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Do you think Dylan was chivalrous with women or that he would have been had he had a girlfriend?

Too socially awkward, clueless and unconfident to be a natural at such etiquette. I think he could acquire those skills only by dating girlfriend/s and gaining experience. What he would have going for him in natural abundance (as a Libran dominant male) is wanting to please the girl he’d fallen in love with and to make her happy because that would make him happy. Once he was comfortable enough with the girl, the simpler gestures would come easy, like writing her a love poem or something funny that would make her giggle between class periods and dropping such things in her locker. As for the more advanced ‘chivalrous’ things like opening a car door for her on a date or bringing her flowers would come with time and awareness. Sue mentioned in her book that Dylan needed a lot of help preparing for prom since it was way out of his league. The extent of bold, chivalrousness for him the evening of prom was to initiate putting his arm around Robyn while pictures were being taken or holding hands with Robyn in the limo and complementing her on how she looked. And that was a huge step for Dylan just going with his good friend. It was awkward but good practice for him. But all the same it was progress. I think with a girlfriend he’d fallen hard for, she’d be rather lucky if they made it to about 6 months together. :)

The Math Teacher (Part 24)

A/N: To get a better imagination for next part, here’s a link to the prom dress I’ve decided Y/N is gonna wear - PROM DRESS HERE

Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: R

Request: Yes

Summary:  Previous Parts (Masterlist)

The Math Teacher on Wattpad

”Morning Mr. Hemmings.”

Luke’s head rose up from correcting assignments at this desk, his eyes confused to the sudden voice but when he noticed you leaning against the doorframe to the classroom, a smile grew on his otherwise tired face.

“Morning princess.” His attention went back to his work, and in the corner of his eye he could see you close the door before approaching him. You touched the light wooden surface of his desk, your fingers caressing over his hand and up his arm that was covered by his baby blue dress shirt.

When your eyes landed on his face, a curious expression came to your features and a gutted feeling ran down past your spine.

“Are you okay? You don’t look good.” You took a seat on the available spot on his desk and crossed your arms. He shook his head tired and looked up at you with a miserable expression, the bags under his eyes clear and in a mix of purple blue. The outlines of his eyes were pure red, along with his lips that were dry and his hair was tousled. It was clear he had tried to style it but giving up in the end.

“I didn’t get much sleep last night because I was correcting assignments. My sleep hasn’t been that great lately and I think it affects my immune system. I’m rarely sick but I think I’m in the starter pack of getting a bad cold.” He ran his hands down his face and sighed.

“Maybe you’re just a bit stressed. I get that too.” You removed his hands from his face took look at him.

“I don’t know. Maybe I just need to take a small break.” He caressed your hand with a small smile, happy you were so worried and caring about him. It was something he needed in stressing period, so many things going on at the moment with assignments, preparing for his teacher exams and still trying to make time for you too.

“Why are you so happy today?” He changed the subject and pushed out his chair, clapping his hands on his lap in invitation.

You grinned down at him and pulled your phone out of your back pocket before taking a seat down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around you and leaned his head on your shoulder, looking down curious to what you had to show him.

Opening the gallery on your phone you pressed on the first picture in the folder, showing it to Luke with a proud smile. He grabbed your phone to get a better look, furrowing his eyebrows and observed the picture.

The picture consisted of you taking a picture in a full mirrored reflection, cutting the picture where your neck was showing. The dress you were wearing was white, silver patterns to secure the waist and around the chest to create an almost heart shaped form. The dress was long, almost comparing to snow and covering your whole body, but still tight around the waist to show your curves.

“What is it?” Luke asked dumb-folded, and you rolled your eyes because of his unawareness.

“It’s my prom dress! My dad and I ordered it a month ago but it got lost in the mail and we almost feared it wouldn’t show up before prom! But when my mom opened the mail this morning the package was there and she hurried up to my room to show me! I was five minutes late for first class because I had to try it on but it was worth it!”

Luke zoomed in on the dress while you explained, getting a better look of it and smiled softly by your excited eyes, “It’s very beautiful. Looks great on you even though I can’t see your gorgeous face.”

“Yeah I didn’t want my face with it because my hair is so nasty today. I honestly have no idea what I’m gonna do with it tomorrow like prom is one day away and I still don’t know what makeup, hair and shoes I’m gonna wear. Talk about being stressed.” You laughed by your own words and placed your phone on top of his desk before locking it.

“So who are you going with?”  

It was like everything froze. The time, your breathing and it even felt like your heart wasn’t pounding any longer. Your whole body stiffened, and Luke’s eyes widened by the question he just asked, almost regretting it but he wanted to know.

