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Good evening Los Angeles! How’s everybody feeling this evening? Thank you very much CBS for letting me be part of this act, I’m honoured to be here and thank you very much for having me. I’m gonna ask one favour from you - maybe two, one’s later on. All I need for you to the next two songs is for you to dance, sing, do whatever you want to do, be whatever makes you happiest.
—  Harry introducing Only Angel at “We Can Survive”

uh can i just say that lately all the fans who have met harry have been so so wonderful like the other night he got told he’s pretty, tonight someone told him his song was going to win a grammy… can we pls keep this up like harry deserves all the love and support in the world, pls tell him that


Things I’m working on: sleeping early. balancing social life and productivity. not blowing my entire life savings on boba. knowing what I deserve. accepting that anxiety will never completely disappear. being aware. forgiving myself.

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