favourite Disney princess.
  • He and Allura become best friends.
  • When angry, Hunk comes to Keith for tips to calm down and breathe.
  • Lance convinced Keith to wear a choker for an entire day.  
  • (Oh, no.  He’s hot.)
  • Keith loves baking with Hunk, as everyone does.

Pidge Gunnerson | Katie Holt:

  • Pidge’s room is filled with a billion plants.
  • She loves studying botany and how to interweave technology and nature.
  • Shiro is always cleaning Pidge’s glasses for her.
  • Lance and Pidge are seriously the most dangerous duo on the ship (other than maybe Hunk and Keith)
  • Sometimes, the two pairs will see who can get in more trouble without actually getting caught by Allura.  
  • Pidge loves friendship bracelets a lot.  Oddly.
  • Pidge can sort of play violin.
  • Her dream is to leave to New Zealand with her brother once everything is over.
  • Pidge begs Shiro for a cat on the ship All. The. Time.
  • “Pidge, I don’t even know if space cats are a thing.”
  • “I guess…  And besides, Keith is our Galra Space Cat.”
  • “PIDGE.”
  • Skirts are literally the devil.
  • Pidge is no longer allowed excessive amounts of sugar after ‘The Incident’.
  • She seriously misses her mom like no other.
  • Pidge wants to be friends with Allura SO BAD.
  • Pidge and Coran work really well together.
  • Pidge actually likes Slav.
  • Pidge secretly lets Allura play with her hair and give her pigtails.

Hunk Golion

  • Hunk loves poetry.
  • He has an entire journal filled with poems.
  • He knows very basic Sign Language.
  • His aesthetic is railroads and rope.
  • Hunk loves socks.
  • But he can’t sleep with them at night.
  • Hunk is very skilled in swimming from his Samoan roots.
  • He also skills well in seafood preparation.
  • Hunk knows first aid like the back of his hand.
  • All his info came from Lance got injured in the Garrison.
  • He’s given Lance CPR before.
  • Hunk is the only one that Lance has ever cried in front of before.
  • Hunk is scared by loud noises
  • His favourite movie is Moana.
  • Duh.
  • He and Lance watch it All. The. Time.
  • They sing Shiny like no other and eventually, Shiro kicks them off the ship so they have to sing it while floating in space.
  • Hunk suffers from chronic headaches and migraines.
  • He’s a fast runner, even for his size.
  • He and Pidge are obvious best friends.


  • Allura’s first time eating Lemon Starbursts from Pidge got her hooked.
  • She doesn’t know what a ‘British’ is but, everyone keeps calling her one.
  • Allura suffers severe PTSD
  • She makes promise bracelets for herself and Shiro after Lance explains the concept to her
  • But she never works up the courage to give one to Shiro.
  • Her favourite colour is white
  • But she also loves an Altean colour that is a mix of Periwinkle and maroon
  • Allura has such a crush on Shiro.
  • Blood makes her sick to her stomach
  • But Allura can talk sex, periods, and intimate things as easily as Keith talking about Mothman.
  • Privacy is basically unknown to her.
  • She’s walked in on Keith and Lance changing and leaves the bathroom door open.
  • Alteans are super blunt.
  • “Keith, you obviously like Lance.”
  • Keith’s instant blush and defense activated.  “WHAT?!”
  • Hunk at the other side of the table.  “I CALLED IT.”
  • Allura loves pearls when she discovers some.  
  • Shiro makes it his personal mission to buy Allura pearls whenever he can.
  • (He has a huge crush on her too, :3)


TIME : 12 PM.


Looks like this is the designated meeting spot, even though you still have no clue what lies beyond the curtain on stage, save perhaps the man in charge of all this, ready to deliver whatever it is he’d promised all of you – incentive to murder? It still reeks of blood and there are piece of gore along the theater’s walkway, as if the victim’s body was dragged after all of you left last time, but there are no doubt a number of you eager to not put too much thought into what happened with Orion’s body. On stage, the same Sentinels stand guard, watching over all of you with unblinking eyes. If you look close enough, you can see blood on their clothes.

It doesn’t take as long for Kuma to make his appearance this time, nor does he seem to have any firearms in his hands when he steps out. He simply slips the curtain open and takes the stage – no announcement, no fanfare. Just him, his lighter, and the casual lighting of a cigarette. He stands on the stage quietly as opposed to trying to get anyone’s attention, although there are already a number of you turned towards the stage, waiting to see what he has to say. Noticeably, a few of you have opted to avoid the front rows… it’s not a decision anyone can blame you for, is it?

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY HARE!!” Ultimately, it’s Zero’s voice that suddenly bursts over the speakers as his image pops up on the screens above the stage without warning – he’s loud, obnoxious, and as energetic as ever. It takes barely half a second for him to begin bouncing around on stage, arms waving. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOH BOY!! Finally, we’re HARE! You all know what this is, right? The beginning of the experiment!! You didn’t think it was already underway, didya? Of COURSE you didn’t! Hahhahahahahaha, don’t worry, we’ll HOP to the point – you all are probably juuuuust as eager as we HARE, so not point wasting time, right, Kuma Kuma? Why don’t we just tell ‘em straight up –

                          THE FIRST MURD-HARE INCENTIVE!!