You glanced over at him with no expression on your face, your eyebrows furrowing and your mouth switching between opening and closing, like you wanted to say something but didn’t really know what or how to. Luke shifted in his seat and leaned back to get a full look of it, and that was when he realized it.

“Y/N, you didn’t expect me to go with you, did you?” Luke tried to brush off his awkwardness. He didn’t want to hurt you with his question but it happened anyways.

Your eyes glanced towards him, but they traced away fast towards the window again, the rain pouring down, not violently but still enough to make every palm outside heavy with water.

“Of- Of course not.” You almost stammered, looking down at your lap and fiddled with your fingers, a feeling of insecurity going down your spine. His eyes tried to meet yours, but you did everything in your power to avoid his baby blue eyes.

“Come on Y/N,” Luke laughed awkwardly, trying his best to lighten up your mood, “You’re not joking with me are you? A student and a teacher as a prom date? Doesn’t that scream pedophilia right in the second? What did you expect?”

“I didn’t expect anything. I honestly don’t know why it didn’t realize I couldn’t take you to prom.” You stood up awkwardly from his lap, fiddling with the sleeves of our sweater. A frown appeared on Luke’s face by your action and he swung his chair to the left to look at you.

“So you don’t have a prom date?”

“No Luke I don’t have a prom date! I’m going alone to my last prom as a Senior.” You whispered the last part below your breath, furiousness creeping up your spine. This was gonna be a huge embarrassment to you, everyone had a date! All students had rushed around between each other to find a solid partner, the jocks running around the cheerleaders to snatch one.

“Hey don’t raise your tone at me, that isn’t my responsibility! You could have just thought things through instead of expecting something that’s not gonna happen!”

Your eyes widened by Luke’s sudden tone and he stood up from his chair and crossed his arms.

“Oh I am sorry that I expected to go with the love my life for my last prom! I am sorry that I live in a world where love isn’t acceptable between a student and a teacher because rules are rules and if you break them you’re fucking screwed. I am sorry that I had at least a bit of hope in this shit situation we’ve put ourselves into!”

“I don’t understand why you’re so angry Y/N! And why you’re somehow indirectly me for you not having a date!” Luke’s eyes widened and his hands flew in the air to express himself.

“Because I didn’t want anyone else to be my date besides you, Luke! And to hear that’s not gonna happen makes me so incredibly angry and sad at the same time and I’m sorry it’s affecting you too!” You almost yelled.

“What about Matty? Doesn’t he need a partner too?” Luke lifted up the sleeves of his dress shirt.

“Yes he does, and in fact he has one too! EVERYONE has a partner Luke and I’m gonna be the one sitting by the edge of my porch in my prom dress, deciding not to go because I will be all alone by myself!”

“I am so sorry Y/N but even if you beg me, I can’t go with you! It’s against the school rules.” Luke breathed heavily through his nose while speaking, and you clenched your jaw and exhaled deeply.

“But kissing and being intimate with your student in the middle of a detention isn’t?”

You knew you took the line too far but you said it anyways. Luke’s body tensed by your words, his eyes burning with fire and his jaw clenching while he stared at you with wide eyes. His heart was pounding so fast he was sure you could hear it.

“Luke, I am sorry I shouldn’t have-“

“No, save it Y/N.” He said quietly, disappointment clear on his face and he glanced over his shoulder to look at his phone, wanting to see the time.

“You know what? I’m not gonna show up at all. I was supposed to be a part of the teacher’s crew to make sure nothing major would happen, but when you’re gonna be like this fine. Instead I’m gonna spend my Friday night correcting all the crappy assignments I have in stacks at my desk. Now would you have me excused, I’ve got work to do.”

Without saying another word Luke turned around on his heel, sat back own on his chair and totally ignored your presence. It was like a rock hitting your heart hard and sinking it down to your stomach.

You had to leave before the sob escaped your lips so you did. Hurrying towards the door, ripping it open and being met by a crowded area of students hanging around the lockers, switching out books or just chatting before the break would be over and next class would start.

Pushing people to get away from everything you were prevented when someone grabbed your arm and pulled your back against the locker.

“Woah, where is it burning?” Matty asked worried with a hint of confusion in his eyes.

“It’s nothing, Matty.” You argued and tried to pry his arm off you, but he remained tight in his grip. The glare he sent you told that he wouldn’t let go before you would tell him what was going on in your mind.

“Luke and I fought seconds ago.” Matty finally let go of your arm to cross his arms with furrowed eyebrows and a curious expression on his face features. “About what? You seem so upset, I could feel it as soon as you walked out of the classroom.”

