Not Alone

Request: Oh what about a Jhope scenario when he meets a girl who is cheerful but then she got a secret: she was a victim of bullying and things got too much for her and stress and pressure at school. When he was reading her diary, he knows that he will be the hero. Inspired by A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone (maybe)? Thanks! BTW, You Don’t Know Me made me cry a million pieces! ~Queennie

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Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 2.299

Warnings: mentions of death and self-harm

A/N: this has been in my inbox forever but somehow i needed to write this tonight bc it’s been ages since i wrote about hobi!!! 

I didn’t proof read yet your gurl is too tired for that


“Catch me if you can”, you giggled, turning around and sprinting away from your boyfriend, almost tripping over your own feet as the hill gently curved downwards. Your bare feet ran over the soft grass, head turning every few seconds, laughing at his figure behind you, trying to catch up with your own. Breath hitching in your throat, lungs and heart thumbing in your chest, your laughs echoed through the park before you felt his warm hands wrap around your waist, pulling you down with his falling body. A small scream escaped your lips, followed by laughs as you landed on the ground, his hands catching your fall

“Gotcha”, Hoseok whispered before placing his soft lips on yours, smiling into the kiss. You gently hit his chest, making him grin at you and raise his eyebrows.

“You cheated! You said you’d wait 5 seconds before coming after me!”, you pouted and poked his chest, making him laugh.

“Babe, that’s what I did. You’re just too slow”, he wiggled his eyebrows at you before kissing the tip of your nose and stroking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Pfh yeah that’s what they all say…”, you whispered more to yourself but Hoseok seemed to have heard what you said, rolling off you and bursting into laughter, bringing you close to his chest. You felt his chest vibrate against your again, forming a content smile on your face before stroking his back softly with your hands. 

“I love you (Y/N)”, Hoseok laughed, sitting up and pulling you up with him, as you started picking the grass out of your hair. 

Throwing the bit you had in your hands at him, you grinned. “I know you idiot. I love you, too.”

His smile made butterflies erupt in your stomach and he pouted his lips at you in an attempt to appear cute, only making you laugh. “C’mon let’s go grab some ice cream, it’s too hot to be lying in the sun”, he suggested and stood up, shaking the grass off his pants before offering you his hand.

“Only if you let me pay this time”, you raised your eyebrows at him suggestively and he just grinned at you.

“We’ll see about that”, Hoseok answered as he kissed your temple, engulfing you in a tight hug before walking back to the spot you had left your shoes. He was ready to spent a nice evening with the girl that made his heart burst out of his chest, making him feel like the luckiest boy on Earth.

Hoseok felt his phone vibrate multiple times in his back pocket as he was trying to teach the boys the new choreography he had come up with for the upcoming comeback. He knew that it must be you needing something from him, otherwise you wouldn’t message him during practice, so he signaled the boys a two minute break and got his phone out of his pocket unlocking it in one swift move.

From: (Y/N)♕ ♥




babyyyyyyy  [delivered: 11:21am]



jung hoseeeeeooookk [delivered: 11:22am]

He grinned at his phone, making the others look at him smugly.

“Hyung, is it (Y/N) you’re texting?”, Jungkook came up from behind, grinning at him, wiggling his eyebrows at his phone.

“Who else would it be smartass?”, Yoongi jawned from the back of the room, shooting Hoseok a knowing look.

“Why don’t you ever bring her over hyung?”, Taehyung whined, ploppling down next to Hoseok.

“Yeah we’d love to meet the girl that makes our cruel dance teacher stop just to answer her messages”, Jimin laughed and went through his hair with one hand before sipping on his water bottle and throwing it over to Taehyung, who caught it smoothly.

“Guys, stop. We just started going out, I can’t bring her over already. You’ll scare her away”, he rolled his eyes at his band mates but smiling softly at the thought of all of you together. They’d love you, he knew it. You were so cheerful and full of happiness, they couldn’t just not like you. 

“We won’t scare her away, what are you talking about! We’re lovable”, Taehyung exclaimed, pushing Jungkook away who was trying to grab the water bottle from his hyung. 

Hoseok huffed and turned to his phone. He heard the others rambling around but his thoughts were with you as he typed his response.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

what’s up baby? :)

Read: 11:28am

Seconds later his phone signaled him your incoming reply.

