Indiana transgender man Alan Belmont named high school prom king

  • Alan Belmont, 17, of North Central High School in Indiana made school history when he was announced as prom king, WTHR reports.
  • “They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much,” Belmont told WTHR. “The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible.”
  • Belmont celebrated the night with his girlfriend, Anastacia Cohen. The high school junior came out one year ago during his sophomore year.
  • Video online of Belmont’s coronation shows the audience greeting the new prom king with cheers and screams. Read more (4/25/17)

Oh wow it’s prom season again so I thought I’d list a few reminders:
• You can take a disabled person to prom without calling the news
• You can nominate a disabled person as prom king/queen/etc without calling the news
• You can give them a wonderful night by just treating them with respect and having a good time.
• If you’re asking a disabled person to prom, please remember it’s not about you. Do not ask them for “self glory” or “brownie” points.
• Remember to ask them if you genuinely like them as a person and wish to spend prom having fun with them.

The Five Times Bucky Picks You

Word Count: 2,084

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something quick I whipped up because my brain is too tired to write any series. Enjoy :D 

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The first time Bucky picks you, you’re sitting at your dining room table, biology book opened as you try to draw a diagram of a plant cell. You have a half-eaten sandwich sitting on your plate beside the book and you take a bit, absently chewing as you frown at your paper. The proportions are all wrong and these are just notes, they shouldn’t be something you worry about, but here you are, erasing the cell wall for the fifth time and trying to be accurate this time around.

Being in honors classes, you’re pressured to do your best and graduate top of your eighth-grade class. Your parents beam with pride when they tell their friends that you’re doing so well in school, and you want to keep them looking that way for as long as you can.

There’s a knock to your door and your mom calls out your name. “Bucky’s here!” she says.

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Wisconsin teen Ash Whitaker had dreams of being prom king at Tremper High School in Kenosha.  

Whitaker is currently a junior and did the volunteer hours necessary to apply for the prom king position.

However, according to Whitaker, the school’s administration will not let him run because he’s transgender. 

“My principal rejected that, saying I am not a boy.” Whitaker says he would only be permitted to run for queen. 

Now he and his peers are fighting back.

In addition to the sit-in, an online petition has garnered over 5,000 signatures since it went live on Sunday.

This all adds insult to injury, as Whitaker says the school discriminated against him in regards to bathrooms as well.
"Surge of confidence” North Central High School names transgender prom king
When Alan Belmont was named Prom King at North Central High School this weekend, he knew he was likely making school history.

“They announced my name, and the crowd cheered so loud and it warmed my heart so much. The whole night was full of people cheering me on so seeing that they voted for something so big was incredible,” Belmont said, celebrating with his date and girlfriend…

The high school junior came out as transgender his sophomore year of high school.”

Power Rangers high school head canons:

• Billy wants to do the talent show but he doesn’t want to do it alone and he’s not really sure what talent to show so the rest of the rangers volunteer to do a group dance with him
- Trini refuses to dance in front of their shitty school so she choreographs their routine because her mom used to make her take dance classes and at Kim’s urging, she agrees to do the running man across the stage
- Jason is so bad but he has so much enthusiasm people still love it
- Kim is so good????
- Zack does all this weird acrobatic shit and can barely follow the steps it’s great
- Billy has the fucking time of his life
- They win???

• They are voted “Cutest Best Friends” for the yearbook superlatives
- It’s the first “group”  (more than 2 people) win in their school history
- For their picture they buy cheap Power Rangers costumes and do a Classic Power Rangers Pose™
- No one realizes.

• They all go to Prom together
- For the promenade, they force the announcer dude to say “Kimberly Hart, escorted by Trini, escorted by Zack Taylor, escorted by Jason Scott, escorted by Billy Cranston”
- Their parents are all watching it on the local channel
- Zack’s mom cries with happiness, look at her baby and his friends
- Actually so does Billy’s mom
- They have a great fucking time
- Trini and Kim definitely dance together 90% of the time tho, lots a grinding, let’s be real
- They also definitely start making out at some slow song how fantastic
Once they decided to go to prom they started campaigning for Billy to win prom king
- He fucking wins
- Zack and Jason carry him on their shoulders to the stage
- They go to the quarry after and get fucking hammered

Despite the administrations protest–Thursday night I was crowned my school’s Prom King at senior prom.  As a Latino Transgender man I felt like this stride meant everything to me after how long it took me to get to this point.
I did this for Blake Brockington. I hope he is always remebered, and he motivated me to do this.  He will always be a king, he inspired me. Every transgender kid’s life matters and is valid. I am so proud of my senior class, and hope to see so many transgender boys and girls get crowns. Let’s make crowns more common than coffins.

Dating Zach Dempsey would include:

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- Him teaching you how to play basketball, because no girl of his is going to be useless at it, but him never losing faith, even if it took weeks for you to even be able to shoot.

- All the cuddles all the time!! he’s such an affectionate person so whenever he can get a cuddle, he will: seeing you after school; watching a movie, or just spooning you to sleep.

- Forehead kisses! due to him being a literal giant it’s the perfect excuse to kiss your forehead.

- You being his #1 fan about everything, not caring if he wants to do basketball for the rest of his life (which i mean c’mon would not be a bad thing, look at him) or to follow his dreams and become a marine biologist.

- Having intellectual debates, because he’s one of the smartest people you know, like Zach!! what is the probability of us ever having met?? what if god is an illusion? the theory of parallel universes! (because you both believe in those)

- Having the best relationship with his mum and sister, because they’re wonderful people who love Zach as much as you do.

- Him always asking you for permission for anything he does, “babe, is it okay to kiss you?” or “are you sure you want this?” “WE’VE BEEN DATING FOR YEARS DEMPSEY” because if he ever pushed you too far or hurt you in any ways, it would kill him, because you’re the best thing that’d ever happened to him.

- Wearing his letterman jacket everywhere because you know how much he loves it. It comes down way past your bum, but he insists you look to die for in it.

- Flirting in class, you always glance over to him, because why wouldn’t you? he’s gorgeooouusss, and every time he catches you, he’ll wink, and it will make your stomach flip every time, because damnnn how does this boy still cause such feelings?

- After class, having to make-out in a store cupboard because Zach freaking Dempsey is irresistible, and insatiable.

- Being the cutest couple in the entire school, and being elected prom king & queen because you two were honestly goals. 

High school!Voltron head canons because I have no self control


  • Super athletic. He does at least one sport a season, soccer in the fall, swimming in the winter, lacrosse and baseball in the spring.
    • Don’t ask how he does it because nobody knows
  • The person everyone asks to proof read their essays before they turn them in. He just…has a way with words.
  • Never has pencils.
    • Even when he goes out and buys a brand new box…he just loses them so easily.
  • He always loves the books they read in English, and like, he actually reads them.
  • The kid who just does not get math no matter how hard he tries.
    • Shiro becomes his tutor and things actually start to make sense.
  • He’s best friends with almost all of his teachers.
    • They really just love his banter.
    • There’s two teachers who absolutely loath him though bc they’re old fashioned and he never stops talking.
  • “Hunk, how long could I survive if I just dropped out of high school? I could get a job at McDonald’s, it would be fine,”
  • Convinces everyone to go to the school musicals/plays in the name of supporting Allura.
    • In reality he just doesn’t want to go by himself.
    • It becomes a tradition bc the squad all lowkey love plays and musicals.
  • Took French so he could be trilingual

(this ended up being hella long so I’m inserting a read under line)

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