This is a picture of me at my senior prom this year and it’s by far my favorite picture from the night. People asked me prior to prom, whether I was going to wear a dress that covered my scar and I told them I wasn’t. I am not afraid of showing it because I am proud of what I went through. I did not go through years of anticipation and pain to hide from my struggles, but rather to face them. While walking around Seattle during prom, a little girl came up to me, tugged on my dress, and said “You’re really beautiful.” As simple of a compliment as it was, it completely made my night. She was under no obligation to say anything, and she clearly saw my scar as she walked up from behind me. She wasn’t judgmental and said it simply out of the goodness of her heart - I will always remember that little girl. Someone else came up to me a few hours later and said, “Hey! I saw your scar and I was just wondering if you had surgery for scoliosis - I had it too!” She was maybe twenty-five years old and I had a good ten minute conversation with her about what we went through. It was then that I knew I made the right choice to wear this dress. It’s amazing how what I’ve gone through has affected other people’s lives, and especially my own. I have never been more proud of myself, more confident, or more happy with life than after this surgery :)