From: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i know you’re busy rn but when you have time can you please go to my apartment and check if you see my sketchbook there? it should be somewhere in my bedroom but i forgot it there this morning

i have work until 1 today but class starts at 1:15 so i dont have time to look for it myself…..

you dont have to if you dont have time though!!

His face lit up at your last message. Of course, he’d do that for you. He’d do anything for you, even though he wouldn’t admit that to himself. He’d never admit that he had fallen for you since the day he met you, serving him in the restaurant you worked at. Only two months had passed since then but he felt like he could never let you go again. His heart had wrapped itself around you and wouldn’t be able to let go that easily.

To: (Y/N) ♕ ♥

i’ll be there in 10

As he texted his reply, he got up, stretching one last time before throwing his phone into his bag and started moving towards the door. 

“We’l continue practice later guys. I gotta go”, he waved one quick goodbye before opening the door and stepping into the hall.

“Hoseok got a booty call!”, Jungkook chanted from the inside, everybody else joining in with laughter as Hoseok rolled his eyes at his friends and kept moving. 

He didn’t need a booty call to be by your side. 

Stepping into your bedroom, he let his bag fall onto the ground and started looking around. You had described your sketchbook as a little black booklet but nothing specific on it. So that was what he started looking for. First, he went straight to your desk as one would assume that a sketchbook would be placed there; in the working area of the room. With no results. So he turned around and let his gaze glide over the room, eyes falling onto your bedside table.

Maybe you were one of those who could draw and write the best before going to sleep.

Not thinking much of it, he stepped closer to the drawer, pulling the upper drawer open and - there it was! A black booklet lying on top of blank paper. 

Jackpot. That should be it.  

Hoseok grabbed the little notebook and sat down on your bed, closing the drawer again. Looking at the thing in his hands, he scratched his head.

Should I take a look? Hoseok thought, biting down on his lips.

She’s never shown me any of her drawings… 

“She probably wouldn’t mind, her class sees it too so one more person surely won’t bother her”, with that he opened the booklet, not faced with drawings but text. 

Texts with dates.

Smeared texts with dates.

Hoseok’s eyes went wide but stayed glued to the pages. Endless pages with a small handwriting, smeared at some spots and hastily written in other parts. 

“I wasn’t good enough…. they laughed at me again…. I can’t handle this any longer”

“What the…”, he whispered, opening a random page carefully. His fingers gently stroke over the paper before he started reading.

“Two weeks until school is done. I should be happy. Everybody’s excited for prom, going shopping and preparing for one of the most important days of their lives. Except for me. You know why? You probably already know…. everybody knows. Nobody asked me to be their date. Again. Not even one of the nerds. They’re all ashamed to be seen with me. I’m too gross for them. Too fat. Too ugly. Too dumb. Too shy. Too weird. Too-everything. They know I hurt myself, too. One of the kids at school grabbed me and pushed me against the lockers, accidentally making my sleeves roll up and then they saw. One would think that they’d realize it’s their fault and be shocked or feel guilty or something like that. But you know what they did? They laughed even more. Calling me pathetic. Attention whore. Liar. Stupid. Weak. Encouraging me to cut deeper. One of them said, and I quote “Here, have my razor maybe that one works better. Try it out in the bathtub, that way your parents won’t have to clean up that much of a mess when you finally bleed to death” and everybody laughed. Maybe that’s what I should do. Instead of just hurting myself, just completely disappear. Everyone hates me anyway. I can’t make anyone happy. My teacher scold me every day for not paying attention, my parents are sick of me spending their money, sick of me being their child, I don’t have any friends anymore and basically the whole school wants to see me dead. So why not do it? Why not just cut right through my veins and let all the blood run out?”  

Hoseok felt hot droplets of tears wetting his shirt and pants as sobs erupted through his body. Was this the same (Y/N) he knew today? This couldn’t be the same girl. His girl was cheerful, gloomy and always laughing, making everybody around her happy. How was it possible that she ever felt like this? Thought these horrible things about herself? That she had to go through hell when she was a literal angel?

His breath got caught in his throat as his sobs started to break out more hysterically and coughs shook his whole body.

He had to do something. You needed to know how he felt for you, how he needed you in his life and how you should never have those thoughts again. Never ever. Not as long as he was by your side.

“Hobi?”, you called out into your lighted apartment, softly taking off your shoes in the entrance and looking around. Stepping into your small space, you saw that the light in your bedroom was on, so you slowly walked towards the door.