“God when I think about it I’m so stupid.” You ran a hand through your hair annoyed and almost wanted to bang your fist against the crimson red locker next to you. “I somehow have been expecting him to be my date for prom and when the realization of not going with him hit me I somehow… Freaked at him a bit, in real Y/N style.”

“Ouch.” Matty commented and bit his fist. “But Y/N, why in the world did you expect him to be your prom date?”

“I don’t know, Matty! That’s the million dollar question!”

“Well, I assume it’s because you don’t see him as a teacher but just your boyfriend… But what happened then? He can’t be mad just because of that.” You sighed by Matty’s words and looked down at your fiddled fingers.

“He ended up talking about how it was against the school rules and as dumb as I fucking am, I accidently confronted him about the fact that kissing a student in the middle of a classroom would probably be much more rule breaking than anything else.”

“Goddammit Y/N.” Matty cursed under his breath and ran a hand through his dark brown locks. He looked down at you with a sympathetically smile before wrapping you up in his arms. “An apologize wouldn’t be an option?

“I don’t know… He didn’t even want to look at me afterwards.” You mumbled into his shirt, sighing and closing your eyes. You couldn’t even manage second period right now, just the thought of having to hear about Mrs. Rivers talk about rocks in geography wasn’t really appealing at the current state you were suffering in.

“Wait, so you don’t have a prom date?” Matty asked shocked, pulled you away from his chest but remained his hands on your arms to get a fully look of you.

“Please don’t remind me. Prom is tomorrow, how am I supposed to find someone within hours?” You exclaimed upset.

Matty chewed on his bottom lip before a smile grew on his lips. He looked at you like he had the most brilliant idea in his mind, the small lamp on top of his head brighten up like in cartoons.

“You know, there’s a single dude standing in front of you.” He smirked. You furrowed your eyebrows confused by his sudden words.

“Matty what are you talking about? Weren’t you supposed to go with Crystal from drama?”

“Remember how I was practicing how to ask her out in the men’s room a few days ago?” You nodded your head a bit confused to his question but clearly remembering the small scenario.

“Turns out I was too late. Apparently Mr. Jeremy ‘You can call me the new Brad Pitt’ Barker, a new former student in drama managed to ask her before I got the chance. I was honestly planning on not going because come on, a Senior without a prom date? I would rather spare myself for the embarrassment. But since you’re without a date I see you and me as an opportunity.”

He wiggled his eyebrows at you seducely before blowing you a kiss. You rolled your eyes by his behavior and smacked your fist lightly against his arm by his teasing. He laughed by your reaction and tried to dodge your beats, holding your fist in his huge hand to prevent more pain.

“So I assume we’re each other’s dates now?”

You nodded your head with a bright smile on your face, and he made a fake cheer with his arms to make you laugh even more. He stopped the action to catch his breath but that was when his eyes widened in shock.

“What’s wrong?” You asked by his sudden change of expression.

“I can’t ask you out like this!” He scoffed at himself before hurrying towards one of the doors that lead to outside and you watched him with furrowed eyebrows outside the window. Only his mock of curls was visible from the bushes, and you crossed your arms.

Your eyes widened when he came back in, his hand filled with yellow dandelions and dirt from the ground. He laughed by your reaction when he hurried to stand in front of you, lifting his hand so the dandelions were right in front of your eyes.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you please go to prom with me?”

Your hands flied up to cover your mouth by Matty’s gesture, and he was panting lightly by the small run to get them.

“Matthew Jordan Alexander McGarry you’re the weirdest person I’ve ever met.” You laughed and took one of the dandelions from his small hurried homemade bouquet.

“I assume that as a yes.” He smirked and walked forward when you nodded your head, pressing a kind kiss to your cheek. When he moved back he started to move his nose weirdly and three sneezes in a row appeared from his red nose.

“I think I might be allergic to these.” He snorted while his eyes switched between opening and closing. “You want them or should I throw your prom bouquet out of the door in the nature where it belongs? I promise I’ll get you a real bouquet tomorrow, something more extraordinary than your dad’s.”

“Just throw it out, Matty, otherwise you might won’t survive for tomorrow night.” Your eyes widened by his violent reaction to it, and he hurried towards the door to get them out of his reach. Meanwhile you wanted to open your locker but that was prevented when someone poked your shoulder.

“Dylan?” You asked confused when you glanced over your shoulder to see who it was.

“Hey Y/N. So I couldn’t avoid hearing yours and Matty’s conversation before.” He pointed his thumb towards Matty outside but instead of continuing what he had to say he furrowed his eyebrows confused. “Wait why does Matty look like someone who has sniffed way too much cocaine?”

“He’s allergic to dandelions.”