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A Promise - Finnick Odair Imagine

Rating: PG-13, cuz I’m a very paranoid person

Warnings: mentions of pain torture, jabberjays, mean Capitol

Summary: The Capitol controlled everything, even the hate between you and a certain Finnick Odair. Or so they thought. When you get trapped in the Jabberjays section, you were so sure nothing would affect you. You were terribly wrong.

Word Count: 1678

You wielded your bo before locking it into place on your back. You got separated from Finnick while fighting at the Cornucopia. You had to find Finnick. You were sure that Finnick survived the bloodbath, but you needed to find him as soon as possible. Even though the audience believed that you and Finnick were rivals, you didn’t care. You were getting out of the arena and away from the Capitol, anyway.

Keeping your eyes peeled, you trekked through the jungle environment. So far, there wasn’t anything suspicious. You didn’t dare eat the tempting nuts, go near the lake surrounding the Cornucopia, or shout for Finnick. you played with the bracelet on your wrist, trying to concentrate.

Something moved. You heard the rustle of leaves. You placed your hand on your bo, prepared for anything unexpected.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!”

You stopped in your tracks. That was your mother’s voice. But, your mother was dead. You tilted your head in confusion before resuming your defensive stance.

“Help me!”

Your father’s voice. You blinked and shook your head. He was dead, too. You were only in the game for a couple of hours. You knew you weren’t going crazy from sleep deprivation, dehydration, or starvation. You scoffed. The Capitol was trying to play tricks on you. “Not gonna work!” you shouted. “Everyone I care about’s gone,” you stated, walking through the jungle.

“(Y/n)! Help! Please!”

You froze. “Finnick?” you whispered. You shook your head. It couldn’t be him. He was with Katniss, like planned. He couldn’t be anywhere near you. It wasn’t possible.

“(Y/n)! Help!”

Your heart crumbled. “Finnick! Finnick! Where are you?” You ripped through the trees. You whipped out your bow. “Finnick!”

“(Y/n)! Help me! Please! (Y/n)!”

Your eyes watered. What was happening to him? Finnick was always so brave. He would never wail like this. Not if something truly horrible was happening. What was the Capitol doing to him? What cruel thing were they doing this time? You had to get to him. You had to help him. You couldn’t go on in this game without him.

“Finnick!” The screams emanated from that area. You spun around. “Finnick!” you cried. “Where are you? Please!”

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)!” Pain was laced throughout his cries. His pleads speared you right through your heart. Where was he?


You pressed your hands to your head. It hurt! It pained you! You took deep breaths. You had to do something. You had to find a way to get to Finnick. Did the Capitol camouflage him somehow? Maybe he was higher in the trees. “Finnick! I’m coming for you!”

You searched the trees.

“(Y/n)! Help me! (Y/n)! Please!”

Your heart pounded against your chest. A weight crushed your lungs. Your head spun in circles. Everything was green. Green. Green. Green.

Black? Something black caught your eyes. No, wait. It was dark blue. “Finnick?”

The spot flew. It flew towards you! The bird opened its beak. “(Y/n)!”

You screamed and ducked down. Finnick’s cries continued to bombard your ears. you sprung back up. This bird. It was the source of Finnick’s cries. It made you scream his name. It made you scared.

You hated it.

Before the wretched bird could scream its awful cry, you slammed your bo against its head. Your breathing was labored. You shut your eyes and looked away. It was only then that you realized what these monsters were. Jabberjays. Experiments of the Capitols trained to repeat what they’ve heard.

They heard Finnick’s screams. They’ve been with Finnick. He was suffering!


A multitude of Finnick’s shrill screams rang through the air again.

You whipped your head around. A flock of birds swooped down from the trees and headed straight towards you.

You did the only thing you could do. You ran. You pumped your legs as hard as you could.

“(Y/n)! Help me!”

You shook your head. His cries sounded so real. You could picture Finnick in pain. You could see him reaching for you. You could see him pleading for you to come. It was too much to bare. You covered your ears. Tears streamed down your face. You kept on running.


You ran straight into a wall. You couldn’t see it. It was like glass. A force field. “No,” you whispered. You punched the force field. Nothing. You took out your bo and hit it. Nothing. You unsheathed your knife and struck the wall once again. Nothing.

The abominations came at you, surrounding you and engulfing you in its storm.

“(Y/n)! Help me! Help!”

You covered your ears and sunk to the ground. Where was Finnick? He had to be in the arena. What monster did they unleash? What torture were they putting him through? How could they be so cruel?

“Stop it!” you pleaded. “Stop hurting him! Please!”

The torture just grew. Finnick’s screams seemed to grow louder. It clanged about in your heart and head. He was somewhere suffering. And you couldn’t get to him. No matter what you did, Finnick would be suffering without you by his side. The screams of your name echoed, sounding so painful.

You didn’t even realize that the birds had fled. A trident had flown through the air and scared off the Jabberjays.

Someone touched your shoulder. “(Y/n)?”

You sprung up and took out your bo. “Get away from me!” you screamed.

