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Imagine Ayato's teenage daughter preparing for prom. She found Cordelia's old dresses and shoes and thought that they were great for prom. After trying them on and putting on makeup, she went to Ayato, asking him how she looks. Ayato froze: she looked hauntingly like "that old hag."

BUT BUT BUt ayato doesnt want to make her feel bad and he doesnt want her to know how awful her grandma was so he tells her she looks wonderful!! besides, thats his beautiful daughter that he’s looking at!!!! :D

OKAY well I suppose even though we didn’t see much of what they were doing, she sure as heck is grateful for whatever happened SO I PRESENT LE KISSU to you, @askthehorsedork

Closed Rp with allen-desu

Lavi paced back and forth outside the school corridor in his best red shirt and black skinny jeans, his hair actually tamed considerably well for once. In his hand he held a single white rose with the most delicate yet beautiful petals. All around people were pausing on the well manicured lawns to look at the redhead curiously and wonder what he was up to, the boy looking so nice and slightly like he was falling apart at the same time. 

To be honest, Lavi had all of a sudden jumped with the idea of asking Allen to prom. Unfortunately, the redhead couldn’t get himself to ask his best friend every time he tried due to fear of rejection. Though here he was, the day before prom, preparing to ask the person he’s had a crush on for a while now to go with him. Someone he didn’t even know if they’d be okay with it let alone say yes.

Just as he was about to chicken out for the millionth time and leave he saw the white haired boy bounding down the steps of the school. It was far too late to turn away now, Allen was already on his way over. Lavi quickly hid the rose behind his back and plastered on his ‘I’m trying not to pee myself out of nervousness’ smile that honestly just looked extremely suspicious.

“H-Hey Allen.”


Prom preparations have me feeling like I’ve completely lost touch with reality. Simpson is exhausted from all of my requests, my room is in shambles from my multiple dream boards, and I’m operating on roughly eight hours of sleep. At least prom will be absolutely perfect.

I’ve taken on a responsibility of helping out with prom preparations, and I’m tasked with getting votes on a theme from the upperclassmen. With that said, I’m opening the floor for suggestions. Be warned, anything tasteless will be immediately thrown out by yours truly. So don’t even try it.