Okay this is the most important thing I dug out from my senior year of high school (im a sophomore in college now)

But in my senior year of high school I decided I would run for prom king in my super catholic high school were EVERYONE pretty much knew I was a giant flaming lesbian.

And I wrote a fucking ESSAY that I gave to the student activity director (also my history teacher) and my English teacher

Who probably showed my essay to the rest of faculty

And just look at my fucking campaign it’s golden

19 Trans Teens Who Ruled Their Schools

Being prom queen or king may not seem like a big deal to everyone, but when trans students are affirmed by their peers and schools it provides a glimmer of progress. For a long time, trans students who vied for these positions or won the popular votes at their school were denounced by their school’s administration or stripped of their titles under bogus reasoning like not having their legal gender markers changed. In recent years, the tide changed and a number of trans students have stood firm in their identities with the support of their families and other classmates. Some of these amazing trans royals didn’t grab the title easily, but somehow they all managed to come out on top. We salute them!

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