“Then why did he just dig half of the garden outside? No wait, that’s not the point why I wanted your attention. I couldn’t believe my ears when you admitted to Matty that you didn’t have a prom date so here I am, asking you. Do you want to be my prom date Y/N?”

Your jaw fell by Dylan’s sudden question, your eyes wide and in the second Matty came inside, trying to stop his nose from running with snort.

“I am sorry Dylan but,” You hesitated, stunned by his words, “But I’m going with Rudolf the Reindeer.” You wrapped your arm around Matty’s waist, feeling his curious eyes stare down at you but you shrugged your shoulders and ignored him.

“Oh, yeah, I should have seen that coming, of course.” Dylan looked generously sad, it was almost like a rock hit your heart by the sight of him. “That’s cool, though. Of course the two of you will end up together at prom I mean, it’s our last year. Why not spend the best time of it?”

You and Matty nodded your head agreeing to Dylan’s words, “Actually, I heard Brittany complain down by the water fountain. Something about how Justin deciding not to go out with her for another cheerleader. She’s free on the market.”

Dylan’s eyes widened by Matty’s suggestion and he nodded his head excited by his words, “You’ve got a point, Matty. I need to go.” He pointed his finger at him promising before sprinting in between students, the sight of Brittany’s dark pony tail clear from others down the hall.

“What was that about?” One moment you don’t have any prom date and the next thing boys are coming up to you just as soon as you’re out of my sight?” Matty crossed his arms with a laugh.

“I don’t know man. It’s so weird how much Dylan has been sweet to me lately. At first I thought he was faking everything but now I’m starting to realize that he wants to be my friend. Do you trust him?”

“Not the slightest.” Matty mumbled and opened his locker, trying to find his geography books. “I don’t know Y/N, I’ll always have a bad feeling about him.” You sighed by his words and nodded your head agreeing.

“Oh oh, grumpy math teacher, six o’clock.” He all of the sudden warned and you looked over your shoulder to see Luke walk out of the classroom. He didn’t look at anything but his feet but when he approached you and Matty his eyes glanced up towards you.

“Ms. Y/L/N, you forgot your cellphone in my classroom. It was a good thing I caught up with you here on the hallway, it would have been a bummer if you would have to find it in the box of forgotten stuff down by the office.” With no emotion on his face he showed your IPhone in his hand before pushing it into your chest.

“Matty.” Luke smiled in polite with a nod before he pushed his shoulder into yours to get past through you, walking away and down the hallway, disappearing in the crowd of students.

“Oh my god that fire in his eyes.” Matty commented and scratched his chin.

“If he wants to ignore me then so be it, I’ll back pay it. But leveling it up to the extreme.” You crossed your arms and clenched your jaw, your heart pounding harder by each second that passed by.

OKAY well I suppose even though we didn’t see much of what they were doing, she sure as heck is grateful for whatever happened SO I PRESENT LE KISSU to you, @askthehorsedork

The Bad Boy - Jack Gilinsky Part 61
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Hectic, probably the only word that described the 5 days leading up to prom. Most people had months to prepare for Prom, I had merely days. I spent 3 out of the 5 days running around trying to find the perfect dress. I eventually found it the day before Prom. It felt a bit weird going with a guy I barely know but Michael seemed like a nice guy. He was very quiet and kept to himself but maybe that’s what I needed, someone very low key.

The closer we got to prom, the more tension that built up between me and..well literally everyone. Jacks’ glares became more frequent and Sam was too scared to talk to me. As for everyone else, they all thought I was only going to Prom with Michael to get back at Jack, which I wasn’t! At least I thought I wasn’t. Aside from that, I was actually really looking forward to Prom, it was something I was only going to experience once so I was glad I was going in the end. 

I stood in front of the mirror, running my hands down my dress, head tilted to the side. My Mom walked up behind me, smiling from ear to ear. “What?” I asked, after seeing her reflection in the mirror. She shrugged. "Nothing, I’m just so happy you’re going to Prom" She said grinning at me. “You mean you’re happy I’m going to Prom with someone besides Jack” I said smirking at her. She just chuckled in response. “You look beautiful honey” She said fixing my hair. “Thanks Mom” I said smiling into the mirror in response.

A few minutes later, the door bell rang. "That must be him" I announced making my way to the door. I opened the door with a beaming smile on my face. "Hey" I said. He looked me up and down. “Hey, you look beautiful” He said which made me blush slightly, which I never really did. “This is for you” He said handing me a corsage and placing it around my wrist. “Thanks” I said smiling back at him.

After taken enough pictures to give one to everyone in America, we finally left. "Be safe and have fun!“ Mom called after me as we got into the limo. "Sorry about her” I said embarrassed by my Mom’s excitement. "No don’t worry about it, she seems nice" He told me as we sat down.

