(incomplete) list of dark and/or questionable content in the baten kaitos series
  • verus. torture room. secret sociopath. horrible face.
  • the empire invading and causing general chaos in other islands (making themselves quite at home in sadal and diadem in ewatlo; promachinating pretty much every main island in origins)
  • numerous wars! at least two different incidents between diadem and alfard, as well as the infamous ~war of the gods~
  • experimentation on human subjects whose consent is ambiguous (those involved in the malideiter project of origins, the testing on ayme and folon conducted by georg)
  • the insinuation many npcs make about the possibility of an unsavory relationship between melodia and geldoblame
  • the plague that hits mira and wipes out duke calbren’s family (and possibly others in mira)
  • duke calbren’s use of unknown forces to bring his granddaughter back from the dead, so overcome he is with grief
  • operation sweep in azha, the mass murder of the citizens of cujam by malpercio, the hassaleh servitude 
  • alfard’s nationalistic brainwashing of its citizens
  • xelha having to live with the inevitability of her death from the start of the game
  • re-animated skeleton warriors in origins and ghost-controlled corpses in ewatlo?? zombies (beside melodia) are canon.
  • giacomo ordering georg to essentially put kalas down once he is deemed no longer useful
  • the malpercibros selling their souls in exchange for the power to defeat wiseman, failing to accomplish even that, and being remembered by history as “wicked”
  • assassination plots
  • multiple instances of patricide/children experiencing their father’s death firsthand (honorable mention goes to lyude for getting to watch his half-brother kill his mom)
  • terrorist attacks in greater mintaka
  • shanath wantonly ripping soldiers’ wings out, possibly probably dooming them to a slow and painful death
  • milly’s struggle with having a body that is part human, part machina
  • baelheit’s paternalistic attitude toward the other islands, most notably his notion that anyone who doesn’t join him on tarazed should be destroyed
  • baelheit’s suicidal dialogue in nekton
  • the effect the taintclouds and malpercio’s poisonous remains had on non-human species living on the earth
  • gena’s wings being ripped out in public
  • savyna being basically raised by soldiers after witnessing her father’s death
  • the protagonists kill SO MANY imperial soldiers in these games
  • body horror a la corpse god which was created by gruesomely fusing together body parts from separate beings; also pretty much anyone bathed in malpercio’s light, except for kalas
  • melodia realizing that she may have been a puppet of malpercio all along

feel free to add to/argue points on this list!

(edit: and some of you have! yay!)

  • The stalker letters. Hell, so many of the magnus descriptions are creepy as fuck. THE HEARTFLASK (usedempyrealthunder)
  • implications of ableism and discrimination with kalas’ wings (ruingaraf)
  • The Dark Brethren! We don’t know much about them, but holy frick they were just chillin’ out on the other side of the Age of the Gods continent. They were always there and always seemed to be interested in the world, and their role in the whole Malpercio thing is especially important to note. When they came back in EWatLO they were likely seeking dominion of the world through the means of Malpercio and Mélodia as well! That, or its destruction in order to get dominion. Whatever works. (sleepingtable)
  • Corellia’s supposed means of immortality. Or are those weird husk things in the Celestial Tree (BKO) not shaped like her… this is more questionable than dark, really. (sleepingtable)
  • We used the power of friendship to summon the dark god- praise it (sleepingtable)
  • Just Wiseman. Do I have to say more. (sleepingtable)