You observed your targets. They looked like tributes. Katniss. Peeta. One looked exactly like Finnick.

It was a trick! It had to be. Finnick was somewhere screaming his head off. This thing was just another illusion by the Capitol. This experiment was just going to trick you. Lead you into some sort of trap. Maybe even kill you. You couldn’t have that happen. You needed to find the real Finnick.

The Finnick copy stepped towards you. “Hey, (y/n), it’s ok. You’re safe now.”

You scowled. “That’s what the Capitol wants me to think,” you sneered.

“Hey, we trust each other, don’t we?”

Its voice sounded just like his. It was so soft and gentle and alluring. But you weren’t going to fall for it. “No. We don’t.”

The thing blinked. “(Y/n),” it purred. “It’s me. I’m Finnick.” It stepped towards you.

You held your bo so that the pointed end rested on its chest. “And how the hell do I know that?”

The Katniss fake strung an arrow.

You threatened, “Don’t test me, you mutt.”

“Hey,” Finnick-fake started, bringing your attention back to him. “(Y/n), I’ll prove it to you. I’m real.”

You just stared at him.

It took your silence as a go-ahead. “You won the 67th Hunger Games at the age of fifteen. I was your mentor.” The counterfeit Finnick  laughed, pointing at your charm bracelet. “That bracelet’s nice.”

You slightly pushed your bo forward. It wasn’t enough to harm the mutt, but it was enough to warn it. “Anyone could figure that out. The Capitol knows all of that.”

“Ah, but they don’t know one about you.”

“And what is this one thing?”

It smiled ever so slightly. “You told everyone that bracelet was made by Mags. You lied. I gave that promise to you.”

You gulped. You and Finnick had agreed to never tell anyone about the two of you. Before you were reaped, Finnick and you were the best of friends. You jumped forward when his name was called at his Reaping. You were interviewed when the Games was nearing its end. You were the first to congratulate him when he came back home.

The Capitol hated that. The Capitol didn’t like the idea of their District 4 sex symbol being tied down.

All footage of you was cut from the viewings. However, it didn’t stop Finnick from bringing you on camera. He invited you to his house when paparazzi was there. He mentioned you in every interview. He didn’t want to lose you as a best friend.

The Capitol fought back. That’s when you were reaped.

After you won, Finnick and you admitted your love for each other in private. However, the two of you knew it wouldn’t please the Capitol. Not wanting to take the risk, Finnick and you agreed never to be seen on camera together, never mention each other in interviews, never even talk to each other at home. In order to make people believe it, Finnick and you staged an argument that played on television for years. You scheduled secret meetings in different places at different times, successfully keeping the Capitol off your trail.

“We have to stop doing this,” you had muttered once against Finnick’s lips.

“You want to stop kissing?”

You had laughed and stared into his eyes. “Finnick, how is this going to work?”

Finnick had sighed. “We will be together one day. I promise.”

It wasn’t enough proof for you. You had stared at the ground.

“Hey, I got you something.” Finnick had slipped something cool on your wrist.

You had looked at your wrist and smiled sadly. “A charm bracelet?”

“A promise.” He had lifted your hand and gently kissed your knuckles. “I will always love you, (Y/n).”

This mutt was not a mutt. It was Finnick, the one who loved you, the one you loved you. It was your best friend. You dropped your weapon and smiled. “Finnick,” you whispered.

The young man beamed and took you in his arms. He threaded his fingers through your hair. The Victor sighed as relief took over his body. He hadn’t held you so close in so long. With so many cameras around, he never had the chance to.

You hugged him close to you. “I thought- I thought you were… You were screaming for me,” you exasperated. It filled you with joy being back in Finnick’s arms. You smiled widely. you could finally hug him, even if the Capitol was watching.

Finnick chuckled a little before tightening his grip on you. “I missed you. So much.”

You smiled. “Me, too. I missed you, too.”

Hey guys! I had way too much fun with this one…. Sorry if it’s really confusing. One thing led to another and then it became a complicated and convoluted plot. 

So! I hope you don’t hate it! Have a great night guys! Hope to talk to you again soon!


I don’t even think I’m worthy of being forgiven for how long I take with these scenarios. But still, I’m sorry. Also, we don’t write smut for underage idols. 

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“And next week we have exams. As if all of these group projects aren’t enough.”




“Chan? Dino?”

“Hmm? What?”

“Have you not been listening to anything I’ve been saying?” You frown.

He smiled at you sympathetically, offering you a quick apology before asking if you wanted to order anything. You opened your mouth to tell him you weren’t hungry but he’d left as soon as he spoke.

There was something odd about the way Chan had been acting. You could feel him growing distant, his actions feeling as if he were placing a wedge between your relationship. You watched his movements, eyes widening in surprise when he began to lean suspiciously close to a girl you’d never seen before.

You turned away, unease slithering down your back. You swear that girl just stared straight into your eyes while Chan was whispering in her ear.

Did he know her? Surely he wasn’t…

No. Chan wouldn’t cheat on you and even if he did, you were sure he wasn’t stupid enough to be so open about it.