I could feel butterflies in my stomach as we walked into the school. I don’t know why because I wasn’t nervous or overwhelmingly excited. I held on tight to Michael as we walked through the school. I gave myself a minute to take in everything. The decorations, the people, the dresses. “You okay?” Michael asked laughing as we walked through. “Oh yeah, I was just looking” I said giggling. Just then I caught a glance of the one person I didn’t want to. Jack and Sophie in the corner looking particularly cozy. My stomach dropped slightly as I watched them. His hands firmly holding her waist as her hands rested on his chest. That should have been me, that could have been me if I hadn’t messed everything up.

Well there was nothing much I could do about it now, so I might as well try and have a good time. I was so distracted by my own thoughts that I didn’t even notice Michael was still beside me. “Wanna dance?” He asked, leaning into my ear. "Sure" I said smiling back as I followed him to the dance floor. 

As much as I tried, I just couldn’t make myself have a good time, as much as I wanted to. No matter what I did, or where I was, my eyes always fell to Jack and Sophie. A pit of rage and jealously was burning in my stomach and I couldn’t control it. Eventually I just couldn’t take it anymore. "Can we go outside for a while, I need some air" I asked Michael. "Sure" He said with a sweet smile. I took his hand as I led him out to the front of the school. We walked over to a patch of grace sitting out down. Just before I sat, Michael placed his jacket down under me. "Thanks" I said shooting him a grateful smile before sitting down fully. I let out a deep sigh. "Everything okay?“ Michael asked, looking at me. "Yeah, it was just getting a little stuffy in there you know?” I said turning my head to face him. “Yeah I know” He said leaning his hand on his knees.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with Jack does it?” He asked me. "No, of course not" I lied shaking my head. “Good” He said moving his hand up my thigh. I stayed still, unsure of how to react. “Feel any better?” He asked moving his hand up further. That sent a shiver up my spine, and not the good kind.

He leaned in, forcing his lips to mine. I tried to push him off but he was way to strong for me. I pushed him off abruptly. “Michael stop” I tried to say in a demanding tone but it just came out weak. He didn’t stop though, he kept pushing himself onto me so that he was now on top of me. "Stop!“ I yelled again beginning to panic. I continued to push him off me but he didn’t budge. I didn’t know what else to do so I began to scream. ”Help! Help!“ I screamed. ”Shut up! Don’t act like you don’t want it, you went out with Jack Gilinsky you should be used to it" He said in a harsh tone. I continued to scream but my voice got weaker after every cry for help. I almost gave up when someone pulled Michael off me. I tried to see through the blurred vision my tears had made for me. I looked up to see Jack standing there looking at Michael angrily. 

For a moment I thought it was a dream before Jack leaned down and picked me up. “Go inside” He demanded in an infuriated tone. "No Jack don’t do something stupid" I pleaded with him. "Kendall go!“ He yelled making me jump slightly. "Dude don’t tell her what to do, we were fine” Michael alleged beginning to stand up. "Shut the fuck up!“ Jack replied to him ."Kendall inside now!” I didn’t try and argue anymore. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me into the school, too scared to look back.


Cecelia looked herself over nervously, smoothing her dress down. This was one of the moments she wished she had a mother; preparing for prom was not something her brothers or father knew how to help her with. Ivan would be picking her up in twenty minutes and she still felt like she didn’t look good enough.

Closed Rp with allen-desu

Lavi paced back and forth outside the school corridor in his best red shirt and black skinny jeans, his hair actually tamed considerably well for once. In his hand he held a single white rose with the most delicate yet beautiful petals. All around people were pausing on the well manicured lawns to look at the redhead curiously and wonder what he was up to, the boy looking so nice and slightly like he was falling apart at the same time. 

To be honest, Lavi had all of a sudden jumped with the idea of asking Allen to prom. Unfortunately, the redhead couldn’t get himself to ask his best friend every time he tried due to fear of rejection. Though here he was, the day before prom, preparing to ask the person he’s had a crush on for a while now to go with him. Someone he didn’t even know if they’d be okay with it let alone say yes.

Just as he was about to chicken out for the millionth time and leave he saw the white haired boy bounding down the steps of the school. It was far too late to turn away now, Allen was already on his way over. Lavi quickly hid the rose behind his back and plastered on his ‘I’m trying not to pee myself out of nervousness’ smile that honestly just looked extremely suspicious.

“H-Hey Allen.”


Prom stories needed!

I’m doing a project on the subject of proms and homecoming dances and the amount of prep that goes into them, so I’d really appreciate it if you guys could tell me about your experiences!

