Pretty Little Liars - 6x09 The Last Dance 

Alison Dilaurentis Prom Dress

movie idea: a high school version of the French Revolution where there’s like the prom king Louis and socially stratified cliques and so on and the unpopular kids have a “revolution” that they decide on in the tennis courts and they expel kids instead of guillotining them and it’s great, but then like halfway through they cut Louis’s head off and then all of the sudden the movie stops being a metaphor and becomes a very real French Revolution happening in a high school complete with Reign of Terror

The Signs As High School Stereotypes
  • Aries:Quarterback on the football team but is kinda annoying.
  • Taurus:The rich kid who is only cool because they're rich.
  • Gemini:That one who KEEPS BREAKING DRESS CODE.
  • Cancer:Moody teen who always had headphones in.
  • Leo:The class clown who almost gets expelled.
  • Virgo:The quiet one that everyone secretly has a crush on.
  • Libra:Prom King/queen. Loved by all, but is secretly kind of bored with popularity.
  • Scorpio:The rebel. They're always late and in detention but they're SEXY AF.
  • Sagittarius:Class president. All business, but no social life.
  • Capricorn:Would be an excellent student if they actually cared.
  • Aquarius:The one that plans all of the parties and probably gets arrested multiple times before graduating.
  • Pisces:Really artsy and doesn't talk much.

Okay this is the most important thing I dug out from my senior year of high school (im a sophomore in college now)

But in my senior year of high school I decided I would run for prom king in my super catholic high school were EVERYONE pretty much knew I was a giant flaming lesbian.

And I wrote a fucking ESSAY that I gave to the student activity director (also my history teacher) and my English teacher

Who probably showed my essay to the rest of faculty

And just look at my fucking campaign it’s golden


 Prom….a night to remember. One of the most important nights of your whole education. A night you dream of since little. A place you tend to go with a lover….AND EMILY AND SARA ARE PROM DATES???!?!?!