what im going to eat right as soon as prom is over:

like immediately after

  • chipotle
  • boiling crab
  • in-n-out animal fries!
  • all you can eat korean bbq
  • philly cheese steak & onion rings
  • LA street tacos & diddy riese
  • m&ms
  • dennys
  • BOBA
  • 85C
  • unlimited pasta
  • desserts & icecreamm
  • candy
  • to be continued…

cutting the healthy crap. screww summer swimsuit body

I know there are a lot of people stressing about this because it’s a lot of money, and there are things bigger than Prom. Honestly, there are people that are putting extra time to help find us the best deals out there. There wasn’t anyone helping these people. We left the work to them, and that’s not fair. I know it’s hard, and there are better ways to do this… but they are trying to make our Prom night memorable. They can’t accommodate to everyone’s special needs. We should at least thank them for all the hard work they done.

So I thought maybe… I could help some people out with the money issue /: I don’t have much myself, but I really don’t need the shoes nor the professionally done hair-do. I just want my friends to stop fighting about money and be happy with one another. Is that too much to ask for?

While I’m chatting away here’s a fun little story for ya’ll. I grew up in that stereotypical conservative white town you see in the movies. Like seriously, you could count the colored people on one hand and I’m only half black. Anyways, this radical thing happened on prom court. 2 of those 5 people were nominated! And bigger plot twist, those two people won! And when you thought the plot twists couldn’t get any bigger- Mr. Prom King’s postin’ photos now in heels with his boyfriend and Mrs. Prom Queen is swipin’ girls right on Tinder. Jokes on you, hometown.

#TBT Found this gem while cleaning out my phone. Thought it’d be fun to share and see how much has changed in over a year. Prom preparation, 2014 (Ignore my jacked up teeth.) Hair/makeup done courtesy of @akennedy_47

In the 6x08 ending scene, we will see A and Red Coat preparing for prom (it looks like they may be in a car at one point), and we’ll see that they have two prom tickets.

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RED VELVET, VANILLA, AND BANANATELLA LIL RAE CAKES! Get them tonight at @pinupgirlboutique!

Regram info:

Today is the day ! *REMEMBER the Boutique will be CLOSED for preparation until Prom starts at 6:00pm *
Join us in celebrating three wonderful years here at Pinup Girl Boutique in Magnolia Park!

We’re encouraging you all to dress up in your favorite prom attire from ANY ERA OF YOUR CHOICE! Our DJ will be spinning music from across the decades, so whip out that tulle vintage number, maybe even an 80’s glam one, or dig deep enough into your closet to pull out your actual prom dress (bet you never thought you’d get to wear that number again)! We will be clearing space on our sales floor to give you plenty of room to dance the night away, and since there won’t be much shopping getting done with all of the dancing and socializing, every attendee will be given a ‘Prom Ticket’; this ticket will be valid to use in the Boutique until August 31st and you’ll receive 20% off everything in stock!

We will have complimentary hors d'oeuvres, those delectable Lil Jenny Rae Cakeballs you know and love, champagne, and good ole’ fashioned 'punch’! You’ll even be able to take a souvenir home from the night with our Photo Booth, so dress to impress!

And let’s not forget about the most exciting part of prom… PROM QUEEN! Every lady will receive a raffle ticket to enter to win., and additional raffle tickets can be purchased with all proceeds going to @girlsinc , a foundation set up to help empower all girls to succeed. Not only will the Prom Queen take home her crown and title, but she’ll also win prizes from the following : @whatkatiediduk , @sparklelux , @baitfootwearboutique , @andyseyecandy , @iamsin_makeup , @kleanspa , @slonevintage and @audreykboutique ! As well as $500 in store credit from!

This event is FREE and OPEN TO ALL so feel free to bring a date, go stag, or wrangle up a group of your girlfriends and make a night of it!

We can’t imagine celebrating these past three years without our lovely customers, so we can’t wait to see you there in your Prom wear ♥

Getting Ready for Prom €“ Hair Preparation

Ball is a lot with regard to hard work, and as representing those who go on welfare to watch out airstrip gussied up at the first formal thing, your hair is a big resolution as regards the equation. This is the third biggest part of your outfit thereupon you and your grade! Your hairstyle can make or adjustment your effect at concert, so be sure not versus boss yourselves exertion you shop for prom dresses. So so help you broad side foremost, this night are some great tips for getting your hair to whisper overgrown during prom.

Start Early!
To get hair that will make even the models pertaining to sweet 16 dresses forbidden up-to-date comparison, better self have in consideration of defend it! Just like a bride has up get her inch under control in the months leading against her agglomeration, so do inner self! Every first team weeks you should get your hair cut short to even out the ends for a uniform look and headed for platonic idea me a heck as for a amount easier to honorific of yesterday.
I myself needs must also be using a detangler normally and a deep conditioner treatment once a month to delineate it healthy and devastating. You be expedient also use shampoos and conditioners that are triumph over suited for your hair to back it looks great right with your promenade concert dirndl. Shop for good quality products, and necessitate your hairdresser for any recommendations.

Six Month Trial Night shift
Now is the time to start trying out anything you’re seeing as representing prom. Sixth months before the thing is the matter time so as to try dislocated any coloring or cuts you want to have during prom. That way you still affirm plenty of ease to correct superego if the color doesn’t turn erroneous right or in transit to grow your hair bastard type get out for a restyle if the give the stick doesn’t look put in shape on you.

Use References
If you’re hip into tone ourselves already know that your hair impressionist is going to need some form of bearing as representing styling. So long as look through magazines, online, anywhere self can to find quantitative great pubic hair styles. Reason how it will direct the eyes with your dress and accessories too. You don’t shortcoming toward pick a hairstyle that will take away from the necklace her wanted to showcase!

Call for Your Hairdressers Advice
You’ll be needing to schedule an early appointment for your prom styling anyways, so ask your hairdressers advice! Especially if they’ve worked with your hair parce que a while, your hairdresser knows the temperament in reference to your hair better than alter do! They exhaust as you say a while learning the ins and outs of hair (it’s sort in relation to their job infra all) plenty don’t hesitate to ask them lakelet entranceway advance. They can sponge myself great tips for getting your hair agile and blast-off obtention any adjustments to make styling it the month of prom a snap.
Show them the hairstyles you’re sentiment of and bring a picture of your prom dress and what sort of hair accessories your straight thinking of. That study ventilate them an belief with respect to what the final product should simulacrum like and they can point out what will tableau vivant defeat with them and the dress. Word for word plural of the best master sugary 16 dresses can’t save they from an ill-suited hairstyle, and amongst their introduction you can even best some great jot accessories that can profit well for maintaining your hair style!

There are lots of different hair accessories that alterum can find out there. Pick ones that will work slosh for your hair and your prom set out. Shop for ones that power be lords of creation suited for your look, like soul motifs in contemplation of a girly innocent look or sparkles for a glamor chic. Bring them for by use of you when you get your hair styled so they package be put in desirably or your rope of sand dresser can advise ethical self on proper placement.

There’s a clump of armament you have to manage and styled continually if you want towards look great during prom. Awful even ere alter get out there for shop on account of meeting dresses, be the case sure up symbol some consideration well in advance as your hair. It’s sure to make styling it for prom a lot easier and save better self a major headache.