But still, the way her eyes held a glint of mischief unnerved you. Like she knew something that you didn’t.

You jumped in surprise as Chan placed a mug of coffee in front of you.

“You like it with one sugar right?” He asked as he sat down, placing his own mug in front of him.

You nodded, a grim smile on your face. How can he act like he wasn’t just whispering into another girl’s ear.

If Chan had felt the unease rolling off of you, he chose to ignore it. Instead he steered your conversation to a new topic. You hummed and nodded at his every pause and pretended to be listening but in reality curiousity was eating you inside.


Days had passed since you met Chan at the café and you hadn’t seen him since. It was like he was avoiding you. It’s not that you weren’t used to not seeing him for weeks, sometimes months at a time, but something in your gut had told you he wasn’t just ‘practicing’.

You watched his performance on your laptop, scrolling through the comments until his part came up and you scrolled back to the video. Resting your chin on your palm, you let out a sigh.

“Stupid, good looking idols,” you murmured as you shifted on the couch and rested your head on the armrest. You reached out for your phone to check for any messages. None.

You pressed the phone against your ear after dialling your boyfriend’s number only to be disappointed at the sound of his voicemail.

“Hey, it’s Chan here! Sorry I can’t come to the phone. Leave a message after the beep!”

You resisted the urge to call him again. You didn’t want to be one of those needy girlfriends. He had warned you about the downsides of dating an idol. You just didn’t expect it to be this bad.

Trying to take your mind off the situation, you head for the café, suddenly craving your favourite drink. Even if your boyfriend wasn’t there for you, food would be.

You cursed under your breath as you accidentally dropped a number of items on the floor as you went to grab your keys. You crouched down and began to collect the things in your hands, stopping halfway when a glint of silver caught your eye.

You picked up the simple chain bracelet, holding it against the one occupying your wrist. You let out another sigh. Chan wasn’t normally a forgetful person and he never took off your couple bracelet. Did he leave this on purpose?

Something like this wouldn’t usually bother you but the recent events had been plaguing your mind. The chain around your wrist burnt against your skin the longer you held on to it. You lowered your hand and slipped the bracelet in your hand.

What if Chan really didn’t want to be with you anymore? You sighed again, now you really needed that latte.


You quickened your pace at the sight of the café, the taste of the latte already on your tongue. As you approached the door, you noticed two people standing in front of it, engaged in a heated argument. The closer you got the more familiar they became until you could place a name on one of them.


Turning around at the sound of his name, Chan’s eyes widened at the sight of you, “Y/N? What are you doing here?”

Your eyes dart between him and the girl behind him, the same girl from the other day, “I should be asking you that… I thought you were at practice.”

Chan opens his mouth to speak but stops when the girl steps forward and clutches unto his arm, smirking smugly at you.

“Who the hell are you? A stalker? My boyfriend doesn’t need to answer to you,” she sneers.

“Boyfriend?” You choke.

“What? No I-!” Chan exclaims as he attempts to pry the girl off of him but her grip was strong for a girl her size.

“Oppa, there’s not need to be shy! We’ve been dating for months!”

Months? Your stomach lurched at her words. Fresh tears decorated the corner of your eyes but you couldn’t stand the look Chan was giving you. You bolted away from them, ignoring the curious stares from wandering passer-by’s.

“Be quiet! Y/N, wait!” You kept running, ignoring Chan’s constant calls for your name. You felt so dejected. You kept running until your legs gave way. You sat yourself on a set of steps, not even caring what building you were in front of.

You spent a few moments sobbing in a hunch, your head buried in your arms resting on your knees. It was quiet, wherever you were. You were left to wallow in your thoughts undisturbed.

“Hey, are you ok?” You felt someone crouch in front of you and place a comforting hand on your shoulder.

You slowly raised your head, blushing slightly as you come face to face with your boyfriend.

He smiles at you warmly despite his heavy breaths, “I didn’t know you were so fast.”

You cracked a small smile at his words before asking the question that had been tumbling in your mind.

“Are you cheating on me?”  He looked at you sternly.

“No,” You looked down but Chan tipped your head up using his fingers, “I’m not cheating on you, Y/N. And I would never in a million years.”

“Then who was that?” You asked, frustrated. Nothing made sense and it made your head hurt.

Chan sighed. He tried his best to hide it from you to stop you from worrying but it seems he had no choice.

“That girl has been stalking me for a while now.”

You looked at him surprised “What? A stalker?”

“I didn’t want to worry so I tried to keep it hidden. I tried to sort it out on my own but I didn’t realise she was bat shit crazy.”

“But at the café-“

“I was trying to tell her to leave, the same as today. I went to the café for a drink but she was waiting for me and started going on about our anniversary,”

Chan sighed, nodding at the bewildered look on your face, “Yeah, I know. Like I said, bat shit crazy.”

“So, you don’t want to break up with me?” He shot you a surprised look.

“No! Absolutely not! I love you and like I said, I wouldn’t cheat on you. You know I’m not like that.”

“Then, why did you leave this at home?” You fish out the bracelet from your pocket.

“Where did you find this?” He asked excitedly, grabbing the bracelet and securing it around his wrist, “I took it off before helping you with the dishes the other day. I’ve been looking for it ever since!”