Pushing it open and peeking inside, you saw Hoseok standing in front of your bed, facing the other way with his hands in his pockets and a small box placed on your bed.

“Hobi, what are you doing here?”, you smiled and entered, making him turn around, smiling at you sadly.

“(Y/N)”, he breathed out and immediately wrapped his arms around your small frame, hugging you tighter than you had ever felt him do before.

“What’s wrong baby?”, you mumbled into his chest, as he was still holding onto you, not seeming to let you go any time soon. Saying you were confused, would be an understatement.

“I prepared something for you”, Hoseok smiled and finally let go, moving you to your bed and signaling to the box.

“What is this for?”, you turned around, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend. Something was fishy about that situation and you wanted to know what was going on. 

Hoseok scratched his neck in embarrassment and dropped his gaze. Stepping closer, you caressed his arm and smiled softly. 

“C’mon, you can tell me”, you tried to encourage him.

He closed his eyes for a second and then his strong gaze met your irritated one. “I read your diary.”

You still didn’t understand and waited for him to continue. When he didn’t say anything else, you asked: “And?”

He took a deep breath and exhaled again. “The entries from your high school times.”

“Oh”, was all you could say before a sad smile spread across your face, eyes blinking fast, trying to avoid the tears to fall out at the memories those words brought back.

“I-I prepared this for you (Y/N), so you know that you don’t ever have to feel like that again. I know that I can’t heal you from those thoughts completely but maybe it helps a little bit?”, he started rushing around the room, handing you the box quickly and opening it for you. Inside you saw multiple notes stacked on top of each other.

“What is this Hoseok?”, you whispered and took one in between you fingers.

“These are reasons why I fell for you. Things I love about you. Things you do that make me smile. Things that make you who you are and more lovable each day we spent together. Basically all ju-”, you cut him off by placing the box on the bed and grabbing his face in between your hands, pressing your lips onto his. Taking Hoseok off guard, it took him a few seconds to realize what was going on before his hands moved to your hips, bringing you closer to him.

As you two parted, he leaned his forehead against yours. “You’re the reason for m smile (Y/N), every day. You can always count on me, no matter what is going on, okay? If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. You make my heart feel warm and my whole body heat up just by glancing at me. You’re not alone, no matter how stony and long this road might be, I’ll be by your side. Always.”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks at his sweet gesture and he started kissing your cheeks, trying to kiss your tears away. Giggling, you slightly pushed him away to look into his eyes and caress his cheek.

“I love you Jung Hoseok”

“I love you more (Y/L/N) (Y/N)”


let’s kick it.

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Anon said: Hii can i request a yuta scenario where he is just cocky af and a fuckboy but ends up being really sweet and you fall for him pls (:🌸

Yes, perfect. 

Pairing: Yuta/Reader

Word Count: 4100+

Summary: The end of the school year is approaching and the only obstacles ahead of you are graduation, prom, and Yuta. 

Senior year tends to be a bittersweet experience for most people, including yourself. You didn’t think it would fly by so fast and it’s all coming to an end after this week. With prom and commencement being the only things ahead of you, the feeling of relaxation is becoming a recurrence for you. You observe the surroundings of your associated student body room and think to yourself, “Hey, I’m probably not going to see any of these people for a very long time or never again!”. For you, it makes things a lot easier.

Going off to college with a clean slate and having the ability to showcase your introduction skills to new peers makes you content. Until you’re brought back to reality that one of your colleagues is coming with you for the ride. Yuta Nakamoto. It is unfair to say that you can’t stand the guy because you two have never properly met but…you can’t stand him. Knowing each other’s names is good enough for you. Having the opportunity to choose from 10 colleges that accepted him and the odds of him choosing the same college as you is highly unlikely. But, Lady Luck thought wrong. You catch him in the middle of the room discussing with fellow classmates on final prom preparations. He always tends to get loud and obnoxious over the smallest of things and today is no different.

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Prom With The Dolan Twins Would Include...