What I’m looking to find out is:

  1. How stressful was preparing for prom?
  2. Is prom a big deal in your country/school?
  3. Any crazy/over the top prep/prom stories?
  4. What kind of guidelines did use when buying a dress?
  5. What kind of expectations/stigma were there in terms of bringing a date/being asked to prom?
  6. What did you actually do at prom? Was it what you expected?
  7. And lastly, if you didn’t go/didn’t have a prom, what have you heard about it?

I’d love as much detail as possible! You can send me the answers in asks/fanmails :) And you don’t have to answer every question, I’m just trying to do a bit of wider research, because I only have a UK perspective :)

But what if all these recycled Stydia moments lead up to Stiles realizing that its Lydia who he truly wants to be with. Like maybe they prepare for prom or a dance or something and Stiles is taking Malia while Lydia finds someone to go with like Liam or something and maybe when Stiles is dancing with Malia he glances over to Lydia where she is setting alone just like she was in season one. Maybe Stiles then goes over to Lydia and says a certain line like “get off your cute little ass and dance with me now” and- I should right a fanfic I’m sorry

Prom Preparations

Title: Prom Preparations

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,674

Request: Sam,’s in love with his best friend (the reader) since they were very young.. He liked her when she didn’t let people bully her and stood up for herself at middle school, and he definitely fell for her that one summer right before high school. Where they spent it together… But now It’s Senior year, and she’s going away next year and Sam still haven’t told her about his feelings. The only person who knows is his big brother Dean who’s already in college. But what kills Sam the most is that “the reader” is always talking about this guy at their school. Captain of the football team, and basically every girl’s dream guy. And he asked the reader to prom, obviously she said YES and poor Sammy got his heart a bit broken. But she proposes something that might change their relationship forever… She’s still a virgin, like legit NO ONE HAS BEEN THERE. And she asks Sam, her BEST FRIEND. To take it so that when she sleeps with that popular guy on prom night she won’t look like a total fool. Sam refuses at first, but finally says yes. And in the process, he can’t help but make her feel wanted and beautiful and all that fluffiness. So afterwards, they don’t speak to each other for like 2/3days cuz Sam was too afraid and she started to have feelings for him. On prom night, she ditches her date and goes to Sam’s place to tell him that she loves him.


A/N: I tried my best to shorten up the request as best I could to try and shorten this whole story overall, but this will be a longer one shot, and a little smut will be included! Also, there will be a Part Two!

Your name: submit What is this?

_  _  _  _  _

  It was a warm summer night when Sam finally realized his feelings for you. You were both out in a field on the last day of summer break, gazing at the dark, starry sky that was fading all too soon.

  “And that one right there,” You pointed out at the sky to a cluster of stars, “That one’s Andromeda. It’s named after the daughter of Cassiopeia and Cepheus in Greek mythology. In the story, she was chained up and left for the sea monster, Cetus, to eat. But then Perseus saved her.” Sam dryly laughed to himself.

  “That’s amazing.” And now you grinned, turning to look at him.

  “Right. Up until the point when you realize that this all happened because her mother thought she was more beautiful than the Nereids, and she sacrificed her own daughter for the sake of her life.” And now, Sam really laughed. You lied back down on the grass, staring at the sky with a soft smile.

  “Is there anything about constellations that you don’t know?” You shrugged.

  “Probably.” And now, you paused. “I just… I really like constellations. I find the whole playing connect the dots, and finding a meaning for it really interesting. I like that behind every star there’s a story. Even for the really small, unnoticed stars.”

  Sam stared at you with admiration. And in that moment, he knew he would never love anybody as much as he loved you in that very moment.

_  _  _  _  _

  “Hello, Sammy,” You greeted with a grin as you stepped into walk with Sam down the hall. He turned to grin at you, clutching the strap of his book bag as he raised an eyebrow.

  “And where have you been all day?” He asked, a smile playing at the edge of his lips. You blew out a puff of breath through your lips.

  “Finishing up some paperwork with the counselor for college applications. I didn’t know it’d be so difficult to fill out a couple of papers.” And now, Sam’s smile dipped to a frown as he tried to hide it.

  “Right… college applications. I forgot that you wanted to go to that university all the way across the country.” Turning to look at your best friend, you sympathetically smiled at his frown.

  “Hey, Sammy, don’t be sad,” You murmured, bumping his shoulder with yours. “It’s Senior year! And we only have a few more days to go. Not to mention prom’s coming up.” You spoke in a sing-song voice.  He fakely grinned, shaking his head.

  “I’m not sad. Don’t worry about me, Y/N.” You opened your mouth to say something else when you caught somebody’s eyes across the hall. A dark blush covering your cheeks, you shook Sam’s arm as you tried to keep eye contact with the person.