Chan pushes back the strands of hair in front of your face and presses a soft kiss against your cheek, “I’m sorry for worrying you all this time and I’m sorry I lost the bracelet. I promise never to take it off ever again.”

You giggle at his words, “You’re stupid.”

“But I’m you’re stupid,” he grins.

“I’m sorry for overreacting,” you say as you divert your eyes to the ground.

“It’s ok. It happens. Just, don’t forget that I love you, ok?”

You nod, “I love you too.”

A little more:

“You better! I just got a fan arrested because of you…”


“Hey do you want a latte? I know how much you love your latte. Let’s go get some!” He rambled.

“Stop changing the subject!”

Dating Sehun Would Include ||Part 2||:

• sharing headphones
• couple bracelets and promise rings that are so trendy cause sehun is sehun
• raising a puppy together
• noseeeeeee kisses
• forehead kisses
• him painting your nails
• arguing over small things
• but then making up in the cutest ways with lots of pouty faces from him
• lots of cooking fails
• shopping shopping shopping
• him posting so many ig pics of you both
• cuddling dates
• car dates;)
• licking his lips when he thinks you look attractive and vice versa
• “babe you’re so hot”
• “I know”
• will do like anything to make you laugh cause he likes the sound of it
• wearing his jacket and snapbacks
• back hugs

Exo Scenario: Jealous with Sehun ~

Scenario where the other character is an idol and she kind of has a thing with Sehun, and they’re kind of dating (secretly), and Sehun already got her a promise bracelet, but she gets jealous of the Ceci photoshoot with Irene. And then…can you also squeeze in the MAMA awards where the reader performs with her group a song like Run Devil Run by SNSD, and the whole time Sehun is looking at her and getting really frustrated. And Chanyeol and Baekhyun tease him about it, without making it obvious to everyone else. After the performance, when the reader and her group return to their seats, right between EXO and BTS. The reader completely ignores EXO (mostly Sehun) and only talks to Jungkook. You can figure out the rest, sorry that this is long! But thank you!

Wow this is really long (I shouldn’t be surprised because I know who this is from). I really hope you like this and let me know what you think of it :) I hope it comes out the way that you want it to!

You felt like laughing and crying at the same time. You wanted to cry because he looked so damn good in those pictures, but he wasn’t standing next to you. He wasn’t holding you like he was…her. The two of them looked so gorgeous in the Ceci photoshoot. And you could not do anything but cry over how good he looked - how good they both looked - and wonder if he liked her more than he liked you. 

It wasn’t any better, the fact that the two of you had to hide your relationship. Being in different companies was one part of it, but if the fans found out that Sehun was dating, they would be throwing hissy fits. And you did not want that on your hands. You didn’t want to have to deal with his crazed, jealous fans, and you were sure that he didn’t want to do that, either. But that was really no matter at all, at least, not right now.

Right now, all you were worried about was Irene and Sehun. Your heart kept sputtering every time you glanced at those pictures, and you felt a little guilty for wanting to hurt her because she was so close to your boyfriend.

Twisting your promise bracelet around on your wrist, you wondered if you should just throw the stupid thing out, or sell it. You hadn’t seen him in a few weeks because of his group schedule, though you knew that award season was coming up and you would see him plenty there. Your manager had told you and the other girls that you would be sitting between EXO and BTS, so you were obviously going to be very close to him.

But you still felt like absolute trash while looking at those photos…

When you ever heard that you would be performing your group’s song Jealous at the MAMA awards, you felt pretty smug. You knew that Sehun’s eyes would be on you and you knew that it was the perfect song to perform, especially with the emotions roiling through you thanks to the Ceci shoot. 

Practicing the dance in rehearsals had you riled up enough, you couldn’t imagine being out on stage and looking out at the crowd as Sehun watched your every move. The two of you needed to be discreet about your relationship, but you were sure that everyone’s eyes would be on you and the rest of the girls. The lyrics were bad enough, wait till they got to see the dance for it…

You hadn’t called in a few days and Sehun was getting worried that you were upset with him. He knew how you felt about him being around other girls, so he had to guess this sudden cold shoulder was about the photoshoot he had done with Irene of Red Velvet. You shouldn’t have been angry about it, but here you were, not answering his calls or texts. Eventually, he stopped trying to reach out to you.

“Sehun we’re going to be late.” Suho hyung called from the other room, telling the maknae that they needed to get going to the award ceremony. Even when he had extra time to prepare, he was still trying hard not to think of you every minute of the day, which only proved to distract him more than usual. But he was still worried about you and wondered if he would get the chance to speak to you - if only briefly - at the ceremony. You were going to be sitting next to his group…

At the actual award show, Sehun couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. And it wasn’t just because you looked stunning, but because you were completely ignoring him. He knew the rules the two of you had set up, to act as if you barely knew the other except in private, but this was a little much.

“What did you do wrong this time?” Baekhyun asked as he whispered to his dongsaeng, a smile displaying on his lips. Sehun’s eyebrows mashed together because he really didn’t know what he had done wrong. 