Him nearly being sick over asking you, terrified that you’d say no

Doing a crazy prom-posal. I’m talking local (possibly even national) news coverage-worthy stuff

✨ Screaming just as loud as you did when you said yes, him picking you up and spinning you around

Asking almost daily if you’d gotten your dress yet so he could plan his own outfit

✨  Helping Grayson ask your best friend so the four of you could have an absolute blast together

✨ Him being so nervous a few days before for absolutely no reason

✨ Worrying over what kind of flowers to get you and whether to get you a bouquet or a corsage (he would be totally classic and go with a bouquet)

✨ Showing up 25 minutes late to pick you up because your flowers weren’t “perfect” enough

✨ Being absolutely floored by the effort you put in to look extra special

✨ “Jesus Christ, you look absolutely magnificent. Words cannot describe how beautiful you are. I’m the luckiest guy ever.”

✨ Being super cheesy and corny while all your parents took pictures before you all left in the limo

✨ Being wicked goofy with Grayson in the limo on the way there, taking TONS of goofy pictures of the four of you

✨ Being adorable for your professional photo, and the two of you being psyched over how perfect it came out

✨ Dancing with him literally the whole night

✨ He’d be so affectionate and sweet with you the whole time

✨ He would get so jealous if any other guy even looked at you, nevermind asked you to dance

✨ “Back up, assclown, that’s my girl.”

✨ “’Your girl’?”

✨ “Uhhhh…”

✨ He would then nervously pull you aside and ask you to be his girlfriend, explaining how much he liked you and that it would make this night perfect (and you would obviously say yes)

✨ Afterwards, the four of you would go back to your best friend’s house and hang out in pajamas and stay up all night sitting around a fire outside in the backyard 

✨ Never forgetting the most magical night of your life


⭐️ Spending just as much time as Ethan worrying over whether or not you would say yes

⭐️ Planning a beautiful, but very intimate prom-posal that only the two of you would ever see with tons of flowers

⭐️ But he would post on social media that you said “yes” to prom with him

⭐️ He would ask in like, October, and then the two of you would go to every dance together in preparation for prom in May

⭐️ “Is it time for Prom yet? I can’t wait to go with you.”

⭐️ Forcing Ethan to go with him to find the perfect tux 

⭐️ Showing up early the night of prom to pick you up

⭐️ “She’s still upstairs getting ready.”

⭐️ You would get to make a grand entrance down the stairs of your best friend’s house where you and your friends had gotten ready

⭐️ He would stare at you adoringly, jaw on the floor as you descended the staircase

⭐️ “You are the most beautiful thing on the planet. I can’t believe I’m this lucky.”

⭐️ Being generally doofy with Ethan as parents took pictures, but he would make sure you got a few, really good, sentimental ones

⭐️ Being funny and goofy in the limo with Ethan

⭐️ Taking A TON of selfies with you

⭐️ Again, dancing all night with you

⭐️ During one of the last slow dances, he’d kiss you for the first time and tell you he wanted you to be his girlfriend and how much he liked you

⭐️ He would say something beautiful that would almost make you cry

⭐️ He’d get picked as Prom King but would be mad that you didn’t get picked as Prom Queen

⭐️ “Grayson, it’s fine, I didn’t want to be Prom Queen.”

⭐️ “It doesn’t matter, you’re perfect and they should’ve picked you.”

⭐️ Refusing to dance with another girl

⭐️ All of you going back to your best friend’s house and spending the night, cuddled up close to Grayson, never out of his reach

OOPS I MADE MYSELF CRY. Both my Proms in high school were amazing and I’ve wanted to do this for weeks now but I straight up just haven’t had the time. I hope you guys enjoy it! 💖
14 Times Dan Stevens Stole Our Hearts
More like Damn Stevens, am I right?
By megmasseron

Hey! We’re included in this list!! 

1. When he did the face capture for Beast eating:

2. When he whispered “tits” after Emma Watson mentioned her recent “Vanity Fair” photoshoot:

3. When he wore a beanie and glasses:

4. When he once again played Beast in

Crosswalk the Musical:

5. When he wanted to be Nala:

6. When he talked about his favorite French things:

7. When he channeled his inner Beast and did a little growl:

8. When he witnessed Emma Watson fangirling:

9. When he was showered with rose petals:

10. When he couldn’t go to prom:

11. When he prepared for his role in

Crosswalk the Musical

12. When he tried his best:

13. When he spoke the truth:

14. And finally, when he gave that legendary introduction for Benedict Cumberbatch at the 2014 GQ awards.

Truly iconic.’

Prom is Better With Three

Dedicated to the amazing @franuary who is always there to fangirl over all things TRC and who helped come up with prom ideas! 