  “Sam, he’s looking at me!” You gushed. He raised an eyebrow, trying to look for who you were talking about.

  “Who’s looking at you?”

  “Who else?” You asked, a smile fluttering onto your features. “It’s him, Sam!” And suddenly, he caught the person who you had been keeping eye contact with  as the Captain of the football team, the most popular guy in school, the  most attractive in school himself came striding over to you.

  “Hey, you’re Y/N, right?” He asked, flashing a smile when he was in hearing distance. Sam could feel the clutching of your fingernails through his jacket and against the skin of his arm as nerves finally took the best of you.

  “Yeah…” You replied shakily. “That’s me.” You giggled awkwardly. A chuckle escaped his lips, and Sam couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

  “Well, I caught a glimpse of you back there, and I just had to come over and ask you something.” You perked up immediately.

  “What is it?” You asked eagerly. He rubbed the back of his neck with a grin.

  “I was kinda hoping you’d come to prom with me. You know, as my date?” And suddenly, all the plans you had made with Sam to go together and make fun of all the fancy, primped couples escaped your mind as you furiously nodded your head.

  “Yeah! Yes, of course! Of course, I’ll go to prom with you!” He laughed, nodding as he took out a broken pen from his pocket, and quickly scribbled something on your hand.

  “Call me later, and we’ll figure out what color I should get my tie so we can match, yeah?” You nodded frantically.

  “Okay! I’ll see you later, then! At prom!” He laughed, winking before he walked away. Quickly, you spun on your heel to the forgotten Sam Winchester and gripped the laps of his jacket.

  “Sam, did you just see that? He asked me to prom!” You gushed. He nodded, trying to hide his feelings as he glanced at what he had written on your hand.

  “Yeah, I was here the entire time. And it looks like he gave you his phone number, too.” You squealed as you stared at your hand, dancing on your feet as you relived everything that had just happened. Sam stuffed his hands into his pockets awkwardly. “So I guess our plans for prom are over, right?” And now, you settled down, turning to Sam with a frown as you mentally cursed yourself.

  “Sam,” You murmured. “I’m so sorry… I forgot -” He interrupted you, putting on a fake smile.

  “It’s fine. Seriously. I hope you guys have a great time at prom.” You tried to protest, calling Sam back, but he scurried away all too soon.

_  _  _  _  _

  Later that night, you had walked all the way to Sam’s small apartment. Standing in front of the door, you decided to knock instead of using the key that he had given you. And as you waited, you couldn’t help but nervously fiddle with the edge of the your button down shirt. You heard a couple steps inside, and finally, the door opened with Sam standing inside. He cocked an eyebrow.

  “Y/N?” He asked, surprised. “Shouldn’t you be making a phone call to discuss your color arrangements for prom?” He jokingly spoke. You smiled, a silent chuckle breathing out from your lips.

   “Actually, I came because I needed to ask you something… Something really, really important.” He ran a hand through his hair before opening the door wider.

  “Then, I guess you should come in.” You couldn’t help but feel shy as you walked in and sat on the couch  in the living room. Never, had you ever felt shy or nervous around Sam. You felt the couch dip as he took a seat next to you, and turned his body to face you.

  “Alright, so what did you need to ask me?” You heaved a long sigh.

  “Okay, so when I got home, I started thinking about prom… when I go, he’s probably going to expect me to have sex with him at the end of the night, and I’ve never had sex before, Sam! So…” You hesitated. “So, I was hoping you could take my virginity. So, then, when it’s time, I won’t feel like a fool with him.” Sam sucked in a sharp breath as he pressed his lips together.

  “You want me to take your virginity?”

  “Please?” You squeaked out. This had to be the strangest thing you’d ever asked of Sam. He sighed, pushing his hair back from his face.

  “Y/N, I’m not going to do this… It’s not right.” You bit your lip before looking up at him with a begging expression.

  “Sam, please?” You asked once more. And after what felt like an eternity, he let a shaking breath escape his lips before he grabbed your arms, and pulled you closer to him. You could feel his breath on your lips as your faces were centimeters apart, and you closed your eyes, waiting for something to happen.

  “If you want me to stop,” He murmured, “Just tell me, and I will, okay? I promise.” You subtly nodded, and suddenly, you could feel Sam’s lips brush against yours. There was an absence for a few seconds, and then Sam’s lips were against yours, and you could feel your lips burning with heat.

  You let your hand hesitantly rest on Sam’s neck, and he cupped your face with both of his own hands. After a long time, he pulled away, and you couldn’t help but breath raggedly as he brushed your hair away from your face.