“It’s not funny, hyung.” Sehun nearly whined, his tone quiet so as not to alert anyone of what they were talking about. But Chanyeol heard their conversation and decided to join in.

“She really is ignoring you.” he mentioned, all three of them glancing over to where you were seated with your other group members. You were far enough away that you couldn’t hear their conversation, but close enough that Sehun could see how beautiful you looked. And he hated it - mostly because he couldn’t tell you in public, but also because he couldn’t go over there to show everyone that you were his.

Neither of them really got to say anything else on the matter before you were disappearing to get ready for your performance. Sehun wasn’t sure if he should be excited for it, or dreading it because of how good he knew that you would look.

When your group finally went on stage, after making sure that everything was ready and the mics were working, you noticed how intently Sehun was staring at the stage, just waiting for you to come up. You didn’t have to force your wide smile then.

You laughed briefly before the music started and the lights changed to focus on you…

Maybe it was the all-black outfits, or just the way you moved during the song that had Sehun’s eyes glued to you. But he couldn’t let his eyes off of you for a second, and his hyungs made sure to tease him about it, saying things like you were trying to get him jealous - a play off of the title of your song track - or that you were trying to entice all of the other boys in the room, too. Sehun got frustrated listening to them, but even more so while watching you. 

It made it even worse when you started to come closer, going where the stage transformed into the seating area. But it wasn’t him you came towards. It was BTS.

He had to wonder if you just had a thing for the maknaes of every group, or if you were genuinely trying to get him jealous and angry. You smiled and danced for Jungkook, which only had the shy eighteen year old blushing and trying to look away - though even he couldn’t as you danced to your song. Sehun’s eyebrows rose in concern, wanting to pull you away from the boy and back toward him. He had never really been the possessive type, but you were testing his patience. 

When the song ended and your group returned to your seats, after several rounds of applause and screaming from your fans in the audience, Sehun looked over to see if you were actually going to speak to him this time.

But you still ignored him - this time talking to Jungkook and the other members of Bangtan.

Baekhyun made a comment that the boy was trying to steal his girl away, but that didn’t make any of this better. Sehun realized that you were just doing this because of the Ceci shoot, though the actual magazine wouldn’t be coming out until February. You had still seen the pictures though, and Sehun knew that you were upset. You were just trying to get back at him.

And it was working…

After the award show, Sehun pulled you away discreetly from your members, saying that he just wanted to borrow you for a second. Both his members and yours watched as the two of you ducked behind a sign. It was a good thing that both groups knew of your relationship, or it would have raised questions.

“What was that about?” he asked, nodding his head toward the direction of the stage, talking about your obvious flirting with Jungkook and your even more obvious way of trying to avoid him.

“What do you mean?” and you tried to act innocent, but both of you knew that you were lying. His mouth set in a hard line before you folded your arms across your chest and finally explained yourself, “You deserved it.” and with that as an explanation, he appeared even more confused.

“What did I even do? If this is about the photoshoot…” but he wasn’t even able to continue his sentence before you were interrupting him.

“Of course it’s about the photoshoot! You were all over her!” and your hands balled up into fists at the thought. You thought you had been okay, but now all of your emotions were being brought back and you just wanted to punch someone. And you didn’t want it to be Sehun…at least, not really.

“You’re seriously jealous of her?” he asked, letting out a small chuckle before he was shaking his head, “That’s why you’ve been ignoring me for the past few days, acting like I don’t even exist out there, and then flaunting yourself in front of other idols?”

You shook your head, “Don’t put all of the blame on me, not when you looked like that and she looked like…” Irene had looked beautiful and you couldn’t even lie about it. Not to his face, or even in your own thoughts. Sehun let out a strangled laugh.

“So what? She isn’t the one I love.” he was shaking his head violently, and then reaching up to cradle your face in his too-large hands. His elegant fingers encapsulated your entire face, stroking your cheeks, “I love you. And you should know that. I would never leave you for her - never leave you for anyone.” and he pointed down at the promise bracelet that you had refused to take off, “Doesn’t this mean anything to you?”

You stood absolutely still for several minutes before you were nodding and leaning forward, leaning into him. You buried your face in his chest and curled your hands and fingers up around his neck. You heard him sigh and heard the beat of his heart. It was racing in his chest.

“I love you.” he murmured, and it sounded like enough of an apology that you decided to take it as one. You apologized too.

“I’m sorry.” but Sehun wouldn’t have your apology, instead he sought your lips and captured them with his own, silencing any further apology you had on your mind, or any words at all really.

“Don’t be.” he murmured.