[For the sake of this story, please imagine that there was an extra week between the toga party and the rest of the events in The Raven King. FYI this post is about 4200 words and is fluff to the max.]

It was spring. The woods and fields were waking up, trees were budding, flowers were blooming, and the prom committee at Mountain View was in high gear preparing for this year’s extravaganza. Blue had been ignoring the ticket table that was set up in the cafeteria, the glittery posters that covered the walls and doors, the high-pitched gossip of who had asked who and who had been rejected. Prom had never been on her radar and with all her raven boy drama she simply did not have the patience or energy for it. In less than a month Gansey would be dead. Blue hardened her heart against the thought.

Blue had been studiously ignoring the rest of her classmates on that fateful day when both Henry and Gansey had deigned to call on her at school, but there was no ignoring the scandal that she encountered when she returned to school the next day. She was accosted by demands and insinuations: who were those boys? was she sleeping with both of him? It was embarrassing and awful and Blue was reminded yet again of why she had chosen her Raven Boys over her classmates.

What Blue did not expect was Gansey and Henry coming to see her at Nino’s during her shift that evening. She was feeling worn around the edges, still smarting from some of the particularly harsh things that had been said about her. At first she thought that Gansey and Henry had been able to sense her distress and had come to apologize for upsetting her social status quo. But no. They had come to ask her to prom.

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Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting I have been supaaaa busy with senior prom and preparing for graduation. Again I just want to
thank you all for always being such great followers on a daily basis <3, and yes that’s me in the gif!

Shance Prom AU

Okay, so since I’m going to go to prom in a few hours and haven’t gotten over the panic of that yet, I’m going to shance/vent it out here and make everything go wonderfully.

Lance, non-binary (leaning towards male), didn’t want to go to prom in a dress or a suit. A dress on it’s own would make him uncomfortable and a suit just doesn’t look comfortable at all. So, what was he to do?

Lance looked online, with some advice from how his boyfriend Shiro, for a skirt but didn’t find anything he particularly liked. So, instead he went shopping with his 3 best friends, Hunk, Pidge and Keith.

Hunk, Pidge and Lance were all on the look out for something kinda pretty to wear (dresses, skirts, anything) while Keith was mostly just nodding along and telling them they looked awesome. Hunk and Lance found some things in a shop they liked and decided to give it a try.

Lance was looking for a skirt that was short at the front (knee length) and long in the back (ankle length) but instead found a blue dress like that which he really liked. He tried it on and unfortunately it wasn’t quiet the right size for him, just a tad too big. But then again, it was comfortable and he liked the breathing room…

Either way, after getting the best friend’s approval, Lance bought the slightly over sized dress and was pleased with it. He felt kind of guilty about buying it because to him, £50 on a dress was a lot. But when he texted his mother the photo of him in it and the cost, her response “bargain”, so he didn’t feel so bad after that.

The three of them wondered around a little more, finding Pidge a nice pair of dress pants and shoes, then a pretty top they could wear for prom. Keith already had his outfit and things organized, so once they got Hunk a nice pair of shoes, that was that.

Lance didn’t worry about shoes because he’d already ordered some boots online and when they came, they gave him just enough height for the over-sized dress to look right. His mother was so happy at the sight of it, but there was one issue: his jacket.

Lance’s original plan was to be bottom female and top male, but after getting the dress, that sorta went out the window since all the shirts he found didn’t look right with the dress. The shoes were female too, so he had to get a jacket from the men’s section. His mother didn’t understand this at all, since once it was off the hook, no one would know if it was from the girl’s section, but Lance would know and that was too much for him.

He tried arranging to look for a jacket, but nothing worked out and when he tried to look online for something that would look okay with his dress, all he found with women’s blouses.

It looked like he’d go to prom looking completely female-

Then his father let him borrow his prized work jacket for the prom. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind for his dress, but since both his parents told him he didn’t look ridiculous in it, that was enough.

After convincing his mother to do his nails, that was that. He was going to prom in black knee-length boots, probably black tights, a dark blue dress that was short in the front and long in the back, his nails painted dark blue and a black jacket.

He was going to go in a limo with his shopping buddies and Allura, the one who organized the limo for everyone. Lance was feeling nervous and excited because for a while he was pretty certain he wasn’t going to go to prom. But after a little convincing from other classmates and some soul searching, he decided it’d be fine and he’d enjoy it.

