reasons why futurama is so great and is so important to so many of us

  • philip j fry is our protagonist. he is mentally ill and pansexual (both of which are canon). we watch him develop from an irresponsible “loser” who has nothing to a semi-responsible man with an entire family in the form of the planet express crew. he isn’t a typical science fiction male hero - he always has to be saved, he messes everything up, he hardly does his job, but his saving grace is the fact that he is kind. and fry’s kindness is what endears everyone on the show to him. he is the most important person in the universe even though his mind constantly tells him that he’s a nothing who has no one. (this message has helped me through so many difficult times). also, the beauty in a mentally ill queer character getting the happiest of endings imaginable puts futurama leagues ahead of every other show ever. 
  • turanga leela. EVERYTHING about her. she’s a disabled orphan who grew up bullied and literally had to go through everything alone. when we meet her, time and time again, she chooses her own destiny. the first episode starts with her quitting her boring job to be the best space pilot in the galaxy. leela is the strongest person on the show and is the closest thing to a superhero that the show has. she’s an intersectional feminist, stands up for the rights of minorities and animals. hell, she literally leads a revolution to get the mutants equal rights. one other thing that i want to note is that the animators wanted her nose smaller bc they didn’t think female characters should have big noses, but legend matt groening fought to keep it the size it was. 
  • matt groening also specifically created the character of amy wong to break the stereotype that only men can do slapstick. amy continuously breaks stereotypes. she’s a genius and has a phd, but she’s also ditzy. she’s promiscuous, she’s a party girl. her parents are emotionally abusive and she deals with an eating disorder. she’s also an asian woman who’s a lead character!! what other mainstream cartoon has done that? 
  • hermes conrad could’ve been the stereotypical token black character who only comes in once in a while to say “sassy” lines but he’s not. he’s a proud jamaican who’s a proud bureaucrat, a former olympic champion, and an amazing husband and father. and then we see the beautiful story of how he saved bender as a baby and it just makes you love him anymore.
  • this last point isn’t about the characters, but about one of the most clear main messages of the show, which fry says in bender’s big score: “i want what’ll make you happy, not what’ll make me happy.” not only does it destroy the nice guy trope in that instance, but it’s used in so many other great situations. bender giving up a relationship with his son so that his son can achieve his dreams, leela’s parents giving up a life with her so that she can have a better life. unconditional selfless love is presented to us time and time again and it’s such an important message 
I’ve always been a contradiction: wanting to go out but preferring to stay in, craving drunken bliss but scared to lose control, needing to be bold yet being shy instead, trying confidence and coming out weak, tasting promiscuity on my lips but only breathing in the same smell of my own sheets. Maybe I’m not a contradiction after all.
—  taintedglass
The Charity Ball

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This is my first request ever! Thank you so much to iyanu-eniyan for this amazing idea. It was lots of fun to write. Hope you all enjoy it. Be kind to each other, remember to leave me any comments, questions, or concerns. Love love love you all. xx - L

You’re a med student, and you hate being alone at a hospital charity ball, but that all changed when you run into Harry- literally.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,158

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based on this request :: can you pretty please write something about y/n and harry going to a party and harry getting all jealous when a dude flirts with y/n?? thank you !!

i took a weird spin on this (i think) but i hope it’s acceptable ;) not going to fit with everyone, i’m sure, but i tried!! gonna be honest, don’t really like this piece very much (just feel like i could’ve done better) but i didn’t want to keep this anon waiting any longer. hope you enjoy anyway :)) 

WARNINGS :: some *maybe* offensive song lyrics and a bit angsty?¿ idk man it’s pretty PG - PG-13ish 



“Wha’ in the ever living fuck does that bloke think he’s doing?” Harry slurs a bit on his words, the scene before him making his jaw set and eyes narrow.

“Jesus, they’re just singing. Lighten up a bit, mate.”

And maybe it was the excessive amounts of drinks that were consumed that was making Harry a lot more open about his emotions but maybe he just really hates this boy that’s looking at her as if he has a chance.


harry is y/n’s and y/n is harry’s

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anonymous asked:

Do any of the yandere guys have a type of girl? like pls pls could you do this with reaper and genji <3 <3

Hell, I’ll do it with a lot of them for you…

Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone in this, these are just head-canons really


  • Loves quirky girls that can put up a fight - if you pull his hair, for example, he’d turn into a moaning mess
  • He thinks brightly colored hair and makeup is fucking hot
  • Following that trend, he prefers the party boy lifestyle, so he loves girls who are full of energy and can keep up with his antics - so if they can handle drink and drugs, that’s definitely a plus
  • Body wise, he loves athletic-built girls who can pin him down as easily he can to them


  • Fucking adores traditional ‘girly’ girls; since Jesse tends to go for ‘Southern’ types, he loves seeing his s/o in dresses or tied up button shirts and shorts
  • This man lives for curves and ‘thicc’ bodies, he doesn’t keep his hands to himself either
  • Jesse is pretty dominant and gets extremely moody when he doesn’t get what he wants.. so more submissive girls are for him

Soldier 76:

  • Tends to go for girls who are much smaller than him, mostly so he can throw them over his shoulder and hold them close to his chest whenever he sleeps
  • He loves protecting small girls, but he also finds it cute it if they’re a little intimidated by him
  • Though he complains about it, he loves to ‘tame’ loud, badly behaved or more bratty girls too


  • He’s a massive slut shamer, and he loves it
  • Though he’ll seem possibly uninterested in public towards girls like this, he adores feisty and slightly promiscuous girls who could probably rip his nuts off
  • He’d adore keeping a girl like this all to himself, once a playbunny, now all his..
  • HOWEVER, he’s also really into seriously innocent girls.. he loves murmuring dirty things in their ear to watch them turn all shades of red


  • Prefers delicate, slight girls who are quite shy or timid.
  • He also likes rather typically feminine women who are very respectable and domesticated
  • Hanzo finds soft voices and girlish mannerisms particularly sweet
  • He doesn’t like being disobeyed, so unless he reckons he’d be able to ’train’ them, Hanzo isn’t particularly interested in badly behaved girls


  • Jamison loves girls who will agree with everything he says - if he suggests that the two of you are going to do something stupid, he’d get seriously sulky if his s/o refused
  • Similarly to Mccree, Junkrat loves curvy girls.. He’d fall asleep curled around them like some weird cat, with his head either on their lap or on their chest
  • He’ll also get extremely, and I mean stupidly protective if he sees anyone talk to his girl. Jamie would curse at anyone who dares touch his girl.. The unlucky individual may even find a little ‘present’ (an explosive) under their bed from the Australian man


  • He likes his s/o to be rather quiet. He doesn’t mind especially timid girls, he loves giving his s/o tons of aftercare because this man is a big softie deep down
  • He’s not bothered really about their body type, he loves big pretty eyes and sweet smiles though..
  • Typically likes ‘littles’


  • He loves smart and sophisticated women. He loves them to be as intelligent as they are beautiful, but they should know when to shut their mouth unless they want him to wipe the lipstick off their pretty little smirk
  • Akande quite likes taking feisty girls and totally domesticating them to his beck and call
  • He expects his s/o to wear fine jewelry and he adores red stain on their lips.. but he prefers the makeup when it’s smeared across silk pillows and they’re a sweating panting mess beneath him.