Teacher named Daddy - Jimin - Fluff-Smut Ending

OKAY So I’ve decided to create two endings to this story, firstly an imagine full of beautiful fluff and smut. Then the alternative version an angsty sad and somewhat realistic ending that may happen if this story was real which you can find on the masterlist. Thank you for loving this series but here is the end of Teacher Named Daddy, Annyeong :)


For @xxsaskia1xx

Worry stuck your heart the moment you heard her voice, you where sure it was over, that he’d have to leave you after being caught. Luckily when she entered the room you where dressed, and not laying naked tied to a desk like you had been minutes before. “My office now, both of you!” It was almost a shriek, you walked very slowly, keeping your hands down by your side, knowing understandably that Jimin may want some personal space after being caught, but the sick feeling in your stomach seemed to lighten slightly when you felt Jimins hand feathering in strokes over your arm, he was trying to comfort you, smiling at you and nodding his head slightly signalling that everything would be alright. You smiled back, but you where unable to hide the tears glossing in your eyes, Jimin knew you where worried and that was perfectly natural, you both meant so much to each other. As you approached the teachers office you entered slowly, sitting down with yours arms and legs folded, as if hiding yourself from the world, again -just before the head teacher turned round- he reassuringly rubbed your leg, removing it and distancing himself from you before she caught you again. “How long has this little fling of yours been going on?” She asked, looking back and forth at you and Jimin, her left eyebrow raised. You tried to speak but Jimin cut in “I could lie to you and tell you this only started today but you’d never believe it. It started a few weeks after Saskia turned 16, outside of school only.” He said, running a hand through his hair, and crossing his legs. “Thank you for being truthful with me Jimin, but i’m curious as to how all this came about” She said, flicking a ball point pen back and forth in her fingers. You cut Jimin off before he could cut in, “It was all me, every girl in the school wanted to be with Ji-Mr. Park and I wanted to be the one that could get him, so I nagged and nagged him until he gave me a chance…” Both you and him knew that was a lie but never the less he stuck with your story, knowing it’d make you feel better you having the blame rather than him. “Well normally we’d have to take action on things like this, but the end of the school day has passed, which means you had already graduated and your 17 now which means your well over the age of consent. So the most I can do is give you a two week ban.” She said, you and Jimin looked at each other trying to hide the joy in your eyes -a two week ban means he’ll be able to take you to Jeju without having to take time of work- “Okay, thats totally understandable, I really appreciate you not making a big deal out of this.” Jimin said standing up. “Saskia, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Hope to see you again some day” Your head teacher said as you stood. Both you and Jimin politely bowed at her before exiting the room. You threw yourself into Jimin’s arms sighing in relief as his arms wrapped around you. “I was so worried I was going to loose you” You said, tears falling from your eyes, “Hey, Jagiya don’t get upset, we’re going to be okay” He said taking his thumbs under your eyes and wiping away the tears. You smiled up at him, looking around to see no one was there, then quickly pecked him on the lips. You walked round to his classroom, collecting his laptop and other school supplies before walking out to the car, hand in hand. Jimin drove to your house first, his hand peacefully resting on your thigh as he drove, the slow but relaxed tunes quietly playing from the radio. You never seemed to talk much in the car, always just enjoying each others company and the scenery as it passed by. You walked into the house to find a small note atop your bright pink and sparkling suitcase, it read “We hope you and Jimin have a great holiday, we’ve gone a long weekend trip to Busan, see you soon!” You chuckled halfheartedly at your mothers note, quickly leaving Jimin downstairs to get chained into travelling clothes. You selected a coral pink jogging suit with your hightop, grabbing your already packed travel bag and heading back downstairs and on route to Jimins house, where he too got ready with black leather trousers, a black tee and a black rucksack to complete his outfit. The plane took off at 6:30 and landed about an hour later, Jimin grabbing your cases as you check out of the airport. When you got to the hotel you where greeted by fascinating white cream architecture, the place lit up and was truly magical. Your room was gorgeous too. A gorgeous king sized bed accompanied by a bottle of champaign and rose petals,  a massive flat screen tv and a mini bar, everything you could ask for in a room. “Jimin, this is perfect! Thank you so so much!” You said embracing him. “You deserve all of it!” He said, his arms tightly wrapped around your waist as he leans down to kiss you. You share a very light and gentle kiss before he lets go, insisting that you go and get ready for a date he had planned. You quickly shower, before drying and straightening your hair. You apply very light and pretty make up wearing a light weight flowing white dress and some white wedges, along with the promise ring, bracelet and necklace that Jimin had bought for you over he course of your relationship. When you stepped out of the bathroom Jimin stood, he wore a white shirt with a small patterned pocket, white denim shorts and white trainers, with his promise ring and watch. “You look stunning, Jagi” He said looking you up and down, “Thank you chimchim” You said moving your hair behind your ear blushing. He had been leading you down a small path lit with slowly swinging lanterns, he gave your hand reassuring squeezes as you walked down. “We’re here” He said standing in front of a candle lit table surrounded with rose petals on the beach. “Jimin, it’s perfect!” you said, completely wowed by all his surprises. You had a delicious meal with a few cocktails as the night went on. You got a little confused when Jimin began to talk “Saskia, I want you to know how much you mean to me, I want to show you the world, look after you, care for you and love you…” He stood up and got down on one knee, “Saskia, will you marry me?” He said the candle light making his eyes sparkle. You stood up immediately “Of course I will Jimin!” You said as he placed the glistening ring on your finger, you began to cry of happiness, bringing him into a hug, you stood there