promethean knights

The Ur-Didact turning to the Guardians as galactic police to reclaim and enforce the Mantle just makes so much sense in the wake of Halo 4.

His Composer initiative is prevented by the Master Chief and Cortana, though it succeeds in forming an army of 7 million Promethean Knights - establishing himself as a major player in the Reclamation.

He then starts manipulating things behind the scenes (what with the UNSC believing him to be “contained” in the wake of The Next 72 Hours), using Jul to resolve this stuff with the Absolute Record so as to have humanity throw themselves against the Covenant rather than see the real threat (along with the human Great Schism going on with other factions, like the NCA, preparing for war against the UNSC).

With all Forerunner technology in the galaxy now revealed, the Ur-Didact begins his campaign of Reclamation and starts activating the Guardians. He turns on Jul, which could then lead to an interesting arc where Halsey and Jul contact the UNSC about what they’ve learned - Jul accepts the need to work with humanity and make peace with Thel, so the Covenant falls into the hands of Sali ‘Nyon from Escalation which means the Sanghelios arc of Halo 5 is still fully intact.

Tell me that this makes less sense than evil!Cortana…

tacomastertuba replied to your post:I get scared every time by that knight at the…

I don’t get the aesthetic. Like, the flood don’t care how scary and pointy a knight looks, why not make a bunch of robo-kirby’s instead?

I actually really like the aesthetic, especially in that scene in particular because when we later figure out that the Prometheans are just composed humans (well, mechanized. whatever. too lazy 2 b accurate), the skull detail underneath their helmets are really poignant and a cool idea. It almost makes John’s promise to never kill a human being kind of get questioned at that point, ya know? I mean, could you imagine? You don’t know what these things are but you’re killing them, and all of the sudden, they have a human skull under their helmets? I would fucking panic like mad. 

But to be fair, robo-kirby is a better name than “Promethean Knights” 

No two ways about it, Halo 5 has the best level design since Halo CE. Levels are so open, there’s so many alternate routes you can use which result in completely different encounters. The enemy AI is spot-on, Armigers are on-par with CE Elites and the Promethean Knights being mini-bosses is so cool. Also, if you intuitively utilise your fireteam commands then things are going to be a hell of a lot smoother even on Heroic.

Despite my disappointment with the story, this is the best campaign for gameplay yet. Huge well done to 343′s level designers.