  “You okay?” He asked. You nodded.

  “Keep going.” You urged. He hesitated, and then quietly agreed.

  “Alright. Okay, lie down.” He instructed. Slowly, you lied back against the old couch and stared up at Sam as he straddled you, supporting his weight with each hand beside your shoulders. And before you knew what he was doing, Sam dipped his head, and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips first, then to the corner of your mouth, and finally along your jaw and down your neck.

  He pressed his lips underneath your ear, and gently sucked at your skin. You sharply breathed at the sensation, and you could feel the hairs on your neck rise as goosebumps fell across your arms. You had hoped Sam hadn’t noticed, but he did, by the looks of it, as he breathed a laugh against your skin. Sam continued to suck on the spot before he pulled away, blowing on the spot. A shiver ran up your spine at the feeling.

  Sam brought his head back up and gently ran his fingertips along your neck, and down your collarbone. He held the buttons to your shirt between his fingers, and looked up at you, silently asking for permission. You shudderingly breathed, and then nodded.

  Slowly, he undid the buttons one by one all the way down your shirt until all the buttons were loose. He pulled open your shirt, and you felt his skin against your stomach. Sam gently ran his hands along your body before reaching your sides, and you arched your back as he reached to undo your white bra. You couldn’t help but breath a little more heavily with each touch to your skin, and as Sam pulled off your bra, a shy feeling overcame everything inside you.

  He lowered to peck your lips once more and let his warm hands wander over your skin. You felt flames with every touch, and Sam pressed kisses over your body as his right hand massaged your breast. He brought his kisses up your skin until his lips were next to your ear, and you could already feel a knot tying in your stomach.

  “You’re perfect.” Sam murmured into your ear. He pressed another kiss to your cheek, and sat up, pulling his jacket off before pulling off his shirt as well. Leaning back down, Sam continued running his hands against your skin, and finally his fingers found their way to the waistband of your pants. He looked back up at you.

  “I’ll stop, Y/N. I will, if you want me to. Just tell me if you want me to stop.” You shook your head, resting your hand on his shoulder as you gulped.

  “Keep going.” You could hardly hear your own voice, and Sam waited a few seconds before continuing. His fingers gently undid the button on your pants, and he slowly pulled them off by the belt loops. Then, he gently rubbed at your core through the fabric of your white panties, and you gasped, arching your back. He could already feel your wetness seeping through the cloth, and his fingers soon moved to the inside of your thighs where he rubbed small circles.

  After a few seconds, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of your panties, and looked at you one last time.

  “Are you sure, Y/N?” He asked, uneasy. You breathed, hesitating before you nodded.

  “I’m sure. Take it, Sam. Please.” In a slow swipe, he slid your panties down your legs, and then unbuckled his own pants, and slid them off along with his boxers in one move. And, to say the least, you couldn’t help but feel more nervous than you ever thought you would.

  Sam pressed a kiss against your lips, and held your face with one hand.

  “This is going to hurt a little.” He warned against your lips, and you felt a sharp pain as Sam pushed himself inside you. You shut your eyes tight as Sam waited a few seconds, begging for your pain to go away. You gripped Sam’s shoulders as you let your eyes open. His worrying face met yours.

  “Go ahead,” You allowed. Slowly, Sam pulled out, and pushed back in again, and before you knew it, he was going at a steady pace and you were no longer experiencing pain.

  “Sam,” You moaned out as he continued to thrust inside you, and he couldn’t help but feel just a little more turned on by the way you said his name. Sam continued to run his hands along your body as he pressed kisses against your neck and collarbone.

  And with all these different sensations at once, you felt your stomach tighten. Digging your nails into Sam’s shoulder subconsciously, he groaned at the feeling.

  “Sam,” You breathed out after a while. “I think… I think I’m going to -” He interrupted you, nodding as he pressed his lips against yours.

  “It’s okay,” He murmured against your lips. “It’s all okay.” And with that, you loudly called out his name as a white light blinded your vision. You could feel your pleasure overcome you, and soon, Sam was cumming, too.

  He lazily continued to thrust inside you even after he came, and when a few seconds passed, he pulled out. You heavily breathed as Sam sat up, and dressed himself once more. Then, he moved to sit next to you. Grabbing the jacket he was previously wearing, he slipped it around your shoulders, and began to zip it up.

  And when he spoke, you couldn’t help but hear sadness in Sam’s voice.

  “Now you’re all set for Prom night.”

Prom preparations have me feeling like I’ve completely lost touch with reality. Simpson is exhausted from all of my requests, my room is in shambles from my multiple dream boards, and I’m operating on roughly eight hours of sleep. At least prom will be absolutely perfect.