for a while just soaking up his embrace. When you got back to your room you where quick to grasp the lingerie from your case, running into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and changed into your laced white bra and panties, before exiting the bathroom, spotting Jimin laying on the bed in nothing but his black boxers. “Woah Jagiya, you look beautiful” Jimin said quick to cover the bulge in evolving in his underwear. “You don’t look so bad yourself” You said walking over to the bed, sitting beside him. “I’m so happy we’re together, I couldn’t ask for a better man” You said kissing down his jaw line and down his neck. “Me too Jagiya” He said leaning his head over to grant you more space. You slowly moved his hand, palming him through his boxers, feeling the wet fabric from his premium. “Jagiya..” He said but you cut him off. “ah ah ah, I wanna make you feel as good as you made me feel earlier” You said, moving over to sit between his legs. You slowly slid his boxers down revealing his length. Kissing up his thighs, whilst gently massaging them. When you got to his length you took him in your hands, beginning to pump him up and down slowly. He let out long but quiet groans and moans, as well as telling you how amazing you where. You leaned down taking the tip of his member in your mouth, swirling your tongue before taking him into your mouth. He let out a sigh at the feeling of your mouth around him, you began to bob your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks around him as well as using your flattened tongue, as your hands played with his balls. His hand was wrapped in a make shift pony tail in your hair, but as soon as you felt him twitch in your mouth you stopped, feeling yourself become needy. Jimin sensed this and flipped you over, so you where laying down and he was now topping. He carefully unclipped your bra throwing it into the corner, as he began kissing and sucking on places all over your neck and chest, as he massaged your left breast with his hand, he began to move further down until he reached the hem of your panties, he pulled them down slowly before sliding your legs up and open, his hands delicately on your thighs as he began to nibble on the skin getting closer and closer to your soaking heat. “Baby girl, you’re already so wet for Daddy” He said with a smirk, “Please Daddy, I need you” You said with a whimper at how close but so far away he was from where you needed him most. “Patience baby girl” He said as his head disappeared between your legs, a shiver crawled down your spine when he blew cold air directly onto your clit, before using precise flicks of his powerful tongue, lapping up your juices, your hands made their way into his red hair, as your head rolled back and moans fell from your soft lips. “Ugh Daddy, please don’t stop” You said, just as he slid a finger into your tight heat, he continued to suck on your clit as his finger pumped in and out of you, before adding a second, however the second the third finger entered and curled to reach your g-spot the coil in your stomach unraveled and you released over his mouth and fingers. His tongue was quick at work, slowly eating up your release and devouring the taste of you. You flipped him around again, quickly melting into his lips, tasting each other. Jimin slid on a condom as you continued your make out session, once prepared he raised your hips, slowly lowering you onto him, you let out a moan at the filling sensation as he let out a groan about how great you felt around him. Once you where comfortable Jimin clasped onto your hips, moving you until you found your own pace and began riding him, everything was very slow and powerful, with continuous whispers about how you loved one another, Jimin spun you around once more so moving your left leg up so he could curl his hips into you. His toned hips meant he was amazing at grinding and could hit every spot he knew you liked “Ah Daddy, I’m so close” You said as he began to pick up his pace “Me too baby girl” he said, bringing his finger to your clit rubbing circles with his thumb. “Ugh Fuck, Daddy!” You yelled with a groan as you reached your second orgasm, the feeling of you tightening around him brought him over the edge as he came into the condom, riding out both of your orgasms slowly “That was amazing” You said laying down, your hand on his chest as he gently tickled up and down your rib cage and waist. “Just like you” He said leaning down to kiss your head. “Thank you for everything Jimin, I really do love you so much” You said looking up at him, admiring his gorgeous features “I love you more than words could describe Jagiya, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. If I had to give up my job back there I would have because you’re so much more important to me. I love you, Mrs.Park” He said, His hand gently caressing your cheek. “I love you too, Mr.Park” You said giving him a peck on the lips as you turned around, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist as your snuggled into the blankets, turning the light off as you both fell soundly asleep.

The wedding was more than you could ever ask for, your parents thought you may have been a little too young to get married but they knew that you and Jimin where strong enough to tie the nought at this age, the school friends you invited where totally shocked that you where even in a relationship with Mr.Park never mind getting married to him! but never the less they where happy for you, you spent a gorgeous month travelling in Japan, Thailand and Hawaii for your honeymoon and It was magical, you also received your acceptance into college letter when you returned home and a few years later had a handsome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl, you spent your most beautiful moments in life with Jimin and lived happily ever after.

Authors Note-
The end of Teacher named Daddy! If you haven’t then check out the angst version and choose from the two which ending you’d prefer the series to have, again thank you for loving these imagines :)

Request:  Oh! What about a one-shot about you asking your crush Wade Wilson to spend christmas with you and you give him a gift and in it there is a little note that says ‘i love you’?

A/N: I love this merc so much it is unreal.

Some angst?

It had taken all your courage to ask Wade to stay with you on Christmas - so when he knocked on your door your heart skips a beat and you race to the door. You pull the door open to be greeted by the familiar red suited man.

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Imagine in civil war Natasha looks Clint directly in the eye and rips off her arrow necklace

Clint gasps dramatically, clutching his chest because Nat has committed the ultimate friendship treason