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Hey there! 👋 Michael Fassbender drawing Nr. 53 is done! ❤️ Michael as David 8 - one of my favourite Fassy-roles ever!! 😍

Sorry I haven’t been that active lately. I got sick again… 😩 Hopefully I get more drawings done next week, but I won’t stress myself too much.

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Who’s in the mood for a little Fassbender-Special?? 😉❤️✏️

PS: Next one’s in the making. Sketch is finished, now starts the colouring. 👍🏻

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Michael Fassbender drawing Nr. 45: Blonde Fassy. ❤️

I wasn’t sure if I should finish it, but since so many wanted to see, here it is. 😄

I dedicate this one to @magnetobsessed79 @klassyfassy @ourmoonandback and @magnetotheshark

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Fassbender-Friday Special:
Took a few of my drawings and made a “Art-in-progress-collection” to shorten the time until my next one is finished. 😄😅

And hey, if you’ve got any requests or inspiration for me, just let me know!!! ❤️

It’s Fassy-Friday so LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!! 🎉🎉🎉😄

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The many many many faces of Michael Fassbender ❤️

I made this collage for all of the lovely Fassbender/McAvoy fans out there.
I really hope these two know what amazing fans they have! 💋

I thank you so much for your support and your lovely messages on my latest drawing. Yes, I’m having a bad time right now, but reading your kind words really cheered me up.
Drawing for wonderful people like you is such a great joy and if there is just ONE person I can make happy, I will keep going!

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It’s Throwback Thursday, so here are some of my older Michael Fassbender-drawings. Thank god, I’ve improved a lot since then! 😅😄😄

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Part two is done! 👍
I can’t tell you how difficult this is and how much effort I have to put into it. I worked nearly two weeks on this and now there’s only the last (and most important) part left. I can’t believe it. 😄
I hope you’ll like it when it’s done and when you see all parts put together.

Have a lovely weekend my friends! 😘

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This one was a real challenge. I really hope you like it! Since I’m having a very bad time right now, I decided to dedicate this drawing to all the people out there who are feeling sad or lonely at the moment.
Looking at this picture should remember you to NOT to give up. There will come a better time if you do it like David and be curious about the future. Just keep going and not let the bad sides of life or the hate of others destroy you. They simply don’t deserve to win! 💪
Let’s bring some LIGHT into this world, which is so often full of darkness, fear and hate. “BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS.” ❤️❤️❤️

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A little udate on my Fassbender Drawing Project. After finishing the “Michael-pic”, the first one of his characters is almost done as well. 👍🏻 I can tell you, it’s so difficult to draw such little pictures… The lines have to be so thin and every little mistake can ruin it. 😳 Just look at the eyes. One wrong line and everything’s lost. You can’t erase it because it would always be seen. But even though I think our lovely David8 came out pretty well - or at least it could be worse… 😉 Let’s hope all the others will turn out good as well. Next is Macbeth. There’s still a looooong way to go.


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Art in progress - The many faces of Michael Fassbender

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It is always hard to choose which Fassy to draw next. Right now I’m working on another Magneto. But what should I do after that?? David 8 is always a good choice, but I’ve just finished one… Let me hear your thoughts people. Is there any photoshoot or movie scene you’d like to see as a drawing? Please let me know! 😊

Have a nice sunday! ❤️

Another Fassbender drawing in the making. Don’t worry @magnetobsessed79 I will finish the blonde Fassy too. 😉 So I don’t know if this will be Nr. 44 or 45, but I simply HAD TO draw this. It’s the one with Kate Winslet on the Golden Globes. 🍤🍸😎

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