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A Moment for Everything

I hate Nakaba for not giving us more Merlin and Elizabeth interactions, so I dragged my sorry butt through the muck of uninspired-ness to satisfy my own desire for filler. Spoilers for up to chapter 234 of the manga. 
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The tension in the Boar Hat bar was so thick it could be cut with a knife. Magic suffused the environment, emanating powerfully from all four of the dining room’s inhabitants; most noticeable of all was the malevolent pulse seeping from the unconscious man in the not-quite-goddess’ arms, twining into and tainting her own magic with shadow. It pounded against his companions’ senses even through the enchantment that sealed him away. Hence the anxiety coiled low in their bellies and high in their throats, stiffening every muscle they possessed and congealing in the air. Between that dark, dangerous power and those who wanted it returned to their side, the threat could hardly be graver.

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autumn leaves (reddie) chapter three

Eddie hasn’t seen the trees change colors since he was a kid, so Richie deems that the two of them should take a road trip to Derry and see the trees change colors. Cue lots of bad car karaoke, too much coffee, and Eddie absolutely losing his mind over the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall leaves.

Or the one in which Eddie hates Richie, of course, until he falls in love with him.

Words: 1100

Warnings: lots of swearing

Genre: tooth-rotting fluff with angst mixed in

read chapter one here and chapter two here

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Art trade with @rukahaio-art! They asked for Reverse Dipper and Will in his triangle form.

I’m still experimenting with digital, i hope i did good!