A large part of Lance wanted Shiro to go with him, but Shiro had his own places to be on Lance’s prom night, so he never brought it up. Plus, they didn’t go to the same school, so Lance wasn’t entirely sure if it’d be okay for Shiro to even be there.

As soon as they got to the prom location, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Keith and Allura were having the time of their life. Allura was being asked for a dance every other 10 minutes, Keith was laughing at the moronic senior fuckboys who tried to sneak alcohol in, only to be kicked out by the teachers, Pidge was feeling good and okay in their outfit, Hunk felt like the prettiest person in the room and Kolivan (a classmate Hunk had been crushing on for ages) asked him for a dance and Lance was getting a thousand compliments.

It was a wonderful night and then…

The doors opened an hour after everyone else arrived and in walked several people’s definition of a wet dream; a hot, slightly older guy in a full suit who looked nothing short of dashing, holding a blue rose in his hand. That hot, slightly older guy was Shiro.

He walked over to Lance and asked him for a dance. Lance, blushing to the tips of his ears, agreed and they took to the dance floor. A lot of people stared and whispered, wondering who the hot guy was, remarking how lucky Lance was to be at the centre of his attention, making suggestions of him being Lance’s famous boyfriend-the one he never shut up about and had been dating for a year that was mostly spent in secret since the guy wasn’t ready to come out.

Shiro and Lance hardly heard the rumors, just dancing together and talking. Turns out, Shiro’s mom was a teacher at the school and when Shiro asked if she could help him attend the prom so he could be with Lance (the boyfriend who had helped Shiro get help in one of the toughest parts of his life, when Shiro seriously considered ending it all), his mother was all to happy to get the board to allow Shiro access.

Shiro also took some waltz lessions while the rest of Lance’s school were learning to dance like that for the prom, too. Turns out, they were both taught by Coran, Lance’s crazy uncle.

With Shiro around, Lance’s amazing prom just got more incredible every second.

He introduced Shiro to his friends, who all approved more or less instantly. Allura was announced Prom Queen and Kolivan Prom King, but they opted to dancing with Pidge and Hunk respectively instead of each other.

At the end of the night, Lance ended up going home in Shiro’s car and they just talked. Once they got to their house, Lance’s mother gave everyone hot chocolate and they all fooled around a little, acting like kids, dancing a little more, exchanging silly stories and then putting on a show they’d all enjoyed when they were children: What’s New, Scooby Doo?

One by one, they feel asleep on the couch, Lance and Shiro being the last ones to conk out. They talked quietly, saying how happy they’d been to spend the night together. Lance feel asleep, resting his head on Shiro’s shoulder. Shiro watched him dream for a little while and feel asleep to the image of Lance smiling.

After all the kids feel asleep, Mrs McClaim took one final picture of the kids’ special night (she’d probably taken hundreds already when they were preparing for prom, when they left for prom, and when they’d come home from prom. She had the actual prom photos covered thanks to a secret inside operative known as Mrs Shirogane), wrapped them up in a blanket. Took another photo of them all sleeping peacefully, then noticed the blue rose in her child’s hand.

Smiling, she took the blue rose, put it in some water and too a photo of that, with the kids in the background. That ended up being her final photo of the night.

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Microfic idea: Paulina turns down all the guys' promposals and then shows up with Star

23 guys. Paulina turned down 23 guys, prom was less than a week away, and the rumors were starting to circulate.

“Sorry boys,” she confirmed the next day, after shooting down candidate #24. She flashed a smug smile, pleased as could be. “I’m taken.”

She refused to divulge her date’s identity, however (she, quote, ‘wanted it to be a surprise’) and thus a conspiracy was born.

“I bet it’s a nerd,” someone guessed at lunchtime. Paulina’s mystery date had become the talk of the school, and some of the most ardent gossipers sat with their yearbooks open, considering the options. Paulina was no stranger to dating those on the lower rungs, or giving geeks their 15 minutes of fame. But the most likely candidate–Danny Fenton–was already spoken for, and, when confronted with questions, his girlfriend Sam Manson kicked the hecklers to the curb for daring to even suggest.

“What if it’s a celebrity?” someone else suggested days later. After all, if any girl at Casper High could catch the eye of a celeb, it was Paulina. And it would make for one hell of a surprise. This theory grew so popular that many people planned to bring camcorders and autograph books to the event on Prom night.

“Or maybe,” a few whispered among the halls, a rare but not outlandish theory; “Maybe Paulina finally nabbed a date with the Ghost Boy.”

But none of the pre-Prom buzz could’ve prepared them for the truth. On the big night, Paulina arrived, wearing an elegant pink dress, a violet rose, and a smirk. No hesitation. Casper’s Queen Bee waltzed through the double doors, and on her arm, visibly nervous but also excited, was her date, a blonde in blue.

The matching corsages confirmed it. Paulina’s date was none other than her best friend–now girlfriend–Star.

And not even an appearance from Phantom could’ve caused a bigger uproar.


gif cr: @qweentae

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Taehyung x Reader

Summary: You’ve been dreaming about prom your whole life. When that day finally comes, you have the perfect venue, the perfect theme, the perfect dress, and the perfect date. But when your boyfriend, Yoongi, can’t go with you, he sends his friend Taehyung instead and things get kind of weird…

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 9.5k

Content: This is pretty PG-13 so there’s not much to warn you about. A little bit of swearing but that’s pretty much it.

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a Tae fic but it ended up having a lot of Yoongi. Turns out I don’t know how to write a non-Yoongi fic lmao. I’m telling you now this fic takes place in May 2015 (the year I went to prom) but most of the songs are ones that came out after that so don’t yell at me for the inaccuracies. Also shout out to @qweentae and @jungkookbunbun for helping me through my writer’s block and helping me choose the right words

Playlist of the songs mentioned (which I highly recommend you check out to get the full experience)

Sneak Peak:


It may be just a minor infatuation, but you don’t love him.

Not the way you love Yoongi.

You will never love him the way you love Yoongi. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi there, I see this is a new head canon blog (nice profile pic btw). Curious to see your guys' general head canons of the bros journeying around Lucis.

Thanks, anon. Adventuring around Eos with the bros is a lovely way to kick this off 😊 I decided to do this chronologically throughout the day, depending on each of the bros’ favorite time! I also included a song that captures the essence of each respective time.


Mornings are undeniably Ignis’ favorite time of day. Waking up before the rest of the gang, pouring a hot cup of Ebony, and sitting around what was once a blazing camp fire the night prior to watch the sun rise is a perfect time to relax, reflect, and decide on the day’s game plan. 

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Preference #25 Now You Know How He Feels About You [Requested]

A/N: This is the second part to this imagine. Enjoy! 

Scott: Lydia’s voice reverberate in the innermost fragments of your mind; he wants to keep you safe, he’s smitten. Despite the animated conversation between mutual friends, you couldn’t focus on anything but your sister’s words and the analysis of Scott’s behavior and mannerisms in your presence. He refused to acknowledge Lydia’s proclamation of his feelings, instead opting to ignore conversation on the drive to his house and avoiding any chance to meet your gaze. Having been so caught up in your thoughts, you’d missed the fact that Lydia escorted the remaining members of the pack from the living room to leave you and Scott alone.

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Save You (Jungkook, OC) Part 2

Forgive me for taking so long in updating this… My mind was preoccupied with other things lol. Anyway, enjoy! 


Jungkook was now eighteen and he never thought he would ever go through something what most people would call a “crush”.

Having become distant and detached from everyone for a long time could affect you in ways that alters your very being. Jungkook has been so used to avoiding contact with anyone that he had forgotten how it felt like to look at someone…

And not want to look away.

Jungkook tried to forget about her: Olivia Kim, the new girl in his Math class. He didn’t mean to but he found himself stealing glances at her more often than he should; subtly staring and looking away instantly when she turns. It was a good thing he was already an expert at blending into the background and avoiding eye-contact.

He wouldn’t say it was a crush, exactly… more like a fleeting fascination. It’s not that he liked her that way (Though she was not at all bad looking, Jungkook thought. With her warm brown eyes and long dark hair… Completely not my ideal type at all.) but he was more curious as to why there were no numbers hovering over her head.

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Ah! I almost didn't message you today. How's the prom prep going. Also, I'm not convinced I didn't write your most recent post. -Daily Anon

its cool. finding a suit was… a task but that was ok. sorta wish it was still happening so i had an excuse not to study “cant gotta prepare for prom” you know?

also; people are hot and im suffering